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Episode # 112   Nikkea Devida Getting Unstuck

About The Episode:

Today on the show Law of Attraction expert Natalie Ledwell interviews Nickkea Devida, the queen of getting people past liming beliefs. Nickkea opens up about her past and her 13-year battle with bulimia and how she was able to overcome it in 6 weeks. She also explains the difference between the subconscious and conscious mind in great detail. Throughout the episode you'll gain nuggets of knowledge to help you understand the way your mind works, and how to get it working for you.

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Episode # 112 Nikkea Devida Getting Unstuck

Natalie: Today on the show I?m speaking with Nikkea Devida. She is the queen in helping people get unstuck and to move positively in beliefs and she has so much information to share. So, stay tuned.

Hi, its Natalie Ledwell here and this is the inspiration show and today my very special guest is the beautiful Ms. Nikkea Devida. How are you Nikkea?

Nikkea: I?m doing great. Thank you for having me here Natalie.

Natalie: It?s an absolute pleasure to have you here and I can?t wait to get into our show today because you are the queen in helping people get unstuck and to get pass the limiting beliefs we?ll gonna talking about today but to start with tell me about your background and what led you up into where you are now.

Nikkea: Okay sure. I?ll be happy too. Part of my background I have a confession to make, I always say that my background is full of lot of vs but of course I have to explain myself so do I, you know what that mean. The first vs is that I?m a born singer and a born systemizer ever since I can remember I always have the ability to sing and write song and I always have that really creative aspect of myself but above that at the same time I have the equal ability to systemize and organize things and so I can only imagine early from that time there is an interesting dynamic as a extreme creative and extreme analyzer.

Natalie: because it?s unusual.

Nikkea: It is unusual to have an extreme ability. So, as you can imagine in our culture, really a part that is validated and acknowledge the systemizer in the next vs is in fact about your science degree at the united states airport academy where I was to every engineering known to man and then when I got out I ran through the academy I was an aptitude military officer where I manage about 200 million dollars for the said contract at the age of 22 and so again a lot of ability and leadership and responsibility at a very young age in operation, project management, systems and so for and then when I got out in the military and that continues the third vs business system, where once again I was the project manager in companies like Disney, Viacom, a pharmaceutical company in fact at that time it was the highest per capital revenue company in the country, a multi-million dollar company and like a hundred employee and it was nationwide but again in that company I was managing 22thousand of fuse pharmaceutical single-handedly. In fact when I left they had to replace me with 2 people because they have change the systems that I started but that?s another story right. So, then the next vs while all this is going on look at the things on the outside having vices in my career but on the inside I was empty, so the third vs is my struggle where for thirteen years I had the need of verging and forging an average for 2 or 6 times per day everyday for thirteen years. Now, I was aware of this problem obviously and I was trying to get help. So, I do the traditional thing that I knew I do therapy and things like that but none of those things really help and I was voracious in my attempt to get help and so I grab the books and listen to the CDs, join to seminars and still nothing works and it got to the point where I?m actually created the, having a medical discharge in the airport and hospitalized for 4months and for the recovery and treatment, I was given a guinea pig for FBA to get it and for eating disorders. So, nothing works and that actually led me, to alternative complimentary forms of treatment and exploring different heat formidable and so forth and so I kinda jokingly say that not really but there is a modality I I?ve haven?t check to. So I even tried or became certified then certified to train and the number of different modality at least a dozen and then met the others that I explored in and tried and they left me all feeling good they are great modality and I can see the value and the benefit in all of it but none have worked for me where I was dealing with until which is the forth vs I discovered the belief of the subconscious minds and when I learned about the subconscious and I learned about the subconscious and I learned about how the subconscious really derive the results that?s when things started to go around in fact when I start working the belief of subconscious the eating disorder turned around ?in six weeks.

Natalie: Wow. So, from 13 years from struggling from it you just clear it up for just 6 weeks.

Nikkea: Yeah. That got my attention as you can imagine that?s how I become an accidental entrepreneur because I started applying those principles to the other areas of my life and I got the results there too and then other people started asking me that can you do that with me and that?s really how business got started and because of my ability to systemize and organize what I created which people tell me that was impossible to do but I thought the system in it. I created a system to allow people to change their subconscious belief in minutes once they knew the system and that?s really what I?m doing for the number of years and I?m doing this since 1995. So, I kinda one of the pioneers but kind of behind the scene which is another vs for a while but I?m really excited to be sharing that with people.

Natalie: So, what I?m thinking is that you know there?s lot of us so we set goals there should be action that we should be taking that we don?t this place into that as well?

Nikkea: Absolutely, in fact that?s really the whole body of knowledge that I?ve been studying pretty ferociously since 1995 even before then but through the work I?ve explored and what made an impact to my work personally was exactly that and so I?d to if it?s okay share some of the real nugget that I discovered and learned along the way to share with people today that i think would benefit that.

