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Episode # 156   Kacper and Josh Silent Furnace

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with the originators of The Silent Furnace, Kacper and Josh. During the interview, the two men share their journeys to enlightenment and self-awakening and discuss their common goal to share their knowledge, love, and peace with the rest of the world. Kacper and Josh have created The Silent Furnace to encourage others to let go of personal ego and experience a massive shift of awareness. Josh shares two personal experiences with death, once at the age of three and again at age twenty-one. Josh explains that these deaths brought him a new realization about the world we live in and allowed him to detach, from his physical self, to live from the heart. The two started The Silent Furnace in hopes that the world will experience a global awakening and become truly awake and aware.

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Episode # 156 Kacper and Josh Silent Furnace

Natalie: Today in the show I'm speaking with Kacper and Josh from Silent Furnace. And they're talking about how we the deconstructing our ego so through our human self to get more in touch with the spiritual part of us so that we are prepared for this new wave of consciousness that's coming through. So, stay tuned.

Natalie: Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show. And today, my very special guests are Josh and Kacper from Silent Furnace. How are you guys?

Josh and Kacper: We're good. Yeah, we're good.

Natalie: Now, as you, a lot of you may know I'm in Sydney at the moment. I'm here visiting a family. And my purpose when I was here is to get a little bit of straying people on the show. Since I've been here I've had someone from Singapore and these guys where in Ecuador at the moment. Is that right?

Josh and Kacper: Yes. Yes, that's correct.

Natalie: So, it seems like it's been a lucky that we have an international guest which is fantastic. So guys, the reason why had you here because you have one of the most interesting and unusual stories that I've just had to share to that community. So, I don't know who wants to start first with your story and way and how you get to what you are now.

Kacper: Sure. Well, Josh and I both come from a pretty interesting background in life and a pretty intense spiritual journey at the same time on the surface of tears were just an ordinary people with ordinary life and drama but I could introduce as well we could do the self development thing. We were at the self destruction thing and that might be view from read negatively but if you read books like, let's say a cartoon layer. Escape dreams like we call reels virtuality, opporterials virtuality there something were you profound that happened when you realized who you truly are.

Natalie: Yes. So, you told me about the destruction all that egos so front. And getting more in contact with you know, if we all spiritual being having a human experienced, you talking about getting in touch with that spiritual part of us.

Josh: Yeah, it's not so much destruction of the ego it's more like showing the ego its right clone ace blind. Mostly learning around in a full identity story of would they think their real? When everything, the ego is just a talk construct and so it needs to be shown at the right place the mind is the tool is used of a certain things and all. It's not about, you know, complete violation and construction and all that but it get to that place they some kind of death process to go through. So, that's why this words may serve just speak like this for some people but at the end it's not like, it's absent, it's more like it's just shown as like this.

Natalie: Yes. If we're having a human experience, we still mean that human part of us. You know, did you do that but we need to be more aware of the spiritual part of us and the role of the human can find. Is that what you think?

Josh: Exactly, otherwise we wouldn't be able to have this conversation. It requires a sense of new sitting order and I'm sitting here. We we're agreeing and disagreeing and whatever we are doing right now that requires a mind, ego, to interact and play and this play of consciousness to have this ping pong going on but it's what we talked about this relationship of being honest away from that. And become observant of this whole charade the circles, of this circle, this play of dream reality as we interacting in right now.

Natalie: Right. Okay.

Josh: So, it's a shift of around us. It's moving from a heavy sense of identity to a settle sense of self. So, we got all this personal development, what we're saying is this there's no person to develop. It's just a shift of around us. That's it.

Natalie: You know that I'll agree with everything that you're saying but I think that some of us to get to that point we're we realized that there is a spiritual part of us and how to connect with that. They needs to some kind of human personal development to get to that point.

Josh: I chosen to agree to with that. It definitely needs you to clean the windows, make the bed, and flew away the curtain, opens the windows and get the sun shine and it'll come many cops. But what we're talking about is will making ourselves accident prone to awakening. You do that by becoming conscious of your thoughts and your emotions, who you are as a human being what it means to have a body in planet earth and all this things. Of course, as we talks about love includes never excludes. So, it's a holistic approach but I definitely agree with that.

Natalie: I think is kind of like what I'm thinking of like you've got everything in your human has order like you know, like you're not wore that thing, and like all the stresses are gone. So, you're feeling a very at ease with the eager self, so, what's the next level for me now?

Josh: Totally, and I'm like everybody knows is like if there pin body is activated to have negative emotions, it feels like contraction and if that contraction is going on everyday on our own going basis. This constant is becoming aware of oneself it demands your attention and the sense of self is enhance. Were you are in a blissful, happy, joyous place where these emotions are more expensive and so there's more peace. And in that peace you can dissolve and just merge what is around you so for sure in all matters. Everything matters.

Kacper: With regards to personal development like my own experiences, I was very successful entrepreneur at a very young age. And I followed very much philosophy of, you can call it a philosophy it's an approach of how do I improve myself, how do I get what I want. But there just came a time when all that for some reasons just to stop being important. I'm surrounded with all the entrepreneurs, people who are goal oriented, people who function on this linear time and of going here and going there. But all of the sudden it's like, it can just like disappear and this is very disorienting to a lot of people right now. Maybe some people are experiencing this, it's kind of withdraw and almost like you're supposed to be motivated of what's going on, something else has emerging. And it's a called a way of operating and this is the will to talks about cause one part of waking up of this virtual which can be pretty both ride. Actually most of the time and it's learning to navigate to that point. How do we, how do we, this is all a dream reality. How do we dream this thing?

