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Episode # 345   Mary Morrissey

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with life coach, professional speaker and best-selling author, Mary Morrissey. On the show, Mary shares that when successful people are faced with difficult situations, they consciously choose the way they want to perceive it, rather than going into panic mode like many people do today. Mary also reveals the 2 most important things you can do to resolve any adversity, instead of being controlled by it. Plus, she shares the details of her upcoming webinar and how it can help anyone to get a very clear idea of how to finally get to where they want to be in life.

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Episode # 345 Mary Morrissey

Natalie: Hello everyone. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today, I have an amazing guest with me and today we’re going to be talking about what successful people do when the going gets tough and what we can do when the going gets tough. So please join me in welcoming my guest, the amazing Ms. Mary Morrissey. How are you Mary?

Mary: I’m great, Natalie, nice to see you and say hi and happy weekend.

N: It’s always a pleasure talking to you. So, why don’t we start at first with your story and your background, I mean you have been working in this industry and have been doing this work for a very long time. So if you can share a little bit of your story and your journey so people who may not have heard of you will get an idea of where you’ve come from.

M: Thank you. Just quickly, when I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with fatal kidney disease. That particular juncture of time was an intensive care war, I wouldn’t possibly live any longer than 6 months. A woman came to my room to introduce me to the idea that my thoughts were having an impact on my biology. This was before there was a mind (1:12) clinic in Harvard, amazing things that we take for granted now, 4 or 5 years later, but she helped me recognize thinking about myself had a strong emotional impact in my biology and I knew, she might have mean that I knew that if I thought embarrassing thoughts my cheeks got red and if I think scary enough thoughts my heart would beat faster and she helped me unpack some of the ways that I have been living toxifying my own system with thoughts (1:43) different ways of thinking and relating to that and my numbers started to improve and improve and improve. Four, five months later I was sitting in the surgeon’s office, the (1:53) were just scratching their head saying, “This is a big anomaly. We have no signs for (1:57) for like, you shouldn’t be having this kind of recovery.” And then they said, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.” I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was what we call an unconscious competent, but about 4 years later a series of event occurred in October of 1971 and that’s 43 years ago that helped me recognize this wasn’t just about a one-time thing of recognizing that my thoughts really have an impact not only in my biology, literally, everything in my life – my results, my conditions, my circumstances, my freedom or my bondage. I began to study, and I’ve been studying everyday ever since then. I spent about a decade getting a master’s degree, which was seminary and (2:43) learning but the most important is in the 40 plus years of research (2:55) working with thousands and thousands of individuals helping them recognize that they have the power in themselves to really and literally generate results in harmony with what they would love and they literally can change their health, their relationships, their time, money, freedom and the power to be and doing what you want to do and want you what you want to have is in every one of us, and so my work is spent working with people and half of them have a life that they really do love.

N: Yeah. I know, like you’ve said you’ve been doing this exceptionally successfully for quite some time. We’re talking about successful people and how they get through tough times. (3:39) question is what is the difference what most people think and what successful people think? What is the difference there that you found?

M: The normal way of interacting with this thing called life or situations or conditions, the normal way is to think this happened to me. And so right of, we’re in the position where life is doing something that we don’t have any interaction with. My favorite way to describe that is there is really two ways to move life, one is condition based and the other is a vision-driven, where in the land of circumstance, things are going to happen not everything is going to happen is going to happen. How can it happen when you want it to happen, it’s not going to happen sometimes the way you want it to happen. But successful people have a way of acting in conditions, circumstances and situations that is empowering than disempowering where they can have the condition without the condition having them.

N: Absolutely. So what you are saying is, I think most of us react automatically and we do that because of our past programming, our history, our experience up to that point. I think what I’m hearing you saying is successful people consciously choose the way that they want to perceive a certain situation.

