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Episode # 447   Marilyn Suttle - How To Turn A Difficult Customer Into A Raving Fan

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with international speaker, CEO of Suttle Enterprises and author of "Who’s Your Gladys?” Marilyn Suttle. Marilyn joins Natalie to discuss the inspiration behind her latest book and how it can help people turn even the most difficult relationships into their biggest wins. During the show, she explains that everyone has a “Gladys” in their lives, who can be a family member, a co-worker or customer. And according to Marilyn, Gladys is someone who is very demanding, requires a higher degree of skill to manage, and very difficult to please. However, oftentimes these people give us the gift of growth as they challenge us to become better. Marilyn reveals several creative techniques to turn challenging situations into opportunities to strengthen relationships in every area of our lives.

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Taming Gladys



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