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Episode # 311   How to turn any adversity into opportunities

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with author and motivational speaker, Kit Summers. Kit joins Natalie to discuss his personal journey from traveling around the world as a professional juggler, to lying in a coma for more than a month, to finally emerging as a successful motivational speaker. During the show, Kit explains that despite the many troublesome times he?s experienced, he has now learned to turn every adversity into an opportunity, and now teaches others how to do the same.

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Episode # 311 How to turn any adversity into opportunities

Natalie: Hello, everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And

today, I have a very, very special guest. This gentleman has a very inspiring story, he had

quite a journey and I can’t wait for him to share that with you. So, Kit Summers, welcome to

the show.

Kit: Thank you, Natalie. Good to talk with you.

N: Now, Kit and I had actually been in communication for a while now and like I said his story

is inspiring. So, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background, Kit, and actually,

how you got to make it through to today?

K: Okay. Yes, I’ve been told that it’s interesting but there’s a group in San Diego and there

were many users there and I used to perform in (00:54) shows, juggling. And I ended up

performing in Dallas Casino, I was a big time and I was there for 9 months. Then one night as

(1:08) the show, I was hit by a truck. I was in a coma for 37 days. (1:16) I could walk and

talk, basically, everything. So, I came back from that to write 5 books and spoke around the

world. Then in 2010, I rode my bike and I was hit by another truck and much of my body was

broken and pretty much teach myself to walk and all that and I came back from that and went on

to Australia, New Zealand. I’ve done workshops, classes and that was quite a comeback for me

going there. And now, I’m in the process of writing a series of books entitled, beyond your

potential. These are books that will help everyone to achieve a better life.

N: Right. Now, so basically, Kit was literally hit by a truck…

K: Right.

N: (overlapped with Kit) for 37 days. You get out of that. You get your way back and then,

years later, you again got hit by a truck like what are the odds of that happening? And you

were able to come back from that as well. So, are you back to juggling? I know you’ve had to

re-learn to walk and talk, all those kinds of things, but are you back to juggling yet?

K: I am back to it. But my juggling level is not in the level that I was. I was actually one of

the world’s, record holder in juggling and I’m the one on the top round, but now, I’m just down

to level three, not even. I do motivational talks. I help people to see their life and see what

they’re going to achieve. It’s (garbled) where we go. I actually plan to go to San Diego in

May. I would love to build and work to speak with groups or schools (3:20).

N: I know. I love it you’re using your own journey and how you are able to come back from that

adversity and be able to inspire others to do the same. So, tell me a little about what you

think was one of the biggest lessons or the biggest things that you have to be able to overcome

to be able to get back on track?

K: Well, of course, like many people do, I felt sorry for myself. I got depressed. I was very

upset for a time but then I said these are feelings that I brought myself. If we, it’s how we

think. If I, it’s how we see our life. It’s one of the happiest days of the world now. I got

through my depressions by just knowing that they’re temporary and feeling when you’re down and

like giving up, just remember that to be back up again (4:21) and doing well. And if you can

think that way, you will never be depressed again. So, (4:30) and stay away from depression by

doing that.

N: Right. So, what you are talking about is just being able to see yourself as kind of being

happy and tap into that more and more.

K: That’s it. We choose, we actually choose misery and we also choose happiness. We choose how

we feel and I wouldn’t choose misery. So, it’s how we think and how we feel about our future

that gets us up and going.

N: (Agreeing) So tell me a little bit about when you’re talking to different groups, what’s the

main message that you’d like to be able to instill with them?

K: Actually, Natalie, I have a series of things that opens to various things that I speak on.

And also, when I do speak for groups, I go and do magic and I (5:22) and I teach the group to

juggle. So, it’s a lot of fun along with my speaking and motivating. Just as I said, I came

from ground zero and I, they can just go from where they are now into greatness because I truly

believe that we can all reach peaks. So many people in life go for mediocrity. If we go for

mediocrity, we achieve nothing. If we go for excellence, and that’s a choice, that’s a choice

to go for mediocrity or go for excellence in every little detail of our lives. They can bring

on such a magnificent life. It’s a pretty (6:13) life. It’s easy to just get back and let

things happen but if we did that we’re going nowhere. But if we go for excellence, then we can

live a fantastic life.

N: That’s it. It comes down to our choices doesn’t it? So, you know, I know you are an advocate

for being unique and unusual. So why do you think that’s such a good thing?

K: Well I think I got that from my years of learning to juggle was so different. I’ve never

been one to play basketball, football and baseball but I’ve always chose the different path.

