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Episode # 21   Mike Dooley Wisdom

About The Episode:

In this episode Law of Attraction guru Natalie Ledwell will share some of her personal routine and tips from one of her favorite experts, Mike Dooley. Natalie will share some of his work, and add her own spin. This is a fabulous episode jam-packed with content so have a pen and paper handy!

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Episode # 21 Mike Dooley Wisdom

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Now I have a little bit of a habit that I have every day while listened to audiobooks or tele-seminars, or some kind of educational recording while I work out in the mornings, I do about 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill before Sarah my trainer it gets ahold of me and whips me in to shape. Now this morning I am actually listening to Mike Dooley's Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic Audio and I just had to share with you some of the information that you were saying 'coz it was just incredible. Now he was saying that one way to leverage the universe was to align your beliefs with the life of your dreams. Now this is particularly important for people who think that they may have a limiting belief. Now Mike stresses that you don't need to identify your limiting beliefs before you move forward to success, he what is trying to say is that a lot of people say something looks holding me back, something you know must have a limning beliefs, don't use that as an excuse over crutch not to get your success, not to achieve your success. You don't necessarily have to look for what is wrong. Now you made one of these people, something must be holding you back, there must be a reason why you haven't reached your goals yet, there must be a limiting belief. Well don't use that as an excuse. Now if this is you well my suggest that you work on this on the premise that the only thing that's standing between you and the life of your dreams are the thoughts that you think between now and then. Think about it, all that standing between you and success is the thoughts that have between now and then. Now his alternative method is the number one, identify the beliefs that will serve you and number two start installing them that's it, that's all. How brilliant is that? So let's say for example you know you'd like more money in your life, you know so what do people with more money, with wealth and abundance, what do they believe? Well they probably believe that there's enough to go around for everybody, they probably believe that we live in an abundant universe, they probably believe that by them having theirs it isn't going to impede others from having theirs as well. You know they probably believed that they're worthy. You know they probably believe that they could help and reach more people if they're in a wealthy more situation more than if they were broke. And they probably believe that they're unlimited beings of life that a part of all things, a part of all creation. So by installing these beliefs and by acting as if they are yours, you can change the reality and change the direction of your goals and reach your success. Now of course what I recommend, which I have done many times before, is to write affirmations about these new beliefs to help them concrete in to your mind, review them every day whether they're in your mind movie or your list of affirmations concrete them in to the subconscious mind so that they can be part of your reality. Now Mike also shared how he had developed and irrational fear to flying after he hit some bad turbulence on a plane while he was flying here in the US. So using this example this is how he apply you know you apply this to one to approach. So number one you thought that no such thing as death, this is what he's thinking it goes to we're always exists, maybe not in this form but you know in other forms but there's no such thing as death and the also put in to his while I've got this fear but remember nobody dies accidentally. Now these are his beliefs, you know then he went through all the physical stats that's on his mind about now why you know planes and air travel's probably one of the safest ways to fly, there's very rare any crashes; and if they do crash, not necessary everyone dies on the plane. So you know he has this thoughts going through his mind, now was that enough for him? Well no, because having the thoughts and knowing that there was one thing but then you have to act that they're part of your reality. So what he did is he didn't speak to anyone about this, you know people talk and talk about their dramas and about their situations and all these kind of things, the more you talk about something that you don't want to be true, the more you perpetuate it. Now remember the story I told you about my friend Les Brown, who calls you know, his the castle of his friend for a moment, the little "C" and how is really, he doesn't talk about it all the time, he talks it down, he talks positively about it, you know you can't talk about the fear of flying, you can't give it words if that's what your fear is, so whatever your fear is or whatever that's you know that you talked about and the language that you that you don't want to be true, stop saying it, cut that stuff out of your life vocabulary. And the other thing that he did, is that he never, he didn't ever not take a flight anywhere, so if it was possible to fly, he flew, and by doing that he didn't perpetuate those thoughts. So you know he also kind of which I thought is really interesting, now I've heard this comment many times as he and maybe you can relate to it, you know we talked to talked to many people ago, you know I'm a student of law of attraction, you know I get it, you know I'm really successful, and all these defines of life successful in every area except for money. Okay, if that's you or if you say you're successful in any area except for relationships or whatever, stop saying that. Stop saying it, the more you say it the more you are absorbing that into your programming. You know the more you're telling the universe that this is your reality and we don't want it to be so. So in summary, Mike stresses that all you need to do is know where you wanna go and to remind yourself off of that constantly. Alright so thank you for joining me today, I hope that you learned as much from Mike Dooley's words as much as I did, I just thought that it was awesome and I had to share it with you. So remember guys share your experiences and any comments and thoughts about this video in the comment box below, and remember if you haven't done so already, put your e-mail in their in the box above, we'll send you 6 pre-made mind movies and we'll also keep you updated on all our upcoming shows. So in the meantime, before I see you next, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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