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Episode # 313   Nathalie Chantal

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with nutritionist, mindful coach and hypnotherapist student, Nathalie Chantal. Nathalie joins Natalie to discuss the inspiration behind her powerful coaching program ?Simply Live Better?, which aims to help people lose weight and achieve their greatest state of wellness, without the use of conventional medicine or quick fixes. During the show, Nathalie shares her personal journey from being a depressed, co-dependent and bulimic to becoming a happy, healthy and successful life coach. She also shares the difficult decisions she had to make to take responsibility for her own health? Plus, she reveals the 6 pillars she follows to transform people?s lives.

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Episode # 313 Nathalie Chantal

Natalie: Hello, Everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today,

my special guest has an exceptionally inspiring story and actually the perfect guest for the

Inspiration Show because her personal experience, she’s now able to turn it around and share it

to other people to better their lives and to look at the things in their life and how to turn

their life around as well. So, let me introduce you my special guest today, Nathalie Dianda.

How are you Natalie?

ND: (laughs) Hi Natalie. I’m fine, thanks. How are you?

NL: I am fantastic, fantastic today. So, why don’t we start first with your story because your

story yourself is so inspiring and I’m actually so glad that you’re using this to be able to

inspire people to live their lives better as well.

ND: Yeah, yeah. You know, actually for me things started to go wrong to be honest when I was

quite young. Do you know what a weightholic is, Natalie?

NL: What, what is it?

ND: A weightholic. Do you know what that is?

NL: No.

ND: Now, a weightholic is a person who is addicted to weighing themselves and who is actually

dependent on the number of their scales and assume that as these number goes up, weightholics

starts to freak out. And that was me when I was 8 years old. So, when I was still a little

girl, I already had a problem with my weight. And when I was a teenager, this problem

translated to an eating disorder. I had bulimia when I was a teenager and as a young woman as

well and I never told anyone about that. So, I was having all these problems and I was hiding

them from everyone because I didn’t know how to help myself. I tried on helping other people

with their problems and this was when I was in my twenties. This turned into co-dependency. So,

when I was 21, I had that kind of a breakdown in front of my general practitioner and he sent

me to a therapist right away, which is, I was a depressed, bulimic and co-dependent (2:21) and

I really needed help at that time.

NL: Right. So, it must be, such a young age to have such an awareness that things aren’t going

great for you. It must be so harrowing. So you find yourself at a therapist and how did that

therapy go for you?

ND: In the beginning, it was actually great. I was finally able to talk about my problems and

get a lot of things out of my chest but I don’t know, after a couple of months, I was starting

to feel that things were going downhill again because my therapist, he actually, he didn’t get

me and the approach he was using was counter-productive. He was always trying to dig into my

past and I can’t tell you, if I haven’t already been depressed, I would have become depressed

because it was just so frustrating and so I was stuck in my past and I had no outlook and what

happened then, and this was the turning point for me, was that I decided to drop out of therapy

and I decided to stop taking drugs because this is what they do for a while, they just give me

drugs because I didn’t get any better. And this did not sit right with me, so I stopped taking

the drugs, I quit therapy and I joined a yoga class instead and this was the very first thing

that really helped me to get better.

NL: You know, I’ve listened to a lot of my books on (4:03) and at the moment, I am listening to

a book by Wayne (4:07) called, I can see clearly now. It’s actually like an autobiography of

him and it’s like he is going back to his life. He also said the same thing, he said that when

he started doing yoga, he never turned back. It was like, I call yoga my spiritual way of

exercising. You have all the exercise benefits but you also have this spiritual element to it

as well. It’s interesting how you’re having all these realizations through your life. You’re

looking to get help, what do you think that kept you realizing that you have these turning

points and that you have to take a different course?

ND: I think it really was a journey. I went on a journey and it started with yoga and as soon

as I realized that you know, this piece of mind that I found in yoga that could really help me

and I love the title, I can see clearly now, really it’s perfect because it really helps you to

see clearly and helps you to define the next steps and this is what happened to me. I was in a

relationship with someone who I actually agreed to marry and this person, he was a lovely

person but he didn’t love me for who I am. He loved me for the step wife he wanted me to turn

into and he had suffered from serious childhood trauma and was full of problems just like all

my friends and all my boyfriends at that time. So, another thing that really helped me take the

next step in my journey was leave my fiancé and leave my friends, my so called friends, you

know, actually it suck every bit of energy out of me behind and take care of myself. This was

another big step, you know, just opening your eyes and see, okay, what I’m doing right now is

not good and it’s not selfish to say goodbye to people in your life who aren’t healthy. It’s

just the right thing to do. You just have to take that step if you realize that these people

are not good for you, then you have to let them go.

