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Episode # 316   Julie Renee Doering

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Master Health Activator, international speaker and best-selling author, Julie Renee Doering. Julie joins Natalie to discuss the outstanding work she?s doing by helping people achieve perfect health. She does this through the use of a cutting edge technique she developed herself using the Quantum field and people?s own stem cells. During the show Julie explains her remarkable health journey and the many obstacles she had to overcome, including radiation poisoning, 17 surgeries and multiple cancers. Julie also shares that through this journey she not only restored her health back to 100%, but she also discovered her own true path, which is to help others discover their own human blueprint, which ultimately wires us all to heal!

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Episode # 316 Julie Renee Doering

Natalie: Hello, Everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on

the show we’re going to have a very interesting show talking about why you may not have energy

and we’re going to talk to a master health activator, who’s going to help you through,

demonstrate how to get more energy through (00:19) and stem cells, which can be very

interesting. So, I’d like you to please welcome to the show Julie Renee. How are you Julie


Julie: Thanks, I’m great, Natalie. It’s great to be here. Thank you.

N: I think you are my first master health activator that I’ve had on the show. And of course,

we have met once before in person. And when we talked about science and the quantum field and

especially when it comes to our own energy levels, I think this is like really inspiring and

very interesting topic. So why don’t we start first of all with your background and your story

and how you got to what it is that you do?

J: Okay, great. I have an amazing story. I literally survived the atomic bomb testing in the

Nevada desert when I was a child. And from that had multiple surgeries, I had multiple cancers,

17 surgeries, had 10 years of radiation treatment and I died a couple of times. I was in a

wheel chair for a year, told I would never walk with unbearable pain and using canes. On my

journey I discovered the human blueprint and how the body regenerates and literally how to grow

the body back. How to grow organs and glands back that have been surgically removed. How to

remove cancer DNA and how to get healthy and happy and live a long, long life.

N: So exactly how did you do that? Like, you know, for most people if they’re in that such

ill-health, I mean all they’re trying to do is just survive. How do you figure all that stuff


J: Well, I think it was my purpose. I actually think that is why I came into this world and

suffered so much and I think how I discovered the blueprint was in my garden. I have told my

oldest daughter, honey, I can’t go through any more pain, I literally survived death a few

times and said, if I die again, I’m going to go. And she had said, mom, I don’t want you to go.

I don’t want your money, I want you here. And I got to thinking God promised me the garden of

eden, and I’m really living in a hell on earth in this very sick, very pain-filled body and

about a week after we had that conversation I went into my garden which is right out the window

there, and sat there in prayer and meditation chanting and singing praises to God and just

allowing the stillness to come in and when I was 33 I went to a Buddha west enlightened where

Buddha became enlightened where I sat under the Bodhi tree and that’s exactly what I did for

myself. I just said, I’m not leaving this garden until you either take me or you make me well

and literally I started that very first day after a couple of hours I was watching in my mind’s

eye a stem-cell, master cell, a cell that was with me from 7 days upon conception, I watched it

go from it’s very safe state to its perfected God state. And in that perfected-god state, it

went into this pulsing blue orb and I burst into tears and I realized I was looking at the face

of God in my own cells, and my body was beginning to regenerate and within a few weeks of

prayer and meditation in the garden, I was up and walking without pain. And literally within a

few months, I was running 30 miles a week on a mountain trail, I was dancing on stage with a

rock and roll band. These are things that were never going to be possible because I was very

crippled, I was going to die. So, that’s how it happened.

N: Right. That sounds like something that’s very divinely inspired. But what we are talking

about what you do with (3:51) in the quantum field like how did that come into play? How did

those two come together?

J: Yeah. The quantum field is the divine. So God and the quantum field is the same, one and the

same. And the quantum field, actually, we’re working on a blueprint and the blueprint exists in

our perfect state, and we may not even come in as babies in our perfected state, as a matter of

fact, I can guarantee that you didn’t come in, in your perfected state. So we’re working with

the human design that existed is just like in the carilian photography where you tear a leaf

away and the leaf still exists. You can see it. You can see the energy field of the leaf. Well

we, you have that design. That design exists for our stem cells for our cells. The cells that

were with us 7 days after we were conceived and we can bring them to a perfected state and then

we amplify them. So, what that means is there is a program in the metachondria that if you

press upon it using the quantum field, it will start to cascade to cell growth. And what that

looks like for me, when I do it myself not when I’m having a done for me by the divine but when

I’m doing it myself and when I’m teaching people how to do it, it looks like this (gestures

with the hand). This activates the field. This brings the quantum field into a space where we

can regenerate. And the energy, you have to have your energy elevated, so you have to be in

joy, you have to be in unconditional love, you have to be over on David Hopkin’s power of

verses forced scale, you have to be over 500. So over 500, you can activate the field.

