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Episode # 45   Passion Peeps - Bob Proctor

About The Episode:

This Passion Peep doesn't need a formal introduction as he is the Godfather of LOA, Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor is an author, lecturer, counselor, business consultant, entrepreneur, and just recently celebrated 50 years teaching the power of positive thinking, self-motivation and the Law of Attraction.

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Episode # 45 Passion Peeps - Bob Proctor

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today is a little bit tasking discuss. I would like to announce the winner of this signed DVD Discover the Gift, what I ask you to do with the last video is to purchase the book through Amazon, they sent me receipt to [email protected]. I would randomly pick someone in there to win the DVD. So, I would like to announce that David Nicoles is the winner and David I will be sending an email today to confirm your winnings and to see where can we send that DVD for you. Now, today my passion peep has doesn't need any formal introduction Bob Proctor, he is known as the grandfather of law of attraction on a person development he just recently celebrated his 50 years of transforming people's lives through his knowledge and his education materials, his an amazing legend and it's my absolute pleasure to introduce to you my, introduce to you to Bob Proctor my passion peep for today. See you soon.

Well, thank you so much Bob for joining into our show. It's a pleasure to see you.

Bob: I'm glad Natalie, glad to be here.

Natalie: Excellent. Now, as you know we ask our passion peeps all the same questions. So, the first question I wanna ask you is that, the reason actually I had in the show is not only do you live your life of passion but you inspire many actually millions of other people to do the same but you weren't living in this life. So, what was the background that you had or your story leading up to the life that you have now'

Bob: Only knows a long time ago, I won't respect last year seems like yesterday I won't respect. I losing and I think I'm an unhappy kid that just grew up and stay that right. Until I was around 26 I had no formal education, I had no business experience and I think I was like a lot of people, I was like this is just the way how life is and wasn't very good and I was like unhappy, I was sick and I was broke. Bounce around from one job to another and I was not enjoying myself at all but I didn't know that there was another way, I mean not all people I hung up around with living in exact at the same way and I think that is one of the problems in life we've locked into a wrong group and we think this is it and this is where God staying and well of course it doesn't. That was an unhappy time, when I look at where I'm now with a comparison. It's almost like a story that I had read of somebody else and it was a very unhappy story'

Natalie: yeah. And you are, I think I have heard a story of you being a janitor, in a cleaning business'

Bob: But that's actually when I'm starting to get good'

Natalie: Right.

Bob: part of that, you know I started my own business and things started to improve that's why I started to improve. I got a bucket, a mop and a used form of slinger and I went to work and Sandy told there is money for work and I was earning money, a prior to that I never try to get ahead because I really didn't believe I could but the cleaning business, I was just even thinking that they are rich by then and I was rotten and we open half streets and they are in Boston, Triennium, Atlanta, London, England. Is the kind of business is really when I started through the right venture.

Natalie: So, you know you've been you know talking and writing books and really motivating millions of people for a very long time now. So, what was normally I find fine threads or maybe specific events that got you from the cleaning business into a motivate people into that you do. So what is that kind of event the fine thread from there to where you are now'

Bob: I think the change Natalie is what the thread you are talking about that got me into the cleaning and then got me out of it. I was fortunate that I met someone who really believes that I was capable of doing what better on what I'm doing. I suppose my mother head and my parents had but they don't really get the idea across to me, a man named Rhys Stanford got me to get thinking to go rich and I didn't believe what goes he say but like Paulie Nelson if there is a secret in this and you can find that secret you will understand why. I really didn't believe that but I believe the man talking to me believe that and he is a very successful man and so I think I believe as he believes in me and that's where I started the cleaning and I got other people cleaning and I was passing around to him what I was getting from him and I did that for probably 67 years and then I realize that cleaning is incidental to what I was doing I was helping people to make a decision to learn a little better life and Drew Nightingale and Napoleon are the 2 people that really inspired me. So, one day I decided that I would live the cleaning business and I was committed in this business and I wanna work with Drew Nightingale and I ended working with TM Whitecunning for 5 years in Whitecunning Corporation and that really were I got into this business and I started to put into a more organize passion, my way of helping other people and I was really doing what people have done with me.

