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Episode # 49   Passion Peeps - Christine Arylo

About The Episode:

Ten years ago, Christine Arylo was outwardly doing well but on the inside she felt like a huge part of her life was missing. When disaster struck, a chance meeting with an astrologist caused her to reevaluate the path she was taking. Christine found her spiritual core, and finally realized that she had intense limiting beliefs that were holding her back from achieving her dreams. Once she realized that she deserved happiness too, everything fell into place.

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Episode # 49 Passion Peeps - Christine Arylo

Natalie: Hi everyone its Natalie Ledwell here and this is the inspiration show. Today I have my passion peep Christine Arylo. How are you?

Christine: I'm good. Are you kidding me passion? I'm so excited to talk with you today.

Natalie: I'm so excited on having Christine today. We'll ask you the same 5 questions. Let's dive in.

Christine: wonderful. Wonderful.

Natalie: Not only do you live a life of passion but I know that you inspire other people to do the same.

Christine: From the title inspirational catalyst.

Natalie: what is your background? What is your story? What got you to here?

Christine: I have stories, we have stories I'm so happy sitting on a couch right now talking whatever it you want but frankly that was not my lifestyle started from many of us. And I was doing the American dream or the western society dream which I now see a the escalator to death and that was go to school, straight to 8, get a job maybe you like it maybe you don't, find the husband, get married, buy a house, have a kids, have the job prior too much pay for the life which tire in a day and you do right now living the passion and if you misses the stop?

Natalie: I wanted you to do to look at the cameras there.

Christine: Okay, I'm sorry, great okay. I'm so embarrassed with you. Hello everyone.

Natalie: It's a talk between 2.

Christine: okay. It living your path, if you don't do that one thing you'll be like missing up one thing or doing like whatever. So, I was getting my MBA at that time and I was working in a really successful job. I have a big house and the big car and I was like Oh next step marry the big husband. So, I was engage, he was 6foot tall 225lb big man and thank goodness this happen but I didn't feel thank goodness at the time which is the underway to our engagement party 2 blocks from my mother's house he pulled the car over and looked at me and said Christine I don't love you anymore, Christine I don't wanna marry you anymore and Christine I've been cheating on you for the last 6 months?

Natalie: ohh. My goodness, on the way to engagement party.

Christine: yeah. I'm on my way to the engagement party and even staying it was 10years ago. When you say it now it's like your heart is dropping too. It's just like ah, you know the story gets worst, so I looked at him and said well that's okay we were party to go to and we'll fixed later. Because I've been fixing it for 15 years, so I just figured I've got to fixed some more. And thank God he did not go for that at all. And 2 weeks later fast forward I went to see a astrologist of all people I was in Chicago it was a, but I was really desperate. And she said honey you can follow this guy around for the next 20 years breaking your heart or you can live to open a possibilities you've never imagine. And that was all I need, one person to collaborate on what is inside to doubt what is inside here. So, I move out, staying with my girlfriend and the first night I was all by myself it's like a what is this feeling devastated so I had that heart you know ripped up with my chest feeling and I always thought that it was him that was missing whenever we break up oh his gone, his gone, his gone and this voice was piercing my ears was actually shouted, she said he's not gone the reason you feel that way is because you were not there, it's not his not there but it's you not there. And I was like damn, she's right and she keeps talking coz' her purpose is so long. And furthermore Christine Arylo you're a really smart woman. You have your life together and obvious levels and you know what you do not love yourself and I was like damn she's right again. And it looks like you are not settling on the outside and great things happen to you, you're settling and you know it. and she was right that was my intuition and my intuition was my bff I was like garrisons and so I made 2 vows that night. The first was I will fall in love with myself I don't know how, I don't know how it means but I know I will do that and number 2 I will never ever, ever settle for losing my heart in a desire again ever. And I cut those both 2 for over 10 years and I know I'll keep it for the rest of my life.

Natalie: So, you're instilling those vows to other people?