N: Right. So, I know that you work with a lot of people, what we’re talking about here is it

something difficult to do? Or is it mainly daily habits or mainly rituals that you do to

activate this?

J: Yeah. It’s not difficult to do. It’s something to learn and I think what’s more of

challenging and what I’m helping people do is clear their unbelief. This field of perception

where there are millions of things that are forming in their body that they can’t get well or

informing their body that they have to age or informing their body that they can’t recover from

whatever, whatever you know means or (6:07) curses or black magic, all that stuff, we have to

clear that away. And then it becomes possible, and then it becomes something that you could do,

anyone could do and my mission is to get to 5 million minds because what I read if we get to 5

million minds then it becomes a no-brainer, anybody can just do it, it’s natural. We remember

it. Because this blueprint had been around since the beginning of humanity. This is what was

created, our blueprint was created so that spirit could inhabit body, we could inhabit an

embodied experience. That blueprint hasn’t really changed. There’s a number of different

varieties on the planet but they’re pretty much the same and we’ve just forgotten to access the

realms that support, the quantum field is one of the realms, the realm of genesis, embodiment,

quantum and amplification. Those realms allow us to live hundreds of years.

N: Yeah. So what you’re saying is our health and the duration in which we live is really up to

us, it’s our choice?

J: Yes. It’s our choice. I also want to encourage people, it’s not your fault if you’re

struggling with that because there’s always information coming to you and you can clear it just

the same way, just this way (gestures with the hand), clear millions of pieces of information

that are preventing you from believing you can. So it’s not even your fault if you’re having

trouble believing it. You need to clear DNA blocks and you need to clear blocks in your field

of perception and life changes. Life changes dramatically.

N: Yeah, because normally when we talk about blocks we’re talking about past programming or

mental blocks, your environment said these are your main blocks that you’re talking about, what

are some of the DNA blocks that we pick up and how do they form?

J: Well, you know, interestingly enough my family, I was working on wealth pictures the last

couple of years and my father, he was an endentured servant and so was his grandmother. And my

mother’s mother was also an endentured servant until she was 11 and so there was slave pictures

in my space, and I worked on removing the blocks to my wealth and women having wealth because

that was very strong in the programming and then remove the slave pictures. It just like pulled

the lid off of what I can produce. I was stuck at this level which was a nice level, no one

will ever think that it was not a good income now I’ve come, it looks like I’m quadrupling my

income this year. And that’s really from taking the programs out of my DNA.

N: Right. So we are not just talking about health here, I mean we’re talking about wealth in

our lives, intelligence as well, is that what we’re talking about?

J: Yes. Yeah, yeah, that’s my main program, I do, I regenerate the brain 100%. I’m the number 1

brain rejuvenation expert in the world. And people come to me in the pentagon, in the united

nations, jack canfield is a mutual friend – he’s a client of mine. I regenerate the brain and

get it into 100% think capacity and then people can get their usep, so we can really use our

genius brain, we can really use our creativity and our logic in the most powerful ways. And by

the way on the DNA, we have a very wonderful breakthrough, the DNA removal with cancer DNA, I

do that and we now have medical documentation that DNA techniques, that I have developed DNA

obliteration process works. We have people go in have the DNA test, have the cancer DNA, come

to me and go back and have the test again and the cancer-DNA is completely gone.

N: Wow. So we’re talking about pre-cancers or the cancer-DNA in your system before you actually

get full-blown cancer?

J: Before you get cancer at all, right. It exists in your DNA. You know there’s a large group

of people on the planet who have cancer DNA and not all of them get cancer but many of them do.

We can go in and remove it.

