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Episode # 12   Martin Cooper Takeaways

About The Episode:

In this episode Natalie Ledwell interviews another one of her inspirational "passion peeps," Martin Cooper. You may not recognize his name, but I'm sure you are familiar with his invention, the cellar telephone. This episode will be included in Natalie's upcoming book, you can get the inside scoop before it's published. Enjoy the show!

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Episode # 12 Martin Cooper Takeaways

Natalie : Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Now in the last video that I sent out a few days ago, I was speaking with Greg Esrade, filmmaker, speaker, author of many books including the number 1 best-selling Three Feet From Gold and all other legends. Now we shared the details of a project that he's been commissioned to complete from the Think and Grow Rich Foundation. And they don't hand those out everyday so he's the only person that's been commissioned to do this. Now we mentioned how he was interviewing some the leaders of our time and how I have the amazing opportunity to be a fly on the wall of these interviews, now the good news about that is I can actually share the experiences and the takeaways while I have with you even before the book is published. So you get the scoop on everything that's happening with these interviews which is great. Now the first interview that I can share with you is with the gentlemen of by the name Martin Cooper, now you may not be familiar with his name but you are absolutely familiar with his invention, the cellphone. So we walked into his office here in San Diego and we had a, while we we're walking there's always a memorabilia around the foyer and then here are some photos of it. You know the original brick phone, and some of the awards that he's won, here he is here he's just wonderful wonderful guy, and like I said we walked into his office, now Marty is actually 82 years old, he sharp as a whip and he's still working of being productive which is just fantastic. Now Greg was actually through the whole lot of questions that he actually did a tweet on Twitter and asked his followers "if there is any question that you'd like me to ask Martin Cooper, please send them in", so Greg was sitting with Martin and get a cut of quote in this answers that my twitter follower was up send in, and it was so funny Martin goes "are you on Twitter?" he goes "I'm on Twitter, how many followers you got? 'Coz I've got like 5,000 followers" he was so cool like he's still up with Facebook and Twitter and all these chubby things at the age of 82, how cool was that? Now one of the questions that actually came through was "did Star Trek inspire your idea of the phone? For cellphone?" Now interesting, we actually read this in Time Magazine so we thought the answer was yes to this question but it was actually no. No it was nothing inspiration for the phone at all. Now it is quite possible and you can see why people would have thought this 'coz I think Star Trek originally aired on TV on 1966 and Martin was actually working on developing the cellphone between 1973 and 1986, so that's quite a long time before his project could actually go to market. Star Trek was definitely not the inspiration for the phone. Now one of the other questions that came through that I thought was very interesting as well, you know "you invented the cellphone so what phone do you use?" and he had it sitting here in his belt swift it up and go "see, it's the latest smartphone" so he's still into all the latest gadgets and technology which is just awesome. Now he was also, Greg ask him a question "could you ever have imagined how reliant and how popular the cellphone would be as you're working on this project?" Now his answer to that question was a resounding YES, he said he could always see it, he could always see it, now everyone's using a cellphone and he said he still spends time imagining where technology can take us now. So we talked about an amazing example of visualization, creating the reality that we have today. And you know remember the project that we're working on, is stickablity, and so you know it was fairly tough for him you think about its 1973 to 1986, that's a long time to be working on to one project. And all of his co-workers around him are getting bonuses, and earning all this extra money, and but of course he was missing out on all of these because his project wasn't producing any results. But what he does do is created the top guys of Motorola, he said the top management that had faith in him and they could see the vision in having this cellphone and if wasn't for this support he probably could never finished the project at all. But he credits them with a lot of the support that he had during that time. Now the question that I asked him was "how did the cellphone actually change your life?" I mean it's one of the you know the most used invention of the century I was wondering how that actually changed his life. And he said to me "you know what? It's not the only accomplishment in my life" and I'm like "Wow. Okay. Okay so can you share some of your other accomplishments with me?" And he said "What? You mean other than my grandkids?" I'm like "okay, that's cool." But on top of that his other invention was the pager, now remember before are we had cellphones everyone was using the pager, so he also invented that as well. But my biggest take away from the interview, when we ask him what stickability meant to him? He said stickability equals flexibility. Now by that he means you know you need to keep focus on the end result and the end goal but you can't be married to how it's going to happen. You know sometimes you know you're working on a project or working towards a goal, and it's so life encompassing you could lose perspective and become tunnel visioned or just one way of getting the job done and the you resist any outside help or any outside ideas. I mean let's face it, when you're that focused on a goal and the end result, the universe is throwing out your ideas and people and resources to get the job done but because you're so passionate about doing it your way or doing it my way we lose sight of all these different ideas and opportunities that come along. The thing is there will always be obstacles and there will always be challenging times the trick is just to know that this is going to be the case and be flexible in your method of moving forward and moving through these to get to your result. So guys thanks again for joining me today, I hope you got a lot of my experience with Martin Cooper, and remember please below leave any questions, any comment, anything that you think might be able to help other people or that any questions that I can answer for you. So guys remember, live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. I'll see you soon.

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