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Episode # 37   Never, Ever Give Up

About The Episode:

Natalie recalls Winston Churchill's speech, "Never, never, never ever give up." She talks about how Mind Movies was started in 2008, after an assortment of problems and roadblocks. Despite all the trials and tribulations, the Mind Movies team was able to succeed beyond their wildest dreams because of their pure determination that failure was never an option.

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Episode # 37 Never, Ever Give Up

Natalie : Hi. I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. My friend Les Brown recently told me a story about when the night Winston Churchill and his legendary shortest speech ever. He walked into a room and there was all these young cadets, all very fired up and they're ready to listen to their prime minister deliver an amazing speech that's going to inspire them into to go to war. And Winston Churchill walks into the room, he stands in front of the crowd, and he said "never never never never never ever ever give up" and then he walked out. So the theme of today's video is to never never never ever give up and never accept failure as an option. You see the other important thing to remember when taking action is that you have to make that decision, the decision that failure is not an option. Now some of you may know the mind movies story about how Ryan and Glenn and I launched mind movies to the world in 2008 which actually set up the platform to us to be able to build a new software that we have now and to reach as many people as we can with the law of attraction message.

So Ryan, Glenn, and I, we packed up everything that we knew, we've left out, our friends, our family, our dogs, our homes, our business, everything in the stray am and we've moved over here to the US in April of 2008 to be able to set up and learn what we needed to do to launch Mind Movies to the world. Now we ended up doing that launching in September of 2008 and the two, three months leading up to that time we were working pretty hard but that launch we were able to grow out community from 8 thousand to 80 thousand. We actually were able to reach thousands and thousands of people in the world yet hundreds of thousands of people were able to get access to those 6 pre made mind movies, we met all of our goals you know the amount of visitors that we wanted to decide, the amount of income that we wanted to create, the size of the community, all of those things that we met, and like I said that actually set up the platform process to be able to build a software and to really launch Mind Movies to the world.

Now that's what I call the rainbows of the puppy dog version of that 2008 launch. Then there's the other version, the version of where we're working 12 to 14 hours a day and we're working from the bedroom of our apartment. We had a 2-bedroom apartment, Ryan was working in his, Glenn and I are working in ours. You know I would fall asleep in 1 o'clock in the morning with Glenn and Ryan with the lights on still talking awake. And then Glenn would wake up to me in the morning to the sound of me talking on table. We had everything that could possibly go wrong and went wrong with that launch. Awebber who were doing out our E-mail collecting through, they closes down or shut down our account halfway through our pre-launch because we were getting too many obtains, can't figure who knows what that is. We had PayPal close us down halfway through our launch week so we couldn't accept any sales from anybody, we had, then I actually re-instated the account but then they wouldn't let us get to the funds they actually froze our funds for 6 months. We nearly went bankrupt over the whole situation. We had Awebber closed down for maintenance the morning of the launch, so no one was given a confirmation E-mails to said that they purchased the product, we had 3 thousand you know customer support e-mails come in. I wished just one thing after another after another but even so, even though all these things were going been thrown at us, our whole attitude was that failure will never going to be an option. You know, it didn't matter what were thrown in our way, giving up never ever crossed our minds because we made that decision that failure would never be an option.

Now the thing is, that there will always be something in your way. You know reminds me of picture that I just saw recently on Facebook, it was kind of like a graph, and it said that you know "To perceive road to success" and it had like a straight line with an arrow like it's going straight up. Then the next one that said "The actual line to success" and went up with then with a wiggly wiggly like these. You know it's never ever a straight line, and as long as you made that decision that failure would never be going to be an option for you, then you will never fail, 'coz failing is stopping. So make sure that you made that decision. So whenever you get a throw block that thrown in your way, remember all you need to ask is how I get around this? Because failure is not an option.

So guys I hope that you enjoy this video today, it was a pretty short one but I think I made my point never never never give up. Now make sure that if you have any question or comments please leave them on the box below. And if you found this information useful, I encourage you to share the information by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above, also if you haven't done so already remember to put your e-mail in the box above there, we'll send you 6 pre made Mind Movies and we'll keep you updated on the upcoming shows. So guys until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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