N: Wow, awesome. So, tell me some of the benefits that people get when they’ve been working

with you. What’s some of the reasons they come and see you?

J: Well, many people come to me to improve their health obviously, but importantly women

between 45 and 70, I see that women want to be focused and clear, have momentum and be able to

follow through and really express themselves. And people will come in and they will kind of

plugging along but they’re not making any real progress and they’ve been working on it for a

long time and I think about a client like Joyce who just had a big heart and she was a coach,

she just didn’t have a clientele and she never even had an email list and she had a radio show,

she came in and she did 2 regenerations with me. So she did two cycles of it. And I mean, she

is knocking it out of the ball park and this was a dream for her and her mind was focused and

clear. She’s attracting the right kind of people, in every way, she’s just excelling and she

looks 20 years younger because when you rejuvenate the brain, the body starts growing younger.

N: Yeah, right (laughs). Fantastic.

J: It really does.

N: Awesome. So can you tell me some amazing stories of people you have worked with and they’ve

got incredible results from working with you.

J: Yeah. One of the ladies who came to me, she was days from death. The Stanford doctors had

told her to prepare for end so they were going to the mortuary that day and her husband carried

her in and her little girl came with. I was able to remove 18 inches of black death from the

middle of her body the first day she came in and really within two months I was able to totally

restore her health. She had a colostomy bag, 7 infections when she came to and that would be

killing her and they just couldn’t get them all and she had holes in her gut that was also

killing her and I was able to grow back the holes in the intestines but I was also able to grow

back the removed, surgically removed colon. So, they took the bag out. She had said to me, she

was so happy that she was healthy but she wasn’t really going to be happy until she could make

love to her husband again because they have married really late in life and I said okay, so the

job ahead of us was to grow a colon back, so she could get rid of the bag and be happy with her

husband and she did. So she’s a very, very happy woman 5 years later. (overlaps with Natalie) a

functioning colon, new one.

N: Yeah. Amazing. How do you work with people? Do they need to see you in person or can they

work with you over the internet? How does that work?

J: Yeah, both. People like to come to me because I have a vibrational signature of over a

thousand, so people want to sit with me. But you can skype or you can work with me in person,

either one. I work with people all over the world. I have german clients in Amsterdam, I don’t know they’re all over the place, Pakistan, I have Singapore. They’re just everywhere.

N: Right, cool. So, my last question is, so with this stem cell rejuvenation that you do, what

we just been talking about now is you doing it to somebody else but how do we do this to

ourselves on a daily basis?

J: I don’t know if you want to do a stem-cell rejuvenation on a daily basis but I would, let’s

see, there are some techniques that you can do, I think, the one thing that you can do, there’s

a demonstration video on the quantum pump on my website, if you can look under energy healing

and see what’s kinesiology about on the quantum pump, just click on that and you’ll get a live

demonstration on how to do the quantum pump and that is the beginning of regeneration, cell

regeneration. I also have it on my book, your divine human blueprint has all the protocols, the

ideas to grow back organs, brains and all kinds of things for people so it is in that nice

encyclopedia really.

N: Right, awesome. So, what is your website so we can send people to find out more and

hopefully work with you as well?

J: Oh that would be fantastic! It’s (spells) and I do have an offer that’s below

the screen and I want to let you guys know that you can chat with me as a result of getting

that offer, if you do decide to pick that up, you’re going to get a 20-minute conversation with

me and I’m going to do a health activation on you. So you’ll be able to feel what it feels like

to have your cells all tingly and sparkly again.

N: Awesome. That’s so generous. Thank you so much, Julie Renee. And actually guys if you click

on the banner to the side of this video, you’ll actually go straight through Julie Renee’s

website from here. So thank you so much for joining me Julie Renee. I knew that this is going

to be an interesting show. It’s been a pleasure having you with me today.

J: Oh Natalie, thank you so much. Blessings everybody, I wish you love.

N: Guys, now I encourage you to share this video, get the information out there and you can do

that by clicking on the Facebook and Twitter share buttons on this page. Also leave your email

on the box on this page as well, so I can send you the manifesting with the masters video


course. It has masters like bob proctor, john assaraff and joe vitale. It’s valued at $87 and I

would love to send it to you for free. But until next time, remember to live large, choose

courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.
Julie Renee Doering



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