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Episode # 96   Neale Donald Walsch and Karin Volo

About The Episode:

Karin Volo and Neale Donald Walsch drop in on Natalie Ledwell today by phone on the Inspiration Show. An unlikely meeting, Karin had a run-in with the law that put her in jail, where she read the Conversations With God books by Neale. These three books completely transformed her life and she sent a copy to Neale just thanking him for the effect he's had on her life. Karin saw a need to get this message to children and the two of them worked together to create a Conversations with God book with messages that are aimed at children.

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Episode # 96 Neale Donald Walsch and Karin Volo

Natalie: Today on the show I am talking with Neale Donald Walsch and Karen Volo which have teamed up to produce program for children in combining Karin's joy series and Neale's conversation with God philosophy. This is such an incredible work, so please stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today I have an exceptional show, because I have 2 guest on with me that is coming in to me through phone call, first of all we have Karin Volo, Hi Karen how are you?

Karin: Hi Natalie, glad to be here.

Natalie: Now, you guys might be with Karin because actually I've reported the show before, she has such a remarkable story and my other guest that I have today is the impeccable Neale Donald Walsch how are you?

Neale: Hello, thank you for that amazing introduction I appreciate it.

Natalie: You're a little bit top guest for me like I've said I've been reading your work for many years now. I'm very honored and I'm gonna thank you on behalf of our whole community that you're spending your time today?

Neale: I'm glad to be here with you, thank you for the opportunity.

Natalie: Wonderful, so Karin we might start with you first and what we're talking today is about a very special project that you guys are working on which is the conversation with God for children but initially I want to know how you 2 got to connect.

Karin: Well I start with that, because when I was going into my horrible years of separation from my family and one of the things that I was doing was reminiscing myself in reading one book to another which led me to got the conversation with God series and those books that you've said Natalie, they were transformational in my life as well and help me so much I such a deep level and I was really incredibly grateful for them and they help me with forgiveness in different way and can't just recommend those books more than enough all 3 conversations with God books are fabulous and when I was home and started to publish the series of the burning joy series which is the series of books that I wrote when I was in jail and away from my family, I ended up sending a copy to Neale and just thanking him because he is one of my very you know influential author mentor that I worked with and one thing and another he's the only one contacting me and I don't know Neale wanted to anything or I am that's a kind of introduction and we get connected?

Neale: I have the idea to say that and sharing I was doing and she gives us a chance a preview and take a look at and very much and the messages that come from a lot of children everywhere and so we are inspired and I say deeply inspired by her work and that's one of our office on the school of the spirituality make a move to get result or you couldn't find a way to integrate our 2 world such that those are messages formed.

Natalie: So, Neale can you tell us about what conversation of kids with God is all about?

Neale: Yes, if I caught anything consistently through the years since the 9 conversation of God books emerge, it is then, I wish there is a way we could share this to our children and I heard it every lecture, I heard it every workshop, I heard every seminar, it's every I met parents would talk to me and say to me and finally I realized that I needed to do something about that, so creating the school of the spirituality and underneath that a program called CWG4Kids and its CWG4kids program is our way to, we could articulate that way to reform and the 25 message conversation in God anyway the change of topic for children, what have we done, we're taking a 2 year project to look at all the messages and conversation and see how we could recreate them as owning a school class for parents to share to their children even their age is 4-6 or 7-9 or 10 -12 or 13 and up and we we've created a 4 or 5 different questions and in this group for all for the parents to look at you, you wanna share you switch your children by using some resource material you might do that?

Natalie: so we could make it easy. So Karin, what other lessons you teach a child in this program?

Karin: Well, it's interesting because Neale have 25 contacts subs that they work with and I received 27 books and so a lot of them are very similar and how they teach these concepts and the visuals and the images from the joy books and from the illustrations, they're so powerful you know they say a picture paints a thousand words and I think that's why it's so easy for children drawn and parents reading it to the children and get the concept fir a very deep level, so it's covering things, Love, Faith one of Neale's love is all that is the primary books, so the first book in the journey. That series if being in the lab, and kind of integrate with each other in a way that make it very easy for parents and children to learn together.

