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Episode # 38   Passion Peeps - Bob Doyle

About The Episode:

Today Natalie speaks with passion peep Bob Doyle, a famous proponent of the Law of Attraction. Bob is devoted to showing people how the Law of Attraction is actually based on sound scientific principles. Bob Doyle is also known for being able to break things complicated information down into language that anyone can understand. He delivers some amazing insight and information based on his experiences with the Law of Attraction.

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Episode # 38 Passion Peeps - Bob Doyle

Natalie Ledwell: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today, I'm very pleased to share my latest passion peep video with you with my friend Bob Doyle. Bob is one of the stars of the movie The Secret and had been teaching law of attraction principles for around 10 years now. Now he and I have very similar points of view in teaching how to apply the the law of attraction, and explaining it scientifically. Now Bob, he also walks his talk. And we relate on so many things. And he's also the king when in comes to helping people discover their passion and create a large till around that passion. Now, I love how he breaks his explanation down to language anyone can understand. And this video has so many take-aways. You better make sure you have a pen and paper handy. So enjoy my friend Mr. Bob Doyle.

Natalie Ledwell: Oh, hi Bob! Thank you so much for joining us here in the show today!

Bob Doyle: it's always a pleasure to talk to you.

Natalie Ledwell: It's always a pleasure to talk to you as well. Alright, so were gonna dive into the questions you should know that we asked all the passion peep the same five questions. Now the first question is, that you know, the reason that you're here because, not only do you live a life of passion but you encourage other people to do so as well.

Bob Doyle: Yeah.

Natalie Ledwell: And I'm sure that it wasn't always easy ride for you, so what's your story, what's your background that lead you up to where you are right now?

Bob Doyle: Well I was, living a life of passion is something that I always want to do. I mean, I guess everybody always wants that, but I think some people resign themselves to the fact that they wont. And the difference with me is that I was gonna stop until I did. But it really got to the point in my life were I thought, you know I thought I tried everything and I thought I was doing everything right. And it just wasn't happening, you know. and you know I followed my passion like in the radio first, which is the career I thought I always wanted. And then I was, found out it wasn't really it after all. And I went to computers and thought there's some stuff there but you know, nothing was really working out for me. And I realized pretty soon that I needed to create my own career. I needed to not be an employee for anyone else. I need to create a business of my own so I could truly create every aspect of my life the way that I wanted to. But every attempt I doing that, failed miserably. And it really wasn't until I started looking into some of the more, I guess metaphysical reason why that would be, like if I'm doing everything right, why isn't this working. Allegedly doing the things I like why, why I'm making no money.

Natalie Ledwell: Yup.

Bob Doyle: And cause that'll discourage you personally. but, that's when I started really learning what became evident to me is what the law of attraction was all about. And how powerful my belief systems were because all though I'm saying I want to live a life of passion and abundance and prosperity, I soon realized that well I may be saying that but my belief system, which I cultivated my entire life are, that money is hard to come by and it doesn't matter what you do, you just need to do something to make a living. But once I recognized that and learned about sort of the science, the physics, God and all the quantum stuff that, that have real power, you know out there in the universe, as to what I could allow in to my life. Then I could get more. okay, what I'm gonna do about this belief system and that's what really, when I do enter the study of all this?

Natalie Ledwell: Right. Excellent. The science team was with Ryan. Like four years ago, we honestly thought we're doing everything right. It was just like, what was the key thats missing, you know. for us after watching The Secret.

Bob Doyle: Yeah.

Natalie Ledwell: After watching The Secret. And there was a couple of things that we got. Number one is being able to visualize your passion or your focus with a motion.

Bob Doyle: Yeah.

Natalie Ledwell: And the other one was just not needing to know how. You know, you have just to start, you know, I would not set massive goals because I could never figure out exactly how I was gonna do it. I couldn't say how it could be done. All I needed to, after watching The Secret, I realized, all I needed to do was focus on that end result and start some action and then, you know, everything started to fall into place.

Bob Doyle: Yeah. That's really tricky for people who consider themselves to be intelligent, intellectual, logical.

