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Episode # 171   Magnetic Charisma Cris Van Cleemput

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Cris Van Cleemput, to discuss his work with magnetic charisma and how that energy affects personal reality and daily life. Throughout the show, Cris shares how his extensive scientific background and masters degree in engineering prompted him to turn his fascination of magnetic energy into a coaching career. Cris explains that, as a young man, he was known as a great friend, someone who would always help others when they needed it. However, when Cris became ill, and could barely complete daily tasks, none of those same people came to return the favor and help him. He realized and promised himself that if he recovered from his sickness, he had to change something within his personality and life. What he realized was, every person has two personality types, a focused side (often times selfish), and a giving, caring side (mostly selfless), and if one side is given too much focus, the personality will suffer, similar to how he was feeling. Cris did recover and has since created a flourishing coaching business, and has helped people around the world find a balance between the two polar opposite personality types, to find a harmonious balance.

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Episode # 171 Magnetic Charisma Cris Van Cleemput

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with European business guru Cris Van Cleemput. And he talks about how we affect our personal reality through what he calls our magnetic charisma. So, stay tuned for that.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is Cris Van Cleemput. How are you Cris?

Cris: I'm doing very good. Thank you for having me on your show.

Natalie: Now Cris is coming to us all the way from Belgium. So, I don't think I've ever had a guest from Belgium before, so it's an honor to have you here. Now for those people who haven't heard of Cris, he's actually known as the European business guru. And he has an extremely, inspiring story to share with us and some fantastic information. So, before we delay anymore, Cris can you just maybe start with your background and your story.

Cris: Well, I've been always been very fascinated about everything which has to do about reality creation, how do you impact your reality, how do you change your life, more into a life of what you really want and this has already started from a very young age. I still remember when I was about 11 years because I'm now 44, I already came in contact with the first books, set speaks and that basically iconic work of Jane Roberts that goes much deeper into how does reality really works and that has always been a very fascinating story for me. And basically the scientific background which is sort of described in a set speaks has fascinated me to that degree that I decided to get an engineering degree. So I have a masters in engineering and also worked as an assistant professor for several years at an engineering school in Belgium. And also was the head of the burb Minton electricity. So I've always been fascinated by everything which has to do with electricity, magnetic fields, that kind of stuff. And basically the relation between what's going out, what's going on outside of ourselves and what's going on inside of ourselves and make that correlation between the two of them.

Natalie: Right.

Cris: And to go into a bit more into the topic of what I will be talking about today which is magnetic charisma. This is a concept that has been developing over several years in my life. And to give you some backgrounds, I've always been someone, specifically in the past, I've been someone who was you know very giver; I've always been a very giver and giving mentality. I still remember when friends came to me when I was younger like when I was 17-18 years old. People just came to me, friends of mine who have problems with their girlfriends or their boyfriends just to sort of trafficking how can they solve their problems. And I literally said to those people "You can always count on me and I can always help you and you can always call me 24/7", so I really was there for them all the time. And I really liked that; there was something that, they gave me joy because I was basically already a coach before. The name coaching was really so popular as it is today. And it really gave me a lot of joy but then when I was about between 25 and 26, I became very ill. And more and more as the days passed by my energy really almost dripped out of my body, I felt less and less energized. And although I was still very young, I really felt "Okay, my life is soon to be over ", because literally to give you an example, when I took the car and even to get out of the car and get some gasoline, just the part of getting out of the car going to the gasoline station, that was just too much of energy, just taking of a glass of water was too much energy for me. And literally I think this energy became less and less until I almost couldn't move anymore. And I sort of had opened expected that all the friends that I would call now between greatest friends, all the friends that I was for them there all the time and that I've helped all the time is would sort of return the favor. And to my surprise that wasn't the case, not even one of those people came by to tell me and to ask me how I was doing. So I sort of made a commitment to myself, if I were to come out of this and which I will be well again, something had to change in my life because whatever I was doing it wasn't working and it wasn't really effective for me. Luckily after a few months I slowly started to recover and by the end of that year I was completely recovered. So I really discovered already quite early on in my life and I know in a lot of personal development environments that's where they focus on lots on is giving, giving, giving, giving, giving. Well that thing could really need to be put into context because for me from my own experience it was something just focusing on the giving, was not really the whole story, it wasn't really the whole picture.

