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Episode # 286   Nicholas Steele - Unbreakable

About The Episode:

Today on the show Natalie speaks with 'The Unbreakable Man' and author of ’The Unbreakable’, Nicholas Steele. Nicholas joins Natalie on the show to discuss the inspiration behind his book and shares his miraculous journey of overcoming total paralysis and finally walking again! He attributes his success to visualization and positive affirmations. During our chat, Nicholas explains why he's been called 'a miracle' and 'unbreakable', and shares that his mission in life is to help people understand that anything is possible and that no one must ever give up on hope or their dreams.

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Episode # 286 Nicholas Steele - Unbreakable

Natalie: Today on the show, I have a very special interview with Nicholas Steele. And Nicholas has gone from being extremely sick, to being a quadriplegic, to having his wife leave him, to now being able to walk, to having an amazing happy life, actually exchanging ideas on how you can create an amazing life too. So stay tuned. Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today I have a very special guest coming to us all the way from Spain is Mr. Nicholas Steele. How are you Nicholas?

Nicholas: I'm very well, thank you, Natalie.

Natalie: Great to have you here. You have probably one of the most triumphant stories I have ever heard. You're referred to as unbreakable and just can't wait for you to share your story with our viewers because I think (1:09) nobody gets through with your life, I think everybody can get through as well. So why don't we start with your story (laughing).

Nicholas: Thank you. We begin seven years ago, when I was (fillers) a latent stage of disease which ended my career. But luckily for me I have enough money that I could retire comfortably. And I have to overcome some major surgery, which is extremely painful. And I retired and I moved to France. I had a 500-year old (1:41), moved out there with my family. New start, new beginning. And unfortunately for me, one year into my rehab where things, where I was in a lot of pain but I was recovering, I had an accident which left me paralyzed from the neck down. A tree fell on top of me, broke my neck, crushed my spinal cord, they would call it (2:07) cord, and I was told by my doctors that I would probably not walk again. In fact, it would be a miracle if I ever walk again. And I spent the next several months in the hospital, being told by the doctors and everyone with, 'look, your life's over. We can have to find a care home for you. You're going to be taken cared of for the rest of your life. I could (2:32) the nurses (2:33) me, brushing me teeth, scratching my nose, brushing my hair, mostly (2:39), absolutely nothing. I was a prisoner in my body. My mind worked but I had nothing. There was no memories, there was nothing. I had nothing, just purely nothing. Could you imagine the strain I put my wife through, my son through and my family and friends, as well as myself. The anxiety, the stress, the worry, all of those things go through your mind but the whole way through it, I kept saying to the doctors, 'I will be fine. I'm going to recover from this. What you're saying is wrong. I will recover, you're wrong.' Even though (3:11), you're won't, I said, 'I will recover.' I use to lie in my hospital bed and there's a lesson I've learned that I'd like to get out to everybody, which is looking at the ceiling, that's what I had to do every day, I had nothing else to do. I would lie there thinking, you know what I had a pretty good life, I had a beautiful wife, fantastic son, I had a fantastic house, I live in an English country, which is a pretty good life, I've achieved nothing. I had so many plans that I wanted to do, so many dreams, desires and goals that I wanted to do and I kept on putting them off year after year, 'I'll do this next year, I'll do this next month.' And I lay on that hospital bed and went, why? I didn't do anything. I haven't achieved anything. If only I have done this, done that, gone here and experience new things. So one of the lessons I've learned in my hospital bed while I was lying there was ' don't wait. If you've dreams, desires or goals, don't put them off until tomorrow or the next month or the next year 'cause you may not be here, you may not be able to. If you've got dreams, desires or goals, go for it. Think of how you can achieve it and plan it together, ask people for help, anything you have to do. But go for it, don't wait. I urge you, do not wait. Whatever it is you want to do and achieve in your life, go for it because tomorrow may not come. Trust me, I've been there. And that is awful, because (4:39) you're going to recover and heal. But luckily for me that's what I did, I healed.

Natalie: Yeah. Now can you just show the mobility you've got right now? I know you were showing it off to me before.

Nicholas: Yes. Yes, I could move (fillers). All okay now.

Natalie: So are you able to walk?

Nicholas: Oh yeah, I can walk. (fillers) I'm never going to be 100% of the man I used to be before, that's impossible. But I could walk, I could move. I mean looking at me now, people might think there's nothing much wrong with him, and when you meet me or when people meet me they go, 'what's wrong with you?' (5:18) stiff neck. And I go, that's because it's broken and if you say that it doesn't move'

Natalie: Yup, yup.

