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Episode # 118   Never Wake Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed Again

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with Nancy Matthews, the founder of Women?s Prosperity Network (WPN), which offers opportunity and support to women in their professional and personal lives. On the show, Nancy shares her personal story of finding fulfillment and satisfaction in her life and reveals how simple it is to wake up grateful and happy everyday.

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Episode # 118 Never Wake Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed Again

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Nancy Matthews who reveals a very simple method of never waking up on the wrong side of the bed. So enjoy. Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today I have with me the lovely Nancy Matthews. Hi, Nancy how are you?

Nancy: I'm awesome Natalie I'm so happy to be here with you today.

Natalie: Thank you for joining me. Nancy is all the way from Florida, the complete other side of the country, so I'm glad that you could join me. Now, today we'll gonna be talking about a couple of things because I actually through to woman's prosperity network, we'll gonna show a little bit about some of the amazing work that your doing with woman with that note of work but initially we'll gonna talk about how can we stop, how can you never get up from the wrong side of the bed. How does that happen?

Nancy: You know I love this topic because I have discovered the secret years ago and I've been perfecting it since and basically you know the feeling that maybe your use to get but your practice you know, you wake up in the morning and your lying in the bed and then oh I've got this things to do and all this is 10 miles long and you don't get out the bed do you?

Natalie: that's right.

Nancy: I'm happy.

Natalie: there is some days like that.

Nancy: yah, yah, yah so or you go at bed at night thinking about all the things that you're going and up wake to never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again is to simply start your day with gratitude and now you have imagine many of your viewers have practice this and know about this, this simple shift while you're lying in your bed really is to state for you to create the most amazing day and it starts with to open our eyes with an alarm first goes off. So, my suggestion is I've been practicing it for a long, long time, is you lying in bed your pillow feels so good or you really not know if you could get out the bed yet and think of 3-5 people or things that you feel grateful for and it's more than you know this from discussion of law of attraction it's more than just taking up my list, I like my dog, I like my children, I like a house it's like ah I love my doll he's so cute we left just feed him, his fur is so nice and the way he comes up and wakes me feel the gratitude. I'm sure you can speak to this quite a bit as well.

Natalie: Now, if we are, if the community is listing me at all what I only recommend is overnight. You know keeping a journal writing down 5 things, but I can't do the same 5 things, it's like the 5 new things every day and when you do that just before you get to sleep because that's the last thing that goes through your mind subconscious smiling over on the next morning when you wake up it's just there but it's the same thing like once you get pass the big stuff like the house or the family and dogs, you know you'll gonna look at what happened on my day, what happened to those little things happened all the time and you know gratitude once you get a gratitude it's like instantly raising your vibration, you know when we talk about you know setting goals and everything you wanna start packing place, you'll gonna start for a happy vibration because even just neutral, even upset it's just mutual, you'll never set you have goals you know that you can't attain easily. So, so yes, you wanna stop in a happy place. So, we start with gratitude, what else we can do on our day to make sure that our day is going as planned.

Nancy: that's beautiful. After you get out the bed attain those 5 things and I really mean it, before you pick up your head from the pillow, don't even get out the bed, don't even go to bathroom, don't do things that you're so use doing, life is there and really think about those 3-5 things because it changes the tone, what are the things I then to it, because I get out to bed while my feet is on the ground and say I am so grateful for the opportunity to be living up for another day, for the gift let's call this present, I look forward with this day with expectation, optimism, enthusiasm and expecting to see miracles look for the miracles because they're everywhere just open our eyes to them just I'm just say it again and do it this morning. So, you know starting from that place is we'll turn your day around, the next thing is I suggest is my purpose of my morning after I put the coffee and to a little tilling around, the first 15mins of everyday is just came to me, managing I want to create in my day. I discovered these years ago and I have children. So, now I have 2 children my son's 27 and my daughter's 20 and when they are small, I'm a single parent, and do you have children?

Natalie: no children, a dog, a little dog.

Nancy: a little dog you let him out and do whatever because that was it and so, when I was younger and I had children I get them to school, it was like set the club and get out the bed, get your breakfast, done hear that was not a good vibe going on. So, we flush in hurry, if I got out 15mins before they change everything. It change haw if receive the day, a relationship with my kids and I've been practicing that for probably 15-20 years, getting up before the rest of the hold is awaking. So, I have some time to get suffer some reading, sum journaling and I also created and attention wanna bring into my day.

Natalie: because that's important isn't it? Because you have to make sure that you have control over there the direction of your day is going.

Nancy: because I can't control necessarily the things that were occur in the day and the things that will pop up all we can control is our reaction to them. So, one of my mentors is John Men as well and he says it's not what happens to you is not important on what is in you. Tough I've taken that and I actually have a keychain on this and it's called the creator instead of a reactor because it's when we reacted things that things get on hey wire that's when we react to something that comes up, our intentions, our desire is put aside and we're just kinda hmm all wizards running around here. So, learn how to create your life, set your attention. So, if you'd like I can share some of the things that I do in the morning to help someone in your viewers.

Natalie: that would be wonderful. Please.

Nancy: so, I have several different things, people always say that Nancy is always recommending that a journal but I don't know what to write about so that comes up, so one of the things that I can suggest is to make list of what you wanna bring into your date, yeah into your date and that covers your area of the following: your body, your mind, time, people, money and spirit. So, for example today I create healthy foods that are brought before me and I easily move my body in physical move that supports me feeling strong, healthy and flexible. I mean people who are excited about the interaction and the opportunity about meeting each other and discover what our synergy is are. I attract thousands of money easily and effortlessly that come into my life, I handle everything that I meant to do today with grace and ease, now the time ease.