Christine: oh yeah. So what happen is great that happen, so then I got a therapy for 3 operations on kidneys in time from my spinal cord I'm searching for 30 years got the job of my dreams, move to California, found my now husband, create an amazing friends around me and all my girlfriends there calling, and their like beautiful, wonderful women, Vice-president, entrepreneurs, beautiful woman, unhappy love getting divorce, jackass 2.0, 1.0 and it's like going and going and going and didn't know why it's true and it turns out it is more appear doesn't mean that you are smart in here, because we're so protective and I said I have to do something about this and my 6 cover jobs in America lock up my jobs and there are gaps, I was living my dream in working in passion and I said I will teach this to the girls around the world and my mission when the time I live the planet that every girl who was born in this planet, a girl living on this planet we boil in love with their selves will stay in love with their self, because I believe we are born to love our selves and I know you have to go back and find it, I have to go back to find it or you have to go back to find it but it hasn't have to be that way and think we this generation can shift it to us and we can be like Yes! I do love myself and you know what that means was the problem that we don't know that we probably looks like, but every girl and boy can have that opportunity to never lose their love again and that's the world I'm up to creating.

Natalie: So, amazing. I often find threads or like a specific event that gets you from working in the hope of America and to being able to spread the love to instill this self love to many people around the world. So, what were those events for you? What happened?

Christine: well there were several. Well obviously I'm on spiritual path for over 10 years and I really don't know what spiritual values 10 years ago but being traveling around the world every spiritual tradition there is as I became more lighten I could see that the world is different and I've been brought out to believe, if all this beliefs I'll be stuck about love were lies, they were lies, they were love lies and always it come out of my head all the way and I started to come all of my head working in the corporate America there is this the sense like there is more for me to be giving that I am giving here and I was seen in the gold handcuffs so it was scary, it was really scary. 2 of that happen one event is an addition when my girlfriends call me on the phone it was devastating. It was breaking my heart really breaking my heart. But there is the last girlfriend that was just getting divorce went to Africa for a month to find her and still what's wrong with me those are so the process so were dancing on my living room Frank Sinatra in my living room. And this sharing all this from the heart and all of the sudden it was like God the diving had come into my hand and I looked at her and said you need to go fall in love with yourself. And all of the sudden it's just like you and Christine need to go teach self love and I will be honest with you right now everyone I will be honest I did not went to job it's like what? No, no, no, no I had my MBA, the fast basis court in the country I go teach leadership, I go teach house I go to something like that and a couple weeks later I was in a website and talking with my friend and she is actually the one of the woman she is in my book and I talk about her a lot. She is a big inspiration in this work because she is a mother of 2 daughters that I love so much when I see them I keep the self love talking in the phone and like that I don't know what's the self love stuff maybe I will be doing leadership because Christine can you help with that. Okay so go turn your tv on its live and diaries, lisy Nicole, lisy field and there all out. On this panel and the title is A Woman's Self worth and their talking about self love using the words self love but their talking love it and there was like it produce like you want the job because if you want the job, we'll give the job to somebody else. And ladies running in the house and I said no I'll take the job, I'll take the job, I'll take the job, I'll take the job. That was the day that I really became you know queen with self love that was title bestowed on me by a mutual friend of us Shayma. One day Christine ginger is in the table. This is the queen of self love and a little title that is in my heart was such a passion and that was my life all about. It's a life worth live and it's worth it.

Natalie: and that's the thing it's like with the advance like this that is keeping your heart open and keeping your mind open and listening into that intuition.

Christine: Yes. Recovering a cheap junkie which I call myself well it's not like only me I have really learn where is my ego will and there's a divine will and this Christine's timeline and there's a divine timeline. So when I locked in my premier like MBA don't make it happen build it right now, mentality. It was painful you know it was really painful and while I let go I started saying a little transition. I don't have to go a hundred percent of my money in America to a hundred percent funded by self love. Make self love profitable or sustainable to support my living. And so when I was get to be able to open to that they will never ever put their own you know put yours and I teach in a little inner mean girl up here because that was the thing that happened to me I was like over not living my life with a relationship. I was like oh there was aside myself. I love myself in here. I really hurry myself. I don't need compassion for myself and that was another level of the five gates was the third gate that I have to get over with what if you love yourself, you really do find compassion for yourself so, I've been on my journey for 10years and I'm still learning.

