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Episode # 335   Joe Vitale

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with best selling author, law of attraction expert and star of the movie ?The Secret?, Dr. Joe Vitale. Joe joins Natalie to discuss his new breakthrough program ?Secret Reflection?, which is a continuation of ?Secret Mirror?, one of his most successful programs for manifesting wealth and abundance. During the show, Joe reveals what makes his new manifesting program so unique and different than the others and exactly why it's so powerful. He also shares how he gets into his creative process before starting to write a book or composing a song and why this process is so important for anyone who wishes to gain inspiration. Plus, he reveals exclusive LOA techniques he implements with his students to manifest successfully and why most people struggle to get the LOA working in their favor.

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Episode # 335 Joe Vitale

Natalie: Hello, everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have my friend and special guest, Mr. Joe Vitale. How are you, Joe?

Joe: I’m doing great, always good to talk to you. So glad to be here.

N: Yeah. Sorry it is always great to talk to you. Part of the reason I have you back here on the show, because you have been a previous guest, is that we haven’t talked for a long time and I know you’ve had so many things going on. We need to catch up and why not do a catch up while we do it here on the video on the show. Why don’t we start with some of your most recent projects? I know that you had, last year you had the secret mirror was a project that you were working on. Tell us a little bit about that and how that went for you?

J: Well, the Secret Mirror was a mega success. It was a dramatic home run. It transformed so many people. A couple million people had seen the video, the core message that I have developed around the Secret Mirror, a couple million, that’s pretty staggering by itself and then tens of thousands of people went ahead and went through the process of learning how to use the secret mirror. I’m very proud of the secret mirror because that alone has changed lives, transformed lives and helped people have a breakthrough in their lives by simply using something that they look at all the time, the mirror, whether it’s a vanity mirror or the bathroom mirror. A mirror works wherever it happens to be but they used it in a very specific way like a combination of self-talk and hypnosis and also using some futuristic things. I had co-authored a book called remembering process, where you sort of remember something you would like to have had happened but you remembered it as if it has already happened and all of these are weaved together into something called the Secret Mirror. So how is that done? I get stories all the time. People have breakthroughs in relationships, in health, in their finances, when they want to get a job they’re getting a job, if they want to breakthrough a job and go out there and start to be independent and financially free they move in that direction. But the Secret Mirror helps them tap into a part of wisdom that’s really there inside of them anyway but we don’t always know it, we don’t always feel it. We often kind of dismiss it. That’s a long answer to your question but the idea has been a roaring success.

N: You know it’s interesting that you mentioned in constant that you talked about remembering as if it’s already happened. How is that different to visualizing it as a future event?

J: This is a very important difference, I love visualization, I still teach visualization. I still tell people go ahead and visualize your future. Visualization taps into a part of your brain that we all know works and your brain thinks in terms of images, so you’re getting to befriend your brain and use it to your advantage. But remembering is a little different in the sense that most people use visualization by sitting here and visualizing their end result. They visualize that they’ve already acquired a best-selling book or the business or the relationship which is all wonderful. Go ahead and visualize that but remembering a visualization means you go past the point of its completion and you remember back to where it was complete. So you go on ahead of the visualization to the point where it’s already in your reality. It’s already happened. The way that I teach this is I imagine that there is another universe as a parallel universe to earth and on those other planet there is a version of Natalie. There’s a version of Joe. This version is 6 months ahead of now. That version of you has already achieved many of the goals that we want to achieve. We tap into that version of us and remember back how you achieved your goals. So it goes beyond visualization and there’s an underlying message that it had to have happened for you to be able to remember it. Very powerful stuff.

N: Yeah, it’s incredible because what you’re doing is helping people step into how they feel and who they are as a result of achieving already the goal that they have set out for themselves.

J: They step into the reality that’s already been complete. I’m a big fan of (4:24). I wrote about him in my books, the tractor factor and (4:30) used to tell people, assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and what that means is instead of imagining it’s going to happen tomorrow or next week, whatever, you imagine it’s already done. And what is it to feel like to have the new car or to have the relationship or to have more money or to have the better health, whatever that is that you’re wanting we’re pushing that off in the distance but instead of pushing that off in the distance, you are in this moment and you feel it real. You feel as if that has happened. That is so different with what most people think and teach. I know, you know this and this is what I’ve been teaching anymore but this causes everything to accelerate. When people want to use the law of attraction, instead of having it move like molasses because you’ve moved everything up into the future, when you feel it’s real now the universe kinds of get the message as well as your own unconscious mind that this is real now and it pools everything around it kinds of move the chess board of life and all the pieces on it to make it real in this moment.

