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Episode # 192   Mark Porteous - Personal Transformation

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show Natalie Ledwell interviews Mark Porteous. Mark use to work in corporate America until he had an awakening that shook him to his core. He then started a 1 year transition to leave his job, and follow his passion. Today, Mark helps others make the leap from working a job to living out their passion through his free summits. On the show, he shares some of his pupils inspiring success stories, and gives advice to anyone looking to making the transition. Enjoy!

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Episode # 192 Mark Porteous - Personal Transformation

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Mark Porteus and he goes through the inspiring work that he's doing helping people get their message out into the world to contribute and make a difference. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi! I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show and today my special guest is Mark Porteus. How are you Mark?

Mark: I'm fantastic, Natalie, so glad to be here.

Natalie: Yeah. I'm so glad to have you here. I only met Mark recently. Actually, couple of different places, haven't I? I think the gala and Ted's events and so, it's a pleasure to have you here. Now, what we might do is for those people who aren't familiar with who you are, let's just start with your background and what it is that you do.

Mark: Brilliant! Well, my name is Mark Porteus. I work with transformational emerging visionaries basically, to help empower them to share their gifts with the world. I do that through a series of summits. I have the personal transformation summit and then the conscious business summit and I have a program, transformers mastermind program where I work with visionaries to help them with the tools and strategies so that they can, most of them are still working a part time job and they're just doing their passion on the side.

Natalie: Yup.

Mark: So, I actually help them to make that leap from doing what they think that they need to be doing, to doing what they feel like they really want to be doing.

Natalie: Right. That's interesting that you said it all. Actually, I was speaking with our mutual friend Jennifer McLain yesterday. We're talking about you know should, if someone has a passion should they leave their job and follow it? Or should they do the part time thing? What are your thoughts on that?

Mark: That's a great question. When I first decided that I was ready to make the leap, it was actually about 2 years ago. I had just finished my book. My children just turned 1. When they were born I realized that the book I've been talking about for 20 years, I hadn't written and I had to do it. So, once I wrote the book, I said, "Okay. I'm ready to leave my job and do this transformational work." I bidded to do my mentor, the owner of Sparrow Circle bookstore in Orlando and she said, "Oh, no dear, you're not ready to leave corporate America yet, they still need you and you still need them." So, it took another year actually of processing and staying with that job and doing it part time to build a lot of the foundational work.

Natalie: Right.

Mark: So, when I really wanted to make the leap, I probably would have been grounding by now if I hadn't stayed where I was long enough to set things up, to move into it more organically.

Natalie: Right. Yeah, it's a great thing. So, okay, so, what type of transformational work are you doing? Like what type of businesses do you work with?

Mark: Well, a good example like that. A medical doctor who has been working in general practice for 25 years and the whole time that she was in the practice, she was afraid of death. And because of her fear of death, never felt like she was really living life fully. And then, it ended up going through the whole process state, end up like the process with her parents and wrote a book about all the different stages of human development and ending with their last stage and that was this challenging stage where we're going through that. She was able then to overcome her fear of death and now, share that same power with other people.

Natalie: Right.

Mark: So, she had a book. She wrote a book but she really didn't know how to get out there and I'm working with her to understand how she can create an audience, being able to put together programs that can help train people outside of just the book.

Natalie: Right. Okay. So, let's just say that there are people out there that do have this amazing message or that have a book in there or something like that. What do you recommend is the best way for them to get it out there?

Mark: Well, the first thing to do is to get it out of your head and onto paper.

Natalie: Right.

Mark: The first thing is to really start, announce it, own it, be what you want to be. I think so many people keep it a secret and as long as it's a secret in your head, nobody else is gonna be able to be there just for you. So, one of the things that our other mutual friend Rich Kerman says is "Ready, shoot, aim." And so many people are trying to get everything perfect first and then they'll do it later on. I think that if you know what you wanna do, start doing it. I'm not saying leave your job until you're really have things line up but at least start writing the book before you had to worry about getting it out there, get it on paper.

Natalie: Right. And so, do you teach people how to do this online?

Mark: We do it online and over the phone.

Natalie: Right.

Mark: Our program is mostly done through instant teleseminar.

Natalie: Okay. And so, what are some of the success stories that you can tell us from some of the people that you've been working with?

