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Episode # 565   Nikki Jade - How to Connect to Your Mind-Body Power

About The Episode:

Do you believe in the power of the mind-body connection? If you’ve ever been nervous or fearful and your heart started pounding and your hands sweating, you’ve experienced its power. And just like when you think of a sad memory and you shed tears, your body can remember every situation you’ve been through even an unconscious level. On this life-changing episode of The Inspiration Show, my very special guest and co-founder of Soul Medicine, Nikki Jade, will show you how to unlearn who you think you are, so you can heal inside out and remember your divine nature.

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Episode # 565 Nikki Jade - How to Connect to Your Mind-Body Power

NL: Hi everyone. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have another very good friend of mine and we’re going to be talking about how it’s possible for you to be able to heal anything when you understand what the mind body connection is. Mind, body, heart, and soul connection. So before I introduce my special guest today, I just want to remind you that once the show is over, don’t forget to click the link below this video so you can download the ebook version of my bestselling book, Never In Your Wildest Dreams. So please help me introduce my very special guest, Nikki Jade. Hi Nikki, how are you darling?

NJ: Hello beautiful. Thanks for having me.

NL: So great to have you here and we often will bump in to each other at different events so when we get together and going to have a conversation like this, but then share it with our communities, I think is a great thing.

NJ: Yeah, totally. We’re so blessed with our circle of people that we get to hang out with and have these incredible conversations so I totally agree. It’s awesome to share it.

NL: Yeah, it’s perfect. So why don’t we start initially with you letting us know what your story is? Like what’s your story and how did you get in to this incredible world of helping people to be able to heal themselves?

NJ: Yes, oh my gosh. You know Nat, I never would have thought this would have been my life when I was doing fashion design in New York City. And I’m sitting there and you know, I thought it was going to be so glamorous but it really wasn’t. And I was one of those people that was afraid to really go deep in to my emotions. I would just have happy hour, drink, dance the night away and then do it all over the next day. And you know, looking back it was really a form of running away. Running away from myself, you know, Marianne Williamson says “We’re more afraid of our power than anything else”. And I think that’s what I was experiencing was really just numbing myself in all different sorts of ways. And for me it was more common to be in pain than to not be in pain. So if ever I have a day where I’m like “I feel amazing”, “what’s wrong?” And I would wait for like the next thing that’s going to happen. And it’s so wild that just talking about who that woman was to who I am today, it’s like, I know anyone can transform their lives because all the numbing, you know our body talks to us. They teach in 3 different levels.  Feather, brick, truck. Have you heard of that?

NL: Oh yeah!

NJ: Yes, awesome. So for anyone who hasn’t heard of that, it’s when the pain gets louder and louder and louder, but it’s the same spot, you know, it’s like Mary will cut a paper cut and she’ll ignore it on her right pointer finger and then she’ll be running to work and she’ll slam that same pointer finger in the door and we think it’s just a coincidence but our body is actually storing things that are talking to us. And then when the Mack truck comes it’s like, “Oh crap, she’s cooking dinner, cutting the onions, and there’s her fingers sliced off”. And it gets louder and louder. So I always wanted to inspire people to listen right away. I was always, I was, eating disorder, always go up and down with my diet. I tried on Bulimia, I was like “Uh, that’s gross, I can’t do that”. So it’s like I went to all different resources to try and find what is it that I’m looking for. Like why aren’t I happy? I’m supposed to be. And that’s when I finally just started to be more present with what I was doing. And I had a Saudi prince invite me out on a date, I was like “Oh my gosh, all my Disney created dreams are coming true”. Of course I said yes, and him and his driver like pick me up in a Rolls Royce out of my Chelsea apartment. It was my friend’s living room but it was my Chelsea apartment. And we were at dinner and that moment when I was like “Oh my god, all my Disney created dreams are coming true”, I started to get the worst stomach cramps and I, you know I’m good at coping with pain, obviously so this was that extreme, I was like I have to go to the bathroom and try and fix this. And I couldn’t, I just kept crying. I had to leave my prince. And it was that moment that like woke me up. I was like “Shit, I just ruined it”. And what’s so cool is that my mother booked me in a doctor’s appointment because at that point I was like down to 90 pounds, just like a stick. And my mom was like “Something’s wrong with you, you need to get checked out”. And I was anti-doctor, and so they went to the doctor and he did all this test and said “You have this life long disease called Celiac disease”. And back then when they told me it’s a gluten allergy, no one knew what gluten was because it was like just over 13 years ago. And so it totally shook my world up because when I was living in New York City, I would just literally go on dates, and open up the Zagat book and literally eat my way through the city, that’s like all that was important to me. So then to have the doctor say, everything you ever loved, you got to take that away. And this Italian Lebanese girl was like “ Hell no” like “I want my gluten”. But I did, I stopped eating it and I started to eat lots of vegetables and fruits because they have no hidden ingredients in them. And when I went on this natural detox of food, what I realized was all these emotions that were buried down inside of me started to kind of, I just would cry for no reason, and I would just be so angry and I’m like “what’s happening” and I actually had to start feeling and it was in that moment I truly believe when the student is ready the teacher arrives. And in that moment of starting to feel things, I was ready. I was ready for help on how to navigate all of these and I called in my mentor, who was just this incredible man. I’ve told you about this story but he was trained and would go in and help the CIA and FBI solved the challenging cases that they can solve because he was an expert in reading the micro-expressions of the body. Because when he was, I’ve talked about this in depth in my Tedx talk, but when we has born, he was still-born and he had a brain disease where he actually, his left brain started to shut down and so his right intuitive brain was over developed. And so he just would see over 60 years, the same exact thoughts and emotions, like lived. He would see it written on the body basically. And so he created a map, and he helped me get in to my intestines going, “You know you can heal this”. And that was the first person that ever said, You can heal this. So I think having that first seed of belief was a game changer for me.

