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Episode # 122   Kindness The Movie

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell invites Eva IIona Brzeski, award-winning author, producer, and director, on the Inspiration Show to talk about her ongoing project, Kindness The Movie. During the interview, Brzeski shares that the movement collects videos from all over the world to show true acts of kindness that promote compassion and peace. Brzeski is also finalizing her documentary, Kindness, which she hopes will positively transform how people perceive the world.

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Episode # 122 Kindness The Movie

Natalie Ledwell: Today on the show I'm speaking with Eva Ilona Brzeski. We're talking about this incredible project she's working on called Kindness the Movie. So to find out more about this and how you may be able to get involved stay tuned.

Natalie Ledwell: Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is the lovely Eva Ilona Brzeski. How are you Eva?

Eva Ilona Brzeski: I'm very, very well Natalie, nice to talk with you.

Natalie Ledwell: I'm so excited to have you here on the show today because you are working on a very, very inspiring project. And the project is actually called Kindness the Movie. So, first of all can you give us little bit of a background of what the movie is all about?

Eva Ilona Brzeski: Absolutely, the movie is about kindness in all its forms, and it's mostly about what happens when we focus our attention on kindness. So its encouraging people and even myself to begin to look more of the kindness that's.., if that is a pure thing in my world and to see what happens to my experience of the world when I'm looking with that perspective.

Natalie Ledwell: Wonderful! So, how long have you been working in this project?

Eva Ilona Brzeski: So, I've been working about it, sort of thinking about it, I'd say for a few years and you know, I'm kind of a crock-pot film-maker, some things takes a long time to marinate, and kind of develop. For me, before I really know how to move forward, we started formally working on it, I think about a year and a half ago and, we are still kind of raising money and still working on finding the right characters should bring the story forward. So we're pretty much now, after a year and a half ready to jump in, fee first, you know.

Natalie Ledwell: Right. Awesome! So, what was the inspiration behind the.., to take you on to this massive project.

Eva Ilona Brzeski: Well, it's.., for me it was really very much about noticing how much attention there is in our world, and especially in the media to.., what's not working. I mean, I think, everybody in media; everybody knows that a good story is based on conflict. And so, with that.., means is that.., you know, in the news, all we hear about is conflict, all we hear about is problems, all we hear about is suffering, And even in our entertainment, what we hear about.., you know, we look about reality, TV.., you know, when I was working in a reality TV. I'm not ashamed to admit it but it is true that those turns was based on conflict and.., trying to find people who were gonna get in it to each other and that makes a great story. And so, I started to wonder about.., you know, whether that was actually skewing our perspective because if you talk to people, people must live to seem to believe that kindness is very rare in the world and the world.., and that the world.., things are getting worse and worse. You know, as an example, people tend to think that the crime rate is worse than ever, when in fact, statistically is much.., you know the crime rate is down. Quite a bit from 30 years ago but most people don't believe that. So, I just started to wonder if.., you know," Is this like becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy? And what would happen if we turn their attention to the opposite direction?"

Natalie Ledwell: right. So, how do you define kindness?

Eva Ilona Brzeski: I think, one thing that I.., cause is it's kinda reinvesting working in this project is that when you ask people about kindness most people say, "Oh! You know, well, kindness is very, very rare," and you push them a little bit, they say, "Well, kindness is.., it means somebody doing something extraordinary with no hope of being.., getting any kind of compensation, they're just doing this amazing thing out of the goodness of their heart. And I think you..., I like to define much more broadly like anything that benefits us, we can see as kindness.

Natalie Ledwell: Right!

Eva Ilona Brzeski: So, you know.., if you would have a beautiful latte, the person who made that latte for you, you can see them as very kind. Or you can just think that they're just doing their job and they.., you know.., why didn't they do it a little bit faster.

Natalie Ledwell: Yeah! So, it comes out to perspective as well, isn't it, like we choose how we look at things then we choose how we act. So if we are choosing to see.., you know.., little.., acts like that is kindness and we saw that we wanted to include somebody in our day and into our lives then we can actually raise the level of kindness that we experience, and that's a choice.

Eva Ilona Brzeski: Yes, exactly.

So you spoke before about reality TV and how really this.., you know.., I haven't seen the news for nearly eight years because they just.., everything's what to.., and I think they were just trying to realize.., they're just trying to present things in a way to make it sensational that we'll keep watching. So, why do you think it's important that we focus more on kindness rather than social injustice and least of other things that are happening in the world?

Eva Ilona Brzeski: I think that it's a great question that.., I think that, of course, it's important to pay attention to the problems of the world and certainly we should be doing everything we can to eradicate those problems. So I have no quarrel with that, whatsoever, but I think when you start.., I'm a documentary film maker so every.., pretty much documentary films that is proposed, made and funded is about you know.., some specific problems somewhere in the world that trying to make it better and there's so many, every time that a problem is solved, a new problem comes to takes its place.., you know, you manage to.., one group of people manages to..., have their situation approved then immediately another group of people is.., you know.., even in worse situation. And I'm curious what.., how much power to change the world through changing our minds, through changing what we choose to focus on and the way that we..., you know it's very hard to bring the world peace.., you know.., working externally but if we can develop some peace within our own minds then I think we have a chance to create a peaceful world and one by one we each can have some control over how we choose to see the world whether on how we choose to see people as kind or unkind.

Natalie Ledwell: Yeah!