N: Yeah, absolutely. Now, I want to ask you a question about your creative process. I know that you’ve had this program. I know you’ve been writing, I don’t know how many books you’ve written so far, too many to mention (laughs). And you’re a musician as well, you’re creating music all the time, so how do you get to your creative process to be able to do this?

J: This is so cool. Yeah, I’m a musician with 9 albums at this point. I’m an author of 50 books at this point. I have been in 13 or more movies and the list goes on. I want to tell you my secret. There’s two things going on in my life, one is I’m following my passion – whatever excites me, whatever turns me on whether I know it’s going to make money or not, most of the time I have no clue what’s actually going to make money. I’m not driven by the money. This is an important sub-note to following the passion. I’m focusing on the passion, what is it that my heart needed me to do? If it wants me to write another book,  (6:39) another product, become a musician out of nowhere and do it, I follow my passion. That’s the first thing. The second thing that I do that I think most people haven’t learned to do yet is I don’t question it. Most people second guess their own drive, their own passion and so my creative process is an exhilarating one because I get an idea for something, I’ve got to tell you, last December I heard a baritone saxophone for the very first time of my life. We all know what a saxophone is but a baritone saxophone is a very deep, gutsy, (7:15) moving kind of a sound. So I hear it for the very first time in December, January I decide I want to learn to play that thing, a few months later my baritone saxophone debut is on an album and next week I’m going to the studio to record nothing but baritone saxophone music being played by me. Now, even I’m astonished since I have it done from zero to a few months into it and you’re recording your own music. What’s happening is I was excited, I’m enthusiastic, my passion is there, I’m following that but more importantly I’m not saying I’m too old, I don’t have the education, I don’t have the experience, I don’t have the talent, I don’t have the time, all of those things or what other people say as excuses, I dismissed those and say, look, I’m going to go for it. So my creative process is that exhilarating one of passion by getting clear of any interruption so I can go ahead and do it.

N: Yeah, absolutely. And you know from the neuro-scientist friends that I have they’re saying that learning a new language or learning to play an instrument especially later on in life really helps stimulate your brain and helps you to grow actually.

J: That’s good for us.

N: Yeah, absolutely good for us. So how much of your creative process do you think is coming from your brain and the information you already have stored in there and how much of it is coming from the source?

J: It’s all coming from source. There is nothing in my brain (laughs). All kidding aside Natalie, I am so inspiration-driven. You know I used to be the guy who would extend in the soap boxes and say, we all need intentions, we all want to follow our intentions but these days, I’m sure I told you this before I think the intentions are for wimps. I think intentions are small thinking and what we want are inspirations. Inspiration comes through from, I’m going to say from the divine, someone else might say a higher power or god or nature or guide there’s all kind of word for this power source. I often use the phrase the divine and so the divine is really sending ideas to me, we have free will. I could say no, I don’t want to play the saxophone. No, I don’t want to make another book. No, I don’t want to do such and such but I have learned that life is so much more wonderful when I say yes. So when the ideas come, when I get inspired although I don’t actually know how to do that but the inspiration is coming from the divine, I’m following it because I know that’s where the magic and miracles are. It used to be in my life that I pay attention to what my ego brain would say do this next and I found that life was a struggle and those were my homeless years, my poverty years, my desperation years, when I finally started to surrender and listen to my intuition, my gut, my passion to what I call the divine life opened up. So to answer your question, it’s coming from the divine.

N: Yeah, absolutely. So what’s your practice that you’ve had to be able to regularly tap into that?

J: Yeah. I make time for it. So in other words, people look and they go, well if you’ve written these many books and recorded these much music, you must not rest at all, you must be (10:41), like oh man, I take siestas, I get in the hot tub every night, I smoke a cigar on the afternoon on my deck in the woods, I make time to allow inspiration. I’m not so driven and so busy that inspiration gets over-ridden by my lifestyle. So while I do keep fairly busy, like if I have an appointment I show up, I do the interview but after that I’m going to go and play some music, I might go and relax but I allow time – you can call it a meditation – but I’m allowing a lifestyle that has room for inspiration in it. That way I can hear it when it comes through. Otherwise, I won’t even hear it. I’ll be too busy.

