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Episode # 501   Morry Zelcovitch - What is Brainwave Entrainment?

About The Episode:

My very special guest, Morry Zelcovitch, creator of our “The Effortless Prosperity” program, co-creator of our Mind Movies Matrix program, and Brainwave Entrainment expert, joins me to discuss how you can overcome any challenge in your life by changing negative thoughts into positive ones. During our chat, Morry reveals the extremely effective holistic tool that can help you quickly and easily create the reality you’ve always dreamed of.

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Episode # 501 Morry Zelcovitch - What is Brainwave Entrainment?

NL: Hi, Everyone. I’m Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show we’re going to be talking about your brain. Now, contrary to popular belief, you all have a brain... And we are going to be talking about different things to do with brain wave states and how we can use that to our advantage when it comes to manifesting and creating things in our life. But, before I introduce my special guest today, I want to just remind you that if you’re watching this live on Facebook, or later on in the Youtube channel, don’t forget that after the show you want to click the link below this video so you can take our thirty second quiz to figure out what’s blocking you from success.  So, please help me in welcome my guest today, Morry Zelcovitch. How are you, Morry?


MZ: I’m terrific, Natalie. Thank you very much for having me.


NL: Now, if you’re a part of the Mind Movies community then you know that we have been working with Morry on our Mind Movies Matrix program. Morry is one of the only Certified Brain Wave Entrainment engineers in the world- one of the first, one of the few actually, I should say. Because there’s a few more now, right?


MZ: Well, they claim to be anyway...


NL: That’s right. We’re going to be discussing today how important brain wave entrainment is when it comes to creating the life that you want and creating the right thoughts that are attached to that. So, why don’t we start first of all, Morry, with your background and how you got into doing this kind of work because it is a fairly limited field of science?


MZ: Well, necessity is the mother of invention. That pretty much says how I got into this. I was incredibly depressed most of my life. Back when I was a kid – depressed- they didn’t have pills and medicines like today. So a doctor would just put you on medication know.... They just kept saying I was coping well and I didn’t see any reason why I had to cope because I was actually suffering quite a lot. I started investigating and I checked out so many different technologies and so many different methodologies. All of them had value, but none of them helped me.  The benefit and the biggest value was that I was able to put everything together and create- kind of take the best of everything- and put it into a technology that actually saved my life.


NL: Wow. So, from what I remember from your story, you were very sensitive to sound when you were growing up. So how did that play out in the development of the stuff that you do now?


MZ: Well, that’s actually interesting because I used to go camping. I noticed that being in nature helped me a lot because it took me a way from all of the things that reminded me of my depression. When you’re in nature, when you’re camping, there’s fire, there’s birds chirping, there’s all these natural sounds that seem to be repetitive. I noticed, especially around a fire clicking and the flickering, that time would pass really fast. In my experience, time past really slow. When you’re in depressed, time passes agonizingly slow. I kind of made a connection between the clicking of the wood as it was popping and crackling and my mode. I noticed that I actually felt better during those moments. I thought, “what if I create that would kind of synthesize that for people- for myself, really, because I was being selfish at the time. It was all about me. It turned out that we all have brains and our brains all work the same way. And, it turned out that it actually helped a lot of people. But that was really it- When you’re desperate you sometimes pay attention to things that you normally wouldn’t pay attention to otherwise. Out of darkness comes light.


NL: Absolutely. I think for every perceived negative situation that we have in our life, there is always something positive, or a gift, or something that comes out of it that’s powerful.


MZ: For Sure.

NL: So, let’s talk Brainwave Entrainment. What exactly is brain wave entrainment?


MZ: Ok. It’s interesting that we all go through our lives and we don’t really have an understanding as to why things happen. So, something occurs. For instance, I have a dog and my dog gets sick and dies. I decide that’s a bad thing and I start crying and I feel depressed and sad. But, most of us don’t really realize that there’s a whole process involved. So, what brainwave entrainment is it’s the basest version of you, at the quantum level, why things the way they are when it comes to our perception, the world around us, and our experience. What happens is our chemistry changes and it’s the chemistry that makes you feel the certain way you feel. The beautiful thing about brainwave entrainment is it allows you to change your chemistry in a directive fashion, rather than emotionally falling off a deep end and going into a delirium or depression. Brainwave entrainment allows you to direct what kind of frequencies your brain is going to function at, and it’s those frequencies that release different chemistry. Nuerochemicals, endorphins and hormones- all these things that make you actually feel the way you feel and experience what you experience. I’m sure you can understand that if you experience something with a smile on your face, it’s going to be a much more pleasant experience than if you’re crying, or if you’re afraid, or if you’re sad. It’s as simple as brainwave entrainment to make that tweak in your brain, so that you go in that positive direction as opposed to the negative one.