Nicholas: (makes head/neck gestures) That's how far, 'cause of a metal from top-to-bottom of my body. I've got six titanium rods and eighteen screws in my body and I've got no flection at all but I can walk, I can move, I can do daily tasks. (5:39) going to be very careful because I can't move my head down. I can't see very well what's in front of me, so, I could trip over on something and fall and hurt myself. But apart from that, coming back from being paralyzed from the neck down, I feel pretty good. I'm very well.

Natalie: (laughing) Yeah.

Nicholas: But it's six years to get here.

Natalie: Right. It took six years to do that and so what do you put that down to, just the will of your mind? Or what was it that really got you to cross the line?

Nicholas: What got me to cross the line while lying there in pain was just saying to myself, 'I will recover, I can recover. I will get fit again. I will be strong again.' I just kept saying that to myself, over and over and over again. I'm at the time where I've never read a book about positive affirmation or self, I've never done anything like that at all. I just lied in bed saying, 'I can, I will'. I will become well, the doctors are wrong. I can do it and I would focus and this is the big thing, I think I had to go through recovery hill, and I focused on that with absolute passion. And I start being positive in my mind every day, and I visualize, and I visualize I'm walking, I'm moving. I visualize myself, I close my eyes and visualize as if I was dreaming, so it's very simple, as if I was dreaming that I was playing golf with Tiger Woods and I was on the final hole, the 18th hole in the British Open in the main stream (7:09) who's going to get closer to the hole, when I visualize myself holding the golf club, gripping the golf club, hitting the golf ball, walking and beating and throwing the ball up your neck. And all of those things because I've got nothing to lose, the dreams that I wanted'

Natalie: And you did all of these things, so you did all of these even before you knew anything about affirmations, visualizations or anything like that. This is just something that came to you?

Nicholas: Yeah. I was just lying in my hospital bed and I just did it all. I mean, I use to (7:45) big words. I was a really big guy and (7:49) how your body worked. (7:53) lifting weights, you know how you do video cameras, how you zoom it out, what I imagine zooming in is my muscle and what I would imagine it flexing and contracting and that's (8:04) and I would do that every day. But the big thing for me would be visualize that I would bypass the damage on my neck. That I had a (8:13) wire that went through my brain all the way through my body, to every limb, and to my fingers, my toes, my arms, my legs and I visualize (8:22) down there (8:24) to my limbs, to my ((8:25). So I would send a message from my brain down to my hands to say, work, open and I would visualize it happening, mostly it wasn't but I would visualize that. And I would do that, and I would say, 'I will do this. I can overcome this. I will be bigger, fitter, stronger than before.' And I would keep repeating this, like I was doing (8:50) because you can see the result, look, here I am. I'm here, living proof. I overcome, you know, a huge tragedy and trauma. (9:01) people do overcome this tragedy and traumas but I've overcome that and I set that forward in to the rest of my life (9:08-9:10) by becoming paralyzed and I'm taking it forward now that, what I have learned, whatever goal and desire in life, you have to plan but it has to be a flexible plan because you're going to come up obstacles all the time. You've got to be focused. You have to be determined and you have to have courage. And you've just got to accept that you're going to have setbacks. So I overcame being paralyzed or I just started to learn to walk and it was while walking, (9:41) it was really as bad as that, my decides to tell me that she didn't love me anymore, in fact, she hated me, didn't want to be with me, that I wasn't a real man, I couldn't be a real father to my son and she was leaving me. And I would never ever see my son again. So which you could imagine, she was my soul mate and I felt complete betrayal and I was devastated. I mean absolutely devastated. Here I was fighting, promising that I would recover from being paralyzed and I was doing everything to overcome that and all of a sudden my soul mate would say, it's over, it's finished. And she actually talked while my son was in my arms, as he was crying, calling my name out. To say, he was calling my name out, and I couldn't hold on to him or fight for him, my arms didn't work. I couldn't hold him. And she left me, and I sat there in my hospital bed and (fillers) it's time to die. I've had enough, this is too much hard work. I've tried and I've tried, and there's just no point. So, I want to die. And two days later, I had (10:46) in my neck and I nearly died. And that just shows how powerful the mind is because all the way through I went through being really, really positive, having this filled spirit, having this grateful attitude, I could overcome everything, I'm going to be fine, the doctors are all wrong, I love my wife and son, I'm going to recover for them. It's actually for my little boy because he was my inspiration. I'm going to get my life back or a life back but I'm going to recover. So that's my point, and that shows how powerful the mind is because (fillers) it's just time to die and I needed it. But luckily for me, (11:23) filled spirit and unbreakable attitude, so a little voice, a little voice in my head said, 'You're going to fight. You're going to sanctify it. Your wife might not want in but your son loves you and needs you to be his father.' So because of that I went, right, it's time to fight again.' I'm going to fight. And I decided I'm going to live, and I'm going to set myself a new goal and I set myself several goals on what I was going to do, how I was going to survive and what was going to happen and I focused on it, and I visualized it. And I used positive affirmation, and I have my out of body experience, I actually float out of my body, close my eyes and float out of my body and I've come back in to this, this corpse here. It was just, it was nothing there but I had, I had all these experiences and I started improving and getting better and better but I realized (12:20-12:22), different country, it was a language barrier as well. So I had to move back to England to try to recover in here and I had no idea where my son was. And I'd lay there and I keep getting messages, you better (12:36) you were dead, it would be better if you died. All of a sudden I started believing in these messages, and I lied in bed for three months then, contemplating suicide and how I could die. So I've overcome the paralysis, and all of a sudden I lost my wife and my son, and I've decided to die and I've decided, no, you've got to fight back from that but I got constant messages that it'd be better if you die. I believe them. I've been contemplating to commit suicide, then I'd come back again and say, no look, I've got to fight, I've got to fight and I begin to have this spirit and it's focused and it's passionate, determination to recover, I have another setback, my throat just stopped working, I couldn't eat or drink anymore. And I had to have a tube fitted to my stomach for the next several months to feed me. And I had to lay there in bed for sixteen hours a day being fed by a machine. And that's what I had to put up with next. And while I was going through that, I was visualizing it doesn't matter, if this is a little bit of a setback and yet I'm going to have a cry out again, and feel sorry for myself and scream and shout (13:44) that needs to come out of my body. I'm going to expel it, I'm going to move it alongside, delete it and focus on my goal which is to recover and to heal. And that's what I kept doing. And then, I had another couple of operations on my neck where I was told, we need to break your neck and move, refix it. These are dangerous operations. You know this is highly dangerous, we may paralyze you again, we have to warn you but (14:15) you put in the metal in my body, you fixed me up and mentally and physically, I'll fix myself.

