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Episode # 68   Passion Peeps - Cory Glazier

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks to Cory Glazier, whose life is literally overflowing with passion. Even though he dropped out of high school at age 16, Cory has gone on to achieve incredible levels of success. Now, at age 26, he is dedicated to helping eradicate extreme poverty for the after traveling to third world countries in Africa. He is extremely grateful for what he has, and shares his personal template which he uses to achieve a really high level of productivity by protecting his energy and motivation levels.

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Episode # 68 Passion Peeps - Cory Glazier

Natalie: Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now, today I'm with my friend Cory Glaizer, how are you?

Cory: I'm very decent Natalie.

Natalie: thank you for joining us. Now, Cory how old are you?

Cory: I'm 26 years old.

Natalie: 26 years old and Cory lives a life of absolute passion and to be able to do in such a young age is very worthy of having him on the show. So, Cory can we just start with your story, like how did you end up.

Cory: yah. Sure. I'm from San Diego originally and grew up in North County. And from my young age I was always trying to push the limits and test the boxes of your life. I was actually dropped on high school when I'm 16 years old just because I thought there is more I'm looking for, feel like being shut down to pack that I'm also being shut down. So, I kinda started a life in entrepreneur activities and I actually travel, spend time with particular world to increase my understanding on how the world works and I also attracted to third world countries without emergencies as well. And a couple years later I got back to school. So, I started going to school on the stadia and I studied the last strong development type of topics and basically when I was about 23 years old I just have convergence of a lot of life experiences. I was traveling through East Africa and its part of my professional background and I started some small businesses kinda like of this things and my academic background which I started learning about the world and the experience that I'm having in the national and it came together and I felt the calling into a really live a life that allow me to involve in what is happening in a lot of country and to be able to start things that would hopefully shift that is happening in the world.

Natalie: yeah. It's interesting how you say, it is a combination everything that you could done in that point that actually led you to what you're doing. So, share with us what are you doing right now?

Cory: So, I run an organization that trained volunteers on how to carry out a natural development work. There are poverty deviations programs all over the world and some of those are more effective than others that actually helping to serve people that are living in extreme poverty and what I've been spending in the last 4 years doing is through actually on the ground application as well as studying on the ground as well as the whole bunch of book research school research pulling together all the best practices and what actually helps us as development agents to serve developing countries and help them to see real enhancement quality of life. because a lot of things, a lot of people doing aren't really reaching the highest level of potential of what they could be doing and so several years ago I basically committed my life to serve in this role which is to promote worldwide what can be done to serve people in living in an industry and help them to improve the quality of life that's looks like improving sanitation concerns, looks like women's health, looks like including literacy change farmers a lot of practical, that's a bull's eye's thing but how actually carry up those type of programs internationally in such a way that form a sustainable community that you working with and also it was able to see the real results and understanding what actually works on the first part of the equation. The second part of the equation is how to train and power other people to carry out this type of attributes. So, 3 years ago we started a home profit which we called shop for sustainable and comprehensive humanitarian assistance in the planet. And that's serve our purpose in several years and recently we actually dissolved that entity and we started a new social business which is geared and to towards anything that you did for the last 2 years the next level and we're developing an online video crook in arm warping different types of technologies the whole organizations are accountable we're starting to share a message and we're helping to ignite movement within a lot of young people across the world but really people across the world that are really anxious towards scene. Extreme part of you become the thing in the past that have enlighten mind set to recognize that may be the way that things have been going through decades may be isn't the effective way. All across the world, starting to see the, in all the industries yes I can do this you can do things differently and in the run of party we're seen that aggressively so we're looking ultimately understanding the sinner of a movement of people and organizations of companies and government agencies all across the world that are ready to do what need to be done to eradicate extreme poverty from our planet and some which ultimately like it's one of the major problems is the global family. It just needs to be looked at and addressed. And not addressed with compassion but address with intelligence and a deliberate strategic focus with an entrepreneurial mind set and ultimately crystal clear actually produce the results.

Natalie: So, you really helping people like there are something I know myself included. So many people that really want to do it about this you know children dying of starvation everyday she's unacceptable. You really are helping people not only on the skills to give them direction with specific things that they can do to help the situation.

