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Episode # 439   Jonathan Robinson - 5 Components Of True Happiness

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with a best-selling author, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Jonathan Robinson. Jonathan joins Natalie to discuss the inspiration behind his latest book called “The Technology of Joy” that helps people discover the best apps, gadgets, tools and supplements for feeling more joy and happiness in life. During the show, Jonathan shares how people nowadays are still trying to find happiness the old way by trying to control everything and everyone around them. Unfortunately, this is the reason people never get to experience complete happiness. Jonathan strongly believes that technology can turn this around, as some apps have been scientifically proven to make people happier by raising their joy and energy levels and creating more loving relationships. Plus, he reveals the 5 components that studies have proven to make up a happy life.

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