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Episode # 287   Panache Desai LIVE

About The Episode:

Today on the show Natalie speaks with contemporary thought leader and one of Oprah's special guests, Panache Desai. Panache joins Natalie to discuss his latest book called Discovering your Soul Signature, Finding Your Purpose, Passion, and Joy, which aims to help people discover their life's purpose and overcome the emotional obstacles that keep them from becoming who they really are. During our chat, Panache explains why he strongly believes that we must all find our soul signature and the important steps you need to take to find it. PLUS, he reveals how to heal yourself from life's challenges as he explains the hidden causes of anger, fear, rage and insecurity.

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Episode # 287 Panache Desai LIVE

Natalie: Well, hello everyone, welcome to the Inspiration Show. This is one of our live versions of the Inspiration Show through Google Hangouts. I'm Natalie Ledwell and it is my pleasure and my honor to be bringing this to you live every Thursdays morning at 10 AM. Now we have a very, very special treat. Today our special guest is Panache Desai. Did I say that right, Panache?

Panache: Yes you did. It's perfect. Thank you.

Natalie: Here we go. So Panache, you may actually recognize from the Oprah show, who actually guested in Oprah. (fillers) And today, we're going to be talking about something called, our soul signature. So in the spirit of the show, Panache, why don't we start first of all with your story and how you got in to doing this type of work.

Panache: I was born in to it. My family for four generations on my father's side, they have met actualized beings. They were not teachers but they were beings who in their presence you could begin to remember your own essential divine nature. And my mother before she had me, had a stubborn baby girl so when she was 3 months pregnant with me, she went to India to bless my birth, she met one of these beings. And during that encounter, he basically told her that I will be coming back to facilitate the shift in consciousness and indeed I was incarnating for one purpose and one purpose alone and that is to facilitate this work. Subsequently, I was raised in London, and my grandmother every morning would pray. The atmosphere in our home is one of devotion and she was this very sweet Indian lady, who smell of coconut oil and every morning she'd light incense and say her prayers, and she'd pray for all of us ' for our health, for our abundance, you know, for everything so that our lives will be lived in line with the divine order. As a child, needless to say, I started to having all kinds of experiences that quite frankly made me very strange. I knew things about people that I kind of want to know, I could feel their unresolved pain ' their anger, their sadness, their fear ' everything that they have accumulated inside of them. And I remember, distinctly, there was one specific moment I was sitting on a bench and this elderly gentleman came and sat down. And when he sat down, he looked encumbered and heavy. Life's got the better of him and as he sits next to me and starts telling me he hates his life and he hates his job, you know, how miserable he is and he was just going on and on and on looking at me like I was seven years old, you know, why are you sharing this with me. And as he was sharing it with me, he starts crying and he starts feeling his fear and he starts feeling all of these emotional content that he is, that he had repressed or suppressed, which I lovingly call emotional density. And all of a sudden, when he gets up, he's sparkly. When he sat down he was encumbered and being burdened by life and when he got up, he was sparkly. And so, this is happening, people were feeling things, experiencing things and may be that was the foundation of my journey. Subsequently when I have my teams, I rebelled against it and the last thing that I wanted to do is to be stuck in a room full of grown-ups meditating on a Saturday night. I'd rather be in the movies on a date. You know, I've had my own journey with it. And you know, what I'm saying is being Indian and (3:22) thousand year old lineage where basically (3:25) were very sceptical. And even though I was told that I was here to do something, I would never really believed anyone ever said face value. And (filler) my journey, culminated really and experience that I have the divine in 2002, 2003. I got a point in my life where I just realized that it was just too painful for me not to be myself. It was too painful for me, it was too painful for me not to live my soul signature. To live the most authentic core essence of who I was. And I screamed out to God and I said, if you exist and if you're real then I need to experience you because until I've experienced you, I'm not going to share this message and I'm not going to do what you've created me to do. So lo and behold, all of a sudden I started having experience and I have outlined that in my book, the end result is my experience of the divine. Just as the infinite ocean of love and of light. This incredible person, and there was no judgement, just acceptance. And that really, for me, was the moment where my role as a messenger and an old friend came into being.

