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Episode # 142   Jonny Andrews The Kindle Revolution

About The Episode:

Today on the Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with best-selling author and originator of the 'Perfect Publishing System', Jonny Andrews. After realizing the massive potential for independent writers to become recognized on the Amazon Kindle Platform, Andrews created the 'Perfect Publishing System', which reveals the most effective strategies to become a successful author. Andrews wrote his first book in one weekend and within 13 hours of the first promotion, he was the number one bestseller on Amazon. After his success, Andrews shares his knowledge with thousands of others through Internet podcasts and online training workshops.

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Episode # 142 Jonny Andrews The Kindle Revolution

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Jonny Andrews and he shares how's he hoping a lot of people get the message out there through kindle books and how easy it is to get a book published these days. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and today my special guest is Jonny Andrews, how are you Jonny?

Jonny : Hi I'm lovely. Thanks for having me. How you feeling?

Natalie : Fantastic. Where are you coming to us from?

Jonny : Chicago.

Natalie : Oh right. 'Cause see you're rugged up there in your jumper and everything.

Jonny : Absolutely. I know. It says NIU but I did not go there, I just like their clothing.

Natalie : Now the reason I have Jonny here because he's doing some very important work in the world right now and he's helping people getting message out in a very unique way and a very usual way when it comes to books. And I was just sharing with Jonny just before we got on this call, I've been speaking to a lady who's been waking up in the middle of the night, she's been taking this incredible down low, she's been writing a book like she goes I don't even know where this come from, she's never written a book before. And I'm like "so what are you doing with it?" and she goes "well to get it published, its such hard work". I'm like "you don't have to do that these days you know". So tell us a little bit about what it is that you do and your story Jonny?

Jonny : Alright. Cool. Actually let me sort of back up on the whole book thing 'cause a lot times you know unless you downloading from the ether you know having a book and the active writing can actually become ridiculously daunting and so typically point out the folks that there's a billion, probably a billion ways to come up with the book and that sort of thing and that's--that's the important things to remember is that the accessibility that you mentioned that's really one of the most important part, anybody can do regardless talent or anything like that because--I'll tell you about that stuff. But like the quick thing on like how I get into this, I was one of those back in England, I was one of those internet marketing people, did a bunch of you know product launches, etcetera etcetera what have you. And really just sort of look at the business model what was the sustainability of what that was and it's kinda like you know it's a single dude, it was cool you know you make a bunch of money one month, next month, whatever you know but then I did something like this and you can kind of get the feeling that life isn't too happy... but next three months we're gonna have to dumpster dive because I didn't send some e-mails. Clearly something needed to change and I was looking for a business model really scalable and sustainable and you know something that I could make then and I you know always love books in my life. So when the Kindle thing came out, I jumped into it really with both feet, it's basically a partnering with Amazon, I got to say will extend you like all the traffic and stuff and like wow look at this 90% of the crap that I had to do is now being done by someone who does it a billion times better that anyone I know. I'll just do this and it's turn out to be great like a publishing company's done and we we're working like some of the biggest healthiness people out there we done. Fiction is really fun actually outsold Steven King for a while, beat out James Patterson on, I mean it's really awesome there's like systems in place that you can use, that went indirectly to work. So for those people who've always... what would I say, 80% of the world wants to write a book? Cool, it's easy. You do it. And then in terms of like we were saying with your friend is sort of you know having the stuff download and thrower, the reality is the last thing that you want to do in the planet is try to get "published" is just not a good idea.

Natalie : Well I'm going to process now and it's not easy. It is not easy and the thing is we've been talking a lot of this wave of consciousness, this wave of energy that's coming through and there is so many others out there that have a message you know we have some information that's gonna help many people and even if you look at the internet marketing thing you know I mean we have successful--we have a team. You know I mean it's always not that way but we have a team and when you're talking about something this Kindle book, you're talking about something that you could pretty much doing your own, is that right?

Jonny : Yeah absolutely. I mean that's how I get started, was just me doing. You know I sort of abandoned my other business practices in one eye just kind of let them roll and it's well you know let's find out what happens next, kind of. And it was great. It was awesome. With then like I put out my first book, in a week in January, loosely. And then I think when about 13 hours of the first promo, I was number 1 best-selling author is actually, I was then like Dave Ramsey, Robert Kyurasaki, all these dudes and I'm like "Holy crap! This is awesome" like I think we figured something out here and so I just kept on repeating that process over and over again, but it's awesome because you know it really doesn't matter because it could be fiction, it could be non-fiction, and it's all the same. It's really like the--what's happened is that the publishing industry, this is a little over simplified but you know there's big massive publishing houses? The reason they're freaking out so much because everything that they have known in terms of what they do for process, in terms of getting books out in front of people, gets literally become a button, like "beep" all my word, like this multi-billion international whatever dollar companies are now completely obsolete and they have no idea what to do about it and what it's done is empowered the author. Because now there's no difference from like you to your readers, they literally you're in the same room with them, like anybody on an iPhone on a Kindle, on any sort of Pad, computer, whatever it is, your stuff is right there and so all completely comes down to is if you have a book already? It's simply how you put that in front of people, that's--it's really the only equation now, is how you get that stuff in front of people to become how do you set up yourself to literally be the thing that they want to read.

