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Episode # 148   Mike Dooley

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with author, motivational speaker, and expert teacher in the film The Secret, Mike Dooley. Dooley worked as an entrepreneur and accountant for years but left the corporate world to follow his passion. Today, Mike travels the world as a life mentor. Dooley originated Notes from the Universe, an inspiring online community with thousands of subscribers. Dooley continues to motivate and empower thousands of individuals around the world through his written work, online seminars, and global coaching conferences.

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Episode # 148 Mike Dooley

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with the superstar from the movie The Secret, Mr. Mike Dooley and he explains how important it is for us not to mess with the Cursed Hows. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is Mr. Mike Dooley, hi Mike how are you?

Mike: Hi Natalie!

Natalie: Now you have might have recognized Mike as one of the superstars from the movie The Secret, and he have been teaching the principles of Law of Attraction for, how many years now Mike?

Mike: Well, specifically, directly, 12 years. But for 10 years before that I was putting little homes on t-shirts about life dreams and happiness that we sold, my brother, mother and I all over the world. and that was kind of my accidental step into the direction that I am right now, living as a full-time teacher, speaker, author.

Natalie: Yep, now you've got an actually really interesting story, can you share that with this, a little bit about you background, because we did know that you start out at being like a teacher of these principles.

Mike: No, pretty conventional background which I think lands itself through credibility for those who are skeptic of the woo-woo that I'm normally preaching, the background is the Green Collin University of Florida, works for Price Water house back in the day, today Price Water House scoopers. For 6 years, between Temple, Boston, Saudi Arabia, New York City and then I wanted more. Things were good, just got promoted from manager, but I felt like a shocked in a way that no one had discovered me, and so I thought you know, no one's gonna come and rescue me from these ivy towers, I quit! Culturally, I had no idea what I would do for a living, moved to our land in Florida where there I came up with my mother and brother, you know always focused on living my dreams, you know I think, as what I teach now, you got to... charity begins at home, you know, take care of yourself, take care of your dreams and then, you'll be able to shine, automatically. Your own line on the darkened passage of others and it turns out as you well know, once all of your dreams start coming through, the thing that you most want is to be able to help others. So pursuing my, kind of bliss or back then, desperate on pursuit of making things work, I quit my Price Water House team where my mom, and my aunt and my brother Andy had been teachers for 10 years here in Orlando where I would write about life dreams and happiness, he would do the art with palm trees and fishes and with sort of them all over the world through distributors and the Far East, Europe, Middle East, and through all the US Department stores. 12 years ago, was when we wimped that down, somewhat seemingly, involuntarily, because the trends have been declining for years, it wasn't fun anymore, we've buffed my mother out, Andy wanted to be a rock star at that time. We were locking ones and we said, look you know where it head financially? Let's just liquidate and hit the reset button individually and start over, I was about forty, almost forty years old and that prod about the most, how terrifying time of my life. it's not only was I faced with starting with my life over but I have no flipping idea of what I would do, what I would start, I have done with the corporate world, I have done with entrepreneurial, I didn't want to go back to either one of them in the ways that I had known them, and so I stumbled upon what I now teach to audiences, I mean the stair line of the 3rd world course speaking for the last 8 and a half years all over the planet where I invite people , and this will sound kind of a strange into you Natalie an expert, black belt in Manifesting. What I advocate now is to have general end results, abundance, not a Ferrari, great relationships, not by the end of the year, help rather than let me fix my back, general end results that we get excited about by visualizing the details, there's no contradiction here to what everyone else is talking, what I use to teach. The general end result, excited about the end results, the rude, the balance and the whistles, and the trinkets and the bling and the icing on the cake without attachment to those balancing whistles. The details are glorious, they rock, they get us excited, they create optimism, anticipation but mistake that most people make is they don't attach to the details, it's got to be that car, it's gotta be that soul mates. It's gotta be that house on the hill, I'm going to make this book become a best-seller, they carry the weight of world on their shoulders because they are unwillingly messing with the Cursed Hows, these have all become "how" they will be happy, and so because I had already exhausted the Hows, test of my awareness 12 years ago. I remember throwing a Hail Mary to the universe, American football jargon, I just threw the ball and hoped somebody on my team would catch it; I threw it to the end zone. And I remember in this conversation with "God", it's the universe that is making me feel good, it's god that I'm terrified, God! And I remember thinking you know, look I don't know how I got where I am now, my life seemed to be a train of act. But I do know that I want to live on abundance, I don't want to worry about losing my house, I want to have friends in laughter, international travel and a career I love, and I don't care what that career is about, who cares? This is the same thing with... if I'm in love with my partner who cares? Who they are and what they're specs are. And then, I put together vision boards that had details, but I was not saying it's gotta be heard, it's gotta be this, it's gotta be that, I didn't attach to those details, I remained focused on the big picture and I knew enough, as we all instinctively know; to show up, show up! Every day I did the stuff, I went to trade fairs, I checked out franchises, I went to book fairs for authors, I went to speaker conferences, National Speakers Association, I joined Toastmaster's, this is what I advocate, General-end Result, get excited about it with details and then every day, not on doors, but again, without attachment, you know, it's not going to be this door or the other, I don't know which door it's going to be, let divine intelligence decide that, I'm going to knock on all of the doors, and this is the formula to what I now call; Playing This Little Matrix that I've devised, it's a simple one-page table with 6 columns, Matrix is over-claimed but it picks interest. Playing the Matrix is exactly this, then prepare to be astounded, from the depths of my pain, anguish and confusion 12 years ago, within 2 and a half years, I was on my first world tour, I released an audio program; Infinite Possibilities that was rocking the internet, infinite marketing, I was one of the pioneers by accident and then Randa and Glanda, a 2 sweet subscribers flung lots of emails and you know they are like; "Thanks for doing what you're doing we love it, we've got Infinite Possibilities on our iPads." And I know that they were, "we're here in Melbourne, Australia and we're putting together a documentary, even the film is our background on the Law of Attraction, can we interview you for The Secret?" miracles pile up, but you don't see them when they're piling up. I don't know want designed up for the university but it was probably the day I was that nothing, speaking profession and complaining for my mother, when does my life going to take off? And as I teach folks, if you do what you are not to do and you're positive, you have general end-results, there's even no room for negativity, because of our profound inclination to succeed, it's on our DNA, were pushed on to greatness, after The Secret, there was New York Time's bestsellers, now I'm in 25 Languages, that's my story, from the ashes.