Natalie: And that dream forces the point that you maybe fall back but it's really important to be around with some people that support you, that believe in you and an environment of people that are like mind that have a positive mind set you know. So, you know Bob I know that success doesn't just happen and all the successful people that I know have a daily routine or daily ritual to help them keep on track. So, what are the things that you do on a daily basis that helps you stay focus'

Bob: Well, it's 2 or 3 things Natalie. I think you are right, I think all people do that. I was having breakfast in the morning and when I work and I go and I ask him I also have questions whenever I have an opportunity be with them and then I ask him how did you master time management and I never forget he looking at me and said no what are you talking about is that your master time management and he said time can't be manage, he said I just manage my activities and he had a slap of paper and he put it in his pocket and actually it was a 1/8 sheet, he folded it in 3 ways and said when something comes up and I know it has to be done I wrote it down that sheet. So, every night I take and I sat down the things that I know that I have to do the day very important I said to that was, that I start it with and I have to study and I study every morning, when I wake up the first place I find at home, I find to my library that I'm in and I entered a coffee shops and I start studying and I do that for probably an hour and then I go to a ritual making a list of 10 thousand names, then break them for. I believe if we can get it on a habit of being grateful you will not have many problems. So, I study every day, I write what I'm grateful for and I stay away to anyone that watch to complain or finding what's wrong and they could be right and that's wrong, anybody could be right, any gambles and find what's wrong with anything. I try to stay away to people that are complaining and wanna find out what's wrong. I think the 3 things is these I study, I write the thing I'm grateful for and I list the things that I have to do in a day to be a good direction to my goal, nothing complicated is not right signs, it's pretty simple but I do it every day.

Natalie: yeah, absolutely. You know I have ask this questions to many people like passion peeps interviews and they seem to be the basis that anyone has in a day. You know, so I think we're all to something there. Now, I am saying so many amounts and I'm sure that you do to all Bob. People are asking me how they can stay positive when everything around by me is working against me. You know can they visualize abundant when they don't have money to pay their bill. So, what kind of advice you have for people who are like them'

Bob: Now, as you say that my mind is well first keep on thinking that you'll be rich, I owed 6 thousand dollars and I was earning 4 thousand a year. So, I mean I really understand the question in a deep cellular level. Everybody was calling me and asking where is the money. And I remember I use to think that this is money I should have not thrown it. I think we have to keep our goals in mind and I have written on it on a card that I was going to have 95 thousand dollars thought you decade to do it. I really don't believe what would happen but I kept creating that card, I did what I could about the negatives that I am facing and then I go back to the go card you've got to have a goal that you'll focus on or something you really want, everybody started in negatives and then today just the same as I did is just to keep thinking to go rich but I handle so much today than I used to. I tuned into the negative, I really don't pay any attention to the positive even if it's a problem I do everything and try to move on. Like I bother I just sit on his side and is he really doing the thing and to the direction of the goal but I think you have to train yourself, first of all what it is you really want and then after focus on what you want and by doing that your taking up your mind throughout a negative. They don't go away, you look after them but you only look after them by focusing in something positive and it is not just nothing the person just start to go, it's a very difficult thing to do and but you've got to do it successively.

Natalie: I have one more question for you and it may be hard to narrow it down into one thing but if you could leave people watching this video today, one thing that can actually right now to facilitate a positive change in their lives. What would that one thing be'

Bob: That's not gonna caught out of me Natalie, I've been lunar for a long, long time and I keep teach it everywhere I go. You've gotta input discipline into your life now. Now's on the navy they called punishment discipline and drop on that the long time and I anticipated that it was a form of punishment discipline on something that I have found all people ever incorporated into their life. Discipline is an ability to give yourself a command and then follow it. This I will do no matter what happens I'm gonna get this done and without discipline I think were stack with discipline I believe that we could accomplish discipline.

Natalie: Absolutely. Just making the decision that you are going to achieve a goal that you are having the discipline to stay the course is the formula to success'

Bob: That's really the key and when you can see it John Kennedy ask that Dr. Warner Ranran what if we take it we take a person to the moon and bring him back to the earth he answered him in 5 words and he said 'the will to do it.' The will is the ability to give you a focus, its mental faculty and it what gives you to somewhat a thing. Discipline is making decision that exactly what you'll gonna do and then just absolutely refuse to get on a knock of track to what's happening.

Natalie: That's awesome. Thank you so much for your time to day Bob, it's always a pleasure talking to you.

Bob: Now, listen I wanted to congratulate you and your team, you guys are doing a phenomenal work you really are and it's a good work all of you there. I just be happy I make a contribution on this work.

Natalie: Thank you so much. Now if someone want find more about you. Where can we send them'

Bob: Just go to

Natalie: perfect.

Bob: everything is there.

Natalie: Right. Or you can click the banner on the side there. So, again thanks a lot Bob and remember that if you find anything interesting or useful video, make sure you share the love by clicking the facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure that you leave your email on the box above, so that we could send you 6 pre-made mind movies and keep you up to date to all the upcoming shows. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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