Natalie: Well, (fillers) I'm glad and I know that the world on (4:45) would be very that you stepped in to that. (fillers) Of course, I can imagine being (4:52-56) being able to step into that now. So guys, this is a live show which means that if you would like to ask any question as we go along the show, please write them in the text box below and we will do our best to answer them before we get off the broadcast. So, I suppose my first question for you is when we talk about soul signature, you know, what is your definition of that, what would a soul signature mean?

Panache: A soul signature is your spiritual DNA. It's who you are at your core. It's your most authentic expression. So, we are all a part of this infinite energy, however, we're all unique expressions of it. And that unique expression or unique resonance is our soul signature. (filler) You know, yoga, yogi philosophy (5:40) traditions and teachers have known for the longest time that we're vibrational beings and that we inhabit a vibrational universe. And when I had the experience of the divine, I was shown very clearly that we really are energy and that our soul exists at the selfless level of energy, the layer above that is our emotional layer ' that's where all of our unresolved emotional content gets stored. That then, in turn, informs our unconscious mind, that informs our conscious mind, and then finally, that informs our body. So any and all discord originates from that emotional layer.

Natalie: Right.

Panache: So the reason people finances aren't what they like them to be because there's something that they haven't allowed themselves to experience. There's a trauma within them that they haven't thought through to its completion. Or there's a certain emotion that they're unwilling to accept and experience. And that's true for our health, that's true for our connection to the divine, that's true for everything. So, we all have this incredible potential within us, it's just that there is emotional content and emotions for me, are just energies in motion who just become accumulated inside of us and when we can start to experience them and open them up, then we can start to experience our soul signature. And when we do that, we end up just living this most extraordinary adventure that unfolds in the most synchronistic way that leads us to places we couldn't even imagine for ourselves.

Natalie: So these (filler) emotions or these events or things that happen to us that are kind of holding us back, are these events that happened to us in our life or are they lesson that we're meant to have learned already? What are those, what are those kind of events?

Panache: Well, it's basically like the tears that we're unwilling to quiet. Being in the playground and somebody says, somebody says something awful about you and that moment it's like you're making a decision not to cry, instead of just feeling the sadness'

Natalie: Yeah.

Panache: But what happens is that energy can shift states, so, and so can our emotions. For example, when we don't experience our sadness that accumulates and accumulates inside of us and eventually it becomes depression. But in the same way that it can become heavier, denser, it can also become lighter and move through us. You see, because ultimately, (7:53), the same thing with our anger, you know, ultimately something happens in life, we're triggered but we won't experience our anger because it is socially unacceptable and it's not been modelled to us in a way that's constructive. Typically, anger is only ever modelled to us that's destructive. And so, we won't get angry. What happens is, is we stuff it and we stuff it, and we stuff it, until eventually it becomes rage. And it's the same with our fear, we won't feel our fear. It's like we avoid feeling our fear. We'll distract ourselves from the discomfort. And what I've discovered working with hundreds of thousands of people is that every single time we trace whatever the issue is back to its source, we will find an unexperienced emotion. There is something on that emotional level that they're unwilling to feel and actually when we feel it, literally, we can shift their energy and shift our lives.

Natalie: Um, wow. So I mean I'm just thinking back to may be a situation that, you know, people might find themselves in that's like an on-going situation then I go, this is upsetting me and this is hurting me (9:01) self preservation, I need to not allow this to hurt me anymore. And so, I would imagine that most people that you come across something that they have suppressed. Does it apply to everybody?

Panache: Yeah, it does. You see, we receive really bad training on this one.

Natalie: (laughs) Yeah.

Panache: It's like it's not okay to feel. It's not okay to experience, it's okay to experience the emotions but it's not okay to experience them all.

Natalie: Yeah.

Panache: Yeah. But just imagine, like at that moment, you could actually accept your anger. You could accept your fear. You could accept your sadness. And you can actually just experience it inside of you, you know, the more we can accept anger as a part of our experience, the less we act it out, because it begins and ends inside of us. Virtually, every emotion can begin and end inside of us and at that point we don't accumulate it inside of us. We don't accumulate this density. And then we live in a greater alignment with our true purpose. (Filler) We are in line with our passion. Our passion is what drives us and we tap in to this state of joy that is just there and ever present and every moment. And so, the end result of our willingness to feel and be human is we become peaceful in the midst of whatever is going on.