M: Yeah. (5:02) is together-act. And people will always act in a reactive way, always reactive until they have more awareness because the program is still there. The program is still there (5:14) that means something occurs that isn’t what you prefer. There’s a natural sense of, and we want to make it into something. This is something what we call (5:23), a modified, we say it’s a big problem. Successful people (5:29) when something is occurring that they don’t prefer, first and foremost, I wouldn’t prefer this but since it’s here they neutralize it, and the one place that you can neutralize that is first in your perception and then in your emotion.  This is not what I think I would be preferring but since it’s here, it’s just a situation. It’s just a situation. What that does is give you some emotional freedom and what that does is give you emotional freedom and with that comes creativity, where literally, you can begin to design what you want to do with this situation, which might be in fact much more creative than letting (6:09) or weeks or months until you figure out what you’re going to do about it then you can feel better again. I didn’t even know, Natalie, when I saw the series of events happening 43 years ago, I was given a tool for (6:25) situation which was (6:28) something bad happens, hit your internal buttons and wait 3 days. During that 3 days get rid of curious about what possible good is there in that situation. If after 3 days you can’t find anything good about it, any good that you can pull out of it, any good you can do with it, go ahead and get upset then surrender it, get upset and then laid it. 2 days later after I heard that much and learned that tool, my children’s father, my husband at that time (6:54) and it’s a lay-off of a hundred people laid off. He came home and I said, “This isn’t happening. Oh my gosh, this is horrible. This is bad.” And then I heard that nothing is bad unless you think it is bad. Next time something bad happens, do this, I picture a pause button, where is this? How do I find it? I don’t even know, then I have an internal pause button. Let’s just wait 3 days to get upset. It’s Tuesday, by Friday, if we can’t goodness by Friday at 5 then we get upset. And did panic arise in me those days? Yes, over and over again but then I would say Friday at 5, Friday at 5. He was actually better than I was at that first place, I was like, “Let’s get some paper. Let’s write down the possible (7:35) in this.” (7:38) I can get paid more. We wrote 5 things right away. What I do know what happened, first of all, I did not suffer in the same way so the condition shifted. But as we started thinking, well, he drove an hour and a half to work for a job that I was unhappy that he lost. He drove an hour and a half each way and so, he was like, may be work closer to home and work shorter hours and get paid more. It was like we just began to think from that what possible good can there be in this? Napoleon Hill wrote a wonderful (8:15) regarding difficult changes. He says, “In every adversity, there is a seed of an equal or greater benefit, but like any seed it must be found, planted, nourished, grown and harvested. So what highly successful people do is the first thing, it is what it is. You got laid off. It is what it is, there’s a diagnosis. It is what it is, the investment looks dim like it’s not working out or it did not work out. Whatever it is, it is what it is. (8:44) harvest the good, every adversity not just some adversity every whatever it is has a seed of an equal or an even greater benefit. But like any seed it has to be found and planted, nourished, grown, harvested and so if we begin to think that well, possibly (9:02) ideas are where they can apply (9:08) on the frequency - what possible way there could be in this? Instead of standing in anonymity and in a panic mode looking back at what was lost, we now could begin to look up to and lean in to what possible good there could be and ideas for accessing that reality were available to us but not on the frequency of panic and not on the frequency of trouble but on the frequency of possibility. So, highly successful people neutralize it, it is what it is, okay, it is a situation. There is some good in it. I’m not going to have this situation without the good in it. It’s right here for me and you leave the rest. You leave the rest because it’s tempting to blame ourselves, blame someone, blame the economy, blame. What that does is just generate more contraction when ultimately what we want is expansion that’s possible for us. When we have a dream, a goal, ambition for something that matters to us, it’s a more (10:06) version of life for us but it’s not going to happen on the frequency called contraction, problem, panic. So learning to work with ourselves to allow ourselves on a regular basis more flow, more fun, more (10:20).

