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Episode # 343   Miriam Schafer

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with career and lifestyle consultant, Miriam Schafer. Miriam joins Natalie to discuss the outstanding work she’s doing to empower women to discover their true calling in life through her coaching program ‘Women With a Calling’. During the show, Miriam opens up about how, despite of having a successful career, she felt unfulfilled. As a result, she set out on a journey of self-discovery and a quest for a deeper meaning. She explains that unfortunately there are many women who feel repressed and live their lives defined by what they think society is expecting of them, rather than doing what makes them happy. She also shares the 7 ingredients of her recipe for success, and reveals that it’s never too late to align yourself with your highest potential.

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Episode # 343 Miriam Schafer

Natalie: Hello, everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today, my special guest comes from an exceptionally beautiful part of the world and that would be Noosa in Australia. So can you please welcome my guest, Miriam. Miriam, how are you?

Miriam: Hello, Natalie. I’m great. I’m so excited to be here. I feel like a giggly school girl right now.

N: It’s such a pleasure to have you here because the reason why we have you on the show is that your message and the work that you’re doing right now is something that I think is exceptionally relevant for this time. Because like yourself I have also come across a lot of women who all of a sudden has this longing or this stirring in their soul that they want to step up and do something with more purpose or something that is really more passionate for. So why don’t we start first of all with your journey and your story and how you got to do this kind of work?

M: Right. I originally wanted a career in music and that’s when (1:10) just happened and so, the only thing that I had a fall back on when (1:17) was my secretarial skills. I ended up joining the Department of Foreign Affairs in Australia and that led to postings overseas. So, I was 22 when I went to Beijing and then Kathmandu and then Vienna. Vienna was like a massive turning point for me because not only for the music factor which somehow contemplated for this lost music career that happens, but that’s where (2:01), that’s where I was talking really powerful about beauty and pleasure and the healing power of beauty and pleasure.  And this has actually continued to be my big (2:18) in life. Moving on from there, Vienna being one of the three main (2:27) cities in the world I ended up getting involved with work in the UN and that then led to the next 10 years of three UN posting. So, again, in Vienna I went to the Gaza strip and then I ended up in New York. This was the next post (2:56) and I realized that yes, I’ve been (3:00) around the world and I have this great job, then I felt more and more invisible and even though I hadn’t quite often, that feeling of something that there’s got to be something more. Part of the reason of going to New York was that I have, for many years it’s just been like the sum (3:26-30) so well, the other couple of books that I have read were by Robert (3:41) who created this amazing modality in energy that is, and Robert (3:51) had a neural school at that time based in New York. To cut the long story short, I ended up enrolling in this new program and that was a bridge between living behind the day job and going down a much more spiritual track. That then lead me to come back to Australia via California and set up my own holistic coaching practice.

N: I know that before we got on the video together you were talking how women are waking up to their divine calling. How do you know as a woman if you have a divine calling?

M: I feel like, it’s not with that divine (4:44) content, a lot of people used to tell me, how do I know I need feeling or I need help? And I think the answer to that question is wherever there is some kind of stirring of the soul level or discontent or some sort of quest or even frustration are the key signs that there is something more. While I no longer do the energy work that I have studied, I’m adding more root work and this is very much part of, you know, I feel people just grab the tank and it’s just so much like a magnetic hold, you know than most other people, that thing where people find you when you are the right person for them. It is like a gravity thing. So, I don’t know if I answered your question. That is the beginning of it, the discontent and I get very excited actually when, come with all those frustrations actually, I sort of rub my hands together with glee because I just love that journey of exploration and everyone is so unique.

N: Absolutely. So let’s say with someone that’s like, there’s got to be something more than this, I am frustrated, I am discontent is there  process that they can go through that can help them figure out what it is that will make them content, that is that passionate divine thing that they should be doing.

