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Episode # 512   Love is The Power - Robert O. Williams

About The Episode:

Is it possible that love is the foundation and essence of life? During this unique episode of The Inspiration Show, my special guest and author of the book “Love is The Power”, Robert O. Williams reveals the answers to questions like this, and explains a very powerful message of love that came to him after going through multiple near-death experiences and visits with other dimensions.

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Episode # 512 Love is The Power - Robert O. Williams

NL: Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show, I have a special guest who has just written a book called “Love is the Power”. This is actually an autobiography, but something like you’ve never read before. There’s quite a story to be told here and quite an amazing message for humanity as a whole. But before we get into our conversation today, I just want to remind you that if you are watching this video on Facebook Live, or in our YouTube channel later on, don’t forget that after you watch the show, click the link below this video so you can take my 30-second quiz so we can figure out what’s holding you back from success. So, please, help me in welcoming my special guest today, Robert Williams. Hey, Robert. How are you?

RW: I’m fantastic. It’s such an honor to be on your show. Thank you for having me, Natalie.

NL: Thank you so much for being here. Like I said- I was saying to you before we started the show that I was reading through- quickly going through your book- and you have had quite the life. I think you’ve actually been able to squeeze a few lifetimes into this one life experience. So, why don’t we give some highlights to the people that are watching the show right now, this amazing journey that you’ve been on?

RW: It has been an amazing journey and it always is a beautiful surprise every day that I wake up. I grew up in an odd place in consciousness. I used to see fairies and all kinds of nature spirits, which of course everybody else thought that was just because I was crazy, or mentally ill, or something. So, I didn’t tell too many people, but I grew up with that kind of thing happening all the time. Then I really got into music and had my life set out to be a professional musician. Actually - so I went through high school and college playing my saxophone and got a gig with a bunch of different bands, including the Beach Boys. That was my big win, right? Especially in the 70’s…

NL: Yes.

RW: Everybody knew the Beach Boys back then. So, I was playing with them and during that time in the mid to late 70’s, I got very, very ill…Very, very sick. I had this near-death experience.  So, you wanted to introduction- I don’t want to just keep going here. So that was kind of my short- life with the fairies, odd kid on the block, playing saxophone, Beach Boys. That brings us up to 1979.

NL: Wow. I want to – if anyone is watching the show…  I don’t know. I’ve had guests on in the past and I was actually just talking about this last week. How I seem to have a bunch of guests who - you included- who had some kind of ability. I had a woman on here who could see ghosts. I had a person who was a medium- yourself. You could see fairies and so forth. But they had some when they were younger, had these abilities, but then for whatever reason- whether it’s because people thought they were crazy, or they were shut down- because they kind of went dormant for a while. But then, an event happened for them in their early 20’s that helped to waken up. So, tell me a little bit about the near-death experience. Do you think that the reason you had that was so that you could awaken this gifts again in you?

RW: You know, I do. But not in the sense that I feel like I’m the only one, or I was special. In fact, just the opposite. I felt the experience- so your audience knows about near-death experience. My heart had stopped, my breath had stopped and yet I was conscious and I was in a different dimension and actually various dimensions. So, the most profound experience, or the most profound statement I can make about that experience was that, it wasn’t me. It was us. It was all of us. That the essence of life itself, the essence of consciousness itself, is a unified field .It’s not - We precipitate and we condense energy into matter in a very wonderful and mysterious way, so that I can be talking to you. We have different bodies, different locations, different stories, and different backgrounds. But, at the essence, my direct experience was of unity… Was that there is one loving, all-pervading consciousness. From there, it’s like the root. One root in the many branches, and the many leaves and the many fruits of the tree that look different on the surface, but have the root in the same from the same source.

NL: Right. You know I’ve just recently- I work with Dr.Joe Dispenza- who most of our community knows this. We go through, at the advanced event workshops, meditating for five days and different, varying levels and length of meditations. Our purpose is to connect to the unified field, which is exactly the term that he uses. We know what it’s like to be one with everyone and from that field of infinite possibility to be able to create from there. So, I feel like maybe that event opened up a spirituality for you. Did you have some form of that while touring and in the 70’s touring with the Beach Boys?

