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Episode # 324   Kaya

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with dream interpreter, author and international lecturer, Kaya. Kaya joins Natalie to discuss his new book, ?The Source Code?, which offers more than 880 pages of interpretations of symbols and signs from your dreams. During the show, Kaya explains that his book incorporates over 15 years of research study and it aims to teach people how to interpret and understand the profound significance of the messages received during sleep and the signs encountered in everyday life. Plus, he reveals the life-changing dreams that forever altered his destiny.

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Episode # 324 Kaya

Natalie: Hi Everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today I have

a very interesting show for you. We’re going to be talking about dreams. What they mean and

whether we actually have control over them and how we can use them in a way that’s really going

to help us to step up to a better version of ourselves and may be manifest some things in our

lives. Please welcome my special guest Kaya. How are you Kaya?

Kaya: Hello, Natalie. I’m fine, thank you. Thank you for the invitation. Thank you.

N: Wonderful. Now I have your dictionary, your encyclopedia about dreams, it’s a huge, huge

book here and you’re calling it the ultimate spiritual guide. So let me get into what you mean

by that in a minute. Why don’t we start first of all with your journey and your story and how

you got to write such an amazing book?

K: About 20 years ago, my life changed completely because I started to receive very, very

intense dreams and nightmares. I felt that I was going crazy. But simultaneously I was just

fascinated by the world of symbols. And I could (1:21), I just wanted to know more and more and

I was writing down everything and because of that, I decided to walk away from fame and glory

and from my career at that time. I was living in a lot of abundance but simultaneously I was

drawn to the notion of understanding myself. And I had no choice because it was, I was

receiving nightmares, I had moods up and down. It was very, very difficult, very difficult. It

was kind of like all my life was in process of changing but I’ve started to do meditation and

to completely devote myself, totally I would say, to the understanding of symbols. I was

receiving 10 to 50 dreams every night. It was fascinating. In the beginning I have to say that

it was a little bit extreme because I was even staying in bed for 20 hours sometimes. I was

completely living my life to dream and to know more. I disconnected myself completely from the

concrete world for many years – no tv, no radio, no newspaper, living all alone in the woods,

in the forest, in the cabin – and then I started to work on myself and to transform myself. And

I have discovered that with dreams, we can really one day understand that life is like the

matrix. It can be like a dream because it is a dream. The connection with the multi-dimensions,

the meta-physical dimensions of who we are is absolutely fascinating. The quantum physics of

our consciousness, and I think we are all pioneers right now. We are all right at the

beginning, at the merge of the change, a huge change that will help people to understand

themselves. And this is why there is a lot of depression, lots of burnouts, etc., etc. that are

happening around the world for millions of people because there is a major, major opening of

the unconscious. A major one. This is why we have technologies now. I love to compare the

notions of who we are to computers. We are soul is a living computer and we record the positive

and the negative memory too, all our experience and everything that we meet and face without

even knowing we are always making choices, to plus or minus, minus, minus, plus, plus, minus. I

like that. I don’t like that. I want this, I want that. And all this is like in connection with

the memories we have accumulated, friends in school and everything. And you know, just having a

lack of confidence at the age of 50 years old can be connected to millions of memories that we

have accumulated. So we can deeply program that and we that in dreams of course, we receive a

lot of nightmares if we have difficulty with our confidence. Then you see that in emerging

dreams and when you start to interpret them, then you can cleanse the memories and you can

accelerate your evolution and transform yourself and this is what I have done. I have worked

many, many years, I was so shy you have no idea, 20 years ago, I was so shy. It was very, very,

it was difficult for me to manifest and now, my life is so wonderful. And of course, like what

I said to you during the pre-interview together, I explained to you that for me I think being

human is not enough and this is what I have discovered. And I think we are all here to become

angels and to develop our spiritual power and capacities. And for me, an angel is a dreamer.

