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Episode # 35   Passion Peeps - Amy Ahlers

About The Episode:

Natalie's interviews today's passion peep, Amy Ahlers. Amy was a life coach who transformed her life by making the decision to live her passion. Amy explains how becoming a mom was the catalyst that caused her to embark on her transformational journey. Amy also shares a powerful 3-step strategy that anyone can use to start making positive changes in their life today.

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Episode # 35 Passion Peeps - Amy Ahlers

Natalie: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. Now today I have a very special guest with me. Amy Ahlers, hi!

Amy: Hello! Hello everyone!

Natalie: Amy is my passion peep today and she's been, she's actually just written a book which we're gonna talk about a little bit later. But as you know as we speak before, the passion peep videos, we ask you the same five questions.

Amy: Great!

Natalie: For all the passion peeps. So are you ready?

Amy: I'm ready. Yes I've been. Let's do it.

Natalie: Okay. So the first question, is that you know, you are someone that lives a life of passion.

Amy: Yes.

Natalie: But you don't just do that, you encourage other people to do the same. So I've kind of imagine, well I don't know what your background is, but what was your journey getting here? Was it an easy road to get here?

Amy: Well, it's such a great question. I love your questions. So great. Well, because I think that everybody has a story that involves struggle, that involves pain, that involves challenges. And my story is just like your story and just like your story. That involves challenges. And when I really look at were I was just a few years ago, I had a new baby. my husband and I were struggling with a lot of money. I had a business partnership that I've been in for seven years that was in the process of dissolving. And it was a time of real challenge for me. And I've been life coaching since 2000 so I've been life coaching for a really long time. But I hadn't figured out that way to have my income and abundance really meet up with my passion; what I loved. You know we heard the old outage: do what you love and the money will follow. Well, actually do what you love and educate yourself about how things are gonna work and then the money will follow, right? So for me I really looks at my passion and I listen to my inner wisdom which to me is the most important thing that people can listen to. The absolutely most important thing is that inner wisdom. And I had an inner wisdom that said: "Go and take this specific course, and learn about the internet specifically. And how you can really take your message and your passion to the world of the internet and to the virtual world." And for me, being a mom with a tiny little baby, I didn't want to be out of my house. I'd got into a lot of corporate coaching. And it wasn't what I necessarily passionate about. So despite everything, I decided to invest, at that time was a few thousand dollars of this course and I just have this inner wisdom voice saying: "Go and take it." So I did. And from that my entire changed. I started a tele-summit series called The Women Masters and I invited all of my favorite women luminaries to come and speak. And from that, everything just kind of avalanched and when I looked back, that was really a game changer for me. And it was when I followed my passion, despite evidence to the contrary, and said I'm gonna go for it. And I did. And really it lead me to my book tale.

Natalie: Absolutely.

Amy: Yeah!

Natalie: So cause I know, often it's fine thread, maybe one specific event that gets you from where you were to, you know, living this amazing life that you do now. So is there one thing you narrow it down or was there a series of events that got you to here.

Amy: Well I think becoming a mom was really something that had, it all changed for me. When I held my baby girl, and about now she's four, I can't believe that she's four. When I held her in my arms, and I knew that I was now responsible for modeling, everything that I've been coaching for so many years, and it wasn't just a responsibility to me but it was a responsibility to my daughter. And that was catalyzing for me. I really started doing my daily practice, which I think we'll probably talk about a little bit, but I really started having a real deep commitment to myself, and to my work, and to, it just, that sensation of life was gonna be too short. That I wanted, you know, having someone witness you and watch you and witness you, for me it just was hugely catalyzing for me.

Natalie: Awesome.

Amy: Yeah.

Natalie: Now I know with success doesn't just happen.

Amy: Right.

Natalie: And all successful people I know have a routine or habits that they do on a daily basis.

Amy: Yes.

Natalie: That keeps them focus and on track.

Amy: Yes.

Natalie: So what are those, some of those things for you?

Amy: Well I started everyday with some form of a pause practice as Christina when I'd like to call it, in a mean girl reform school. A pause practice, a centering meditation. Sometimes I do EFT, gotta use the mind movies, you know, whatever it takes to really get that messaging in about that I love myself. And really feel that deep connection to plugging in to source energy. So important for me to really pause and find the silence so that I can hear my inner wisdom. So that's something that I do on a daily basis. Must so huge belief on affirmations. Think they're so powerful, so positive and obviously the tools that you provide people make it that more powerful. So I fully believe that and I'm a huge believer in exercise. Exercise has been so important for me. Winning specifically for me with my mind, my rescuing Matt Dozer, and I hit the trails in the hills. And for me that's really about a distressing and hearing that inner wisdom again. So those are the things that really make a difference for me.

Natalie: Awesome. And now, people we made this observation before, but everyone who answers that question, there's some kind of education, there's some kind of exercise, some kind of connection to source, some kind of partial pausing or something in that line.

Amy: Yeah.

Natalie: So I think we've come up with a bit of a formula for everyone here. So my next question is that: "Do you have advice to people who are finding it difficult to be positive when everything around them is working against them?" It's quiet negative.