RW: You know- I did. This is the cool thing. One of the most famous Beach Boys songs is called, “Good Vibrations”. You’re probably too young to remember, but it was a number one hit for a long time. It’s a great song and when I was with the Beach Boys, not all the time but often, we play that song and the whole audience and everybody there- the workers, the ticket booth, everybody- was in this higher vibrational zone of consciousness and that is a higher state of consciousness. So when I was out of my body in these different dimensions, there is a state where we can have our differences. We can have our individuality and, yet, the unity through our hearts starts to overflow and there’s a high state of love, and a high state of compassion, and understanding. The Golden Rule- everybody’s heard of that- and if you actually experience yourself as ‘in union’ with all others, then how can you not have compassion? How can you not love them because it is really another aspect of yourself. So in concerts with the Beach Boys, we would get into that zone and we’d musicians and people who have been to concerts. I bet you all of us have had that experience where “whoa” something is different here and it’s not just the chord progressions, or the singer. Just- with more emotion there’s something magical. It’s that group conscious unified experience. So I had that with the Beach Boys. I even had it bands growing up and sometimes in different situations with groups of people. We’d all kind of merge for a while and then we go back to our differences and the differences begin to pervade more than our hearts unified field. That’s just the bridge we’re on right now. We’re bridging this paradigms between our individual selves, and our needs, and our fears perhaps to our collective blossoming with the collective realization. That we are all the time. We are we speaking with each other, communicating with each other, and ultimately understanding how the heart does that. Even when we’re not speaking words even when we’re not doing this, or that, because the heart is an all- pervading connecting link for each one of us.

NL: Hmmm. Well apparently the heart is another brain. It has an intelligence to it. It has energy to it. I agree… Through our heart and through that connection. So, how does this apply to life? Like…. So, you’ve had that connection with the unified field. How do you come back from that and then live a human life, or a human experience?

RW: It was a bit tricky because I had actually lost most of my individual desires and I was just serving this mystery, this light, this love. But, I think I can answer in a practical sense. It’s been a long time. It was 1979 and here we are. The most profound practice that I can share with anyone is to recognize from time to time what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling. That subjective awareness that can identify what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling, what we’re feeling emotionally, what we’re feeling physically. That subjective…  The silent observer, actually, is more truthfully who we are. So that is not bound by the thoughts. That state of awareness that reality of consciousness is not bound by our thoughts, not bound by our emotions, but enlightens them. So it’s a practice. If we just stop right here and just, “what are we thinking, what are we feeling”? We’ve all heard about being in the “now” moment. It’s a reality, this place. We’re accepting all that is and the heart begins to open. It literally, the heart chakra- and a clairvoyant can see this and I can see it from time to time- the heart actually has a gold light and begins to open up. It doesn’t stop with our bodies. It begins to connect with, not only everybody else, but inspiration, solutions to problems, insights. All the great inventions and innovations and insights- even Einstein. He’d have to go off on his rowboat and play the violin to get out of his head, to get out of his emotional attachment to whatever. Then the download would happen, right? So that’s a function of the heart. That’s a function of unconditional love, or letting go in each moment.

NL: Right. Yeah, I know. I’m kind of completely humbled with the whole thing. It’s like with Joe -just because I’ve come from that event. He explains exactly the same thing, but from science. It’s amazing how religion, science, spirituality is kind of melting into this one ball of awesomeness and full of love that we can understand as the true essence of who we are. Then have, like you said, that compassion, have that empathy, have that ability so that it permeates in your relationships, your conversations, how you are with other people. So tell me a little bit more about the purpose behind writing your book. Now, what is it that you’re hoping the reader will get from reading it?

RW: To realize that love- there’s a state of consciousness that I define in the book as love. It’s not something we do, it’s actually something that is. It is not something that we effort to try to realize, it is actually something that we when we release- and you can even say just accept everything for this moment- what it is. We actually realize that this is the baseline for our very selves and for all the creation. It doesn’t have to be a near-death experience, or anything too dramatic. It could be very subtle, but also just kind of a sudden realization that, “Oh my gosh. We have this field of information. We have the solutions to our problems. We have the love that is required to heal our wounds and to heal the suffering even the cruelty”. So the purpose of writing the book really was- I have a friend also in Australia. I said, “Hey listen to my stories” and said, “Hey mate. You got to write it down”. So really it’s as simple as that. It wasn’t like a big deal for me, but it’s turned into a wonderful opportunity to connect with people like you. Then, we’ve also discovered that we can generate the frequencies of the heart and generate the frequencies of the optimal functioning of all of our energy centers through different applications, through different mediums. One of the things that’s in the book is about how we can get now an app that will generate these life supporting natural frequencies that protects, encourages, enhances our own ability to live more fully and to be in our hearts. These are innate in nature. So we take a walk in the woods and we’re going feel those same frequencies. Now we’ve been able to figure out how to broadcast those frequencies to a cellphone, so that’s kind of cool. The book talks about that a little bit more in detail.