Natalie: Cool. So, I've been thinking, you know, of society and how we are, you know, with young boys. We've told young boys, don't cry, boys don't cry, now you're tough enough, you've got to be tough, especially being Australian, (fillers) our whole nation is tough (laughing). I'm just imagining how a lot of us are actually doing that, suppressing all of that emotions. So how do we, how do we identify if we are doing that, how do we release them?

Panache: Well, the first place you look is in your life. You know, if your finances are dwindling and you're struggling financially then there's something that you need to look at. Same thing with your health, same thing with your relationships, you know, our lives are an indication of our vibrational state and our personal energy, you know, or how align we are with our soul signature. And so, anywhere where there is a struggle, there's a crisis, there's a challenge, there's a (11:16) of energy playing inside of you that wants your attention. And all that's required is our willingness to become aware of what that is. Once we become aware of it, we can then be open to experiencing it, and once we felt it at that point our personal frequency elevates and then the universe and the reality meets us in a broader way. You know, it literally where there is inability to receive financial prosperity, all of a sudden when we deal with the underlying energy that's there people can flourish. Same thing with health challenges, you know, when there is any disease or illness, what I discovered is in a majority of cases, when we can identify what the emotion is and we're open to experiencing it, in the majority of cases the disease goes away. And that's true, same thing with relationship, which is like the more that we can love and accept who we are, the more in turn we can be available to love and accept those around us. And so there's an incredible simplicity and an incredible power in this and all that's required is our willingness to be with whom we're designed to be, and to feel everything there is to feel, because our feelings are our point of connection.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah. I now, (fillers) I don't know if you know this but towards the end of last year, Glen and I separated and it's a great thing, we just realized that our marriage has run its course and we're still great business partners and we're really good friends. We're just not meant to be married anymore. And I remember after the first separation first happened, I'm like I really need to, when I'm sad, I need to feel sadness, I need to be able to feel it and then move through it. And because, you know, honestly, and I'm really being open here, before that we knew that the writing was on the wall and that things were not going well in our marriage, so I was drinking everyday, so I stopped drinking alcohol and stopped numbing out, and then actually went through and felt those emotions and move through them and to be honest with you, I dropped 20 pounds in about three and a half weeks.

Panache: Yes.

Natalie: And it wasn't because I was stressed, it was because all of a sudden it was this big release of emotion, a release of I don't need this anymore, and being able to move through those emotions, really made this significant change to my mind and my body.

Panache: Yeah, it does. Actually, the funny thing is when we are willing to feel whatever it is to feel our body can naturally come back in to harmony.

Natalie: Yeah.

Panache: And literally, those things that we've been trying to change or fix or you know, improve by themselves evolve into their grandest expression. And so, that's why this is so cold because we're engaging in a conversation that people have yet to tap into and to access and I think this book and all the information in it is really going to support people in doing that. Some of the chapters is on addiction, and I've actually restated it to be distraction. You know, so often in life we are distracting ourselves from feeling. And distractions come from all forms, or you can TV, or you can social media, or you can overeat or sex, drugs, alcohol and all these things are doing, they are disrupting us of our life force. They're robbing us of our calm, our serenity, our power, our possibility. And so the more we can begin to be available for life and be open to feeling whatever there is to feel inside of us, the more our lifestyles take off, and I've seen it, you know, hundreds and thousands of times in people all over the world regardless of their upbringing, you know, when they start to tap in to their soul signature, and they start to align with who they are and they're vulnerable and open, sky's the limit.

Natalie: Yeah. (Filler) I am living proof of that. I actually call that, this is not 2.0, this is the new version. (laughing)

Panache: I like that. Actually, this is the original Nat. She's back again.

Natalie: You know what, that's exactly what it's like.

Panache: Yeah.

Natalie: It feels like I am tapping back to who I am again. And not deflecting, not deflecting, not numbing, not, you know, trying to keep my mind on something else, and was just really stepping back to who I really am and it's just, my, my happiness is just incredible like I haven't experienced for a long time.