Natalie: I actually got the 25 concepts that you share and they are incredible and easy to understand once you go to those lessons. So, next Neale how did children response on what they are sharing with them.

Neale: I don't know, I haven't been a room, when the children I have the seed, and very change and the was good question and I'd love you to tell me because honesty we're just rolling the south now where we are at the beginning stages of moving this material into the world, I could use age among your place and it can be understanding to your question, I don't know what's the response but I'm hoping that people who are sharing their parents were sharing it with their children in the weeks and months ahead the sign are hitting the mark you know and really making an impact, and really creating a response either a negative or a positive you know that you've done well in that lesson and are not making and not quite we can retool those particular lessons and see if we can get closer on what children are for, for ask to give the question they'll give you a predictable question. Oh their going wild over but in fact I don't know.

Natalie: So, how long did the program being up?

Neale: oh we've been doing the spirituality for a while, for a number of years but the conversation got specific back home school and all of that is 8 months she tenses that is new outreach we have around 6 or 7 lessons that is available for download, people can download right up the internet and then kick it to their homes and present it to their children for first 5 lessons on the 7 or something like that and we really made this concerned method to get this blessing of the parents form.

Natalie: excellent. So, say Karin what is the end result that you want to ultimately change with this program?

Karin: you know quite honestly it's all about powering the individual and our educational system is going through a major shift right now, I'm actually the founding member before the transformational education council and create solutions on what are we looking for to highlight and to bringing towards the world a series as well as the conversations with God for kids these are merging areas where there are powerful lessons that teach individuals both parents and children to everybody really instill in our in our children that we can create the life that we want and experiment inside and teach us just the in values and tools can really shift the world in a really positive way I men everybody knows what is red and anything that works so deeply by it, it shift your life and the combinations of it's really powerful and I just love for this to get out which is people globally and the word scales that could really world.

Natalie: Absolutely.

Neale: if I could add something okay it goes to that point for sure and is it even goes beyond that on my world it's more than just teaching and can create the want that I want and we can have light to stripes to be, that was a wonderful, wonderful but because you can beyond that goes to the point, the actual years is not the whole story, prove humanity is above humanity what about helping us the earth. We are not totally accurate, there are many things that are genius, that are culture and are anchor but there are some in accuracies mature wants and unfortunately humanity has been looking forward was an accuracy itself and it is called. So the world is creating a more complicated line in the same way over and over again and doing the same things over and over again expecting to get the specific report we keep on running in the same of that all string and message even when we're looking at the biggest mess of all here and its 2012 and beyond so in addition to Collen Crogan create last meeting we also help children to understand the way it thought it was, you are depending cancer for life and earth. Here and what is all about. Incomplete address and in some cases are inadequate and look of answer for our solution and change and culture and understand the cultural story of humanity beginning of our children are 4, 5 or 6 for the result so that when they become 18, 20 or 25 they are ready to move into the world that entirely give the profile at a whole different story where it emerge?

Natalie: Absolutely. You know it's not like when I'm sure Karin you'll agree with me I first read the conversation with God books was like now finally I understand God sends to me you know David principles and it makes sense and I think it's small in this day and time and we'll gonna be recording another show very shortly talking about those concepts in 2012 that talking about the time but Karin before we go where can we send people to found about more for God and for children.

Karin: the website is so if you go cgw4 four number four and kids .com they'll be able to find all about Neale's work and also c joy and the bringing series as well just get an amazing curricula I guess you can call it empower and teach your children amazing lessons.

Natalie: absolutely. So you know one of the segments here on the show inspirational kids you know as you know she's one of my passion which I ask you on the show to be help to educate children oh they find the website fantastic. So a guy when you click on the banner on the size is going through. So, thank you both for joining me today.

Neale: thank you.

Karin: thank you Natalie, it's a pleasure to be here again now, guys I encourage you to share this video and all of the information in it by clicking the twitter and facebook share buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure you put your email on the box above there coz' we'll send you 6 pre-made mind movies and well keep you up to date with all of the upcoming shows. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Neale Donald Walsch and Karin Volo



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