Natalie: but we always to learn. My next question is we know that success doesn't just happen and all successful people?

Christine: thank goodness. Yeah that's the truth that's the silver bullet.

Natalie: all successful people have habits or daily routine. So, what are the things that you do to keep you on track?

Christine: it is important because we as a culture we are thought to go to gym everyday right. Get up the biceps, get a flat abs, burn calories very intimate feeling with physic muscles. Building our emotional muscles, our mental muscles and our spiritual muscles have it all because you are all actually using at this that's why you're here right. The work that you do with the mind movies was brilliant because that is about going to the gym all the time you watch one of your movies. Literally building your mental, emotional, spiritual capacity so I as well look up my life is like going to my spiritual, emotional mental everyday and one of the most important things is Christine, my good friend Christine Carlson is the author of the Dawn of dreams and she really knows how to live that but before that she said Christine how do you start your day is how you live your day. I have known that way but I haven't heard that way. When I heard I was like that it makes so much sense. So if you start your day in stress, you'll live your day on stress. You start your day jumping on the bed with that alarm clock ing ing ing ing, you'll live your life ing ing ing ing. So, I created the practice my problem self love practices always practicing self love was that for the first 6 things anyone can try I actually dare you loving yourself love dare anyone can try this, is the first 6 things you put your body, ingest into your body every morning can be full of love and happiness. So that's either your eating or your breathing in or you're doing whatever. That means no checking blackberry before you pee, no turning the television on the news it's like literally everything that is going on, and putting in to your mind, into your body, into your spirit is it full of love and its?

Natalie: is there something you tell yourself at the same time?

Christine: So, this is how I do it. So you wake up from sleep, sleep, sleep and then first of all I feel one of those alarm goes ing ing that would be not love right so you got to get rid to that and I actually got a CD of mine that is like we di dada dododo it's really beautiful and that created a beautiful spiritual kind of connection and then the 2nd thing I do is I do this self love sop and this is starting the day with self love for yourself you have a beautiful alarm into that open your eyes and without moving close your eyes and just say to yourself first name Christine and you would Natalie, and say I really love you. Christine I love you and I say it over and over and over again until I can feel it and for people who start doing this they have to get until they make it because they might not feel it but I m staying on that for 5 minutes until I can feel it I can feel it sometimes like a lavender light upon me, lavender light is the colour for compassion. So that's the 2nd thing, now the 3rd thing I used to be getting on the bed and loving on the floor with my dog who is my joy, but she passed away about a year ago. So, I have a garden at the side of my house, I looked at the window and I planted it to her. So, I have this garden and for her to that and then I brush my teeth and I go to bathroom to clear my body love and I make a hot tea with my lemon, cleanse my body from the day before and then I go outside and got my trees and say good morning to everybody, good morning trees, good morning birds or whatever. If I must I try not to forget about it and number 7 is like who will help me but then, then, then, it's number 7 so I'm okay and it's really interesting to see what happen what was I'm putting on my body and the clients what are those first things you know have a cigarette and have some coffee, check my blackberry and it's like poison yourself for 3 times before you even started your day. Super easy super challenging super self love dare.

Natalie: Okay. Now, what advice you have to people who you know in the negative situation at the moment their trying to be positive but everything around them seems to be working against them. What do you do? What advice you have for people in that situation?

Christine: 2 things number 1 is reach out because we can't get out in our own holes and ourselves and I think my husband, my partner says that there's nothing like a relationship that's not good for you that drag you down from your dreams faster like you graduate along the ways right and I think loving ourselves is the hardest things and admit it in a relationships in life that are not supportive, that are not about supporting us to be our best selves it's not about our dreams especially with our relatives, especially when it's our significant other. So, there are 2 things one is to really look at your relationship, the relationship inventory and it's another for self practice you actually look up all your relationships and make a list and mark down this is relatives and family the one's that support you to be your best you the one's to help you to be the best you because it's not always easy but their supportive, their full of love and full of respect you put hearts next to those are the relationships you want to grow, then you got to go through and look for the relationships that are toxic, raining energetically that are stopping you from pursuing your dreams are full of respect in conditional level. To check the marks of those. Those you have to transform or to move them out and call it your inner love circle. It is not because you love them it's in the intimacy level within you is different. So, the people you let in your inner circle, those are the people you see their soul, if you could see my soul I will share my soul. You are in a relationship like say your brother, your sister or whoever who is not respectful couldn't be loving me because there is not enough space in your life you don't put them in your inner circle you keep them in your life and moving out?

