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Episode # 194   Never In Your Wildest Dreams

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell turns the tables in today's episode of The Inspiration Show and stars as the guest to discuss her brand new book, 'Never In Your Wildest Dreams.' Natalie Ledwell's first book will be officially released on Tuesday, May 14th and offers access to 'Inside The Chapter' behind the scenes videos, and her popular '7 Secrets to Happiness' E-Course. During the show, Natalie explains that everyone who grabs a copy of book this week, will also be entered to win one of the incredible, life-changing prizes and 1 winner will even win an all expenses paid trip to San Diego to spend the day with Natalie, to create a future success plan. Today's interview reveals the personal inspiration behind 'Never In Your Wildest Dreams' and Natalie also shares the special life lessons that are embedded throughout the book.

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Episode # 194 Never In Your Wildest Dreams

Dharma: Hi, I'm Dharma Rose and on this episode of The Inspiration Show, I'm interviewing Natalie about her new book. So, stay tuned.

Dharma: Hi, I'm Dharma Rose and this is The Inspiration Show and today I'm interviewing Natalie about her new book, Never In Your Wildest Dreams.

Natalie: I know you guys probably thinking "What's going on? What happen to Natalie?" Now, we decided to do our role reversals today. Dharma is sitting in the upper chair in the upper side and I'm sitting on the other side so, I'm the interviewee this time and I'm very excited to be showing you my new book which is my first book ever which is really, really exciting so, yeah, Never In Your Wildest Dreams.

Dharma: Right. And this is really exciting. It's already taken off. It's already gotten tons of exciting buzz and lots of encouraging feedback and it's your first book so, where did the inspiration come to write Never In Your Wildest Dreams?

Natalie: It's really interesting actually. To be honest with you the original motivation was to reach people offline. Now, as you guys know we have a really big community online and like you know we've got this online thing happening you know. How can we reach more people with this message? In you know telling them that they can actually change the outcomes in their life and my husband Glenn and I, we live a lot beyond our wildest dreams. You know, we live an endless summer, we have this amazing business but we're making a massive difference around the world, we get to travel but a few short years ago, that wasn't us. We were probably maybe you are right now, were we're struggling. We were struggling financially, we had multiple businesses. We thought we were doing everything right, we couldn't figure out what was missing. And there's actually a scene that I'm writing the book where the character cause it's actually fiction where the character is actually sitting there and out to her desk and looking at all these bills and going you know "What's going on? It was a very low point." It was a low point for me too. I'm like "I'm so frustrated. What's going on?" And then we saw the movie The Secret in 2006 which was like "Oh, that's the missing piece." And so, because of what we've learnt and applied since then, you know my whole mission is like "Well, everyone needs to know this. We need to get this message out there." So, the book is just another avenue for us to be able to do that.

Dharma: Right. Now, before we talk about what's inside the book, can you tell us a little bit about how the book came to life? Is there a law of attraction story behind? How the book went from being an idea and to sitting in front of us?

Natalie: There's always a law of attraction story. We lived law of attraction. Know it was really interesting because you know I kind of had the idea cause we're thinking of, I was thinking of way launch to reach more people. And Lisa Nichols invited me as a guest to one of her workshops and it was I think it was a speaking-writing workshop and I'm like "Oh that sounds interesting. I might go to that." And as a result of being in that workshop by jointed group of women, it was like an authors group and from then I had like an outline of a book which is like a how to you know, how to do this, how to you know like I'm a very logical thinker you know and I like to have it all kind of spelled out. And so then, I mentioned to my husband Glenn, I'm like "Glenn I think I would like to write a book." He's like "That's fantastic!" He goes know he's already figuring out the marketing for it. I'm like "Wait a minute that was just an idea." And we're doing some research and I said "Look, I think Morgan James will be a really great publishing house to go with. They published people like Brandy Breuchaud and other friends of ours, maybe we should approach them." And only but a few weeks later maybe a month later, Glenn is on a master mind group and he sits next to this guy and says the guy "What do you do?" And this guy was name Greg Reid so I hope that it will become you know the publishing books they become best sellers. And Glenn's like "My wife's been talking about you. We have to organize a meeting." So, we go into this meeting and Greg is not the guy who I was talking about at all. But in the end, we ended up going with Greg and Allyn Reid from Sherpa Press, they were our publisher you know and they actually gave me the advice to write fiction. You know something like you know one of the peaceful warrior in the Celestine prophecy. And the thing is of course I've created a mind movie around the book and one of the affirmations I had in my mind movie was know I want to find a publisher that understands my message. You know because most publishing houses they like to own the rights of the book, they like to own the artwork. They'll you know change around whatever they want to change and I didn't want that to happen. I want it to be true to my message so you know it's exactly what we found, a publisher that really got the message which is awesome.