M: Absolutely. This process or again, forgive the analogy of the cakes that I simply put together like my own recipe and I don’t think there is only just one ingredient in the cake. It’s kind of like if you leave that (7:04) and it’s going to flop. I’ve created a 7-step program for, or 7-ingredient basically that I put the focus on this, this and this. What I have achieved is (7:26) because it is something I am passionate about even though I am not in the (7:33), I am obsessed with astrology and the light (7:37), specifically the two aspects in the chant, one is the north node and the north node has such key information about the soul’s journey and what in the core level we came to learn in this lifetime. The other aspect is (7:58), and this represents the (8:01) and this is where it gets so beautiful because people tend to want to tiff their word, whatever it is. We all got one that we’ve brought on to the planet at this time even in our cells not totally but just enough so we can feel that compassion and then offer our learning to other people with similar affliction or difficulty. Does it make sense?

N: Challenge, yeah, exactly. I know you’ve been working with women to help them step into this next amazing chapter of their life, let’s just call it that. Can you share some stories of people that you’ve worked with and some transformations and changes that they’ve made in their life?

M: Yes and the transformations are incredibly beautiful. And again, the uniqueness of some of these transformations is what I love as well. One woman has just more often become (9:24) music career and doing competition and just going down that track where she was actually held back from (9:39) hobby and now has just been blasting forward. Another (9:47) was just hating everyday of her job, she ended just like taking that (9:52-10:00) and I just bumped into her a couple of days ago, letting me know where she’s went. Another client I can think of has decided to (10:12) approach of keeping the day job and charting out the plans so that the day comes to venture into her new adventure, she created the bridge. (10:31) that will find, she realized that she was on the master manifester and  (gestures) money coming out of thin air. Other women have become more and more passionate about raising their children and child protection (10:56). Natalie, if I had to say the one city that have moved me so much in this transition it’s this thing of beginning, not just beginning, I know (11:16). It’s like getting out of the slavery. It’s like the slavery may have been abolished in certain areas of the world, certainly not all, but I feel there are still so many form of modern day slavery that people aren’t even aware that they practice  and this is (11:48)

N: Yeah. I know and that’s the thing, a lot of time too we have this picture of how we think society and our families and people expects us to be, and so we get lost in being a mother in being a wife and juggling that with a career and doing all of that. And I know, not long ago I kind of felt like I was just living life on the surface. I’m going through the motions and doing all these things and on the surface everything’s great and achieving all these things. That looks wonderful but there’s no meaning. There’s no purpose, no connection. There’s nothing underneath it and I actually started to incorporate some spiritual practicing into my day so that I can more often than not drop into the moment and really see in this moment and appreciate this conversation that we’re having. And all of that means stepping into this, so, my next question for you is there really an age limit to when you can step into your divine calling?

M: No, I don’t believe there is any (13:05) at all. And in fact, most of my clients are in their mid-40s and onwards because again the first part of, up until 40, up until 40, 42 we haven’t yet crossed into that true depth of the focus of our called service, called longing or whatever, then at 50 there is another key astrological transit, that’s once in a lifetime transit unless you live to be a hundred, that is another (13:58) turning point, it’s almost like coming to our true wisdom and so, no, absolutely no cut-off date or whatever. The other thing that I’m so passionate about and certainly a huge part of my healing at the (14:23) school learning on my own (14:27), Natalie, with so many expectations from people in our lives and often it could be really a (14:38) thing to continue to make (14:42). I think if more people in the planet was doing that in the planet there would be far less sickness.

N: Absolutely, I agree and more happiness. Miriam thank you so much for joining me today, our time has gone very quickly as I knew it would. So if people want to reach out to you and connect with you and work with you or find out, where can we send them to do that?

M: Okay. So, my website and my offer for your listeners is a free 90-minute webinar on this whole process, the 7 ingredients to the (15:31) of a process that I went through in my own life to go from a to b to cross that bridge. I’d be delighted to (15:47) send out the offer.

N: Wonderful. Well, thanks again, Miriam. It’s been a pleasure having you here and it’s always a pleasure having a fellow aussie on the show.

M: Ah, thank you, Natalie. Wonderful to connect with you too.

N: Wonderful. So guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. Also, make sure you download the app so you can watch the shows on the go and leave your email on the box on this page so I can send you the manifesting with the masters e-course video. It’s actually valued at $87 and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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