Natalie: And so, you are actually describing a situation that a lot of people, I think by choice you would say, but a lot of people are put into this situation where they've been made redundant, they've lost their jobs, they've ceased, maybe they've to close one of their businesses down and they are looking at what to do next, and what I'm finding is that a lot of people that we're coming across are kind of; "We're going to do this again, I'm going to do something that I enjoy, something that I feel passionate about, something that I'm good about." So, what I hear you saying is that, if they were to write affirmations, and create vision boards this rather than focus on specific vehicles, specific type of business, they should be creating affirmations to describe the life? That life that whatever business that is, it's going to create for them?

Mike: Yes, exactly right and I come across so many of the same people and how search remedy cause I was there, I mean at first and he wonder, am I going to be forever telling stories, of my price-lower days, and manifesting Hong Kong harbor and the thing is where my story is back then, you know, this is the way life goes, you know, it's the best behind me, it is in my now-pain-to-dos, for having such a great start so I know-know where many of your folks are coming from, and yes! You know I love my life, is a great affirmation, I'm surrounded by wealth and abundance, everything I touch turns to gold, I have turned clarity, especially when you don't have clarity, I said the right thing to the right person. These affirmations are super powerful and cause my approach does on the surface seems so in-alien, have general end-results. Let me rephrase it little bit again, the details rock! The details are awesome, the details are going to get you salivating over where the future is taking you and the details will throw you out of the bed in the morning with a smile on your face and a roar, just don't attach to the details. So, use your affirmations and use your vision boards and use all of these things you've always used, but basically by insisting on the generalities and being flexible with the details, you're doing what many others have said; "You're living room, for even better." It's like saying you know I'm giving thanks in advance for my XYZ for better and I give thanks for so and so for better, if you always add FOR BETTER, then you are not attaching, same thing I mentioned, as achieved, you're living room, attitude, freedom, the divine intelligence to blow your mind in ways that you cannot now comprehend at being bold, but it doesn't mean it can't be bold and it's the same with the miracles that we don't see happening just cause you don't see them happening, because today just looks like yesterday doesn't mean you are caste in miracles and then for the end-results that you've frozen in, the excitement you've generated thru Mind Movies, or vision boards or whatever, you are summoning from the wood-work, partners, players, accomplices, soul mates, who are now negotiating their way to you unannounced to you but you're divine intelligence, the next thing you know, you're going to be walking to the mall and their chocolates are going to fall in your peanut butter and you're going to be like; "Oh my God!" and because of the work that you are doing now and the miracles that are happening now behind the currents of time and space, very invisible, but they are still happening.