N: And that’s the thing, we have a choice to, choice as to how we see the situation. What we are talking about here is being emotionally detached because emotions are the instant things that comes up and if we are reacting emotionally and not responding from an area of detachment, sort of standing back and observing it for what it is because it is what it is, we still have to get to that point but we also have the choice of how long we choose to allow it to affect us moving forward.

M: That’s right and our emotion is our conscious awareness of the vibration that we’re in. Emotions are never primary, they’re secondary. They’re reflection of the thought that generates that emotion. When I say I’m feeling anxious, prior to this feeling was thinking that generated this anxious vibration that I read in my nervous system and called it an anxious feeling. So when we know that feelings are the reflections of the mindset that we’re in or thinking frequency that we’ve been through, we can go, okay, so even without the condition shifting, I can still calm down here. I can really do that. And I cannot prefer that the situation is here, but nevertheless if it is here then I would find some good in this and I’m going to use this moment to become a more (11:38) being. And that’s a choice every one of us has, no matter what. It’s okay to have a condition, just don’t let the condition have you.

N: I agree. And whenever I find myself in those situations, the first thing I do is breathe. It’s just like a really deep breath and center myself and go (takes a deep breath), okay, let’s (overlaps with guest) (laughs). Oh my God, what’s going on? (laughs)

M: You know, easy to do that one, the oh my god, (laughs) and sometimes I actually give myself permission for a very short (12:12) party. Like any party, it should have a beginning and an ending versus ran your whole life (12:22) that is what I preferred, I have a very short (12:24) party and then move on with it, what’s empowering.

N: And what I love about these (12:30) is practical information that we can apply now. So, tell me what are you up to now Mary? What’s happening in your world?

M: I have an amazing, wonderful life. Currently, our work in the world is dream building. The way we do that is through (12:51). I train individuals on how to really understand the power of generating of their clear, coherent blueprint from their life and then help them operate in their daily life in such a way that they turn around in such a short time and go, my gosh, this is easier than I thought and much more fun. We each have the power and that’s why it helps a lot of people. We call it (13:15).

N: Awesome. We have had ran out of time like I knew we would, quickly. So if people want to connect with you Mary and find out more about dream building or any of the projects that you’re working on right now, where can we send them?

M: I invite people and sit-in on our dream builder webinar. I think Natalie, are you going to put up (cut-off by Natalie)

N: We actually have a banner, so if you’re watching this online the banner is on the side, but if you’re watching this through the app, you’ll find the banner underneath you. So yes, tell us about this webinar that’s going to (cut-off by guest).

M: (13:50) resonated with you, then invest an hour with me and make it 70 minutes, let me take you through a process and regardless of what will happen in that hour I can promise you that at the end of it you will have a clear idea for your life, what you would love your life to be like, two, three years from now because if you keep on breathing you will have a life and you will have results and not may be, absolutely. So come spend a few minutes with and let me unpack that for you. Most people spend more time planning a weekend trip than they spend time in their life. So I invite you to give yourself a gift of an hour and we’ll hang out together.

N: And I have to say Mary with some of the students that come to my causes as well, they talk very highly of you and the work that you do and how they can really resonate with you and your message in a way that you teach (14:43) a very long time. and so anyone that I know that have gone through your webinars or your courses has just got so much out of it. So I’m so glad you that you are able to offer this to our (14:54).

M: Me too. And I’m very, I have so much respect and deeply, actually, deep reverence for the work you bring into the world and the difference that makes all over the world, Natalie. So, thank you very much for the privilege of being here today.

N: Thank you, such a privilege of having you here today. So, don’t forget it, just click on the banner to actually go through to the site so you can register for Mary’s webinar. I encourage you to share this video and you can do that by clicking on the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page to get the message out there, if you have anyone that you know that’s looking to get some clarity and direction in their lives then this webinar is going to be exceptionally helpful for that. Also, make sure you leave your email at the box on this page because I would to send you the manifesting with the masters video e-course. It is actually valued at $87 and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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