Dharma: Wow! It's incredible. That's an incredible story how the universe just kind of create the path and in front of you, you just stepped into it.

Natalie: Cause that's the thing when you focus on what it is that you want things just serendipitously fall into place like we could never have planned that meeting, chance meeting with Greg and remember Greg wasn't even the guy that I was talking about but because we're so focused on that you know end result, the publisher you know I couldn't get caught up with who the publisher was gonna be. I just had to trust that the publisher that we found would be the right one.

Dharma: Right. Absolutely! Incredible! So, being that the book is it's a fictional story but it's based on your own life and did you find it challenging to take your own experiences and create like a fictional character around some of the things that have challenges that have come up for you and the different things that you faced in life?

Natalie: You know I think the reason, well, you know the reason that Greg and Allyn suggest I write fiction is so I could have a little bit more poetic license and how I could illustrate how this life lessons play at you know in a life situation. When I first suggested fiction I was like "I don't write fiction, are you kidding me? I'm a how to goal. I'm a nuts and balls type of person." And so you know the process was really interesting because you know I had an idea for the book know which was you know a woman basically the full story is with an opening chapter a woman's getting interviewed on an Oprah star show and she's written these screenplay which only took her a week to write and its making its massive change around the world. So, I come up with that idea and my publisher Allyn said she goes "Why don't we make your own put on the fresh junkets? So, it's not just the one scene, it's like different scenes and so forth." So, that's sort of blossomed into there but I kind of flopped around with these for about a year. Cause you know I didn't really know what I was doing and I wasn't really concentrating on it and again like how funny things fall into place. I did an inspiration show with a gentleman by the name of Pat Soloman who created a movie called Finding Joe which is a tribute to Joseph Campbell. And so, he's talking about the hero's journey which is the formula that Joseph Campbell recognized in all of the stories that have stood the test of time through religions and through different cultures and even mundane. It's like a 12 step story telling formula and I'm like "Ohh, maybe my book should follow that formula. And what was really cool is like I got the hero's journey tall steps, I've got all the lessons that I wanted to teach. Example that would kind of fit in there and that would fit in there, that would fit there. So, by the time I go to that point, when I sat down to write the book it took me two and a half weeks.

Dharma: Just like that.

Natalie: It was a down low. It was, yeah. And I can remember writing and I've read topics something and looking again "Oh, my god! That's so cool." But it wasn't like I was patting myself on the back, it's like I was grateful that I was you know that process and of course one of the affirmations I have in my mind movie was that I write easily and freely. And then I'm the worthy conduit for the message cause you know I truly believe like of course a lot of in these are my personal experience but this is lessons that we you know that I think everyone should know and my whole point was to try and put in a way that would be easy to understand. And so, when I was in flow for that two and a half weeks, it was an amazing experience.

Dharma: Now, you mentioned that when you had the initial idea for the book and then you actually had these two and a half week intense download where it actually came to a reality that there was about a year there where you said you flopped kind of around with the idea and what was the reason that it took a year? Did you have any kind of self limiting beliefs that came up around being an author, writing a book? I know you've written before; this is your first fiction though.

Natalie: Yup. You know I did. I did, I will admit it. I think, first of all I keep telling myself I can't write fiction cause I've never done it before. And in the end, you know after these two and a half weeks you know I send it off to my publisher and she write a few different notes but then we send it to the distributor and they had, they do like 5 rounds of editing. And the main editor come back and he makes some notes of the first two chapters but didn't write any notes on the rest of the chapters and his pre-proposals are a really pleasure to read. I'm like "Woaahh!" Because through that year the part that I think that made me stop from writing was that I didn't feel like I was worthy of doing it. Its like "Who am I? Why will people listen to me?" This is insane.

Dharma: I don't know.