N: Yeah, I agree. I’m the same. I like to, I find (11:31) times I’m like consciously trying to wit my brain trying of all things that happen, it’s when I get stuck. When I let my ego self or my conscious self out of the way and just surrender to it and I spend time meditating, and I do meditate every single day especially when I’m working on a specific project so I could have that inspiration. The words that are coming through are actually something that’s going to be a message that’s worthwhile spreading because from what you have said so far about the secret mirror, you know, some of the things that you have talked about in there are quite innovative and different to what other people are teaching.

J: That’s right. There are some key things in there that are different. See, a lot of people are practicing the law of attraction and visualization and going through their dreams and scripting and all of that but they don’t understand that there’s at least two levels to the mind. There’s the conscious level and there’s the unconscious level. And consciously most people are sitting there going I want more money, I intend to attract more money, I want a better relationship, I want to find the love of my life. It’s all wonderful. You’re doing it on the conscious mind and I know you know this, for those that don’t unconsciously there’s this I call counter-intentions. And those counter-intentions are worth of limiting beliefs, negativity and data that is (cellphone rings), sorry about that (laughs), real life happening (mumbles) when I’m doing something important, and so there’s a whole world of data underneath the conscious mind and what we want to do is (13:14). The example could be things like someone could say it consciously, I intend to attract more money but if unconsciously they think money is bad or money is evil or they don’t deserve money or they don’t deserve good things that larger unconscious data bank is going to prevent it to happen. They won’t usually even know they themselves are preventing it, all the while they just say, hey, the world really suck, law of attraction doesn’t work, none of this visualization stuff works not realizing that they’re actually proving it work by having the outer world this is the secret mirror and the secret and all those different products that we’re coming out with are teaching people is that the world is reflecting you, hence, it’s reflecting what’s inside of you unconsciously. This is what a lot of people don’t understand that they need to go deeper than just the conscious mind. Conscious mind comes great, wonderful to have but the unconscious mind is really the motion picture director. It’s the one that is really aiming us to life and what we’re getting is a reflection of what’s in it.

N: Absolutely. So you just touched on the next project that you’re working on which is the secret reflection. So tell me why this is an extension of secret mirror, what makes it different?

J: Well, we’re going deeper. The secret mirror is the tip of the iceberg and working on it alone was something that I took from what I read on the 1950s where the people at that time, the self-help people, they would look at the mirror and they would talk to themselves. In a way they’re just being a coach doing themselves a pep talk, but with the secret mirror I went far deeper than that, taught like the remembering process about remembering your future, tapping to your future, tapping into your future self by using a mirror to get your answers. The secret reflection is going even deeper but the other thing that is so cool is we broke it down into 10 steps. These 10 steps makes it far more manageable than just saying go look at the mirror and tap into your future self. While you can do that and you can go so far with that, most people wanted more. I kept hearing I need detail, I need to know how to do this in a very precise way. Most wanted to see me do it myself. So I actually have some video footage of me putting myself on a trance and using the secret reflection getting interest from my own life. So the secret reflection goes leap years ahead of the secret mirror. If people are using the secret mirror, great but the secret reflection is what they want to check out next. This is the next level. This is going to the next breakthrough.

N: Right. So do you have to have gone through the secret mirror to be able to appreciate the secret reflection?

J: That’s a great question. No, not at all because what I do obviously is I walk people through the basics. So I bring them up to speed then I raise down the track going ahead with all the new information. But now, they don’t need to have the book.

N: Great! Perfect! Our 15 minutes has flown just like I knew it would.

J: Always (16:20) when I talk to you.

N: Yes. So, guys if you click on the banner to the side of this video you will go through to Joe’s website to find out all about the secret reflection, that new product and how amazing it is. If they find out about other things about you, about your music and all that, I think they can go to

J: Yeah. My main website is and thank you for doing this. You’re doing wonderful things to include me, it’s an honor. I love you and I love what you’re doing, so thank you, Natalie.

N: Thank you, Joe and I love you too. Thank you so much for that. Now guys I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. Download the app if you haven’t done so already, so you can watch the shows on the go on your tablet or on your phone. And make sure that you leave your email address on the box on this page because I would love to send you the manifesting with the masters video e-course. It is actually valued at $87 and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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