Panache: Have we got time to do a quick something, would you?

Natalie: Absolutely, yes.

Panache: Okay, just close your eyes for me.

Natalie: Okay.

Panache: Okay, and then in your mind's eye just see your ex-husband or soon to be ex-husband. (Silence) and all I would like you to do just to see yourself giving him a hug (silence). And just breathe and just relax your body and just open to feeling whatever is there to feel inside of you. And I'd like you all to do this, anywhere in your lives where you have tumultuous relationship or a relationship has ended, may be it's a divorce, it's a break up, whatever it is, just see the individual, see the person in your mind's eye and just see yourself giving them a hug and just breathe and relax and open to feeling whatever it is to feel in that relationship. And that, everyone who is tuning in how do you feel with what's going on inside of you while you're doing this?

Natalie: I mean, honestly? I have nothing but love for him'

Panache: Yeah.

Natalie: ' you know, I don't. It's like, we don't blame each other. We understand things that happened. We grew up high and in different directions, which is cool. But honestly, there is no other person in the planet that I love and respect more than him. I really, honestly, want the best for him. Our lives are both improved because we were able to come to this decision that has plagued us for a while.

Panache: Yeah, often I speak to people who leave relationships, and this exercise proves to be so powerful for them because often we sign a piece of paper and we think we've moved on and you know, the love's gone (filler) and something shifted but what people don't realize is when we love someone, the love never goes away. It just changes forms.

Natalie: Exactly.

Panache: And you can embrace whoever the individual is and be open to feeling whatever it is there is to feel inside of you, the more you move into a place of vibrational forgiveness.

Natalie: Yeah.

Panache: And then when you engage in a relationship, where you start to move on with your life, you'll attract people to your reality that are in a completely different vibrational place.

Natalie: Yeah.

Panache: So often in life, people leave a relationship and end up chasing the same person in a different body over and over again. This is one way to ensure that we really move on, and we really feel everything there is to feel in it, so vibrational forgiveness.

Natalie: Yeah. It was an emotional roller coaster there for awhile. (Filler) I really needed to do that. So Panache, thanks so much for joining us today. We've had such a great show and really appreciate you going through that process as well. I agree, (fillers) (18:19) looking out, there is no blaming, we both contributed different things and I know and I speak for Glenn as well, that we really do still love each other that much, we just realized that our relationship just transitioned to something different.

Panache: Yeah.

Natalie: Great.

Panache: And that's such a beautiful way to look at it. That's an incredible way to see it. I love you. Thank you so much for just sharing so vulnerably and so authentically. What an interview. It's awesome. Thank you

Natalie: Well thank you for joining me. Now, where is the best place that we can send people if they want to find out more about you and the book and the work that you do?

Panache: You can actually go to my website Panache is P A N A C H E and my last name is D E S A I (dot) com. My book's available for pre-order through amazon and barnes & noble. So make sure you get it and spread the word. And I can't wait to share this incredible journey to discovering your soul signature with you.

Natalie: Wonderful. And I hope that you are narrating the audio version of the book 'cause I like listening to books and audios.

Panache: I did actually. Yeah. I actually took it one day and went to the studio and I actually narrated it myself. It is the most incredible experience 'cause underneath the word is the energy of the message. And it actually became a meditative experience to people to receive. And the book is just that too, it's a vibrational call. So, I'm just excited.

Natalie: Excellent. Excellent. So guys, thank you again for joining us today. If you're on the Inspiration show page make sure, you share this video. Please get the word out there. You can do that by clicking on the Facebook and the Tweeter share buttons on this page. I also encourage you to download the app, if you haven't done so already so you can watch shows on the go. And you can actually watch the recording of this show again, which is available through the page and the app. And make sure you leave your email at the box here so we can send you the Manifesting with the Masters video e-course. It is actually valued at $87 and I'd love to send it to you for free. So until next time, remember live large, choose courageously and love without limits. Thanks again for joining us and we'll see you next time. Okay, bye for now.

Panache: Bye.

Panache Desai



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