Natalie: exactly. Limit the time when you stay with them.

Christine: And the level of intimate. So my sister she is in the outer ring while having an original class and these are the people you share common history with. So, I love her and our relationship is on Facebook. It's the best relationship we ever had because we can't actually have a physical, intimate relationship with each other for many reasons but with the love doesn't die and this happens to people when I think about the relationship. You're not my friend everyday and I don't love you. But that's how you love and somebody love and love forever. So, you keep the love and shift in the intimacy and that will happen in the 2nd shift of it is look in your soul circle where you share your soul with. Is it full? Is it full? And this is something like you totally used and with the mind movies where you put that in there and actually looked up and want in my soul circle and this how I shifted my life for the big time it's like a 3 hours and I wrote a French of all the people I wanted in my life and this are the people I wanted to meet and this was Indiary, Alice Walker and Merril Hemmingway and a year half ago right after I met my partner in Eloise on a form school. It was funny because I was on an interview and I was interviewed by Hemmingway and I was looking over my vision board and I saw Alice Walker picture and Indiary picture who I also met, well I almost met and it was this close I gotta meet her at that time and fell through but also I look over my vision board and I was like I was on the phone with Hemmingway, I just met Alice Walker 2 weeks ago and I'm about to meet Indiary oh and I met her at sponsor in person but I was like it happened and I called in that support and my part in mate to help me with my business which is very successful because I had that partnership and it's like I put it in here and I open up this and that's a piece of self love and I was loving me and no way that was gonna be fall.

Natalie: and that's the fall when you think people around you all the time that was feeding the negative energy and that's gonna do any favours. So, that's such an important step and my last question may be hard to narrow this down to one thing but if you have one piece of advice to people that could apply today that could be a positive change. What would that one thing be?

Christine: So, this summer I made 4 day for my plans where I gave up my fear of rejection and I think fear is the thing that stops us from our dreams hands down. In that clans every day, I started my day with the self of mantra so I actually change the mantra I used and this was the mantra I choose the faith and love, I choose to release my fear of fear and that mantra is like a self like tic tac, it's like a love tic tac. So, the moments when you're feeling afraid you have something to reach out to you have to reach out to the divine to the universe by saying I choose to have faith and love and if you say it over and over and over again and the fear disappears and I did it for 40 days because when you don't have thing to do in 40 days you can actually shift the patterns, shift the minds and shift all of that. It's like pick it up right now and put in your back pack and it's a self love tic tac in your feeling fear just imagine yourself with self love choose to faith and fear I choose to have fear or rather I choose to have faith try to come in it doesn't it's sneaky I choose to have faith and love I choose to release my fear of fear.

Natalie: Fantastic, awesome. Thank you so much for being here today.

Christine: oh Natalie thank you, thank you for doing this, thank you listening, I mean this is how we change the world one person a time loving yourself being in conversation, being in communion because we are not alone. So it's wonderful.

Natalie: And the amazing things with this passion peeps videos is that conversations are similar, people coming from every world of life, from all different situation but we seem to have very similar answers which is hoping to reiterate in watching the video on how you can implement this things and change your life, go to where you are now or go the way you wanna be. And if people want to know more about you Christine, where can we send them?

Christine: for those who need help in loving yourself more but not exactly how but loving like a road map just go to and there's a free love kit in there but a 25 pages hand booklet for me and actually a self love song from the woman in Canada and really great self love interviews and all package for free just for everyone who wants to have more self love in their life.

Natalie: Awesome. Thank you.

Christine: thank you so much.

Natalie: Remember if you find the information useful today please share the love by clicking the facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure that you leave your email in the box above, we'll send you 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all the show that will coming up. So guys until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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