Cory: yah. You know I'm glad you mentioned that a lot of people see that a tangible gift or distributing something that is really ultimately like what is needed but when we zoom back a little bit further we see that countries in "developing status" right now that was our country 200 years ago. And there was very a natural, oh when I say I'm talking not just America but also Australia and western European countries we we're all there, when we look at the maternity rate is the malnutrition the infant mortality rate all the rate that seen in developing countries. We we're at exactly 200 years ago. So, we went through a natural development process like exposure to a lot of education tools and the scientific methods a lot of technologies and so we can't just assume that the answer is to give something rate because no one is to give you a rate to ask to go to a problem process but we can see because we're gone into this processes because we have learn a lot of pre-mechanism, how to produce more food and cleaner and water and increase health care things like that we can serve to increase the learning curve and other countries and communities there going through the same natural processes. And so I'm little bit of a critic just distribution and just giving things away although the emergency crisis operations at the fanciest place but I re-encourage people that want to involve in party deviation to look at supporting organizations that are doing work that is more about training and building capacities and skills of people on the ground and if your thinking about donation and don't turn into organizations, it's more about that as a post to one that says we'll gonna take your 5 dollars we'll gonna use that to feed a child because that feels warm and fuzzy it actually just create a lot of problems and independencies. That's been proven over and over again. You know, so we just need kinda share that message that might intuitively feel right and let's just talk about a little bit more, talk about the things that actually lose results.

Natalie: yah. So, you can see why I have him in here as a passion peep on how passionate are you about this.

Cory: I kinda look about this stuff.

Natalie: So, my next question, because you know I think for a lot of people that realize the one event of the series of event is from where we were and where we wanna be could be just around the corner. So, you talk about how you got into this point. What are those events or things that actually got you from studying school to this organization?

Cory: I feel my life is kinda zigzag where I've been running to work for my objective but I kinda felt like I hold my energy and go with the stretch with all my heart, mind and strength thinking that this is my end goal but then realize when I got there. There was actually a stepping point and gave me whatever resources or connections skills or whatever I needed in order to shift entirely and then go this way for a while just kinda like you know zigzag whether you get into this direction or just take a straight course our lives a kinda a sail boat you know we can pretend to go on a straight line but not really. All lines are just kinda this but I feel that you know the powers and the universe and there was the energies that kinda direct my life where suppose to go and know it's never gonna be a straight path and so I think one of the things that kinda help me in making progress to my ultimate goal is put all of my energy in the direction I'm presently facing but staying open on an available because never knowing when I'm going to realize that, that wasn't actually the end but that was the means to different end and I have to go to that direction. So, it's kinda fighting the balance of putting all of your eggs in one basket you know just like putting everything there. All in the poker analogy you put it all in but then not all in going to your own detriment not clinging on what it suppose to look like and new doors are open up to you.

Natalie: It's like we're talking about law of attraction it's like it's not your job to say how you gonna do something and how nothing the way never in the way.

Cory: Actually sometimes.

Natalie: the 26 you're talking about is going til' the end. Well the ends is nowhere for you. I draw back with us, we talk about purpose, life's purpose and I think everyone's purpose is the same to be the best person we can be, to contribute as much as we can but we all have different mission. Because when we talk about mind movies, mind movies is my mission at the moment its not gonna be the ambition and more movie from the 4 years ago that we started the business that is mold into this different thing now and it's continuously growing.