NL: Right. So, is it a series of sounds? What does brainwave sound like? What is it?


MZ: Yeah... It’s funny because it kind of sounds simple. It’s a series of pulse tones. There’s a quality of your brain called the frequency following response. You may notice, if you start listening to music you may start clapping or tapping your toes, or things like that. That’s called entrainment. You’re entraining to a frequency, to the beat of the music, because you’re finding it attractive in some fashion. So, it’s the same thing with brainwave entrainment. You have “ba ba ba ba ba” and it’s these tones that are sending signals through your ears to your brain to get interpreted as an “on off, on off” type of situation. These “on off” situations mimic how your neurons, which are your brain cell’s fire anyway. And it’s how many times these fire a second that creates the chemistry that leads to what were discussing earlier.


NL: Right. So I’m assuming that this is pretty helpful when we want to create new thoughts- new positive thoughts- that are in alignment with this future we want to create for ourselves.


MZ: Sure, it does. The beauty of it is that when you have a positive thought, it creates a positive chemistry and a positive frequency, if you will. But, it also works the other way around.  You can have negative thoughts, but if you expose yourself to a frequency that is positive, it can change your thoughts to something positive naturally. A lot of us get depressed and get worried and get afraid and we think this is just how it is. “Life sucks”, “life is tough”, “life is this”, but it really isn’t. It’s how we choose to interpret it and it’s as simple as choosing our brain frequency that can change how we think and how we see things around us.


NL: Right. So are we only having the positive thoughts as we’re listening to the brain entrainment, or does that last after we’ve finished listening to that sound?


MZ: Actually, the more you do it - it’s like exercise. These things stay. It’s like a habit. It’s kind of a weird thing to compare, but a lot of us drive almost by doing. I mean, we’re paying attention, but we don’t really remember all of the functions that we’re doing because they’re automatic now. Well, the same thing kind of happens with your brain. When we walk- when we were small children maybe we thought about it. You know, like wobbling away and paying a lot of attention because we’re unbalanced. But as you get more experienced doing that, or riding a bike as an example, you just do it. You just know how to do it. It’s the same thing with your brain. Our brains have been trained a certain way. We can retrain them using brainwave entrainment in a different fashion so that we’re stronger and better and faster.


NL: Right. So, I was mentioning at the beginning of the show that we have this little quiz that we ask people to complete to figure out what’s blocking them from success. And, most of the time, what it uncovers is some programming, or beliefs, that we picked up when we were children. So we have these beliefs that we carry through life. Normally what happens is these thoughts travel along neuropathways in our brain and we’ve been thinking them so often- sometimes thirty, forty years- that they just become a natural part of how we think. We don’t realize that these thoughts are actually sabotaging us. So is brainwave entrainment really helpful in that situation?


MZ: Brainwave Entrainment creates new neuropathways...


NL: Right...


MZ: Well, imagine a road that’s traveled so much you often see divots in the road from the tire treads. And, that keeps people on the track, right? If you even tried to go off of that sometimes, you find the car pulls back onto the divots; it’s almost like a rail. It’s the same thing with the mind. With brainwave entrainment, it naturally creates new neuropathways, new roads. It gives your brain, and your psyche if you will, more options- and that’s the real trick. It gives you more options because right now, if I tell you “Natalie, let’s go to my cottage” and I give you directions that’s great. But, if the road is closed, you are lost.


NL: Right.


MZ: If I give you a map with many options, well the road is closed. You go, “Well the road is closed. Big deal.” Let’s look at the map, turn left here, go up a few kilometers and we’re done. That’s how brainwave entrainment works. Brainwave entrainment gives you a map as opposed to directions. It gives you options and when you have options it takes care of things like fear and stress and nervous tension.  A lot of these things kind of melt away because your instant reaction isn’t to freak out or panic. Your instant reaction is to say, “Ok, so there is a block here. Big deal. We’ll find another way”.