Amy: Well, first of all, you're so not alone. That's the thing that I really wanna say. You're so not alone. And, you know, the thing that's coming to mind right now is, and I'm sure you've talked about this, I have a feeling before, but the reticular activation system in our brain, right? Filters out and really says: "What is important?" And I was like, people to do this, you can just go ahead and take a look around the side that green is an important color. And then just look around your room and all of the sudden you'll notice all of the green popping! That's your reticular activation system in play. And so one of the things that happen is that when our inner critics, when our inner mean girls as Christina, I'd like to call her, when she or he comes in and hijacks your life, he or she, that inner critic, is proving their theory that everything is going wrong.

Natalie: Right.

Amy: So what do they do? They collect evidence to prove their theory that everything is going wrong. So the first thing I would say is start collecting evidence about what's going right. Just ask yourself that question: "What right here in this moment is going right in my life?" And maybe your health is going well. Maybe your bank accounts are doing okay. Maybe you have just a really good friend that you can depend on. Just one friend. Maybe your relationship with yourself is doing okay. Whatever it is, find that one thing and then let that snowball, let that, put your reticular activation system to use for good in your life. and when that happens, I know for me when my inner critic gets in-charged, you know, she will completely collect evidence that things are not going well. And then it's like once I see one thing that's not going well then I start: "That thing, oh that thing?s, oh that thing's not going well." And it can really start into the big fat lies. Avalanches, I'd like to call it. So I have actually a little tool, can I give a little tool?

Natalie: absolutely!

Amy: okay, okay.

Natalie: This might actually be the answer to the next question, which is if there is one thing that you give people watching the video today they need to implement that makes a positive change, what would that one?

Amy: Okay, great! Perfect! Perfect segment! See how we did that? Okay. I wanna give all of you with a very very very simple tool. And very very powerful tool that I've been developing for the last 11 years of coaching. People from different walks of life and different challenges in their life, and it's called the wake-up call three-step process. And it goes like this: So step 1 is "what is your inner critic saying?" Whenever your feeling any kind of negative emotion, what is your inner critic saying? Because what I found over the years is there is that inner critic that's saying some form of a big fat lie. Whether it's: "You're not enough!" Or "who do you think you are?" Or "everything sucks right now!" Or " you're fat!" Or "you're not lovable!" Or, you know, "no one's gonna want to invest in you!" By whatever it is, that inner critic is right there with a megaphone when we're feeling any sort of negative emotion. From depression to fear to anxiety, whatever it is. So giving the space, and I think so often of the law of attraction, sometimes we don't give ourselves the space to just vent it out. Like, get it tout of your system. So I encourage people to say: "Okay. What is my inner critic saying?" And give your inner critic the opportunity to be heard. And not because you're gonna believe it, but you're gonna expose the big fat lies. So let it out. And you can do this on paper, you can do this with a partner. So what is your inner critic saying? And then the next step is to close your eyes, take a deep breath and just cleanly ask, now that you've heard from your inner critic, "what does my inner wisdom now?" Just ask. What does your inner wisdom now? You can actually do it right now. What is your inner wisdom now? Got it? Okay, great! And this is really where I like to say the truth comes into play. Where you just have that opportunity to hear the truth. And it's not that our inner wisdom is always gonna say, of this nice things to us, our inner wisdom will also give, deliver hard truths. Like: "Sweetie you got to get out of that relationship." Or "It's time to put the cookie down." Or whatever the case maybe. But it's really, well come from that space of just total compassion and love and peace and roundedness. And you'll feel that sense in your body. So step two: What is your inner wisdom now? And then step three is a neurolinguistic programming technique. It's actually for you to ground in your inner wisdom's truth. By tapping it in. Putting some sort of physical movement to your inner wisdom. So for me I actually do tap on my heart. I'm a big tapper in EFT person. So I actually tap on my heart and repeat back out loud your inner wisdom's truth. I've never climbed, just kind of, look towards the sky and put your chest out, whatever it is. And this will allow it to start becoming in the cells of your body. That cellular memory. So step one: "What is my inner critic saying?" Step two is: "What is my inner wisdom now?" And step three is: Repeat back your inner wisdoms truth while doing that physical gesture.

Natalie: Right.

Amy: And I hope that little nugget will just provide you with some relief in anytime you're feeling any sort of negative emotion. Just get you right back on track.

Natalie: Sounds fantastic! Thanks you so much for sharing all of that with me Amy.

Amy: My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

Natalie: So now, if people want to find out more about you, where can we send them?

Amy: Yes! You can go to, And I have a fun little free inner superstar kit, it's what I call it, that has really cool visualization and little e-book. So check that up at

Natalie: Awesome. Or, as you know, you can just click on the banner there and go to that website. So thanks again for coming in Amy. Thanks for joining us today. Now remember that if you find the information on this video useful, just share the love by clicking on the Facebook and twitter share buttons above. And if you have done so, make sure you put your e-mail in the box above there. We'll send you six pre-made mind movies and we'll also keep you up to date for all the new shows that's coming out. So guys, until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Amy Ahlers



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