Natalie: Yeah.

Nicholas: And that's what I did.

Natalie: Yeah.

Nicholas: And that's the lessons I've learned, Natalie, which is, no matter what people say, if it makes (14:31) in your life, get rid of them. It's the negativity (14:34) move it out. If it's negativity inside, your body screams and cries out. But focus on the positivity and have a stealth spirit, tell yourself (14:44) which is going to tap in to being unbreakable.

Natalie: Absolutely.

Nicholas: And that's the lesson.

Natalie: I know that there's more to your story, all of the setbacks and challenges you have to face as well, not that we have all the time to get on to all of it today, but you have written an awesome book.

Nicholas: Yup.

Natalie: So tell us about the book and where people can find it.

Nicholas: Okay. It is (15:04) at the moment, it's called the unbreakable spirit of the unbreakable man. The author is actually, Maxene Steele, who is my mother because she decided to write it with me. She took my story and she wrote it with me. And I'm really, really excited as well because it's coming out with an all five star ratings at the moment, and Rida's favourite is getting that five-star rating, so I'm so excited and so it's on Amazon as an e-book for $4.99 and all other e-book retailers as well. I have that. I would love people to go buy and just read my story and I hope that it may inspire that whatever you're going through at the moment, if a paralyzed man can overcome everything, all the setbacks, I've got so many more that I have to face and beat and overcome and if it can inspire and hopefully, motivate you to realize that you have to do something in your life, go and buy it now. Or you can actually contact me or connect with me on Facebook or read my blogs and my thoughts and tips, my ideas on facing life and channel your energy on steele spiriting on Facebook. But that's Steele with an e on the end. So that's STEELE, Steele Spiriting on Facebook. And as I've said I have my tips, thoughts and blogs on how to face life's challenges.

Natalie: Right.

Nicholas: And there's a website as well called,, and that's just where people can go for opportunities, if they're looking up a change in direction in their life or doing something different in their life, how to reach those dreams and goals, and how to live a healthy and wealthy life because that's what I'm (16:53) right now, is being happy, healthy and wealthy. And I think that's the most important thing. (17:00) Say it again, live a happy, healthy and wealthy life. Go for it. Just go for it, don't wait for tomorrow. Do it now. And that's what it's all about, Natalie.

Natalie: Awesome. Awesome.

Nicholas: So I'm urging people to get the message out there, have a stealth spirit. You are unbreakable. We all are unbreakable and we all deserve to be happy, healthy and wealthy.

Natalie: Yes.

Nicholas: That's me. That's the story.

Natalie: Well, thanks for sharing your story Nicholas. It's such a pleasure having you with us today.

Nicholas: Thanks.

Natalie: Now guys, I encourage you to share this video, you can do that by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. Make sure you download the app if you haven't done so already, so you can watch the shows on the go and put your email on the box above there so I can send you the Manifesting with the Masters e-course. It's valued at $87, and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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