Natalie Ledwell: Yes.

Bob Doyle: They really want to know. They're trained, that we must know, we gotta have a plan, right? You don't have a plan, you plan to fail or whatever it is they say. Part of that is true but the point is the plan will come as a result of the being in alignment with what you truly want. To have that vision over the motion. that's when the universe delivers the plan to you. If you've been spinning your wheels for years trying to intellectualize a plan and its not working, that should tell you something. You know, you need sort of to tap in to another area of intelligence something much much bigger than you. And that's what, and it was a leap,I mean it really was a leap for me because I really did consider myself analytical and skeptical. I wanted to believe this but, you know, I needed a little bit more. And that's when I started getting intentional about it. Okay, well I got to get out of my head and see what happens. I'm gonna start this, i'm gonna start doing this. Stuff reading about, like following my intuition, whatever that really means.

Natalie Ledwell: Yes.

Bob Doyle: For me, I meant following what seemed fun and just sort of spontaneous and dare for me to do. And that's what really led me to well, eventually to where I am now.

Natalie Ledwell: Yup. You know, and what I often find too, it's like, it's find trends or maybe specific event that gets you from where you were to now living this life of passion having this success life. so whats the one turning point for you or series of events that lead you to this point?

Bob Doyle: I really was seems like when I was just saying there were series of events of this, this, sort of awakening to the fact that my brain wasn't doing the job. And then I needed to let go of that whole thing and really just start to listen and pay attention to the universe was once delivered me. The first thing I had to do is really get clear up what I truly wanted instead of focusing what the problem was, which is most people did. How am I to solve this problem? You know, you and I both know that if that's where you stay emotionally and energetically. You just gonna try to solve the problem. You have to have something that inspires you into motion. So, I think the first thing is just shifting my focus was the big thing. And then playing with the ideas that came to my head no matter how illogical they were. no matter how they didn't seem to connect any dot that gonna lead me to the career I liked or more money. Which is "whats showing up for me to do?" You know, and I just started doing that and that just caused this chain reaction of events in meeting people and finding information that just turn on all those lights for me. And once I did that it really happened, quickly. Just like within a month or so.

Natalie Ledwell: Yeah. And it's funny how once you're in that flow, how quickly things seem to happen, you know. When do I have this saying we say overtime things always work for us. You know, because they do and things happen in a faster might as well once you're in that vibration, which is you know, awesome. Now, my next question is that you know, I know that success doesn't just happen. And most successful people I know has specific habits or daily rituals or a routine that they have that actually helps keep them on track. So what are some of the things that you do on a daily basis to keep you on track?

Bob Doyle: You know, I've been doing this so long now that it doesn't seem like a ritual. it's just a way of being. And that's what I'm really trying to cultivate in any of my students is that let's not make it a process as much as a way of being. But it really is about just everyday being clear on "what do I want my life to be?" You know, and having fun and taking time doing the things you love to do. Wether or not they have to do with your business or the task at hand or whatever. Because all of those things that we enjoy doing wether it's our career or wether it's a hobby like musical instruments or paint. It's all a part of who we are and all of it are meant to be expressed. So honoring that part of me on a regular basis is sort of part of my daily routine like everyday I find some time to play the ukulele, right? You know, because that really a part of me thats creative and inspired. and it's during those when you get this ideas. if you're so focused on "I got to do my work now" It's just a different energy. You have to honor all aspects of your self. And so, I think on a daily basis, if there's one thing that I'd do, is to honor some part of me that has nothing to do really with work, or career, or solving a problem or anything but just Bob being Bob.

Natalie Ledwell: Yeah, awesome! Now, I've received many e-mails which I'm sure that you have as well from people that, you know, "how can I stay positive when everything around is negative?" Like for example, "how can I force and being the vibration of abundance when I didn't have enough money to pay the bills?" So what kind of advice you have to people like that?

Bob Doyle: Well first of all, I want to let people know that this isn't about blaming them but just to know that they're in that situation because that's where they're in alignment with.

Natalie Ledwell: Right.