Natalie: Yeah. But you know like I'm like "Sub cool from country town and this trial like why would you know why would people listen to me?" But then I had to get to a point "Well, it's not about me." You know I had to clear that and go look "It's not about me. It's really about helping as many people as possible." And if you know people read the book and they get that realization and all of a sudden the way that I described the message is the way that finally the penny drops for them then that's great you know. Maybe they read these and another couple of other books and then they'll do a course and then that will be the thing you know.

Dharma: Right.

Natalie: I think that we don't get it from maybe just one thing but maybe there's a series of books or seminars or tweets of some of the meetings that we listen to and then finally there's one way that's its presented that you're finally there yet. That's it. So, you know I did, I had to clear all that "I'm not worthy" you know blockages out of the way and then just go "Look, I'm focusing not focusing on me, I'm focusing on the message I wanna get out and I hope its get many people as possible.

Dharma: Right. I think that's really awesome that you would acknowledged that you know you're known for being someone that educates others on really powerful concepts like how to break through self limiting beliefs and these kinds of things and to you know reveal your own self limiting beliefs around the dream that you have. It's almost so when you say if you kind of come up with a bigger dream that your gonna maybe have some self limiting beliefs that come up for you around that dream that maybe you haven't seen before and you just have to break through them.

Natalie: You know, I think you just hit the nail on the head because you know we can go "Okay. We've got limiting beliefs in our money and I think most people heard my story but how I cleared you know that limiting belief that I didn't know that I had." So, then you kinda go "Okay. Well, I'm cool now with money." But you don't realize that we have blockages for all different areas of life. And this is something new like I've never, this is you know, actually I've never done before so, of course things are gonna come up for me. You know especially because like I said I was flopping around all the time, that's a big fat sign that you know that there, was something that was holding me back.

Dharma: Right. What I love about the book and what readers are really giving phenomenal feedback on is the fact that it's not just a book, it's a really rich multi-sensory experience and you've included some really incredible videos in each of the chapters or the end of each of the chapters. Can you tell us a little bit about what's inside the chapter videos?

Natalie: Yes. So, you know I wrote the story, I was very happy with the story but you know down to my core on how to go and I'm thinking know like it's obvious to me the lessons that are coming out in the story but it will be obvious to everyone and in mind with my focus is let's try and teach this message so that people understand which again was another affirmation to my mind movie. So, you know the course of doing a lot of videos, someone gave me the idea about doing the QR codes at the end of each chapter. And I'm thinking "Well, if that's sort of fits in with what I do anyway, we can do that." And then one night I was watching HBO and I was watching news room which I love it, love that show. And I was sitting there and they said you know "Stay tuned after the episode for inside of the episode." And it's you know an interview with the director and actresses and stuff like that and I'm like "Oh, the videos can be inside the chapter." So, then you know for those people that maybe you know don't at first understand the lesson that's been thought through the story, you know the videos will like "Well, this is what the character is going through. You know this is what the life lesson is, this is how it applies about personal experience and this is how you can implement this to make a change in your life." So, I think it's the first time, I don't know anyone that's actually combined fiction and how to together and then the multimedia thing like this and the cool thing is the book on its own, amazing. You know you can get, it will actually really help you improve your life but so will the videos on their own as well. But when you combine the two it's just awesome and of course you know we're living this technology age and so, the end of each chapter there's like a, you can just type the URL into your browser. On the kinder version you just tap it and you'll go through to it but we've actually created an app so, inside the app is a QR code reader so, you just put it on the, actually let me show you what it looks like so you can just actually put it over the little fancy thing and then it will actually go through to the video which is the how to. And the video in lock, we're also giving away lots of you know goodies as well and you know there's one chapter in particular where the character is going through trying to figure out her core values or we supply you, you know she's going through a list actually so we supply with this about 400 different core values and you can really forget what it is that's important to you as well. So, we've got all of those as well so it's like the two together.

Dharma: It's pretty odd. It's pretty amazing combination.

Natalie: Yeah.

Dharma: Can you give us a little bit of a sneak peek of you mentioned the core values, a little bit of a sneak peak of some of the other life lessons that are included in the book?