The wings are very ancient metaphor that express our capacity to dream and to open ourselves to

multi-dimensions and to our spiritual powers. So this is why, for me, the matrix is something,

this is my life now, I have to say this is my life. I see signs all the time. Just yesterday, I

walked to the office because I live close from my office and I walk every day to go to the

office and in the morning, there was a man and he had a wheel chair, it was around 9:30 am and

he was just walking with his wheel chair and he was like having parkinson’s disease. He was

shaking. I just wanted to say to him hello with all my heart. Just to give him a little bit of

comfort and so I said hello to him and then I saw an ambulance that just passed and then he

answered hello, then I continued, it was 9:30, about 9:30 and about 5 hours after, it was

around 2:30 or something like that, then I did the opposite way to go back home and then the

same man was there. And he was also on the opposite direction coming back from where he was

supposed to be, I don’t know, and he was walking again with his wheel chair, with his

parkinson’s disease and I saw him and at the same time I saw the ambulance. It was like

amazing. It was like synchronicity. I was like in a dream. And for me this was like and I knew

that I was right on time, that all my schedule and everything that I was going through and one

day we’ll live like that. We understand the mechanism of symbolic aspects and we have proof.

(overlaps with Natalie)

N: Let me quickly interrupt you because I wanted to ask you specifically because I know you

talk about this as being a spiritual guide, so I want to ask you what is your definition of

what is a dream? Is it something generated from our sub-conscious mind? Or are we tapping into

something greater than that because what you’ve just described to me is what I think is like a

bit of a déjà vu, and often when I feel a déjà vu, it’s like, I’ve dreamt this before. It helps

me feel like I was in the right place at the right time and I’m supposed to be here. So yes,

let’s start with your interpretation of what a dream actually is?

K: A dream is not just a cycle of images. We have to (8:24) imagination. A dream is a

condensation, an accumulation of memories over time that we have done. There’s different

dreams, of course, when we visit only our subconscious, we are only in our inner computer. But

one day, we can understand that this computer can connect to internet, and for me, God,

whatever name we give to these great forces, is like an inter-sky. So, it’s a huge, we live in

that great inter-cosmic intelligence and this is why we can understand, we can see

synchronicities like that. We can think of something, we think about it and then we open the

radio and the song just starts to, it’s just like wow, we have our answer right at that time.

This is what signs are all about. But in dreams, we have these dreams that are representations

of the memories that we have accumulated over time, expressed our fears, our potentials of

course, the beautiful aspects, but one day, we can visit other people in dreams. If we talk

with someone on the phone for example, we can be sure that normally it’s not just a part of

you, you are talking to the soul of the other person. And then the conversation you can analyze

symbolically because this is very important, symbolic aspect is always there in dreams. To

understand dreams also we need to know that the reason why we evolve and why we exist, there is

only one reason, this is what I think, is we are all there to develop qualities and to become

better people, better soul. And we experiment matter, it’s like being children and playing with

toys. But one day, it’s not just a toy, you know, as a car, it’s a real car but it’s a

continuation of what we started when we were very young, we experiment ourselves in matter and

it is there only to develop quality. So this is why in dreams, there are different aspects that

we can visit yourself, understand yourself and also you can receive one day to monitor dreams

also. You can visit the past, memories you have accumulated and the present time, what you are

going through, you can see that in dreams you can to the office for example, and I received a

dream and you know that it is going to go well or you know it’s not going to go well, but if

you know how to interpret your dream then you can manifest differently and then you anticipate

the situation and this is why this dictionary, this source code is not just a book, you know,

it’s really one of the most advanced work on dream interpretation and it’s like you have the

plus and the minus of all symbols so you can refer yourself when and you can start to analyze.

It’s very easy to use that dictionary and it’s an amazing aspect that will help us to

understand the dreams and how we can eventually manifest it to marry spirit and matter because

it is I think one of the most important thing now and we are right now entering in the new time

and you’re merging another dimension of evolution for all of us. And this is why we see, like I

said, lots of depression and burn-outs and everything because there is a huge opening of the

unconscious right now on the planet. And it’s connecting to technologies, and the new

generation they arrive and they are very different, very open. They can do a lot of things at

the same time. They can, they have this intuition with matter that is fast and everything is

more fast than it was before. There’s a huge change in the planet and it’s amazing to live this

present time.