Natalie: Well you need to do something to be able to feel your energy back up. If you're completely giving all the time then all you're doing is depleting everything that you have.

Cris: Indeed. And then it's wrong because I first work as an engineer as I just told later on because I've become so passionate about observing people, helping people and also interacting with people to help them grow. I later on decided and this was in my early 30's, I decided to focus on leadership because I already have a few leadership positions early in my life as an engineer. So I focus on to get more deeper into that topic and to go and consult in this kind of environments where I talk to CEO's, people in management levels, executives. And it was very interesting for me to observe there, that's when you talk to, specifically very successful executives and successful CEO's. And this is the nice part of coaching as you probably know, when you are in a coaching environment, you really have very confidential environments because as a coach everything that they say that stays between the two of you. And that's why you really have the ability to look into the minds of a lot of people because they are so open and sharing, because it's also a necessary part of the coaching to really go into their deeper core to help then change a few things. And sometimes even in coaching you, you even have more partner of the coachee than their partner has.

Natalie: So really a lot of the work that you were doing, what we've see how is it people that were running the company. So you had more of an influence to have a change in the culture of the company because you're actually starting at the top on the person that actually is in charge.

Cris: Yeah. Indeed. And that's where I sort of made a link again with my experience earlier on when I was 27 when I was getting sick there that I really saw that these successful people, that they had a difference side of themselves as well which I called and which I sort of think does it taker mind sense. This people, for most of them, the most successful of them has two parts in themselves developed. The first one is the lack of the taker part and the taker part is a very focused, sometimes extremely self-centered part of their personality, a sort of attitude that you go for a goal, you don't give up on that goal, sometimes a sort of don't mess with me attitude, that's one part of their personality. And then the other part of their personality and that's for the most successful ones, that's almost a complete opposite of that, very deep, very loving, very sharing, very selfless, also being willing to basically fade into the background. And the most successful of these people, they have the ability to sort of shift between this two polarities. And that's why I made the link that's, and this goes back of course to my engineering backgrounds that the moment you have these two polarities developed in yourself, you really develop something which I called magnetic charisma and magnetic charisma can be also compared to a magnet. If you still remember in high school, we all do these experiments when we were in high school. You have a north pole and a south pole of a magnet and sometimes in the classes of physics they put some iron fillings on sheet of paper and then you see that this iron fillings sort of line up to the specific patterns which we called field lines. So you sort of translate that's law of physic if you translate into what's going on, it's the magnet who influences its environment, it's the magnet who impacts its environment. And in order to become basically charismatic yourself because what is charisma, charisma is an essence, it's about influencing your environment; it's about impacting your environment and if you make the analogy with the magnets, you can influence your environment by developing these two specific different aspects in your personality. So you really need in yourself a very specific north pole, so this very focused part of your identity, sometimes very self-centered, don't mess with me, I really want to do what I like. And then at the same time you really need to develop the other part, the south pole which is opposite as I just explained which is very selfless fading into the background. And if you don't develop these two poles, it's as the same thing like in magnets, if you don't have a north and a south pole, you really don't have much influence on your environment. That's what I also discovered in my own experience that going back to the giver pole which I would sort of determined as a South Pole in this framework. Only being an extreme giver which I was in the past, it made a lot of people happy, it also made me happy but it really in the end was very depleting on myself. So you need to have both of those and the crucial part of it is and this also relates back to Madison's which I always put these links with physics and electricity. It's very crucial that you don't mix these two polarities up, like if you go to magnetism, if you put your north pole on your south pole, if you mix the two magnetic charges together they can't see each other out. A positive charge and a negative charge that can't see each other out, they really need to, there's need to be difference between the two of them, there's need to be a distance between the two of them. So if you want to develop magnetic charisma, if you want to impact your environment then when you're behaving in your north pole, you only need to behave North Pole like. Afterwards you need to behave South Pole like but never mix them, like if you're going for a deal which would be north pole like, very center, I want this deal to succeed and so on. Then it's not the time to go completely in a south less attitude because that won't get you anywhere.

