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Episode # 81   Passion Peeps - Barnet Bain

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell has a famous guest on the show, Barnet Bain, who's the creator such movies as "What dreams may come" and the "Celestine Prophecy"! Barnet shares an amazing exercise that you can use today to discover what YOUR passion really is.

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Episode # 81 Passion Peeps - Barnet Bain

Natalie: Hi. Today on the show Barnet Bain who's the creator of movies such as What Dreams may Come and the Celestial Prophecy, is taking us through an amazing exercise to help you identify what your passion is. So, enjoy.

Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today my guest is the amazing Barnet Bain. How are you?

Barnet: I'm so fabulous and I'm so thankful to be here. Thank you for having me for your listeners.

Natalie: very grateful the you are sitting down with me today. You I know, you have an amazing journey which you are about to share with everybody. First of all let's just start with our story.

Barnet: My story, let's try to do it really quick when I was 12 years old I was living in a small town in Northern Quebec a Canadian town with 3,000 people, my dad was the local butcher and my mom is a housewife and one day they were out in the village and I went through their doors you know, kids do that. What happen is that, every child's worst nightmare I found my adoption papers, I have no idea that I have been adopted and that was my first experience of my story and this particular case the kind of story that is held as a secret. And it was profound for me and I felt wow this must be terrible is I was depressed and hidden for so long, it's a terrible, terrible thing what is it mean about me. Some years later came the summer of love, I'm that old. That was the time when there are a lots of illicit substances and wild sex and I wasn't getting any wild sex but I did a little experiment with illicit substances. I was too young actually to be successful in it but I did have some experiences that were unfortunate I wasn't capable of handling some of these experiences and open up my subconscious mind and my unconscious mind and ways that I'm totally unprepared for and up came so much negativity and shame and feelings that I very unconstructed feelings about myself. Like something toxic oil blow out and then that is my initiation into a second kind of story and secret and in this case these are the secrets that we hold for ourselves and those two big story experiences were the head waters, I guess you can say what has become my life's mission and purpose which is to become very intimate with stories my own and for others. And by unpacking those stories we gain more and more freedom as we become free on the plot lines that we live in to.

Natalie: I know, am that the thing in whole existence is fuel then and live by the stories that passed on. You know like talking with Miguel Luis before in the four agreements. So, you know how whole life is put in the story that our parents are told, their parents are told, and their parents are told that really are true.

Barnet: That's absolutely so. I call it through imagining we are raised in environment and it cause us to be the products of our parents stories and other people's stories, other people's songs, other people's movies, other people's television, other people's beliefs, other people's religion and expectation and it become quite so brain and we mature and we become season enough for spiritual people to begin to ask a very uncertain people like how many of these thoughts are mine and how many beliefs that I have, are they true or are they opinions and how many are those are original with me. Those hard question are the beginning of our liberation.

Natalie: So, what is it that you do now?

Barnet: I'm best known as film maker. I made a number of movies what ask the winner, what dreams may come with Robin Williams and the Celestine Prophecy that almost the harbor the quite a project a number of others and there's a few letters coming up. And I am very excited about, I am also a radio host, I have a show called cutting edge consciousness on OKZZ am in Southern California. I'm looking forward to having you soon as a guest and I hope you all tune into that. I have a small coaching practice as well to people that are committed to high performance. I am involved in doing creativity seminars and creativity trainings. I do leadership work and leading for the edge programs for corporations. It sounds like a whole very different worst king of things and it's really one jewel of unpacking story, I guess of a back drop of a conscious journey. It's like a diamond and turn on the diamond around to this, facet, to this facet, to this facet and it is my joy and passion in my life.

Natalie: Right, because you know I my first top 5 movies, What Dreams may Come is in my top 5.

Barnet: I love you.

Natalie: I love that movie. If you haven't seen What Dreams May Come it stars Robin Williams and that whole visual that you have, having that amazing paintings. Oh My God. I got Goosebumps when I think about it. I just love that movie.

Barnet: Well, I still love that movie and then what I love about is for everybody hasn't seen it to me the great gift of it is that we attempted to mortal. How it might work, how the mechanics of reality creation might work that if our belief and for the reality really is that is about our thoughts and beliefs this is in decisions and attitudes. How could we show that in a movie and I'm glad that you like it and some of the you that have seen it that you it too.

