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Episode # 219   Manifestation Success

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie speaks with her good friend and world-renowned hypnotherapist Brennan Smith about how to rid yourself of limiting beliefs. While earning his Neurophysiology degree, Brennan's fascination with brain anatomy helped him discover how our thoughts quickly become things. This revelation caused a major shift in his conservative western-minded thinking and since then, he's spent over a decade studying therapeutic hypnosis. Along with his team at Natural Hypnosis, they're improving people's lives by empowering them to conquer limiting beliefs through the power of their own mind using hypnotherapy. During the show, Brennan focuses on how hypnosis affects the brain and how we can quickly and effectively reprogram our minds to create the life we desire. He also shares some of his favorite success stories and a special offer on his Manifestation Success Program from Natural Hypnosis.

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