Natalie: Absolutely. Please share, please share.

Nikkea: Okay. I?m excited to do that and so what I really discovered through studying with many different people in general science, in cellular biology and to people who are aware with Dr. Clipton a cellular biologist what I, there are 4 key of distinction that I find that when one people understand on this distinction they really understand how important work in a subconscious mind set. So, the first one is there are really differences between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind set. The first one is the conscious mind is what you called the volitional, it?s the part of you that says oh I won?t go for this goal or that goal and the part of you that can discern how am I doing towards that goal am I getting to say what I have to go, the subconscious mind on the other hand is a part of you that?s just running program, it?s doing what?s automatically programmed to do and it?s transmittal then what?s true everything that you heard and experience has been stored in your subconscious mind which is pretty powerful the next distinction that plays into that is the relationship with time, the conscious mind understands linear time it understands past, present and future and however the subconscious mind only understands present time only this is the good news and the bad news because the good news is all the great stuff that you accumulated and supports you today is still working present time only but if you had any experiences in the past you might not have a specific way to resolve in a subconscious level those programs are alive and well spraining with the same intensity today as there were 10 20 30 40 plus years ago and in fact there is called a genetic inferencing are the reason why the programs are downloaded in two months prior to Concepcion, Concepcion not just birth not just even in neuro Concepcion, so that?s really powerful the next distinction is around language where the conscious mind understands what you call distraction this understands words like healthy, wealthy, successful concepts like that the subconscious mind however does not have an ability to process in that language in that web it only understands call centre base language which you can hear her, feel, smell, see and touch and also taste her, see if you could taste her or not and so easy for me to say right we have to have way to get what we consciously say that we want into the language that the subconscious understands when we do that we?ll have a better chance of achieving our goals successfully and especially when it is downloaded to the subconscious because n analogy that I?d to like to use is power-ology, it?s very simple. So, imagine you have a foot on the break and foot on the gas at the same time what happens.

Natalie: Just nothing you just hit the gas in the car.

Nikkea: Exactly. And they will go for the engine but you don?t get anywhere well that?s true for your mind as well if you have imagine subconscious belief that are the break and the conscious mind belief will certain go to a direction then if you don?t have a way to put your foot on a break then you?ll gonna be stuck. So, here?s the most important distinction between the conscious mind and subconscious mind is this processing ability and capacity the conscious mind process a bit of information for second it sound like a lot but if you compare that with the subconscious mind it processes at 4 billion bit of information per second, so when you do the map just like I did the subconscious mind is 99.99995% of the power what you manifest the results that you get into your life if you really consider the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind you really wanna remove the limiting beliefs so you could accelerate direction that you say you want and the main reason they are too is because there is a manifest in the equation that is well known which is your belief with your thought lead to your feelings, lead to your actions equal your results so if you did not get the result from the particular area that you choose chances are you have subconscious belief will holding you back and get in the way.

Natalie: So, if people have this limiting belief that would be the reason or just evaluate in their life if they?re not getting some results.

Nikkea: Yeah. That?s really the easy way the systematic way or practical way you just have a sense, yah when you have the results you have in your life if your life is getting great in a particular area then don?t worry about it chances are when you?re going okay but if there are one or two areas that your not getting the results or not getting enough results quickly and absolutely it is good to explore your limiting beliefs in this area.

Natalie: So you know when we?re talking about limiting beliefs before there are so many modalities out there like EFT, hypnoses, and meditation and visualization. Now they worked for some people but they work for others how do you explain this.

Nikkea: That?s a great point. This are all great modalities to help each other, help people towards what they want in their lives effectively and like you said it doesn?t work for that time or maybe for just a period of time and that?s what I have found is that partly some of those things don?t systematically the level of subconscious and when you?re using those modalities rather randomly without the systematically to communicate with the subconscious mind. Sometimes it?s getting into throwing into the wall and say what?s this much better if you have a very precise way to communicate to find out what?s the highest in the right order, in the right time a change to it and never know what you?ve done. So, the main thing though many of those modality don?t directly communicate with the subconscious mind.

Natalie: Coz? I know that you have really amazing way to deal with limiting beliefs. Can you share it with us?

