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Episode # 414   Kim Schneiderman

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with psychotherapist, author and columnist, Kim Schneiderman. Kim joins Natalie to discuss how her latest book called ’Step Out of Your Story’, has the power to transform tragedies into triumphs. During the show, Kim explains that the reason people get stuck in their lives is because they’re unaware they have the ability to change their story. This is why she believes that when people imagine their lives as if it was a novel and see themselves as a 3rd person, they’re able to emotionally detach themselves from the situation and overcome their challenges easier. Kim shares that everyone has a story to be told, each unique and powerful in its own way, and rewriting our own scripts that are getting in the way of becoming our true self and living our best life, is the most effective way to transform our lives.

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Kim Schneiderman



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