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Episode # 531   Natalie Ledwell - 2017 Special Christmas Edition

About The Episode:

This is the final episode of The Inspiration Show for 2017! And as you’re about to see - this is an extra special one. So many amazing things have happened at Mind Movies this year, but what’s coming in 2018 is even more wonderful  :-). In today’s episode you’ll get a glance at what’s coming (and how you’re a part of it all). And because it’s the New Year, I’ll also show you 4 vital questions to ask yourself that will give you clarity on your goals. Plus, an incredible exceptional experimental technology we’re developing that will help you achieve those goals in record speed.

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Episode # 531 Natalie Ledwell - 2017 Special Christmas Edition

Natalie: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. This is the special Christmas, Christmas edition of the Inspiration Show so I am going to be.. oh, “she don't have a guest today”, it's just going to be me and I want to talk to you about my revision of 2017, take you through some steps that you can do yourself for the revision and looking into 2018, because this will be the last Inspiration Show of the year and then we start up again in January. So, we're having a -  getting out -  pre- recording this, and then we can get this out to everyone, so  that our team can have a break and that we can go into 2018 in the Christmas period and really enjoy, you know, spending time with our friends and family, which is awesome. So before I get into all my information and content today, just to remind you that if you are watching this show on Facebook or later on our YouTube channel, don't forget that once the show is over, if you click the link below this video, you can take my 30-second quiz, which will help you to figure out what's holding you back from success and we can help you move past that, so you can make 2018 your best year yet. So when I was talking about… thinking about…what I was going to talk about today, I actually was reviewing my 2017 Mind Movie. Now, I actually make my movie the beginning of every year, which is what I want to create for that year. So I'll make a general one that includes everything. So this one had things about the TV show, had things about my kids program, about a relationship, my health goals, so a little bit of everything in there. And then I make specific Mind Movies for each particular area. So when I look in revision, I mean I had some, you know, great things happen, some things actually did come into fruition, you know, and I'm gonna talk a little bit more about those as I go through the show today, and some things I'm going to be carrying over into 2018. And then there are some things that I actually looked at in my Mind Movie and went, you know, I'm not sure if I'd go continue with that and so, it really helped me to take stock of where I'm at and where I want to head next. So I want to get you up and want to encourage you to answer these questions that I'm going to pose, which I posed to myself and you know, I encourage you to actually put your answers in the chat box below or under, you know, wherever, wherever you're watching this, put it in there, in the chat box there, so we can actually see what your responses are and you know, give encouragement to each other. So, when I was looking at my Mind Movie, okay, so what is the biggest lesson that I learned this year? Like, what's something that I learned that really helped to change the way that I'm moving into 2018? And the biggest lesson I got that really made the biggest change for me actually came to me from my friend Jennifer Hough.  So Jennifer, if you're watching this… “Merry Christmas darling!” But Jennifer impressed upon me because, you know, I have all these different projects on my plate and I feel guilty, I feel guilty if I'm working on one or not working on the other or I have so much in front of me that I get completely overwhelmed, and then I get immobilized and I don't make, you know, headway on any of it. And then I kind of realized that maybe I really like talking about all these different projects, and if I was really honest, I think, you know, the reason I do that is because it helps to validate me and make me feel important and I realize that something that I thought I wanted to…it’s a trait that I want to lose this year. And so, just really focus and you know, focus on what's in front of me. But what Jennifer taught me was that I need to focus on what presents.  So I need to focus on what is showing up for me at that time, and if I do that to the best of my ability, with knowing that I'm the reason I'm working on this right now because I'm supposed to, because this is what's in front of me, this is what the universe has sent through for me to be able to focus on at that time, and then everything else will get looked after. You know, when we talk about the Law of Attraction, you know, often we have to know where we're heading, you know, we have to visualize with emotion. We need to take action, and then the universe, you know, we're a vibrational match to the things we want to attract so then the universe brings to us what we, you know, what we need to create that. And so this is kind of taking it that one step further because I know the universe has my back, I know that everything is happening for me, and that things are showing up in their own divine timing. So by focusing on what's presenting and what's in front of me at that time, is really my way of embodying that knowledge and actually practicing that knowledge and integrating it into my, into my world and into my day. So I thought that was, that's probably the biggest lesson that I've learned that's made the biggest change, and what it has also done, is helped me to look at the projects that I have that really aren't serving me at this moment and then be giving myself permission to move them away, you know, when I go, I'll focus on them at a later time but, you know, and a lot of the advice, if you're in my USM program, you know, a little advice I say is I focus on one thing at a time. So I'm going to start taking my own, my own advice and focus on one thing at a time, so what presents. So that was my biggest lesson. So what was your biggest lesson for 2017? What's something that you learned that really helped to change the way that you create outcomes and results in your life? So, you know, write that down underneath.