NL: Right. So, how often do you have to listen to a brainwave entrainment audio to see a difference?


MZ: Well, it’s best if you make anything a habit. So that’s what you want to do; you want to make things a habit. So if you brush your teeth once a month, your teeth aren’t going to do so well.


NL: Ah. No. You will have no friends...


MZ: That’s right. You won’t have any friends, but you won’t catch colds though because no one will go near you. But, the truth of the matter is, with brain wave entrainment, it’s like anything else. Go to the club, exercise, go for a walk for 20 minutes every day and you’ll find that your overall health is better. If you go for a walk once a month, you’ll find it’s not so great. So, I suggest on a daily basis. Now, a lot of people will complain about the whole daily basis thing saying, “I don’t have time, I don’t have time”. Things like brainwave entrainment make you more effective and more efficient, so you’re actually going to be using your time better. I found that when I started using it on a regular basis, I was eating up maybe half an hour, an hour, of my life everyday, but I had more spare time. I got my work done better and I made less mistakes. I mean, I had more free time because I was taking care of myself- making myself stronger and better.


NL: You know, I completely agree. The thing is- what I love... Obviously, you and I have worked together and work together using brainwave entrainment. For me, it’s because you can listen to an audio. Yes, it becomes habit. But, when you have this morning routing, or morning practice, for me it’s watching a mind movie, or going to exercise, or listening to an audio book, listening to a brainwave entrainment is just one of those things that is part of our practice. It kind of feels weird- I would never dream of not cleaning my teeth. It’s actually the first thing I do when I jump out of bed is I have to clean my teeth. Then listening to this small recording, which is not very long. Well, the one I listen to goes between three and six minutes, so it’s quite short. But the difference that it makes in making it easier for you to have these more positive default thoughts is fantastic. That’s the thing. We all have programs from our childhood; some of them serve us and they’re fantastic and some of them don’t. I know when I uncovered my limiting beliefs around money, I looked back- I’m from a big family, 8 kids, money was always fairly tight. So, as if I wouldn’t have gone through that experience without having some kind of programming around money that was not going to be in my favor. But, we have them for every area of life- for our relationships, for our money, for our self-image, for love- everything. So, using a technology like this is really effective. And, I want to thank you, Morry, for joining me today, but also for expanding on what I think is a field that not many people understand.


MZ: Well, it’s my pleasure. The most important take away that people should have is that this technology is totally natural. It’s holistic. I mean, I realize to a lot of people who are being introduced to it, its like, “Wow. Science. Very advanced stuff” and it is. But what people need to realize is that science is natural; it’s the study of nature- the study of humans. We don’t have to be so complicated when we understand the dynamics of how our minds work. It’s not that tough to figure out ways to use that information to our benefit. That’s what the Matrix does and that’s why I’m so proud that you invited me to be a part of it.


NL: Yes, absolutely. So, guys, I want to encourage you to join Morry and I. We have actually put a session together called “Put Your Success on Autopilot”. Now, the team will put a link here somewhere for you to click on. Or, we will have the banner here on the page if it’s after the show has aired. Through this training Morry and I will actually be talking about the science of the brain. I think that once you understand how our brains work, why we have thought certain thoughts up until this point- and it can be very relieving to understand. “Oh, ok. That’s how I got there. I didn’t realize it wasn’t my fault. But now that I’m aware and I know what that is...”. Morry and I will go through and show you some tools, and tips and techniques on how we can shift our brain to be working for us- how we can create those new neuropathways. We also cover a whole bunch of all the different mistakes a lot of people make when they’re moving towards there goal and aren’t sure what it is that keeps sabotaging them. I have this awesome exercise that I run inside the webinar as well, which is a tool that you get to take away with you. So it’s not just for the webinar but you get to take that away with you and really get the benefits of using that as a tool moving forward, as well as the brainwave entrainment. So guys, thank you for joining us today.  Don’t forget to click on the link somewhere here where you can actually click on that webinar- which will be great! Register for that; find a time that works for you. Make sure that you also click on that link below to figure out what is sabotaging you from success. That will actually be able to help you as you go through the training. When you already have an awareness of what that is, it will really help to make that training so much more effective for you. Thanks again for joining us. Morry, thank you again for joining me. So, until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We’ll see you soon. 

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