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Episode # 109   Marcia Tabram Phillips

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell interviews the health expert Marcia Tabram Phillips who had an incredible flash of inspiration while whe was working out. Using the power of Mind Movies, she now uses her idea to inspire children and adults around the world to live more healthy lives. Marcia takes a positive approach to provide support to those in need and reduce the obesity epidemic around the globe.

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Episode # 109 Marcia Tabram Phillips

Natalie : Today on the Show, I?m speaking to Marcia Tabram Phillips who after a flash of inspiration while working at at a gym, is now using mind movies to help educate children and adult on the benefits of health. So stay tuned and enjoy.

Hi I?m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show, and today I?m with Marcia Tabram Phillips, Hi Marcia! How are you?

Marcia : I?m fine, and you Natalie?

Natalie : I?m fabulous and we seemed to be wearing matching tops today.

Marcia : I did did it on purpose because you know I think it was, I know you did it on purpose.

Natalie : Subconsciously on purpose, yes. Now Marcia the reason that I have you today is to talk a little bit about a very interesting application that you?re using mind movies for, but before we get into that, let?s start a little bit about you, you know where you from, and what is your story?

Marcia : Well, I was waiting center at New Jersey, and I did a lot of sets of traveling, and schooling in different locations across United States, and I became a teacher and I was also in the health industry and I learned a lot about serving my people that I nurtured with very studious and very I helped them in a healthy world. And I?ve been blessed with one of good things and I am especially blessed with your products.

Natalie : Excellent. So what is it that you do now?

Marcia : Right now the greatest thing that I?ve doing and I?m so excited about is the DVD?s I?ve created as a result of my investment in the mind movies and your programs, I?ve made this DVD series on Healthy Living. In fact on the call of law on attractiveness for physical fitness and healthy eating.

Natalie : Yeah now and who you working with? Is it many adult? Is it children? Who were the market that you?re using these mind movies with?

Marcia : The market is two for, one is for children and the second one is or adults. Actually, it started with the adults when it?s working out, and I always spent the women?s locker room instead of going out to the main school, room with it actual screenings and that?s a story during once on the adults and then it went more.

Natalie : Right. So you got your inspiration when you were at the gym?

Marcia : Yes I did. I was listening to your DVD?s and Cd?s in my ear and working out during my visualization and it came through when I left the women?s locker area to see the twelve screens around me and I?m going well that?s negative news, negative, negative, nine always went to passive areas and it went to instructions that are clubs where I was working out, where it is not noisy, and have positive atmosphere and so I put that into my soul spirit. So I went, that?s what I?m gonna do, I did what you thought me, take all the lessons that I learned in my walker play and put it together to help others and I start the one for adults on twelve screen.

Natalie : Right, excellent. So you played these mind movies and you get them played at the gym, so how do you approach children, how do you get in contact with children?

Marcia : Well the first reason, may reason possibly on what you?re asking, is how do I start doing the ones for children was because I was sitting there, designing for adults when Ms. Obama went on television interview with Today?s show talking about the program where children once moved. And I went, wait a minute I need to do it for children, and so I may have start doing that and lesson to much with all the skills that I learned and how to put it together came up with these passive informations to help children because child abuses was one of the number one problems to the nation and in the world and I thought this is the calling that I was supposed to follow what want.

Natalie : Yeah absolutely. So how can we help you get the message out there? You know how can we spread this you know, law of attractiveness by health through mind movies?

Marcia : Well, immersing point thing is which trying to get them to every school across the nation, not just schools but the wise, the military bases, any places children congregate their families because one of them bargain to positive affirmations and motivations to include food, to be selective when they eat and to exercise, not every person has to be a small skinny person but the idea is to be healthy person and it be a healthy person they need to combine all these forces right now where major 33% of the American populations are food overweight. And so we?re trying to get the map, we?re looking for people to sponsor the movies play at their school districts, and get them in to the schools one of the bathing room, hospitals, and doctor?s offices, we also want to get them in wise and any clever activity where children and adult parents participate.

Natalie : Right, excellent. So if anyone watching this video can actually help participate in getting this message out there would really be appreciated. Now Marcia where could people contact you if they want to be able to help you with this noble cause?

Marcia : Well, I?d really appreciate that, they can get in touch with me in one of my websites, one of them is,, or if they completely can?t remember any of that, they can go to I love you more than Chuck which is my first parenting book and they?ll eventually find my name Marcia Tabram Philips and then they go in and e-mail me and I?ll be glad to talk to you and find out who can we find to help with these movies and all these different venues, because we actually want to get them around the world including mission places and places where people are really hard pressed in half healthy eating.

Natalie : Yeah. Alright. Marcia well thank you so much for joining me today and this is such an amazing message that you?re getting out there, and it just makes even better that you, you know doing it with mind movies which is fantastic. So remember you can contact Marcia through or

Marcia : for life,

Natalie : for life, And if you click on the banner on the side you actually go to the website through that banner. And I encourage you to share this video, especially if you know someone that can help to get the message out of the mind movies, now you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven?t done so already, make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there, we?ll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we?ll keep you up to date on all of our upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We?ll see you soon.

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