N: I know. I also am personally experiencing as well, like I see it, there are people, it’s

like this mass awakening happening on the planet right now. And I agree with the young people

that are coming into the world at the moment, they are so much more aware and I think it is

very easy for us to see that. So, with our dreams, I know that you’re saying that they’re more

symbolics, they’re not literal as what I’ve heard before, but do they all mean something? Do

they, is the reason that we’re having the dream, there’s a purpose behind the dream?

K: Yes. All of them. They are there for our evolution. This is important, we need to learn with

our dreams. There’s a code, of course, the source code of the dreams and it’s about the

notions, like I said, the plus and minus. All symbols can be positive or negative. Your brother

in-law in a dream, he is all kind and nice and serene, it represents the positive aspect of

what you think, you know, of what you have in connection with him. But if it’s the negative,

it’s the negative side. A lion can be positive or negative. A frog can be positive or negative,

etc. It’s important to understand that. Beauty, harmony will be the expression of the positive

aspects of a symbol and the negative side is in connection with you know, angerness, violence,

etc., destruction or (13:53), etc. So also we can say that the four elements is very important

to interpret our dreams. Fire is the representation of our spirit, of our energy. The air is

the representation of the world of thoughts, you know, if we see a plane, helicopter, bird,

it’s in contact with our thoughts. Then, water is emotion. A lot of dreams is about water. We

see that a lot. And the earth, the earth element is in contact with the world of action. So

every symbol that we see on earth, if we see a train, a car, animals on earth, they will be in

connection with the world of action. And if we see animals in water, with emotion, etc. So four

elements or category of symbols are important to memory.

N: Alright, awesome, fantastic. And so can we, we were talking about this before we started the

interview, can we control our dreams? Can we use them in a purposeful way to, in our journey,

will it help us to manifest things in our life?

K: Yes. Definitely and what is so important is we, but we need to focus. We are too disperse

right now. Technology and everything we do is great. I love it, I just love it, you know. When

it’s time to focus, we need to be able to do it. Unless we are always dispersing ourselves and

we have a lack of concentration, and we see a lot of children like that having hyperactivity,

etc., etc. So, mantras are very important. If you want to know something in a dream, you need

to repeat your question as a mantra. So what do I have to learn from this? Or what is the

reason for this thing happening? Why do I have a problem in my relationship, intimate

relationship? Then I can have, what’s going on? And then, if you repeat the question over and

over, then you will transpose yourself, like in the matrix, you will transpose yourself in the

dream and right into the situation and you will see, exactly your consciousness, you will enter

and you will find the capacity in you to really, really be connected with the archetypes of the

situation. And you will see, you will develop a global position of things, etc., which we have

no limits to our spirit and that’s, it’s amazing, amazing, we can even read documents in the

safe. Everything is possible. We can see, we can see the future, probably a tease of what is

about to happen, because we can always change the future. The future is an interaction, like in

quantum physics of billions and billions of things, of thoughts, of situation. This is why we

could see the future because like there are tendencies, you know, there are energies that are

like going from one direction to the other because even computer now there is like a certain

engine that can like know and say what people are talking about on the net, you see, because

they calculate all the key words on every email, every research that we do. Can we imagine what

we can do in dreams? That’s nothing. Google and computers are just the beginning. We’re right

just at the beginning of this inner technology that we will discover. And once the new

generation, they will make the connection with their metaphysical power and they will

understand dreams and their connection with other dimensions. They will like expand their

consciousness, what we are all looking for. An event that will nourish ourselves deeply,

something, you know you can be the richest man in the world and you can be empty, you can feel

empty, you can be alone. This is why with dreams then we enter, we find, we touch one of the

most profound aspects which is our divinity, we all have within ourselves, because we’re all

angels in training.

N: Yes, absolutely. Kaya, we’ve ran out of time, I know we’ve only just really touched on the

subject and I know there is so much more to it. So if people want to contact you or get hold of

the source code, where can we send them to do that?

K: Yeah. People can go on our website of our non-profit organization, it’s a non-profit that

I’ve put in place also at (spells it). They can go to amazon also. The book is

available in all bookstores all across the US and many, many countries around the world.

N: Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for joining me tonight. It’s been an absolute pleasure to

having you here.

K: Thank you, Natalie. It’s been great also for me. Thank you.

N: Awesome. Now guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking on the

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limits. We’ll see you soon.



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