Eva Ilona Brzeski: Well, dramatically, it changes the way we experience our world. And if we each person can be making that shift then I think we can experience a much kinder world without having to tweak our externals at all.

Natalie Ledwell: yeah, well that's the thing too, like, if we are the example, if we find and it please our souls a little kindness that has a ripple effect.., you know.., of course like you said "world peace" okay that's some kind of fundamental.., you know task. It's starting with our souls first and moving out to our spirit influence, well that's a much easier thing to do.., and if we all do that and that's.., crazy, massy change. Now, I know that we do a movie; you have a very interesting way of finding people to be involved. And I know that you have a video contest happening, so, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Eva Ilona Brzeski: Absolutely! That was really a fun way to sort of kick off the project. What we did was we, you know.., I am not so much interested in what I think is kindness but I'm very, very interested in what other people see as kindness. So I.., with my team here we have a lovely little group they're working together. We, for now, call for crowd sourcing video and we ask people to send us stories of kindness, true stories of kindness. And we got videos from all over the world, we got really, really lovely.., you know from little kids to older people and just many sweet and funny and inspiring stories and.., that's.., we just wrap that up and it's just been such a fun way to start to build community and connect. And I'm hoping from that community that.., we can actually have that as our base to go out into the world and even increase the number of people that are involved because for us.., I mean for me personally.., you know.., It's more valuable to me to have many, many people thinking about kindness and beginning to experience that shift that we were discussing than it is either to get a film made. You know, I want to make a film because it's a great way to connect with a lot of people but the prize does have, how many people have that experience of teasing that different way of looking of things, that's a very important thing to me that's really where the value is in this project.

Natalie Ledwell: Yeah! Awesome! So what's next for the kindness movie, where are you at with this project?

Eva Ilona Brzeski: well, the next thing we're doing is we are beginning; we're kicking off what we call our kindness big impact campaign. And so it's a big impact because we are hoping that it will be an opportunity to really begin to connect with a much wider community throughout the world, we're hoping to get people throughout the world involved. So the first thing were gonna be doing is inviting the people to a crowd curate with that could mean is.., in addition we are always still connect, collecting people's personal stories of kindness that they've experience. And I wanna.., just you know.., clarify that I'm most interested in people's experiences of the kindness of others. So many people you know.., want to think about becoming kind or being kind which is wonderful. But I think what we think about on how others kind to us it kinda opens our hearts in a different way. And so we're looking for people to continue to send their own stories but also to look for stories in the media you know.., maybe in your town, there are some stories about you know.., some act of kindness or some extremely kind person who you can point our you know.., point our intention to that person and maybe we can fish with them or maybe we can go and shoot more with them, maybe there's a story that really deserves to be unpacked in some way, or maybe it's just a little you know.., one of the many, many stories, all stories of kindness that we could use to you know.., to create this beautiful..., sort of celebration of kindess. Another thing that people can do is send to Youtube videos, so they're all kinds of videos out there.., like the dog adopts all the animals in the pet shelter you know.., these stories, dogs hugging cats and you know.., anything that reminds you of kindness, you can send us that link that we could follow that up and feature in the film. You know.., all these stories that people start to.., one thing that happens that you are working on a project like there are these people start to send things to you. So for instance, I was sent to this beautiful story of this athlete who.., like a teen athlete who they had all trained together and one of the other.., think there was a race, and the other girl had fallen down during the race and this teenage girl picked up her competitor and carried her across the finish line because she said we all trained for this, we all finish this race. Sounds like a perfect story of kindness. So we're hoping that people will start to just.., mob us with this stories, so that we can.., you know have lots and lots of influences in our film. There's also.., we're also looking for a casting.., we're doing a casting call.., so if people knows somebody who.., for instance somebody that either who sees a lot of kindness in the world or somebody who really maybe wishes there was more kindness in the world, like it could be someone who wouldn't, and you can nominate yourself, you could nominate someone you know.., somebody that might be a good character who earthier sees kindness or would like to see more kindness, and go ahead and let us know about that. Cause we are looking for people who might play a bigger part of the film.

Natalie Ledwell: Wonderful!

Eva Ilona Brzeski: Yeah! There's some other ways...

Natalie Ledwell: So, how do people keep up-to-date to what's going on and find out more about this project can get involved?

Eva Ilona Brzeski: So, the best ways to get up-to-date or to get on our website which is www.kindnessthe And we have new lottery, you can sign up and we'll keep you posted on everything that's going on and we have a Facebook page kindness the movie and you can like that Facebook page and we'll also keep you actually up-to-date on everything. And we're gonna be having lots and lots of different challenges kindness challenges like we want to encourage people to kindness flash mobs.. And things like that to.., you know.., we're open to all people that has ideas about how we can bring people's attention where to kindness and make it fun. So, it's not doesn't feel like chore but just like something what everybody wants to do. I think it cute. I think if you.., you know when people are happy and peace that's.., our nature is to be kind. So that's kinda one we look up in to.

Natalie Ledwell: I know it's such an amazing project and I'm thanking you so much for joining us today. Now remember if you click on the banner to side, you'll actually go straight, straight to that website which is and I encourage you to share this video and information in it and you can do that by clicking on the Facebook and twitter share buttons above. And if you happen done through on our rating make sure that you put your email in the box above it cause I wanna share with you $87 manifesting with the masters video A course and masters like Marci Schimoff, and Bob Proctor and John Assaraf And I wanna send to you that for free so make sure you put you emails in the box above it to get that. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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