Natalie: Now you clearly living in a life of passion. So, when did you know, when did it click to you that this is your passion, that this is what you always wanted to do.

Barnet: I knew very early but I didn't understand, I didn't, I wasn't mature to embrace my passion so I was frightened of it and I was burned by it literally too much for me I have lot of shame around it, I have a lot of feeling of undeserving, unworthy what happened to me and maybe unfamiliar to some of our viewers. We connect to our passion; it is so accelerating there is so much juice into it. It's like putting your fingers in an electric socket. That until we become a large enough to contain that. It's so very, very easy to so track or to fell less than, it's a life too beautiful and that's very normal. So, I knew early but it wasn't until I had a relationship of struggle with being in a picture business and in the story business and being having a couching practice and working with other transformational leaders like you. There's a lot of push pull. About 10 years ago, recently is that something just drop in a larger perspective, there is a thing as a season of the movement of the soul. The soul expresses in co-world in different stages and we come in on the time when we grab with the name in this time of fire, we were young and just reaching for all possibilities, nothing can stop us and then here comes the time they say the wounding where something could be great or something small all the spirit is punch out of us. Usually happens in a late teens middles and suddenly we lose confidence and we just implode and we through a period of many years called the shadow years and those are the years when we, almost when the press set radio on their car that these were press set buttons and they get extinguish. We have the taste of what this things can be the time of fire and endless possibility we gotta taste what is blown up and we go to the shadow years and we piece together our original selves, our authentic selves and we build a sense of character and possibility and the sense of spirituality.

Natalie: It is dropped by 30's.

Barnet: Yes, everybody's.

Natalie: You know like decade of thirty's. The business that we were involve with. We choose the moment that we have the great opportunities, could earn great money. We boost our feeling when you involve in this topic.

Barnet: You move towards a certain, kind of trajectory. In the face of the soul timing where suddenly things begin to drop in. if you are on a spiritual path. If you're not it's a different set of life choices but for me, I know for you there was a certain kind of desire to discover and to be discover by something and one day it just drops in and it drop in for me about 10 years ago. I just knew, the burning was know a fire possibility there are all the resistance but we have tools to deal with these now.

Natalie: So, if someone is trying to identify what is their passion is right now. What is something that they can do to make them identify it.

Barnet: Well, first of all I believe there is a distinction between, what your heart desire is and what your passion really is. So, how I work it for myself, for those who I work with. That I would ask you to follow your heart to stretch visioning and imagining by the way is not done from here it's done in just behind the heart. So, you lay yourself to dream and loosely into an exploration of your heart's desire. Where did you imagine that you would like to feel, how do you like to see yourself, how do you like to feel in what kind of situation and as you tuned into that heart's desire, take a breath and now a liar said you have to come through an understanding about where you are right know. There's a gap between where you are now and the your heart's desire. Begin to explore around. One of the things we do is how does it feel to be in that gap. You may have any feelings all. How does it feel to be in the gap between where you are now and your heart's desire. You know it's very frustrating.

Natalie: it's frustrating. Could you know this better before your frustrated your confuse your under on what am I missing how can I get there.

Barnet: So, this frustration, what am I missing there a circle long in here. There is a certain kind of pens that are being block how does that feel to you?

Natalie: it feels very frustrated.

Barnet: Very frustrating and when you feel that you're frustrated and block. What does that make you what you want to do?

Natalie: shut down.

Barnet: shut down. Back down to hatches. How does that feel when you shut down.

Natalie: Well, it's all negative, it's all bad.

Barnet: oh, It's all bad you feel it in your body, it's all bad.

Natalie: that's you hold the distance. Because you can't see a way out?

Barnet: your trap all bad, you can't see a way out. That feels so heavy what is that make what you want to do.

Natalie: nothing.

Barnet: nothing. Nothing you feel.

Natalie: If there is no tensions and no feelings it would be better.

Barnet: it would be better?

Natalie: yah.

Barnet: How would it feel to feel better in that state what is better feel like.

Natalie: When I feel a little bit better. I want to start looking on how I can start to improve. Because once you feel better you think you have a little bit hope now.