The next thing I want to talk about is what is my biggest win for 2017. Now that's kind of tough because it was a really good year, it's been a fantastic year. I've really enjoyed, you know, all the things that we're doing here at Mind Movies. I think one of, one of the biggest wins I could say is, is when my girlfriend Debbie Seldon and Debbie, if you're watching this show, “Merry Christmas darling!” Debbie Seldon reached out to me, she's a friend of mine who lives in Sydney. She's a child psychologist, an expressive therapist, works with children and you know, was working for the UN for many years and she reached out to me to help me create the curriculum for schools. So we have been working together and we're still working, we are putting 20 lessons together for each age, starting at five year olds going all the way up to 18 year olds. And in this program, what we are doing is, you know, teaching children things like, you know, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, goal-setting, you know, how to regulate through breath, you know, when you're feeling sad or when you're feeling down for a long period of time, who your safe people are to go to to talk about it. You know, how to mobile that conversation, things like meditation and yoga poses and just, you know, even talking about bullying and what it even means to be a bystander, you know, how to believe in yourself and create your self-esteem. The program that we've created so far is just unbelievable! So I'm so grateful and I'm so happy that Debbie, you've reached out to me and that we were able to kick this program together. So it should be ready to go next year and we want to try and, not only creating this for schools, for teachers to be teaching the classroom, but we also want to be doing a standalone program so individual kids and parents can go through the program as well. So that was my big win. So thank you Debbie for reaching out and for doing that. And then I want to talk about what my… so I want you to be able to write down in the bottom, what was one of your biggest wins for 2017? And here's the thing, we often forget to celebrate our wins and so, you know, by even just acknowledging it and writing it down in the chat box below, I believe that it'll help to really help raise your vibration so which is exactly what we want as we're moving into 2018, right?

The next thing is, talking about, you know, what I’m most grateful for this year and you know, I can't go past the Mind Movies team, and I'm talking about the entire Mind Movies team, you know. We have an

incredible team in San Diego that, you know, does a lot of our marketing and tech things. We have an awesome team in Lithuania who are a lot of our programmers and you know, they're the ones that make sure that the Mind Movies platform, the USM platform, or all of our digital programs are running seamlessly. We also have a team in the Philippines, which are our video editors and the bulk of our customer support team as well and you know, I think with every single person on our team, they understand how we are really changing lives and so rather than just focusing on just sending emails or just answering emails or just, you know, writing, doing like a website, we understand the responsibility and the enormity of what we're doing, and every single one on our team really does an amazing job and does it to the best of their ability so I'm eternally grateful to everyone on the Mind Movies team. And a special shout-out to my business partner slash ex-husband Glenn Ledwell, he's the best business partner one could ever have and eternally grateful that we get to, you know, steer this ship of Mind Movies towards the future in such an empowered way, so that's amazing. So yeah, so what is… what are you most grateful for for 2017? You know, so write that in the chat box below and then once you do that and you're in this higher vibration, in your higher emotion, I want you to think about not necessarily what it is that you want to achieve next year or what it is that you want to create, but one of the things I do and actually, I got this from Jack Canfield and you know, in the beginning of the year, he will think about a new personality trait or something that he would like to adopt, whether it's a pattern, a habit, personality trait, whatever that is and then he spends, you know, he's, that year, he's focused on adopting that. So last year or this year I should say, my trait that I was wanting to adopt was being non-judgmental, which has served me very well because it's been quite a turbulent year with everything that's been going on, you know, in the US and around the world, so I really feel like I've got to a place with that that I love. But for me going into 2018, one of the biggest things or the personality trait that I want to adopt is to be honest with myself and to really just, you know, stick with one program until I get that done and do that to the best of my ability. So rather than diffusing my energy over different things, I'm going to be focusing on one, one thing and really, you know, go work on that really hard. So what personality trait would you like to adopt for 2018? What's something that you would like to, that you see in someone that you admire or a mentor where you can, you know, where you know that if you adopt this personality trait it would really make a difference not just to you and not just to the outcomes in your life but to the people that you love around you as well. So think about that and I would love for you to share that in the chat box below because I would love to see, you know, the type of things that you are looking to adopt for 2018. That would be awesome!

So I wanted to just, to, you know, finish, we’re getting towards the end of our show, but I wanted to just talk a little bit about some of the exciting things that are coming up in 2018 for Mind Movies in general. And one of the big things and the most exciting things is going to be happening very early in the year, is the release of a virtual reality app. So can you imagine creating an incredible mind movie with the software that we currently have, putting it into this app, you know, getting the little, the goggles on, putting your phone in there and then actually being inside your mind movie, being surrounded by your mind movie. We're really excited about how this app is coming along and I really believe that being able to do this is going to help your subconscious mind adopt at a much faster rate - all the ideas and the dreams and the goals that you have in your mind movie. So it's going to be super exciting, so watch the space for that, it's coming very soon. We also have another app that's coming out that's going to be like a place where as a community, we can really connect with each other, we can have little chats, you know, we have little competitions, you know, you've got ways of being able to, you know, measure the new habits that you're adopting and it's a place of true support and love. So that is also coming out as well, very soon, so watch that. And of course, you know, our children's program. We're calling it our self- growth studies, self-growth studies… that's right. And we're working furiously on it right now and like I said, it will be done next year and be ready to roll out. And I want to thank personally, thank, you know, we've got a couple of schools in New Zealand and one in Australia who have very boldly started to do a pilot program for us so that we have some statistics, you know, with our pre/post assessments so that we can show just how much of a massive difference a program like this can make to a child's life and in a school in general. So very, very, very excited about that.

So, thank you everyone for joining me on the, for the show today. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a spectacular New Year in 2018. I want you to be safe over the holidays, make sure that you are surrounded by people that you love and I look forward to, you know, sharing more in this incredible, amazing, life expanding journey with you through 2018. So guys, until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.


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