Natalie: I like that one.

Nancy: yeah. I handle everything with grace and ease I continuously stay connected with my source for guidance and encouragement on making the next right moves so you cover on what really is you wanna have keep the steps atone. So, that is something comes into the rules in that day I already decided what my response gonna be. You know how my mental and spiritual muscle respond to what comes up and while it goes to build up.

Natalie: wonderful. Now that's awesome and that's a great idea too because we just cover everything and you and I speaking a little bit about the 5 habits, the 6, 6 habits of successful people, and they come down into you know gratitude, exercise, education, focusing on your goals and connection to source ?

Nancy: yeah. That's all.

Natalie: and you covered all of them. We all seem to something here and I don't know what it is?

Nancy: and you know that we're on tuned, it's a tuned about living a more joyful life so we could talk about prosperity and abundance and having all this great things and traveling at the bottom of them all is I want to be happy and I got to choose that yeah,

Natalie: choose to be happy.

Nancy: exactly that's support me, how in my life. like your mind movies the mind movies because a consistent reminder rather than putting in the news and watching some movie, I mean we're in charge on what goes on into our minds, in our ears and in our eyes

Natalie: and that's the thing, we're creating them all anyway what we see know, we created anyway. We create something that's gonna really serve us and survive us rather than you know like we said we're acting on what happens.

Nancy: it's so funny when you say that but in my book dictionary with is I talk about his limiting beliefs and that our minds are both tails factories this is a folk tale factory. 24/7 make it stop us right and make folk tales about it and everything. Somebody watch down the streets, about what is and I give people permission in doing in speaking and engagement on the book I say you have permission, any hotel or factory worker that was telling the truth there was a story that doesn't story. Fire them, take up a new, any way pick up that doll.

Natalie: exactly. Now, let's talk about the women's prosperity network because you have funded the network. Tell me a little bit about, what it came about? And work you've been doing for the beautiful women in Canada.

Nancy: So, I've be delighted to and so half it came about my search for more personal fulfillment, in a real estate company and I have a title company investments, in this traditional investment of success but I have something inside of me. What makes Nancy happy? And really exploring what does it, through my journey a couple of years on that path, I found to love and inspire others not only aspiring them but actually be quit with tools and resources to continuously grow and how that thing is happy like, so the women's prosperity network was funded by my 2 sisters so I'm very blessed that I would be with my sister and it is designed to be the dealing a community with sport, for woman for their personal and mental development and part of it as born in I'd love to attend seminars and workshops because I was continuously growing myself and I had discovered going into the seminar, I had a great time, it was Friday, it was Saturday, it was Sunday there is so much going on and one day it's gonna end and I have to get back to work and I have to go back to the people in my life who can get me sometimes. So, you know what I'm talking about.

Natalie: I know.

Nancy: so we created this community which is an online going community which we support in the live events, a mastermind, a brainstorming, virtual masses and seminars on hands online and for woman primarily in Iligan City and have that good juice to plug in to and each other because women probably goes into women, women that I know should like super women and do it all and I day and is I ask for help and for purpose. All of those fold is like factory one of our phrases is that really sounds it out together but together we have it all.

Natalie: alright. I love it. could guys have an event coming in September which is I'm hoping to be join you for, so it's late September

Nancy: September 20 to 30 from west palm beach which is our annual prosperity on conference and this could take to open to men well because we wanna bring the community together we wanna send forth each other and really create a cohesive environment where life mind in people or sharing ideas, resources, doing business with each other so I don't exclude the conference to just women because I know for a fact women wanna do business with men why would I help them.

Natalie: so do we have to be a member of the prosperity network to attend.

Nancy: no this is an open event for men and women, people for all over the world. Last year I saw your interview about the recently last year or it was Jack Handfield

Natalie: right yes.

Nancy: it was very fun. Here we have a several Laura Legmire, a gentlemen in the name of Dwayne Comings and we just added to the bill Stetman Brown. Who speaks leadership and identity and demanding and he do so much work for teens so we're very excited to be able to join us well.

Natalie: So amazing Stetman has come up in the conversation with me I would say 5 times last month from different people I think I have to meet him, I think you have to come and join me.

Nancy: and look what he look like.

Natalie: So Nancy where can we send people to find out more about you and the network and the worker you have been doing.

Nancy: awesome. If you go to there's actually have a free gifts how to attract more client to those who want to go to there's a free download and also go to and we'll send you information from the conference and and all the great work that's happening within www. PN community and the women are amazing people often say to me, thank you so much Nancy and I return it right back. The community is what this is all about people who show up playful at and company space on something I can play to is coalition rather than competition?

Natalie: absolutely.

Nancy: because in networking especially lot of competition it's kinda oh we only have one banner for competition not like that we believe that there's a slant turn to go around and just come out playful load and let the universe deliver all of your goodness and all of your riches.

Natalie: wonderful. So if you click on the banner on the side you'll actually go through you can found out more about Nancy there. Thank you again Nancy for joining me it's been a wealth of information and it's been a lot of content today so thank you so much.

Nancy: Also my pleasure and my purpose. Thank you Natalie.

Natalie: thank you. Now guys I encourage you to share this video and it's information in it by clicking facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your email on the box above there, I would like to send you our manifesting with the masters videos it include masters like Bob Proctor, John Vitale, John Assaraf and Mashi shine off and it's $87 and I would like to give it to you for free so make sure your email is above there. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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