NL: Yeah, and so I know that back then, gluten would have been, like that whole Celiac thing it was very unknown and I understand what it’s like to be, I don’t want to be the high maintenance friend that goes out and go “I can’t eat this and I can’t eat that”. I don’t want to be that person but now it’s so common, like.. (inaudible).

NJ: I know.

NL: I don’t know what’s happening with the wheat in the US but it’s…

NJ: I know.

NL: So that was happening in New York, so were you able to heal it? Because I know you now live in Southern California.

NJ: Oh my god, so much. So I met my mentor and you know when we’re hesitant at first it’s like we have a prayer and the universe gives us the answers to those prayers, it’s like a wide open door but we need the courage to walk through it, right? And I was literally living paycheck to paycheck, and my mentor was like, it’s going to be 10K. And I was like “No freaking way, I’m not doing it.” And before I left, he’s like, “Can I work on you for a second?” And he asked me one question and I started balling my eyes out, and prior to that moment I didn’t have my menstrual cycle for 9 months so I was trying everything to get it back. And it wasn’t until the next morning that it just came full on, I’m like “Sign me up, I’m doing whatever it takes, credit card, let’s do it, it’ll all work out”. And it was a life changer for me because it was the first time I told the universe that I’m worthy of investing in. You know, it’s like it’s such a powerful game changer. So then he started to help me get to the root cause of the emotional pain. And I called the body mind map because before he passed away he asked me to carry on his work. So I’m sitting here like “Oh my god, what do I do with all these” I certify people in it now thanks to your advice from many years ago and it’s turned out to be so beautiful and such a blessing and all the people that’s helping. So he helped me get to the root cause and once I healed the main major issue, I was causing disease in my body, I started to get healthy again, I started to feel happy and alive and vibrant and in love with life. And I also got to this place where I felt so connected to spirit and the universe because I had space to really be with everything that was and angels were literally talking to me all week going “Are you from California”, I’m like “No, I grew up right over the bridge in New Jersey, like, alright I’m a local.” And it was like, then someone else was like “Oh my god, you would love La Jolla.” and I’m like “What is La Jolla?” And so I just kind of like brushed things off and that’s when it becomes really clear where I’m like “I’m moving to La Jolla”, whatever place that is, I go in craigslist, I get a little apartment, I have enough money for one month’s rent, I’m like “I’ll figure it out”. You know, and I tapped in to this inner resourcefulness of actually trusting myself. And actually going, “I can do this, what’s the worst that can happen”. Right? Live in my mom’s basement, that would be worst worst worst.

NL: Because it works like that right?

NJ: Yeah, that would be bad. Terrible. So I did it. I packed up my mini cooper and trusted the calling of spirit on my life to go to this place called La Jolla and got a little studio and I remember when I was paying back then it was like “Gosh, the prices have tripled” It’s incredible to watch the time. And it’s so cool because I did, I started my business, I got clear. And I truly believe once we settle our past and feel these heavy emotions we create so much space to create whatever we would love and so I’m in La Jolla and I’m like “Okay, what would I love.” So I start my own healing business and I’m like “I’d love to help powerful people” Help them feel better and be a better impact for all the lives they are touching. And you know what I want to travel the world in luxury and get paid really well. I just add it on to the list right? I was dreaming big. And then I had some clients in La Jolla that got referred, one was a presidential candidate and then his whole team, they were like “Can you come on our yacht and teach us yoga and help us feel good, this summer we’re going to Spain, Ibiza”. Like all these incredible places and I was like “Let me check my calendar, Yep I can help you guys this summer!” They were like “we’re going to have to fly on our private jets” and I’m like “Okay, no problem, now I can deal”. And it was so cool to watch how powerful we are when we create space and allow ourselves to actually declare what we would love.