Cory: let me share from that. Little bit. Because I feel the same way but I'm doing right now even in a very aggressive and deliberate effort to help in extreme poverty that is still a manifestation of what I feel like my deeper core purposes and for years I've seen and felt my purpose on this planet was to help to make a shift in locus of control and if you are aren't familiar with that I just kinda first for where we believe change comes from some people have internals and some people have external loci of control and those internal loci of control believe that change comes from here and there is something that they wanna see differently then they're gonna do something about it and bring about that change and others have this external locus of control which means that is they want change their gonna sit out and wait for their parents or the government or their religion or system or their neighbor to make some change that they don't want to be a victim circumstance. And so I see that my mission in this life and I'm sure you have your own you have mentioned mind movies that is really to be a part of helping the shift that locus of control at the end individual level and as collectively for our human family. And this effort right here is one major, is the thing I can do with my tools, skills and resources in this stage do actually achieve that mission because when we talk about shifting that locus of control and empower the people which is the tag of our organization empower the people that has 2 different manifestation it is the people living in extreme poverty and helping people who may not believe that they can actually do something to increase the quality of life and coming in and holding there hand and showing very set of method and behavior changes that they can actually go. That's the result and then and take care of their families and procure quire their communities and then you can say wow there so much more I can do to qualified and what else can I do. And that is 1 piece and the other piece of the equation is the volunteers on the organization were doing this type of work. Each individual who doesn't development work is one individual very big planet. And its very easy to see while huge problem and I'm just one person and what can I do in sort of stuffs if you can take that volunteer which is really kinda have what our organization is all about and train them to engage in meaningful deviation work. And they can spend the months living on the ground on a community developing deep relationships and sharing proven things that the community can do just recall their life and help them when they ask a clean water what are they talking about and this individual now has an experience of oh my gosh I can't believe of what I was a part what else can I do. So, our organization is ultimately a vehicle which allows us to kinda deliver this transformation of locals of control and that's my personal mission and as long as what it kinda bring it for me and ask for me to do it and if I can see doors open up and light it that allow me help that transformation in a larger scale away I made it up completely and make a way.

Natalie: yeah right. Now, successful people we know that success doesn't just happen and successful people always have daily routine or habits or daily vices to keep them in track. So, what are the things that you do on a daily basis that keep you on track?

Cory: I told you I was dropped in high school when I was 16. So, I kinda exploring into this entrepreneurial space for the last 10 years I haven't had a bus and I haven't a lot a direction above beyond myself. So it really forced me whether in businesses I'm involve with getting back in the school or some international travel adventures or whatever it's kinda forced me to be my own manager and I think that a lot of time that your gonna take that step act in your passion you end up in a role like that and so to be able to manage yourself you kinda become imperative for you to ultimately be able to find the force potential of your passion you have all your passion cause you have all your passion you can't harness that on what are you. Learning kinda go to that process is not a big deal and one specific thing to go there is. There is so many things on a daily basis that you feel like you suppose to be doing this not as entrepreneur whether you suppose to be using your energy here, here, here, here and that can really get confusing and then the most stress for me and try to figure out what suppose to be doing on a given day. It's like sailing through this entrepreneurial scene and trying to be part a grading sheet. and so really getting over to zoom back and schedule out my years and zoom in with my months and zoom in with my weeks and zoom in my days and zoom in my hours and document the whole process and really create a kinda template where I will be putting my energy now 10 hours of my week I'm gonna putting it towards this and 7 hours a week I gonna put it towards this and 4 hours a week I'm gonna put it towards this and 6 hours a week I'm gonna protect it for myself because no one will protect that just gonna work right through that. You know the time I spend with my family and doing the things I love like surfing, reading or yoga things like that and so learn how to block out my schedule in the chunks of time and knowing that, that time is important and then before the weeks start my Monday is for scheduled for this activity so what are the things I need to do there and on Tuesday I am scheduled what are the meetings I'm gonna do there. So, creating a system of calendar on my schedule and then having a to do list like documents that core relate to those different activities. On Monday I just opened and to do this. this shows all the things I need to calibrate and I need them down and as I'm thinking about all the other parts of my life on working on Monday I put up my to do list I jut them down in there and I can give myself permission to forget about it. coz' I know it is there and I know that Tuesday's are coming around time is been protected for that activity it's gonna packed for that calendar I'm gonna open up that document and get into it and so I feel like that system has help me to accomplished things to have a very high level for the activity because I've been able to avoid a lot of the energy loss of trying to figure out what to do and when, when I should?

Natalie: We're looking at the big thing oh my god how I'm gonna break that thing.

Cory: exactly. She's really positive.

Natalie: Well, the next is would be interested to get your answer into this because you know. How do I stay positive when everything around me is negative? Now, you work with people in 3rd world countries. So, do you have a perspective to the answer of my question may be coming from their perspective.

