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Episode # 322   Ken Elliott

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with full-time artist, author and lecturer, Ken Elliot. Ken, who?s also a manifestation expert, joins Natalie to discuss his latest book called ??Manifesting 123 and you don?t need the 3?, which describes how our thoughts take form in the non-physical world, and how we can bring them into our reality simply and efficiently. During the show, he shares the 3 most important steps to successful manifestation and reveals why we don?t need the 3rd!

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Episode # 322 Ken Elliott

Natalie: Hi, I’m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have a

very special guest with me. He’s going to be sharing a little bit of a different take on how to

manifest an amazing future for yourself. My guest today is Mr. Ken Elliott and he is the author

of the book called, Manifesting 1,2,3 and you don’t need the 3. So welcome to the call, Ken,

how are you?

Ken: I’m doing wonderfully. Thanks for having me on the show. This is great fun.

N: Yeah, wonderful. In the tradition of the show, we get you to start with your story and your

background on how it is you get into doing what it is you do.

K: I was very fortunate in that I have met in the last 20 years some of the most gifted people

on the planet, at least in the west. One is Judy Goodman, who is very gifted, she can see

things that I send her in thought. And I just played with that for a long time. I also became

very close friends with William (1:03), the best-selling author of books, how to go out of

body. And both of them were telling me things about what thought does on the other side, and

for me it was just a game for a while. But I finally got it and so I’m passing on that

information to everyone else.

N: Wonderful. Now, as we’ve said the name of the book is Manifesting 1,2,3, you don’t need the

3, so let’s start with what number 1 is in that process?

K: Alright. Number 1 is simply this, your thoughts unlike what we have conceived before, your

thoughts actually make something. It never occurred to me, it’s like one of the light switch,

when I turn on the light switch, I don’t make a vision board that I’ll get light, I don’t hope

and pray, I don’t call my nasal – please the light god, please make the lights work make it to

switch. I know there is a power plant. I know how it works. Ditto when I get water. I don’t

pray for water. It comes out of the tap. We live in wonderful place where it happens. With your

thought, your thought actually makes something. So for many years and with different people, I

can send them something in thought and they would get it. They would watch it form up and water

coming out of the tap will say, but what really happened was your thoughts would form up like a

smoke, like a vapor and they get more and more solid if you added more intention. They would

(2:29), 3D, they get a blush of color and then they get so solid and so 3D that they come in

from the spirit world – where my friends can see them – and then they come into your life. Now

that takes us out of the wishing and hoping and waiting game because if you start hitting the

switch, it’s like the elevator button, pick that elevator button, the elevator is coming but it

didn’t hurt you keep on pushing that elevator button, you know that elevator is going to get

there. That’s not the greatest analogy but if you have a thought, it starts to form, my friends

can see it, it happens, it interacts with the things and feelings around you and it makes the

thing. Now that is the under-penning of every manifestation book you have ever read and if you

think, and I’ve talked to some people in new york city, 22nd floor (3:20) to this people, and I

say, look out your window, you can’t see a blade of grass, you can’t see a native tree,

everything you see in Manhattan was smoke first. And it built this great engine that is new

york city but it was a wisp of a smoke as a thought first. Your thoughts actually build

something from scratch and it’s your great gift.

N: Okay. So we’re talking about being able to see the thing that we want to manifest, is there

a, should we be doing it, how regular should we be doing this? Does it manifest instantly?

K: It starts immediately. Once a day is enough. If we got together and said well, 3 times a day

would be better, people would do it 30 times they would never leave their house. So when you

start to think of this, it starts to form up over there and my friends can see it and here is

that law of attraction thing, there is no law of attraction without that first thought. So when

you think about that little red sports car or you’re trying to get your expenses paid, it

starts to form. And you keep touching it, touching your vision board, it could be what I call a

movie in your future. You talking about the movie. We use all these layers of intention to try

to, well not try, we are building the thing. And it doesn’t matter if we believe it or not, you

don’t hear that in the manifesting world very well, very much or in the manifest world, it

doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, it works anyway. I don’t understand gravity but I’m

firmly in my chair and I can’t make gravity work more or less. Gravity does what it does, it’s

the natural law and thought makes stuff, that’s all it does.

N: Right. Okay, so what’s step number 2?

K: Number 2 is grateful. Now, when I’m doing the movie and I’m in my future, I have these

different scenes in my movie and I have perfect scenarios in my future – I have perfect health,

then I say I am so very grateful – that’s the great (gestures), it’s playing in the 220 where

the washing machine is, that’s the turbo charger in the car. So I can build things like this

and I’ve done it for years. It’s very hard, (5:31) concentration. I don’t work so hard. I

figure the perfect thing in my future. I don’t put a lot of detail, I said perfect career

didn’t I? I didn’t say I had to lose some weight and get some tires in my car and added up,

nope, perfect. And then I say, I am so grateful. That is the greatest powers in the universe.