NL: Yeah, I totally agree because and I can see the pattern of people who have some things

themselves that kind of deflect from that because we all have mechanisms that we pick up along

the way to help us not really go inwards and really face what’s going on inside of us a lot of

the time, whether that would be helping other people, whether that would be work or alcohol or

whatever that is. It’s easy for (ND overlaps) like that. So, let’s say that someone is watching

the show right now, that’s like, okay, I can see the story, what is it that they can do to get

out of where they are now to get out of their place?

ND: I always tell people to really take it one step at a time, and this is really important

because often when we feel like we need to change something, we tend to want it all at once and

then we start multi-weighted and then we keep everything for a couple of weeks and then we feel

so overwhelmed. I don’t know, we jump right back to square one because we cannot handle things

anymore. So, what I always say is take it one step at a time and I’ve actually put everything

that I have learned on my 15-year journey and I’ve combined that with everything that I’ve left

professionally because I’m a nutritionist, specialized nutritionist. I’m a (8:02) coach. I’m

training on other medicine and homeopathy. So, I’ve put everything from my personal life and

combined that with my professional knowledge and I have developed a step-by-step approach and

this is why I’m trying to teach people taking one step at a time, begin with visualization for

example. Picture the person you want to be, picture the life you want to live and visualize

this life every single day and feel the feelings you want to feel as if they were happening

now, because what happens then is you start to change your reality. And this is the very first

step you have to take, you have to know where you want to go because otherwise you cannot put

together your road map, so, that’s the very first step, visualization and you know, really

feeling like now, what do you really want having in your life and then everything, everything

else will start to develop naturally once you’ve made that first step.

NL: So step one is visualization which of course we know a lot about at mind movies because

that’s what mind movie is, it really is a cheating tool when it comes to visualization. So is

this a part of your system that you help people with?

ND: Yeah, yeah. The first step is visualization. The second step is actually internalization,

which is actually the logical consequence. The third step is detoxification and I am not only

talking about anything that everybody is doing right now, drinking green smoothies for example,

that’s part of it, but I’m talking about detoxing your body which includes nutrition of course.

I’m also talking about detoxing your home because there are a lot of things, a lot of products

that people are using on a day-to-day basis and they are absolutely not aware of toxins that

they’re getting into their system, which messes up your hormones and your feelings. So this is

another important stop of getting back into basics, living as clean as possible. It’s also

about detoxing your mind. So meditation, (10:28) and gratitude that’s another important pillar

of my approach. Pillar number 5, and this is really important, embracing our setbacks because

even where you want to go there will always be times where things don’t go as smoothly as you

want them to go. Once you’ve realized that and just accept the fact that this is bound to

happen, you know, you always, you’ve almost made it out of your, I don’t know, your difficult

phase, because that’s just, the less fortunate episodes will always be in your life but that’s

just, you take them to define your goal then it’s just another step to the right direction.

Now, dealing with setbacks, that’s another pillar and the last pillar is self-love. Now taking

really good care of yourself, not feeling guilty when you do so, taking time for yourself,

that’s really important to get this holistic approach and you know heal on every level.

NL: Yeah. I definitely agree with all of those especially the self-love because I think, like

you said, if any, if we’re moving towards any goal of moving forward in life at all, there’s

always going to be challenges and set-backs. If we beat ourselves up over that, what we’re

doing is just really surrounding that whole situation with negative energy. Whereas, it might

take time to get to this point, but if we can look at it as a gift and look at the positive

side of that, we completely change the meaning of that situation. We can completely choose and

we’re in control of how long we allow it to affect us moving forward and basically what our

responses to afterwards.

ND: Yeah, definitely. Some levels also, it’s a great tool to get this nasty little voice out of

your head that is telling you’re not smart enough, you’re not beautiful enough, or you’re not,

I don’t know whatever, not enough and self-love is the perfect tool to help you, you know, get

that voice, I saw that video where you talked about this voice as well and I just love it. You

put it all together and you packed it all, a complete package that you will win whatever you,

you will always win, you will always come out as the winner and that’s the thing, you have to

take it one step at a time, not overwhelming yourself but keep on going every little day,

little effort and you will reach your destination.

NL: Yeah, absolutely. I totally agree. So, Nathalie, I know that you’ve been working with a lot

of people and I love the fact that you have taken this journey of your life and being able to

empower people to take control of theirs. So if people want to know more about you and the work

that you do, where can we send them? Where can they find you?

ND: I’ve got a website which is called,, so this is where people can find

me. The six pillars I’ve talked about, I’ve put that into a program which I have called my

ultimate life transformation and I call it like that because it’s my life ultimate

transformation but whoever is going to read my program will also say, my ultimate life

transformation. And this is what I want to do, I want to not provide people with what they call

blueprint of life. I want to inspire them to go on their own life transformation. So this is

what my program is called, my ultimate life transformation.

NL: Wonderful, wonderful. Well thanks again, Nathalie, for joining me, it’s been an absolute

pleasure and thank your for sharing your story.

ND: Yeah, thanks for having me, Natalie. Bye.

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large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.
Nathalie Chantal



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