Cory: yah. I do. Thank you for asking that question I think I got 2 answers to that when you have been living in a community let's say south east of Asia that suffered from extreme poverty you know that mean people's livelihood is base on 25 cents US per day. You see things are proper day. You know I've seen people live a diet unnecessary from birth and sanitation diseases that was so easy to program. I've seen this children with descended bellies combination of protein deficiency which is whole abdomen is such in a great and fall out of the skin and combined parasites on their stomachs and filling up their intestines with parasites and I've seen a lot of things that are really parodic you know.

Natalie: internalize.

Cory: children sleeping in the cold blankets and you know hungry children and look at parents that all they wanna do is feed their children and not being able to that. It's a real base survival stuff when I get back in the airplane come back here. It's just every time I get into a bed. I just can't just express my gratitude. Every time I open the refrigerator and find food available and to build a store for that food I can put the yogurt there and come back tomorrow it can be rotten coz' I have refrigerator and lights I can see it night time and so many global community they don't have artificial light, they don't see, they can't read all the things we can, you need a reproductive and that was no longer available this things and trying to recognize how things are. And that really the end of the day is all just animals kinda working towards survival, it's being able to perform your belly and your families and have a safe place to be and ultimately what drives us to species. It just so happens lot of us people listening ti this that's covered and now their entire life is covered beyond that and then they create too much performance on that stuff and not realize that at our survival at species level uncovered like nit perspective about your life experience everything and it makes you really, really, really hard and anxious on things are work out. Well, I didn't have think the way I had into did you had a meal, do you have a safe place to sleep when you answers those questions with no like your okay everything else is just details so that's one so far of being positive and then the thing which is critical for myself is really knowing what my purpose in this planet is and constantly being able to come back to it when things are tough, when things are challenging and when you wanna give up when it's just a part and all that stuffs happen being able to come back and know this is my purpose in the planet therefore there is no choice I had decided that I'm not gonna settled with any of the app but just pursuing my mission and once you got clarity on that and I think people have clarity on that probably you don't and you get clearly on what you purpose is and that kinda solves all problems.

Natalie: I have 1 question for you and ,may be narrow it down into one thing but if you could give people watching here today 1 piece of advice 1 thing that they could implement today would facilitate a positive change in their lives. What would that 1 thing be?

Cory: when I was in Trimona for a couple of years and I met beautiful, wonderful old little Russian woman and a friend of mine and when I was moving out of Trimona she handed me a book from author Polo Quilo I don't know what I was I just took it and a badge and thank you so much a couple of years later I actually picked it up and that book really created a framework in my life and as I read that book and read about the story of Santiago I didn't heard that story of balls around how understanding purpose in life was. The thing that I would recommend is to gain clarity unwind in your own planet what they've got to offer and if that's something you can't just sit down and just write down and read this book it's the alchemist by Polo Cuiello I highly recommended not just dozens of people but a hundreds. I've read many times myself and every time I do powerful, beauty of his allegory the philosophy that is in throughout the story it help me to sinner my self with what my world is and this whole big experience the whole big thing that's happening we called the world you know what my role is it and how my mission is ultimately contribute my own personal happiness as well as benefit to global community so read the alchemist by Polo it change my life it might change yours as well.

Natalie: so this is definitely one of the most passionate passion peeps videos I recorded thank you so much Cory for coming in. Now if people wanna find more about you. Where can we send them?

Cory: we have a landing page for our site


Cory: and that was able to get you connected to our website and ultimately we offer mind education and online training with people that wanna learn and better understand that global con text that refer into or there is actually engaging in poverty decimation or having a fuel experience on what actually they do for fain in there to have a meaningful impact and also connected with meaningful services. So, if the views engaging in this fight in extreme poverty and check out endingpovertytogether. And see if there is our name.

Natalie: thank again Cory. so, guys i encourage you to share this video with as many as you can and you can do that by clicking the facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure you have put your email on the buttons above their we'll send you the 6 pre made mind movies and we'll make you up to date with the upcoming shows. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Cory Glazier



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