NL: Yeah. So do you find that there’s a common theme with people like is there an under current reason or program or belief that we have that kind of keeps us in ill health?

NJ: Yes, I’d say there’s like a top 100. There’s like a lot of different variations but the top 5 ones will be I’m not worthy, I’m not lovable, I’m not good enough, I don’t belong, another common one is I hurt people which is really wild because then it keeps them locked up because they are afraid to do anything, because they’re afraid they hurt people, because they have a belief that they hurt people, and it goes all the way back to birth. In the experience I’ve been doing this over a decade helping people one on one and in groups and hosting retreats and it’s like the same thing is it goes all the way back to not only our childhood but being in the womb and the birthing experience. And it’s so wild, I’m sure you know and you’ve experienced this stuff too, it’s like woah, like ourselves actually remember every experience we’ve ever had. And a lot of it is hanging out subconsciously but once we, this is a big one, once we break through belief that it is safe to see, because I think a lot of us spent our whole life, most of my clients, I’d say 90%, that’s the first thing that we have to work through, is it safe to see. Okay, now we can look at everything you’ve been avoiding looking at right? This is a safe space and it’s so powerful if we just have the courage to start looking.

NL: Yeah. Yeah I know that the work that you’ve been doing has been like a massive breakthrough for a lot of people. So and I know that your personal story, you know of coming out here to SoCal and doing the work that you do and meeting the love of your life walking randomly on the beach in La Jolla.

NJ: Yeah..(inaudible)

NL: You know, it’s such an inspiring story and of course you know, he’s Australian so you know, he’s got to be a little bit alright, you know.

NJ: (Laughter)

NL: So if someone’s watching the show right now, is there like one piece of advice or something that you can tell them that’s going to help them to have a shift in the way that they think that’s really going to post the impact their health?

NJ: Yes, definitely. So it’s going to impact all areas of your life but start knowing that you are the co-creator of your life. Start knowing that you’re responsible and I know this goes so deep, there’s actually people who’ve been raped or something sexually abused, some kind of physical abuse, there’s a lot of resistance in going I did not create that. And it’s such a heavy topic and I talk about, I talk about all sorts of things inside Facebook live, but it’s like if we can just try it on, if you can just try it on, nobody’s watching, try it on go “You know, what if I did create that, what gifts did I get from that, what did I learn from that?” Because when we have that approach then we can also be like “Yeah, I created that!” But so many people want to just  create that one part and be a victim in a different part and I just know when my clients step in to knowing that they are powerful creator and co-creator with the universe, it changes everything. Everything, so own it.

NL: That’s awesome. Thank you for joining me today. Now if people want to reach out to you or connect with you, where can we send them to do that?

NJ: Yeah, so (S.O.U.L.), soul medicine healing for the soul. And we actually have so many free gifts on there but one of my favorite ones is a 15 minute breakthrough session that’s complimentary. So you’ll get on a call with one of my top soul medicine coaches and just really shine that, we’re all trained to go laser fast in to the truth. So the people we attract are really courageous and they’ve done so much work in their life but they just feel like there’s that one thing that’s still lingering and it is so cool because we just go deep fast. So if you’re up for it, you can go there.

NL: Exactly. Now that’s the thing, like everyone can benefit from a 15 minute session with you or your coaches because we are at all at a certain level, you know, and especially people that are successful, that we’re striving, that we’re always stepping outside our comfort zone, it always helps to make sure that our energy centers are clear, that our health is clear so that we can be the person they need to step up in to this next level, to be the teacher or the messenger or the personal service that we want to be. So darling, thank you again for joining me. It’s always great chatting to you.

NJ: You too love, I love you. Thank you.

NL: Fantastic. So guys I encourage you, please share this video let’s get the word out. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. And you can also click either the link below or the banner to the side to go straight through to Nikki’s website. And after all of that is done, make sure to click the link below that so that you can download the ebook version of my bestselling book, Never In Your Wildest Dreams. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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