Bob Doyle: They got caught-up in the wave of starve, you know, whether its their environment or the news or whatever. You know, they are in this oceans of belief system that they surrounded themselves it has gotten them in alignment with where they are now. And the way to change that is getting back to creating the vision that inspires you.

Natalie Ledwell: Yup.

Bob Doyle: And so, you have to take time. Even though it seems like, well that seems like a waste of time because it's not solving any of my problems but it so is. You know, to shift into that, you know, to find again, finding the time to do things that you love everyday. Because that shifting your vibration into a state of bliss or passion has a very powerful effect. The more that you can stay there, the more remarkable change. Now if you just go play the uke for five minutes and then go back to suffering over things, that's probably not enough to make a major shift, a significant change. So its really about, you know, you have to do something to make yourself feel good and be okay with that and not feel guilty about it.

Natalie Ledwell: Yes.

Bob Doyle: You suppose to feel good. You suppose to enjoy this experience. The more you do that and work towards something that really inspires you, I mean, I can't stress that enough. This whole following your passion is what it is all about.

Natalie Ledwell: Yes.

Bob Doyle: Once you take more time everyday to honor your passions and put time into them. Things will start to change. And you just kinda have to trust me on them, I mean, it's one of those things that you may not believe until you try it. And you know, all the while there's just this whole other conversation we can have about releasing resistance, all of those techniques, to get rid of those emotions, that's definitely something that I tell everybody you pretty have much to do. You have a deep program, all those belief systems, but a lot of that happen naturally and all those things start following once you start get into alignment with who you really want to be on the planet. So it takes time, you know, the best thing I could do or the best thing I could tell people to do is to take time, if their not clear up what their passion about, take some time to get clear.

Natalie Ledwell: Yes.

Bob Doyle: You know, what is it that you really enjoy? What lightens you up? And spend at least a little bit more time each day doing that. And just watch what happens.

Natalie Ledwell: Yup. You know, you and I are so align on so many different things but we are both exceptionally passionate about having people be passionate about what they do. So we see very much of that one. Now I have one more question for you. Now, it maybe hard to narrow this down to just one thing, but if you can leave people watching this video today with one thing that they can implement right now to facilitate a positive change in their life, what would that one thing be?

Bob Doyle: Learn to play the ukelele! Change everything. No, but seriously this is, find that thing that lights you up and find time everyday to do that. Because it's almost like a meditating process to do something that when you're in your state of bliss were all that other stuff will fall away, you're just there, you're present, you're in the moment, that's where inspiration comes from. And then when that inspiration comes, you take action on it without questioning it, without analyzing it, without trying to figure out where this is going, just trust that the universe is giving you something that is in resonance, it's in alignment with that state of passion that you're feeling when you're doing that thing. You want your life to be filled with more of that feeling? Do it more, honor it. And just, just, you know, just keep taking that action that comes to you. Your intuition and the messages from the universe will take you exactly where you tell it you wanna go if you'll just do it.

Natalie Ledwell: That's right. Yeah that's it. And there's no reason why everyone on the planet can't feel that. That passion and feel that positive vibration everyday.

Bob Doyle: Okay. If they just allow themselves to do it.

Natalie Ledwell: Exactly! Okay. And maybe it is something as easy, first of all, making the decision that that is what you want, you know, that you do want to feel this everyday.

Bob Doyle: Yeah.

Natalie Ledwell: And then listen into you wish than take an action. Well thanks Bob. It's been a pleasure to have you as usual. Now if people wants to find out more about you, where can we send them?

Bob Doyle: Only in the best place to get an overall Bob pictures That's our law of attraction curriculum and I'm infused in all of it and I'll take every word you wanna go in terms of what we're up to.

Natalie Ledwell: So that's or if you want you can just click the banner to the side and that'll take you to that site. So thank again Bob for joining us. For everyone, you must remember that if you found the information useful in today's video, please share the love by clicking the facebook and twitter share buttons above. And if you have done so already, make sure you leave your e-mail in the box above there. We'll send you six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date of all the upcoming shows. So, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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