NL: Yeah. Now I know, like I was mentioning before, another way that we can reach this unified field in this place of love is through meditation. I know that you are a proponent of transcendental meditation, or TM. So have you done other types of meditations, like- I’m just wondering what set TM aside from the others and why do you like it so much?

RW: You know, I’ve tried just about every one of them. There was a period where I was just exploring all kinds of techniques. Transcendental Meditation… I like it because of that word effortlessness. If you’re meditating, if you’re doing TM properly, it’s not something that you concentrate. You don’t use your mind actually. You don’t use any kind of effort; that’s the key word. It’s just- you close your eyes. You notice that there are thoughts. The thoughts come effortlessly. You replace the thoughts with your mantra. With that same ease of witnessing just how thoughts come and go, and the rest is automatic. So, it actually, without effort, expands your awareness. You begin to see that the seer is greater than these objects of perception. So it’s a very simple. So that’s why I like TM. The others are great too; I don’t dog any of them. Anything that makes us pause once in a while and just be with ourselves, I think, is a good thing.

NL. Right. Now, I know that you also have an app that is connected with the book as well. So tell me a little bit about that technology. As far as I know it’s designed to help increase our happiness, right?

RW: It’s designed to release the interferences to our own hearts- and that ultimately will bring happiness. Not because we’re trying to be happy. It’s because we’re happy automatically- even if we are having a hard time. Happiness just comes and goes. I have an 11- year- old daughter and she’s going through changes. She’s almost 12 and there are all kinds of changes going on. But I- if I just watch her, which I do a lot, there will be moments where she’s just laughing. She’s just- it’s not really because she found something funny. It’s just that happiness- that innate baseline of freedom comes out and she starts laughing. It’s not to say that there’s not suffering. It’s not to say there’s bad things, but when we have our hearts open- you could say- that happiness, even in dark times or even with pain, it doesn’t laugh at anybody or it doesn’t ignore difficult situations. But the happiness turns into compassion into a way that we can handle things more easily than the contraction of these negative emotions. So, the app, specifically… We all have cellphones these days. You get it. At some point, go to an app store and get this app called “108 App” or “Love Is The Power” or, “The Heart Plus App”. Sorry- that’s the name. The Heart Plus App. So you download the Heart Plus App and you’ll have these natural frequencies like you’re walking in nature without all the buildings, and towers, and noises. You’re walking in nature, you’re walking in your own essence. We are nature. It is us. It’s in us, around us. Then we have other things that are stressful. So this app enhances those natural energies, those natural frequencies that unleash happiness without effort. Let’s say that.

NL: Wonderful. Well I want to congratulate you. The book looks amazing and the technology. I think that being able to create something like that really is for the betterment of humanity. There’s so many apps and so many things out there, but this is actually really helping to increase our ability to live a more compassionate life. So congratulations on that and thank you so much for joining me today, Robert. It’s been an absolute pleasure chatting with you.

RW: It’s been my honor. My pleasure. Thank you so much, Natalie.

NL: Now, if we want to send people somewhere to connect with you and to get their hands on the book, or the app, where can we send them to do that?

RW: So it’s spelled out.

NL: Wonderful. Now we’ll make sure that if you’re watching this online, we’ll put the link in the feed below here, or we’ll have it somewhere around the video for you. So I want to thank you for joining us today. I hope you really enjoyed the content that we have. Make sure that you share this video; please get the word out. You can do that by clicking the share button here, so we can get the word out about this incredible book and the app that we have here. Don’t forget that once the show is finished, just click that link below the video so that you can take our 30-second quiz to figure out what’s holding you back from success. So, until next time. Remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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