And it’s so easy to fall into this same-old, same old and to know a path, I just see so many

unhappy people who have a comfortable life or may be they make a hundred thousand a year but

they hate their life. And so, if we go, we try things differently and go different routes, just

it’s what you’re going to achieve what your passion is. People are going to go for their

passion and with my juggling and my recovery. Get this, Natalie, about 20 years ago, I started

a company, I made salsa. It’s salsa that I developed and I sold thousands of my salsa and it

did very, very well. From juggling to salsa, I mean, it shows that people can do amazing

things. If we’re listening we can have the life that we choose if you want.

N: Yeah and I know these days, the sky’s the limit. Like you were saying there are so many

unusual ways and ways where people build a business and make money that really whatever it is

that makes your heart sing, I think you can actually make a business out of it or create a life

of it.

K: Exactly. The key is passion. If we have passion toward that, whatever it is, may be we’ll

make a lot of money but we’ll stay happy, that’s the thing. But it’s a loss if we don’t make a

lot of money after our passion, very important.

N: Yeah. I totally agree. I can only just imagine how much strength it would have taken from

you to come back from not just one accident but two accidents. So, where did you draw that

strength from? What actually gave you the strength to do that?

K: Well, I kind of develop the attitude of working towards excellence from juggling, because

with juggling there is always like a routine to learn (9:15) and so I think I learned that for

myself through my juggling to reach some more and reach for more and as you know, there’s so

much out there that we cling on to and (9:33). So, I am not sure how I developed but everyone

could have that. That’s the thing, if people just put in a little extra effort, they’ll get so

much more and if they can put a lot of effort in, they can live the life that they want, that

they choose.

N: Absolutely. Now I know that you’ve been working with a lot of different people. So, can you

share a story of someone you worked with that you’ve seen a really amazing transformation in?

K: Well, for myself, there’s Tony Robbins, the speaker and the fire walk, and we met in San

Diego. He is from that area in Delmar. I went to fire walk and we became friends. I had lunch

in his house. I went to the wedding. His passion is just so obvious for everyone that sees him.

That’s the passion that people need. For myself, I have inspired many people to look at their

life and then see the (10:52) they’ve gone through and think back on the works that happened in

your life and you know through that or you get to it now and life goes on. So, it’s just sad to

me that people walk around worrying about or they’re so upset about some small detail about

life that goes wrong. It’s just, for me, I’m here on this earth to help other people and to

have a good time.

N: Yeah. (laughs) exactly, or else, what is it all about?

K: Yeah. Life’s short and then we die and that’s it.

N: Exactly.

K: So, if everyone will do what they can help other people make this world a better place, it

would just, the masses, they’re so contained, for themselves. If they just open up to other

people, it would be tremendous.

N: Yeah. I agree with you. I truly believe that we all have the same purpose and that is to be

the best version of ourselves and to contribute and to help others. The way that, that purpose,

the ambition and how we fulfil that purpose is different but I think when we can focus on that.

To be able to wake up every morning and know you are making a difference, that you’re living

your purpose and that you’re inspiring others to do the same.

K: That’s true, yes. That’s a good thing.

N: And that’s exactly what you do. So, can you tell me when we meet if you can teach me how to


K: Yes, of course. I teach, when I did my speaking, I teach with scarves and their lightweight

and I’ve thought thousands to juggle with scarves. They drop slowly so they’re easier to

juggle, but it’s more than that when after the program they are not able to juggle who said

(12:59). They can never tell themselves that they cannot do or learn something. It’s when

things are broken down, we can just learn so many things in life.

N: Yeah. I agree. I agree. Now, Kit, I want to thank you so much for joining me today. I’m so

glad that I’ve got to share a part of your story with the audience. So, if people want to find

out more about you or when you’re coming in to San Diego, any days that you’re doing, where can

we send them?

K: My website is (spells it). On there is my phone number, email and all. And

like I said, hoping we could set some things up. I’d love to come to San Diego. I grew up in

(13:50) beach. I went to (13:51) high school, and when I come back there with my new books. How

about this for your listeners, if they send me an email, I will send them a digital copy of my

first book called accident, beyond your potential accident. So, they go to my website and they

click on about how to send an email and they send me an email. Also, I’ll send them my book as

my treat and hope they (trailing).

N: Kit, that’s very generous. Thank you so much for that. So, guys, just go to

and make sure that you contact Kit, so he can send you that book. Thanks again for your time

Kit. It’s been an absolute pleasure having you here.

K: Same with you, Natalie. Good show.

N: So guys, I encourage you to share this video. You could do that by clicking on the Facebook

and Twitter share buttons on this page. I also encourage you to download the app, so you can

watch the shows on the go. You don’t have to necessarily be in front of your computer. And make

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for free. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without

limits. We’ll see you soon.
Kit Summers



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