Mark: Okay. Well, one of our clients dined is an Australian and she has had multi-million dollar companies with working with her ex-husband. And she's been very, very successful in running conscious business. Understanding that working from the heart rather than the brain has a greater impact on the world. But she never felt like she you know, she was the one who's running the business. She always felt like she was in his shadow. And now that she's been able to do it on her own, she's able to put her knowledge and her wisdom together into a package where she now does CEO coaching for companies that are wanted to bring more consciousness into their business.

Natalie: Right. Cool! So, you're empowering people that teach others as well.

Mark: That's the whole goal.

Natalie: Right.

Mark: Yes.

Natalie: Okay.

Mark: Absolutely!

Natalie: Cool! And so, tell me some of the messages that people are you know are getting out into the world these days.

Mark: Sure. And really, there's oh, you know everybody has their own story and I really encourage people to look in their own experience and find out the pain that they've gone through and that's what they use to, to share with the world. One of my clients is the author of Unshattered Dreams , Paul Novello talks about growing up with an alcoholic abusive father and how that really stucked in a lot of his own personal growth. And now he's been able to change that challenged into one of his great strength and be able to help other people. He is now also coaching and teaching other people how to grow out of their own adversities.

Natalie: Yeah. Yes. It's like; I don't know if I've discussed this with you before but I kind of feel like we're this perfect storm at the moment. There are so many people who are looking for this information and so many of us would have had this you know real life experiences that can really help other people to overcome any challenges that they're going through as well. So, you're doing very, very noble work. So, tell us a little bit about the telesummit that you've got coming up.

Mark: The personal transformation summit starts on Monday, May 6 and runs through May 31st. The theme of the summit is Empowering You to Be the Change You Wish to see in the World.

Natalie: Right.

Mark: I know that a lot of people are seeing all the problems in the world or they're feeling stalker, maybe they feel like there's something missing in their life but they don't know what it is. I've brought it together, 20 of the world's leading visionaries including yourself to share your experience with other people so that they can find tools that they can be the change that they want to see.

Natalie: Yeah. Awesome! And so, tell me some of the guest that you've got on other than myself.

Mark: Well, we're gonna be donating 10% of all the proceeds for any VIP upgrade packages to Cynthia Kersey's group, The Unstoppable Foundation, she'll be doing the very first presentation. We also have Barnet Bain, the award-winning director of What Dreams May Come, The Celestine Prophecy; he has a book of The Third Story. He can talk about how you move your pain into that becoming the new stories out of the pain becoming your strength. We also have Rich Kerman on there, a big academy coach, lifestyle coach. Marsha Weiner, I was just able to interview her this morning and she'd be sharing how to make your dreams come true. One of my favorites Patricia Ellsberg teaches a course called The Emergence Process through the Shift Network on how to shift from ego to essence instead thinking with our heads, thinking with our hearts. Lead CEO of the Shift Network and is one my role models both for the work that he's doing to help other emerging visionaries as well as being a partner with his wife in creating this company that helps accelerate the shift in social consciousness.

Natalie: Great! I know. I'm so excited to be invited, to be a part of that. But you know and I think there are so many of us now that we're sort of, we feel like we have this message but you know like you were saying, we don't really articulate it, we're not sure whether we're worthy to be the one to be spreading the message which you know, I can put my hand up off or put back many times. Who am I, you know? Why would anyone listen to me? But if you do have the story to share and an experience to share then you'd understand how much it would help people around the world which is awesome. So, Mark, where can we send people if they want to find out more about the telesummit or about you?

Mark: Absolutely! They can go to to register for the summit. It's a free summit for 30 days and there are 40 speakers. You can also go to my website which is my name Mark Porteus, that's m-a-r-k, p as in pal, o-r, t as in Tom, e as in Edward, o-u, s as in and I'll have links there to the summit and to the transformers mastermind.

Natalie: Great! And guys, if you click on the banner to the side there, it will take you straight through to the page from there. So, thanks for joining me Mark. It's been a pleasure having you this morning.

Mark: I'm so happy to be here. I really, really love talking to you every single time.

Natalie: Awesome! Now guys, I encourage you to share this video and the information in it and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there. I'd love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters Video E-Course. Includes masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf and Joe Vitale. It's actually valued $87 but I'd like to give it to you for free but you have to put your email on the box to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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