Natalie: Exactly, and that's the thing. What we are talking about here is... in my experience, you would never achieve the way you think that would go to get you to the end-result is never the way it happens. Very rarely does it happen that way. Okay, before Ryan, our partner purchased the audio from Mind Movies, when he and I involved in a network marketing business, the affirmations we ran for this business about, being able to travel the world, that was something we feel passionate about, be able to help people, help people make money, you know, work on the base of the laptop if we wanted to, and we were convinced that this network marketing business would be that vehicle, but we were open and we were flexible, and we look at Mind Movies, this is the vehicle that got us there.

Mike: That so illustrates what I'm saying, because if you had attached and said my God the universe loves me, it's conspiring around my behalf, my thoughts become things, there's the Law of Attraction, I'm going to make it happen! You would have slam shut the door of all other possibilities and for whatever other reasons; your priorities, your beliefs, you couldn't be where you now are, neither could I, which is which is why, you know, use this excitement, I'm going to have this lifestyle, that lifestyle, these bells and whistles and even details but then release, so the universe can do what is done for you, and it certainly most did for me, I write notes from the universe for a living, for free and I'm surrounded in abundance I traveled all over the world, I'm living the life of my dream, I could never have, never have thought of that but because I didn't attach, I mean I was looking at an oration repair, one of my secret passions my whole life, I was looking at you know, all kinds of weird things, but because I did so without attachment and because even though I went to the trade fairs and the expos and the... this is without attachment it left room, for even better than I could then have described.

Natalie: Yep, that's perfect. I am, what we're talking about here is things that you could never have planned for in a million years, best-life plan; you could never plan for this. And that's why it is very important to remain open and flexible. So Mike, you know we've been talking about the Notes in the Universe and a couple of New York Time's bestsellers, if people want to find out more about you and maybe get their hands on the notes, and some books and the things that you have, where can we send them?

Mike: Ah, to tut! Like the Egyptian king dot com, very easy and stems from the old t-shirt days, totally unique t-shirts, before there wasn't internet and so we got as the domain name, now since we're totally unique thoughts, and there I've got 8 books, 5-6 audio programs, DVDs and I'm constantly touring all over the world, next week Sta. Barbara, the week after Massachusetts, January, Seattle, March it will be Berlin, Cologne, Manchester England so I'll be coming to a town near you. I'd love to see you, check it out at

Natalie: Make sure you go there and you know I've mentioned this to you before Mike, I unsubscribed for all the list cause I got so many emails into my inbox as it is but the one subscription that I do keep is the Notes from the Universe, so if you guys are not subscribed to that...

Mike: Thank you Natalie.

Natalie: Yeah, make sure that you do that every day and you know what, it takes a couple of seconds to read about it just absolutely brightens your day so I really appreciate all the work that you put into there.

Mike: Thank you, 12 years now, 2000 notes, they are always free, they are always will be but they become the life blood of all idea.

Natalie: Wonderful. Now guys remember if you click on the banner to the site then you'll actually go straight through to Mike's site from there. And I encourage you to share this video, and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you hadn't done so already, make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there I would love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters A Cause, includes masters like Bob Proctor, Masi Schimoff, John Assaraf, it's valued 87 dollars and I'd like to send it to you for free, so make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Mike Dooley



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