Natalie: How do we still live a life being aware on this knowledge, and how do we still stay connected virtual but still had a foot grounded here on a human planet. You know, I think that's what a lot of people struggle with but I think also with this whole new wide consciousness and a wakening that is happening now. We all know about the end of this year have this shifts that's energetic shifts that happened on that planet. I think more people are open to listening to this and comprehending it in a way that they can still functioning as well. Is that what you're thinking?

Josh: Well, I think you've touch a very opposite dates subject right now. As we can see, things don't work anymore, they're not functional. All system are falling apart and that's just an external expression of an internal reality that a lot of people are experiencing right now including us, me and Kacper, we are spaced out which is disappear into a time business. And suddenly, Oh yeah wait a minute we need to do this things, like you know, a lot of practical applications in life as everybody knows and it creates these polarity of. You need to be in here and at the same time you're everywhere and I would say that it takes a skill, a great, to learn to navigate in several realities at the same time. So for me, I have all the respects, all the respects for people who are the way they can aware and at the same time playing the game of life, full on. I think is very beautiful.

Natalie: Now Josh, the reason that you're so aware of all of this is that you've had this, but you haven't just had one but you had two deaths. Is that right? You've done it. Can you tell us about that?

Josh: Well, when I was three years old, I drowned in a swimming pool and I was declared dead for several minutes and they brought me back to life and I was on an oxygen tank for two weeks to recover and etcetera, etcetera but when I died, even though I was three years old I already had created a sense of identity and when I came back, what I saw in the other side is that it is all a dream. And I have no attachment to the story of Josh Nova. It was just reading a book you can close it and put it in a table and it's gone and there's no attachment to it. And so, that was pretty profound and I also, the night that I was twenty-one years old on the street, and luckily I had a woman next to me who was studying for a nurse and knew how to people, like me, bring back to life. But in bought instances, I had a neon side put in my face showing that everything we think is real but it's just a dream. And a top of that I was also shown that I had a huge download, I was shown the assumption process about the happening here in planet earth. The global awakening and back then this is many years ago and back then I had let these words for it, I had an in to it of understanding. It's very meta-physical kind of understanding and then later on, I had started getting with the Mayan calendar what the sense it really is, all this things I studied this. But so now, I can't speak more with all the details about of what I saw in human languages for words its stop like that. So, it is something in my heart it's a knowing, it's not a some adjusted from Asian country came to me in the land giving convince to me about something and was shown this very vividly and this very beautiful. So, the fourth I mention why we go and you die is very different reality than what we are in right now and it's very beautiful.

Natalie: Well, I'm blown away it's like so you quick pinch me, so you actually had this download. So many questions I want to ask you guys. Which monarchy might finish these predictions might need to another one specifically on that subject, if that's okay with you because I have the same questions about that. Why don't we do, tell us about Silent Furnace? What is that all about?

Josh: Truth, this silence is the truth and the furnace is the burning of the identity because the ego is not gonna leave it's throne without complaining and that complaining can become pretty intense so it's the furnace and the silence is the truth because as soon as we become quiet everything becomes very obvious. And that's why also and all the mystical traditions, so all the traditions, all over the world is, so what all the putting up this is a meditation. That's the only traditional technique that has been used throughout the ages that everybody agrees upon because the silence it's were we find. Ourselves, we need ourselves, the essence of us.

Kacper: So what we do in silent furnace is with the people who are asked interested with just sitting in the silence and watching the transformation takes place in that furnace. As aware as arrived instead now that's were really the magic happens. All that I'm saying is that if you want to wake up, the first thing you must consider is this a dream and the next thing you might consider is that it might be a good idea to hang out with the way of people and the way of spaces in a waking energy. We can also call it sun side and in sun script which means it could be with truth to be socially it was truth. This space we could be at the silent furnace. That's one part of it, that's the way we could bring it which is the way we are not here. The other part, like I said earlier is there's something you notice along the way because it's very disorienting caused as I mention earlier going spacing out, realizing who you are and you think you are coming less important that you use to feels like you are dying. You know some people use to describe it this way. But you know it's like that it's still you. I'm not really telling just anyone else, it's just a way of navigating. We call it navigating living from the heart, creating from the heart. Living from the heart is an entirely different way of living them and most consciousness resigns.

Natalie: Okay. Who would really taught of people, like who will really benefit from you know everything you had taught in Silent Furnace?

Kacper: I think everybody at this point of the planet.

Josh: yeah, as we spoke about this global awakening going on and so to get on the buzz there in needs to be a level of realization of you essence your mutual essence. Me and Kacper were doing everything we can to reach as many people as we can with this message and hopefully touch lots of people's hearts to wake them up.

Natalie: Wonderful. Thank you so much for joining me today like I said let's doing it for the show cause' so many questions for you. If may people want to find out more about Silent Furnace and about you guys, where do we can send up?


Natalie: That's Right guys if you just click into the bottom of the side then you go straight to that website. So, thanks again guys for joining me. So everyone I encourage you to I encourage you to share this video and the information in it. And you can do that by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already make sure to put your e-mail on the box above there, I love to send you Manifesting with the Masters video Echoes, it's got masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Joe Vitale, it's valued 87 dollars and I'd like to give it to you for free. So, put your email on the book. So always remember live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.



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