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Episode # 150   Orrin Husdon Inspiring Kids Through Chess

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with the leader of the non-profit organization titled Be Someone, Orrin Hudson. After seeing a violent robbery on TV in 2000, Hudson felt a strong urge to reach out, to inner city children and teenagers, to provide them with the tools to become successful and escape the violence of the streets. Hudson created the unique organization, Be Someone, that uses the game of chess to teach children and young adults critical life skills such as discipline and patience. Today, Hudson continues to travel to schools around the nation to help thousands of children develop practical and effective problem solving skills.

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Episode # 150 Orrin Husdon Inspiring Kids Through Chess

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Orrin Hudson who tells how he inspires children all around America by teaching them life values, or playing chess, so stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is Orrin Hudson, hi Orrin how are you?

Orrin: Oh best day of my life, pleasant to meet Natalie, and playing chess.

Natalie: Actually we did briefly meet at a seminar at the Magic Castle just recently and which is one of the reasons I have you here on the show because you are doing some incredible work with teens and children at the moment which we will get into in a minute, but first, let's just start a little about who you are and what your background is.

Orrin: Well my name is Orrin "C" Hudson and "C" is for checkmate, and on a mission to teach young people how to think strategically to wrap their future. My message is; heads-up, hands-up, brains-up and the big one - NEVER GIVE-UP.

Natalie: Nice, awesome. So what are you a teacher? Like what you do for work?

Orrin: I'm a, I'm a certified brain coach on a mission to inspire kids and motivate them to be the champion that they were born to be. Think it up, shoot it up, push-on and so it goes.

Natalie: Right, wonderful and then... ok so let's talk a little bit about you know, I know that you're working with children and chess, specifically like how do the 2 of those things jive together?

Orrin: Well chess is a game that teaches young people to thinking of making every moves count, you will win or lose by some of the decisions you make, in chess, in life. And chess is a game that teaches you there's no blame, black and white is the same. And then you know, you make smart moves, you get smart result... you make smart moves, you get smart result from... you want to think things too before you move, because one move could alter the game.

Natalie: Yep absolutely. So describe one of the topics you've said you get to work with.

Orrin: Well I mostly work with a lot of kids from single-parent home and just trying to land on the playing field giving them hope, giving them guide, want to be a pilot role model and just show kids that you know, that if your smart in your training and your team, get around people who are smarter than you and you know, learn what they do, you know that's speaks who, you do what the others got to do, then you get the same results.

Natalie: Right, so can you teach us in school-time or is this something that they do outside of school?

Orrin: I just serve them for one to two hours, at school programs or before school programs, I do it all the time, I mean, I kind of, I kind of like filling in for perfect time, or filling in when needed.

Natalie: Right.

Orrin: And customize my presentations so that I don't leave anyone left out.

Natalie: Okay and so how many kids do you work with?

Orrin: Well I'm working with about 40 kids now, you know in one occasion but I bounce around when I work with different kids from different locations. I may go from one city to another city and wherever and have our mobile programs and were listening, you want me to come to the city to you, I'm your guide.

Natalie: Right. So okay, you're based in Atlanta right?

Orrin: Yep.

Natalie: Right and so what are some of the other places that you have travelled to?

Orrin: Well I've been in, I've been training in California, been training in Vegas, I've been to Del mar, been to Jersey, I've been to Denver, Kentucky, Alabama, just a lot of places.

Natalie: Right so there's really no school that you wanted to travel to so that will be the same?

Orrin: Again?

Natalie: So there's really no school that you wanted to travel to?

Orrin: Well I'm open to anything, the world is my platform and the world is rallying fast, so I'm open to go wherever I am fated to go and when he who listen to our fleet I'm going to go try and motivate them and share some pearls of wisdom that has kept me stiff from where I am to where I wanted to be.

Natalie: Right, so is there anything that actually happened in your life that really motivated you to do this type of work?

Orrin: Well the turning point in my life that inspired me to do what I do is 7 people that was shot in robbery for 2000 in New York, and that made me think evil prevails when people get nuts. So I started this program to teach young people to think it up, instead of shoot it up and that's the new currency of the planet, this cash or the KASH, K for Knowledge, A for Attitude, S for Skills and H for Habit and once you get this KASH, this KASH redeems.

Natalie: Right, okay, awesome. So can you tell us some success stories or some, you know, some stories of some of the children you've helped.

Orrin: Yeah, I took a group of kids who competed in State Watches Competition and we gave them a panic that the coach is not here and would not be in the awarding, the school, we got the flag in the school, and the logo was the map, and the school logo masked out the chess pips, we've been ambushed, and I said; "not so fast, the success in chess is success in life and favors the fair man." We can do this, we can do this, this year and we can do it now. And you know, we were, ranked in and won the championship. So I'm just teaching children how to think for themselves and how to make people see it.

Natalie: Right and so how long have you been doing this Orrin?

Orrin: I started being someone about 12 years ago, but I've been teaching children chess for about 25 years.

Natalie: Wow, awesome, that's fantastic. So is there any way that... you know are you looking for any help from anyone with the program, are you looking for schools to teach at? How can we help you?

Orrin: I'm always looking for sponsorships from people who do the same thing, I'm always looking for people to pass the tools and then help me move closer and I would love to come and seeing you wherever you are and spread the message; think before you move and making every move count. So were you always looking for people to join us, I'm looking for a partner, I'm looking for a manager, I'm looking for people, I'm looking for T's: Treasure, Time, Talent and Thinking. And add all that values up. That's we are all about. We know, I'm doing this work, and I know what I'm doing to save the youth.

Natalie: That's fantastic. So Orrin, if people want to find out more about you or the work that you do, where can we send them?

Orrin: I came over with the name "is someone" because Abraham Lincoln, his mother's last words on the planet and Abraham wanted to be someone and I wanted to empower people to be someone, so

Natalie: Fantastic, Orrin thank you so much for joining me today, it's been an absolute pleasure talking to you.

Orrin: Thank you for this opportunity and BE SOMEONE.

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