Natalie: Right. Of course!

Cris: But the moment your deal is done then you can go back in your selfless attitude, you can have a nice chat, you can be very loving and very accepting but that's afterwards. So it's essential to have these two aspects developed in yourself together. And when you look at most people in society, specific very iconic people like Oprah Winfrey and other people who are really big names, you will always see when you know how to look carefully that they always have developed these two poles. So like people who know Oprah from a much closer environment so to speak know that she's very determined but at the same time she also is very involve in charitable work. So two polarities this is where these successful people walk in to. And if you only develop one polarity, it's not sustainable. If you develop only a taker polarity where you are very self-centered, you probably might achieved quite a lot but at first you will have very little fulfillment and everything which will be developed around you will very easily be, it will not stick and probably you will lose it very quickly again. And it only develop your giver call well and you give yourself away and that would also not help you in the end.

Natalie: Yeah I can see how there are so many different situations where you would have to step up and especially if you're closing deals and doing that everything that we're allowed to have one personality trait and then the other. So it's interesting how you've actually been able to isolate both of these. And I know that when we think about the new paradigm that you know we're moving into when it comes to business, how it's more about collaboration and about you know working together and not so much competition, you can see that's a culture that people are trying to bring into their business, as you can see where both polarities really we're playing, they're coming to play with that.

Cris: And then there's also another consent which is very fascinating again and again I made a link with electricity and magnetism. Up to now most of us had created something out of friction. I will explain myself more clearly. Basically creating something for yourself is an aspect that takes a lot of energy because I always say that in order to get away from your normal orbit, if I'm gonna look at launching a space shuttle, you need two drunk kits to really get out of that normal orbit because otherwise you just stay basically in the same paradigm, you stay in the same environment and very little in your life changes. But up to now, I always have created out of friction and creating something has always cost to the love of energy. Now if you compare this again to magnetism, there is two ways of energy transfer which you can have in electricity. One is we would call asynchronous energy transfer and yellow one is synchronous energy transfer. And what is very interesting with synchronous energy transfer of synchronous energy transfer, at that time when you have the same frequency as the frequency of your encapsulating magnetic field around you the then the energy happens much more with affectivity and with much more ease. So that would sort of, if the way that you just describe like how are we moving into this new paradigm where we, or basically moving away from just a very selfish part of creating and more coming into alignment where we collaborate for much bigger hole. This is also a paradigm that you would find again back in physics where if you transfer in synchronous way then love is possibly as much more easy, that's one thing. And then another thing and I'm throwing in some words and after physics if you go into resonance. You probably have most people in their, when they're in high school they'll all come with an image that was shot in United States many, many years ago where a certain bridge almost collapsed because of the wind, the frequency of the wind that was hitting that bridge and the bridge almost completely collapsed because the bridge came into resonance. The moment you get into resonance, the moment your frequency is the same as the frequency that's going on outside of you at that time the ink that you have is really tremendous. That's where you go into alignment with your environment. That's why some people like if you read in spiritual literature, that's what probably some people described as having a God experienced or having a spiritual experienced where you've come part of this bigger whole and you feel such tremendous amount of energy and that energy is much, much larger than your own individual part because you basically line up with your environment, you line up with your frequency out of yourself.

Natalie: Yeah. Cris I know that we have only just scratched the surface today because there's too much that we've got to share. And I know that you've actually written a book about all this as well. So if people wanna find out more about this work that you do and your book and about you, where can we send them?

Cris: Well the website where they will find most of this information is

Natalie: Wonderful! Cris thank you so much for joining me today. It's been an absolute pleasure. We might have to have you on again in the future just so that we can go into more of this cause I think you just scientifically explained how the law of attraction and being in flow actually works. So guys look, I encourage you to share this video and the information in it. And you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there. I would love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters video E-course, it's got masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, its valued 87 dollars and I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail on the box there to get that. And if you click on the banner to the side there you'll go straight to Cris's website to find more about him and what mazing things he is doing. So until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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