Natalie : Yeah.

Jonny : It's simple as that now you can literally wipe out all other mechanics.

Natalie : Yeah, right. So I mean that's the thing, if people looking for any type of message, any type of information, making this top of the Amazon or top in to Google, the books will come up right?

Jonny : The Amazon can sort of yes-no, well okay there's a bunch that now is getting specifics, it's a little... it depends on first of all, what you want to accomplish with this because the first step in this whole thing is decide what your outcome is, like why are you doing this? You know if you like just for example if you have a yoga studio and you want to quote out some kind of book of yoga and then maybe generate people to come back to your studio to sign up some lessons I mean think about this how--there's a billion yoga studios out there, how do you differentiate yourself? So your purpose with this book is to become say best-selling author, now teaches yoga class I mean dude you can like just put a zero and the end to each one of your prices and your probably gonna be fall out to the next couple of years if you do it right you know. Whereas you might have another group of folks who you know create out a story of your kid's books, works something on them, I just really want to sell these things. You know I want to make some sort of passive income stream or whatever it is, that's a little bit different but all comes down to know who you want to sell these stuffs to like who's gonna buy it? And everybody is not the answer. I heard a guy, he said, "I want this to be good for everybody", well beats someone that out of everyone because if you try to hit everybody, it's not gonna work. And then what you do is you simply get into--you look into categories, like you were talking about earlier was more like a keyword fact...

Natalie : Right.

Jonny : like you take something you know how to shape squirrels which I know is really popular, you know parts of the program. So if you're an expert squirrel shaper and you write a book on that on the technique to like coal thing to get the pellets and it's so cool, then you type that and you optimize your keywords then you're gonna show up and that's cool then you're gonna settle that way. However, what if you're doing zombie horror?

Natalie : Right.

Jonny : Like you know what if that's zombie apocalypse? Like what are people typing in? And so when it comes down to that kind of thing, you need to do, categories and that's where Amazon comes in. So if you go into the Kindle store, as you can see me doing in the air right here, just follow my hands, perfect. You go on the Kindle store, you type on... you click on the Kindle thing go to Kindle books, and you click on the best-seller list. That's the magic. There you see all the list of categories thing, dropped down on your left side, that's where the ninja sauce lips.

Natalie : Right.

Jonny : And with due is you find where your readers are. Where your message is best delivered within those categories and you link yourself into those categories. Doesn't cost you anything, it's really easy to do.

Natalie : Right.

Jonny : You start to do it that way. Don't worry so much about the keyword but then you had to have a cover that looks amazing so the cover has to reflect what your book is about, the title has to tell people what they're gonna get, and they have to had a social proof basically you know reviews and stuffs. Now don't buy them, seriously, don't do that. It's illegal and Amazon will send people to your home and like steal you in the night. But what we want to do is give it to your friend, and have it review the book for you. Simple. And that way when you go out and do some promotion, people are gonna buy. It's awesome, great. There's great book with some good reviews and looks to us, they click a little preview they can read intro, like wow. This is exactly what I want and then they're gonna be more likely to buy the book.

Natalie : Right.

Jonny: And it's easy to get on those best-seller, if you want the best-seller? Dude you put that everywhere. It's awesome.

Natalie : Right. Alright so let's get some id's or some examples so now that you'd be working to a lot of people to do this, of some of the subjects that people have written books about. And I hope that you would joke about this squirrel shaving.

Jonny : I do know, I like big hats some other time. You know clothing for my babies, but--I mean it's hilarious that you ask that question because the answer is everything. That books they've done, children books they've done, health and fitness parenting, you know divorce of waiting marriage reconciliation, I've get a vampire book, you know it's hilarious that's all sorts of crazy ninja tan fulgurous. A lot of people--whatever you want to do but regardless of that make sure the audience want to read it. That's technically the big thing, because if you write that book, it's not about the book it's about the people who want to read the book. And your book can be positioned correctly and... I've talked to a few fiction authors for example about this because you can be a little strange when you're not writing about something that has a pure like how to do this on your own, that how do you target what you do then is you look at the psychology of the readers. People who for example whereabouts from you is like a big survivalist kind of... it's gonna be non-fiction but then we're like this is too much fun. You see doomsday scenarios, and this is right to this fiction how to have a better time with it. And so that's where we put, now right now and what we thought is there's a very crossed parallel between people who read these stuff and read like he's post-apocalyptic-things, zombie thriller stuff I mean it' really a lot of fun just ask yourself "who is gonna read it?" and go after that. Find what they're reading and just align yourself to that, it works.

Natalie : Awesome. Right you know the help that you give people doing this is just incredible. Where can we send people to find out about you know what you do and find out more about you?

Jonny : Yeah. Well we set up a wonderful url,

Natalie :

Jonny : Yes exactly.

Natalie : Wonderful. Jonny, thank you so much for joining me today, your energy is been incredible. Yes. So guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it and you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there because I would love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters video E-course, it's got masters like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, it's valued $87 and I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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