Gratefulness is love. And I’m grateful to my God of understanding, whatever that is, let’s give

credit to where credit goes. The other great parallel of the universe is fear. Worry. Worry is

a thought that’s loaded with fear. And it’s the opposite of that marvelous future that we have,

that’s loaded with gratitude. So, that fear thing is very real. And of these things that we

believe is that this fear comes right at you, because that bills do or you got that pain. You

have this problem. So you can afford to create something as turbo charging your fear. So here’s

the solution, let’s take action on the fear, this is so simple, it’s 3 am, you have a problem,

we’ll call it money, and you have to get the rent paid and you need $700. You’ve got 4, 5 weeks

but we get less than that 2, 3 weeks. If you sit up and turn on this lack of money, I can’t pay

it. I can’t pay it and you’re putting fear in it, you’re making that thing. Now one track you

have this happy life, you’re manifesting that thing. On another track, you are manifesting that

you can’t do it. You’re making both of them. You’re making both of them. You might get the

perfect career and then you get fired because I’m not worthy. I fear that I’m not good enough.

Those are two things and they can, they don’t counteract each other, you get them both, you get

the job and get fired. Congratulations, you make two things. One of them doesn’t have a very

good result. So, you’re going to take action on that fear by putting it on to your calendar.

Put it on your smart phone. I have problems with money, okay, I’m going to work and I’ve

already put it on my phone that morning and that night at 10 o’clock, ting, oh dear, I’m going

to call the boss (7:43), ooh, I hate that, I hate that but I’ve got to do something with this

fear. So I’m going to take action on this lack of money. Lunch I’m going to call some people

who owe me some money. Hate that too, I wish they would just pay me. Would it pay the note? No,

but I can call them anyway. I’ll make another note, 4 o’clock or after work, I’m going to get

on Craigslist. I’m going to look at the want ads. I’m going to take action in a number of

different ways about this lack of money. By the way, I’m sure they only got in my block because

the future took care of this. I have an unfair advantage. It just works. So, I don’t charge up

that fear and I am manifesting things in my perfect future and you know you just can’t any more

than that. So I don’t worry much anymore, I have concerns. Sometimes, our concerns, but I’m not

charging it up with fear. I want to take action on them. Put them on my calendar.

N: Yeah. So rather than focusing on what might happen, what you’re doing is proactive in taking

action to make sure that the scenario that you do want to come to fruition or you do want to

manifest is actually going to unravel than what could happen. So tell us (overlaps with guest),


K: The good thing is what could happen. The bad thing is what could happen? You’re going to

make either one, so just point yourself to happiness. Right?

N: Great point. Okay, so what’s number 3 and why don’t we need it?

K: Well, we all hear how very, very powerful we are. Now, I have been doing this for years and

years and years and there’s lots of stories from those years from go look at

the stories. You will have a very nice evening just reading these stories. You’ll go what? I

can’t believe it. But it happens to regular folks. So what I have learned is, people is very,

very powerful. Yes, we all hear that but it’s hard to buy it. But I’ve seen too much. So if

you’re manifesting some of your future and you want it to happen and it happens, you’d go, wow,

how did I do that? And the stories will tell you that very real people are getting spectacular

results. Your thoughts really make something, I’ll say it again, it doesn’t matter if you

believe this or not. I’m just the guy on the corner going, this really works (waves) but do it

yourself. Because it doesn’t work until it works for you. Well, we’re so very powerful and I

have been this higher self thing, I have seen this, yada, yada, yada and like, I can’t sell

that. But let’s put it this way, because get these results because of your, this is your birth

right, you’re empowered to make anything. It’s like breathing (pauses) I forgot to breathe,

help me. Have you been trained to breathe? Oh my god, I forgot to breathe. I don’t know what

part of the room I’m supposed to breathe. No, we were born learning, knowing how to breathe and

it’s in the air around us. We literally breathe what surrounds us. Your thoughts interact with

something in the field. Your born with this ability. You didn’t need training and you’ve been

making things since you were a kid. But we don’t buy under that, but we’re so powerful and it

is allowed, we can make anything. Okay, got it. So you’re big and you’re strong and you’re

powerful and all these kind of stuff and you want to go on your movie and you’re pure and

you’re bigger than life. So you’re going to go to that part of the movie theater and I’m the

gate keeper, I’m going to check you out. And look at you Natalie, you’re all in white, very

nice and you’ve been fasting 40 days and you’ve been drinking distilled water. Ah huh, yeah, ah

Natalie, do you have impure thoughts? (makes a sound) you can’t go and you are not pure, you

don’t walk on water but you don’t have to be powerful, you don’t have to think that you have to

get into this big perfect zone. We go around the side door, we sneak in the theater like 12

year old, it’s our theater and you could go in and sit down and run your movie every time. You

don’t have to be big, you are, which is the number 3. Number 3 is a statement of how big you

are but you can’t use it, you don’t need it. It comes with the package. You’re born with it.

N: Yeah, absolutely. Now can we just hardly scratch the surface and Ken is actually my guest on

our monthly members’ only SSA call this month. We’ve had a fantastic call and really expanded

on all these concepts that we just started today. So, if you want to find out more about the

SSA membership, there is a banner on the side of the page here that you can go to, to find out

more about that. Now, if you also want to find out more about Ken, as you can see his website

there is and he has so many stories there of people who have been able to

manifest what is it that they want in the future. So, if you have at any time have any kind of

doubt that you don’t have the ability to be able to manifest what it is that you want, go to

that website, read those stories and you know help to build your belief that if it happened to

them, it can happen to you as well. So thanks again Ken for joining me today. It was an

absolute pleasure having you here on the show.

K: My honor. Thank you so much.

N: Thank you. Now guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking on the

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you haven’t done so already, so you can watch the shows on the go. And make sure that you leave

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next time, remember live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you

Ken Elliott



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