Natalie: Yeah. I think that the first thing that I really re-addressed in the first couple of chapters is how life is really a series of choices and where you are now is result of the choices that you've made and if you're not happy with where you are now, it doesn't mean that you can't change your choices and improve your life from that moment forward. You know if you wanna be happy you just you can choose to be happy and once you sort of make that intention and make that choice and you focus on that then your actions start to become an alignment with your new choices and then next thing you know, you find yourself being a happy person. Know we talked about you know, we talked about limiting beliefs you know the person had to overcome, the subject is to write the book. But we talked about in a story about the limiting beliefs but then in the video, it actually show you how to identify them and get rid of them if you have any yourself, actually, we all have them. So, know if you ever told yourself that you can't do something for some reason then that's the limiting belief there but we teach you how to get rid of those. You know even things like you know law of attraction you know, as I mentioned The Secret was a big thing for me and a lot of people watched The Secret but still weren't able to you know maybe I was able to use the law of attraction on small things like finding a car space but when it come to big things, never seem to be able to applied law of attraction effectively. So, you know we actually go to a 7 step formula in exactly how you consistently be applying the law of attraction to manifest any goals that you want in your life. We're talking about you know finding out what it is that your passionate about and there's a whole lot of stuff in there. So, basically by the end of the book, you get to a point where you know exactly what it is you have to do to create anything you want in your life. Whether it's you know finding your perfect partner or training more on you and your business or you know anything, you know improving your health which know the basic life principles you can apply to anything and have great success.

Dharma: Absolutely! One of my favorite chapters actually is one where you talk about getting in touch with your inner dialogue and your inner chatter and I found that really interesting because I think a lot of the times you know we focused our word to the conversations we're having in these kinds of things with other people. But following the instructions in the book and following the path that the character went through. To really set and get in touch with your own inner dialogue that you're having about yourself or about other people and how that's made you, limiting you in ways that you don't realize. For me, it was really a powerful chapter of the book.

Natalie: You know what, I try to use a lot of scenarios that people can relate to as well, you know within the book. Yes, a lot of it is based on my story although I've never been in screenplay and you know. But in similarly, I've read the book for the first time, you know so, there are some similarities but I really try to use a lot of situations where people can relate to so, that really helps to you know impress upon them, how these principles play out in real life.

Dharma: Absolutely! Real life application which is.

Natalie: Yes. Yes.

Dharma: Which is what you're so known for. Now, the book is officially, officially launching on May 14.

Natalie: Yes.

Dharma: And I know that you have a whole slew of really incredible goodies, prize giveaways that people can find out about by clicking on the banner below this video.

Natalie: Yup.

Dharma: Can you tell us a little bit about those?

Natalie: Yes. Well, just by purchasing the book by clicking on the banner to the side there. Not only do you get the book but you also get my 7 Secrets to Happiness Course and The Law of Attraction 101 Course as well. Its valued $408 the whole package but you're actually only paying $19.95 for the whole package. So, you're only paying for the book and getting those things together. But the really cool part of the promo that's happening this week which is our launch week is that everyone that purchase is going to a hat. We pull out a name and the first name that we pull out actually will get flown here to San Diego. We'll get to spend a couple of days here, wining and dining and having fun and playing around beautiful San Diego but will actually get to spend a whole day with me where we'll sit down and do a full life plan, for grab what your goals are and actually work out a plan for you moving forward so that you can actually achieve that. So, you know you're getting a full intensive one on one with me for a whole day where we can actually you know have a whole life plan put out for you which will be fantastic. The next 10 people like I'll pull out the hat will actually get access to my Ultimate Success Master class which is my 90-day you know online success school which we're really having some amazing results.

Dharma: Incredible.

Natalie: Incredible. So, which is valued at $997 so, the next 10 people actually will have the possibility of winning that as well. So, hopefully, you'll be the one that gets drawn out to come and spend the day and a weekend here with me in San Diego which I'm looking forward to meeting you, if that is you.

Dharma: So, as Natalie mentioned that's $408 worth of law of attraction training and life enhancing programs you can get for just $19.95 when you purchase the book plus there's over $20,000 and amazing prizes. Including the opportunity to sit down with Natalie, one on one and spend a full day vision boarding. It's a pretty remarkable extravaganza in celebration of the launch of the book. So, to find out more about that whole package and the book, click on the banner to the left of this video right now and Natalie it's been a pleasure interviewing you on your show, The Inspiration Show.

Natalie: Thank you. Now, guys remember share this video and all the information in it. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure you put your email on the box above there. So, we can send you the Manifesting with the Masters Video E-Course for free. So, until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.




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