Barnet: now you have rounded up the horn. It's like going around the Cape of Good Hope. So, you can see where were going like this. This is an experience of frequency. The energy frequencies that are pack into the reality that we call in the gap between where I am and my heart's desire. The complex of energy of frequency and you are deconstructing them. Negative dark, dark, dark, dark, negative bad. Difference between negative and positive it's only an emotion that is undefined, unexpressed whether a happy sad and glad one turns a positive. Likewise on a positive emotion. So, you're going down into this emotional experiences, you back and forth from the head to the heart to the most constrictive part and eventually you hit a light place and that turns and now it starts to come up when that turns you got a little hope and sometimes it's very powerful and I do this in a room where a whole room gets it and the whole room turns you feel all the energy left. When you tap into that, that is PASSION. Then you start going up you feel better you have a little more optimism. You still wanna go invisible, NO. Do you still wanna play small, NO. Are you ready you take action on what your heart's desire, YES. Yes bring it. It is a fundamental frequency shift and so we can more become more adroit, and skillful and adept. So, come to call the energy optimist. Begun to identify his frequency, a thought believe in actions, decision, feeling and emotion and work through them in real time. We're actually moving through our subconscious clearing away things and self regulating our energy frequency and bringing yourselves for an alignment for those who are a love for attraction peeps. You are now energetically aligned with your heart's desire and then things come fast.

Natalie: So, it's like hitting a rock button and that is all this is it.

Barnet: Yes. But it's like doing a rock button by yourself and waiting until you stumble into the shadow strands.

Natalie: So, it actually goes into the process and go we forget to there and then what will I do that I become when I wake up.

Barnet: And you make it regrets and the distinction is we could the craziest in the outer world I don't know where is and then do three arch or we can say I what discover how to connect of the vital energy of my heart's desire and my passion and I'm going to participate in inner Christ is. Your brain doesn't made distinction between what happened around here and what happens in here. All the activities are the same. Bring it all coffee in the afternoon and I'm gonna do a major life reset. And it is not settled as you know. It is not a settle in a business.

Natalie: So, okay I have a hypothetical question for you. So, a genie's appearing in front of you right now. He's going to grant you 1 wish and that is to have an intimate dinner with anyone that you want from the past to present 1 person. Who do you choose and why?

Barnet: I'm gonna cheat. I'm gonna say Merlin and Arthur. Gotta slip that on this web and create my reality.

Natalie: And why do you day it?

Barnet: They hold the energies. The story of Merlin and Arthur are carriers of a certain kind of band of frequency that is on the edge of what is impossible to us. It is waiting right at the edge and we are rapidly bringing ourselves into a more full experience to feel how it is to be alive how is it to be first creator and pro creators those are the energetic place holders in US there are others of course but those are the ones the resonates with me. The magician and the king dropping below the surface of things that magician energy is the energy that understands, it's an illusion but it's a beautiful illusion one we have impact on ourselves and each other. And in the rules of the game they were created for us, as much as an illusion it is inside the game. There's a paradox and now we settled up, even though we settled it all but there is impact it's the love that we still can be loved and outside the illusion in the more real that paradox is resolved. It won't be resolve from the inside where we are but we all know it totally that it's an illusion we all know that and yet their love is real. The magician and there is Arthur the King who is the steward of the integrated masculine energy. A will and action, who is a, a loving heart and a clear mind who is able to fill the space with works of goodness and truth and beauty, we can only do so, in the spiral in the dance, it's not a dance with a magician the holder of the imaginable feeling the feminine energy.

Natalie: So, if people want to know about you Barnet where can we send them, what website can we send them to.

Barnet: Well, please send them to my home site which is WWW.BARNETBAIN.COM There are lot of good things up there and a lot of free things up there and I hope you enjoy and I am mentioning, can I mention during this course?

Natalie: yes of course.

Barnet: thank you. I'm doing a 5 week seminars series begins April 6 I call it discovering your hidden creativity by creativity you have some sets of our conversation this conversation this morning with Natalie that when I refer to creativity, it's not only the artistry, artist that shapes objects of making dance and making beautiful things but it's also creating beautiful lives and beautiful relationships and beautiful prosper and beautiful environments for all. So, I hope that you would check that out for more you can go up to

Natalie: beautiful.

Barnet: thank you so much.

Natalie: no. thank you for joining me, it is awesome. So, guys please share this information. You can do that by clicking the facebook, twitter share buttons above. If you haven't done so already actually put your e-mail above there because we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date to all the upcoming shows. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and live without limits. We'll see you soon.

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