Nikkea: yah. I?ll be happy to. I created and something pretty revolutionary created this but 8 years ago that I was told that it is impossible to systemize the belief change to create a custom, precise programming system that allow people to change their limiting beliefs in a minute with no limitation and with no mental gymnastic at all well that is the result the system that I created is called Accelerated Change Template(ACT) the ACT fully change the system and is a 5 steps process the really utilizes what we know now and a general sciences and biology about really how the brain works it?s known now the mind is not like a computer chip but it is a computer chip. So, we?re programmable via computers and so when you think about how the program run it works the same as we do if you?re able to call the word able documents and it says and you?re done that?s how easy it is to change you?re limiting beliefs so imagine you could change you?re limiting beliefs as a process you add it, you save and you?re done and imagine to identify the highest over-all goal, the highest priority belief and the right order at the right time to a right change and how you know when you?re done nicely. That?s actually what the ACT system is the 5 steps are, the C is the 5 clear process the C stands for Choose, Communicate and Clarify the goal the goal subconscious mind and this is really the goal setting for the subconscious mind versus the conscious mind but of course when you do that you?ll have a lot of priority with the conscious mind as well and this is just making sure that all the things I was talking about are there are distinctions on conscious versus subconscious mind we utilize all that principles on that first step the next step is the L the Levels of permission the levels of permission has 2 functions 1 when say in appropriate and say the highest investors and stay in good to change, so the key features of the system is that it aligns not only the subconscious mind with what you consciously say what you want it also aligns you super conscious mind. So, just imagine having the subconscious, conscious and super conscious minds it is full alignment and harmony that?s what that system does the highest part to make sure that the that?s really the caption to the subconscious mind well. The second part is the accelerator where you might be able to download or install one belief at a time which just a matter of minute so it?s still pretty fast imagine if you could download and reinstall belief dozens at a time and a second in one processing in change in 1 time. So, greatly accelerate how much time you can spend on you?re given permission to do so the E is listen the priority goal and beliefs, that?s really identifying what?s really the highest thing you could work on that?s the biggest change in term period of time. So, I write a short jam analogy where in the logging industry where the log is floating in the river there?s a log jam and it?s much more effective and efficient to clear the jam where the coast is. So, post in the part of the river and suddenly picking the logs out the same as through with your limiting belief go to the highest priority of beliefs that is creating the jam in your life without getting the results then up to the goals for our highest priority and that?s on the cardiology removing the beliefs that causing for the break up part of this in the most so that?s the last thing in the aviary. The A is aligning the highest priority goals and beliefs this is the change happens and the good news is that it?s not just a modality or itself or many change to built into the ACT system but this system operates with any other modality that you know and because identifying the highest priority change tool whether it is an ACT modality or AFT or NLP or hypnosis or any other change tool, this is how you know what is the exact right change tool to use for the job and then the R is repeat until complete now let me explain that because some people misunderstands what does it mean repeat until you complete doesn?t mean you have to re do the change once you?we change the belief of the level of the system just like you don?t have to reinforce the save computer, when you do the word processing documents, but the work repeat until you complete in is making sure to identify the change all the beliefs necessary to change a particular over-all role to make sure your foot get of the brake and off the brake so you can go to the direction that you choose. So, that?s really the high point on what ACT system is.

Natalie: You know, the system that you put together like you said it?s very simple when it?s easy to use and you know it?s wonderful that you know to identify the fact that you have this creative side, this systemize side well and to be make it easy to tech anyone like you said you?ve been doing this since 1995. Now, if people want to find out more about this system and more about you, where can we send them?

Nikkea: There I have some gift for everybody that you can explore just a little bit further so where we can go is so i?m gonna spell it out for everybody www fast F-A-S-T results R-E-S-U-L-T-S so results is plural formula M-I-N-D movies M-O-V-I-E-S. So and on that page when you hop in you are going to get 4 free gifts one of them is ready to apply hard to get memory session. So, that we can identify what?s the strategic thing you can do whatever breakthrough in your life where you?re stuck right now, the other thing is a video of the 5 steps of the clear system is to indicate in the subconscious mind I have a video that I have prepared for you that you would love to learned how to communicate properly with your subconscious mind identify the beliefs that keeping you stuck I have a video tutorial and a booklet that is valuable for you to download and explore it with yourself.

Natalie: Wonderful.

Nikkea: yeah. Thank you. The other thing that you have is a free eBook Stop trying harder how to get unstuck without coming unglued to give you more information and detail on how subconscious mind work another thing that I have is a complemary conception with my big results is easy I will give you tips and articles full of great content one or twice a month you can enjoy and you can see different areas on how to get unstuck. So those are just few to learn more.

Natalie: Nikke thank you so much you?re really generous with your time and generous with the gifts you are giving away, so thank you again for joining me today.

Nikkea: Your so welcome, thank you for having me.

Natalie: So, guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking the facebook and the twitter share buttons above and if you haven?t done so already make sure that you put your email in the box above there I have an $87 Manifesting with the masters video equals, it include masters like Bob Proctor, Jonas Serat, Massi Janna and myself and I would like to give that to you for free so make sure to put your email on the box there to get that. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We?ll see you soon.

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