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Episode # 121   Jinny Throup - Inspirational Stories

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell invites Jinny Throup, energy healer, on to the Inspiration Show to talk about the many ways the Law of Attraction transformed her life. Jinny, originally from England, felt something was missing in her personal and professional experiences. Once she discovered energy healing and the Law of Attraction, she was able to take the steps to create her dream life in Ibiza. On the show, Jinny shares that she now is able to guide others as they discover their connection to the universe through energy healing.

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Episode # 121 Jinny Throup - Inspirational Stories

Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Jinny Throup and Jinny explains 7 different instances in her life where law of attraction is at work. It's an amazing story and I come to share it with you. So enjoy. Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today my special guest is Jinny Throup. Hi Jinny? How are you?

Jinny: Hi Natalie, I'm doing great and thank you. How are you?

Natalie: Fabulous. Now Jinny and I had actually met at Ibiza in Spain. Now, for those of you who haven't known Ibiza or Ibisa or depending on how you pronounce it, it's an island across the Spain, above the Beleric Island. It's not that big, I know that season that population goes like means of people and there's not really like several thousand of people that live there in off season and we had a chance meeting, you know Jinny saw that on facebook that was on a Ibiza, so she contacted me and we meet up and she was sharing an amazing law of attraction with me and I had to share with you because you know I think that more we share the stories the more we can see like in the more situations law of attraction is working. So, what we might do Jinny is start initially with your story what was your background?

Jinny: Yes, fine. Well, I am a rich relics from the north of England and for the best part of 20 years I helped various modified jobs you know in offices, in banks, in shops even in the Funeral home of one time and I think all that time I was aware that there is something wrong and I couldn't point my finger on it, the thing that I was constantly searching really important that was missing in life and you know it wasn't unhappy far from it but it was just specifically underlying sense of something else and with these it certainly change my job of totally, I was a total evening class and I was always involve into learning something new but it's still captivating me and then in 2003 I started making the energy and that was the turning point for me because through that I absolutely got it and understood that we are just energy, all of this are just energy and that was my so long and aha moment and that was it I found my questions, I find my purpose, I find my path and I knew I wanna see my work with energy and for the purposes of feeling but also for co-creating and manifesting because what I also realize was that our thoughts and our emotions and energy and is through then that we can create our realities ?

Natalie: Exactly.

Jinny: and then started the magical mystery toll that led me to me now.

Natalie: now, your journey from the north of England to Spain, was a very interesting story. So, can you share that with us?

Jinny: yes. I would love to. Well my husband and I have been living there for how many, many years we loved it, we just love the silent and as time went by we we've sensed that we would love to live here and I guess everybody have the feeling to get a really good holiday and oh I can't live there but we've come to recognize that we need this and not powerful and as much as we felt that we're being attracted to leave there but we are being attracted by bee there was a simple difference though she was actually growing and I always felt that in feminine in a word because in the world there actually looking and actually being tough and so and it's funny as well because we're talking about law of attraction and vibrational frequencies and manifesting and first thing that you know is to be there is actually there was actually the most magnetic spots in all of the planet ?

Natalie: I know, the energy there is incredible. We've been there sinse 1999 my husband and I has been going there for 10 years also and it's beautiful.

Jinny: so it's a kind of or it's perfect and so by this time we it's still hurt a little bit like a and we find ourselves thinking what's new to be that, how do we do it, what do we do and having serious discussions, in working then the dreams that's feel happy and by this time it's full to learn the energy of touching to realize what we're doing and hearing in the house and so then we just took on the different attitude, and we handle it with the universe and we just said you know the universe if this is focus them we look for it please guide us and you know we're working full time, we have a big house and cap, a physical shore light, it didn't it's for life in example and what and a few years later initial request in the universe was my husband was working in a very big job in a big international firm and there was also shifts and changes, going on in this because of that was that they we were offering photo redundancy and so that's it we were rough and with all that we're definitely trap with this and so the next logical step was our house and we left our house and but it was right on the optional and it was brought on what you call the traditional house it was quite quirky so it's not maybe everybody's tea and this things near to came to evaluate, he describe it as an oddity so he came and said to us as well, we've been circling for the long call this could take a long time or a year to sell and maybe reduce the price and then we start ourselves realize is that what we want and it wasn't we want so we tend again to the universe and said well what we'd like is very swift and very easy and joyful completion of sales to the next perfect level it's house house and this today we literally the exerted totally being of the house I had an appointment with him to come and officially puts it on the Mark and the day before he was here to come there was a knock on the door and this yard ship and Timmy McRay and on the gossip and she was selling fortune gifts for the village fare, so we tell her we'll buy the raffle tickets we'll won't be here after the fare and there's somebody which is april won't be because when it was a and this total stranger and when she said do you have some market then would it be novel and could I come in and have a look. Yes of course she's just getting out for better tea.

Natalie: as she do in your tea.

Jinny: and she made us an offer on her house. So, we ended up selling the house privately and this very silently on the next thing he said what a coincidence and she said hmm that's the thing. So, that's the thing beyond of it now this happens very quickly we haven't even started to looking in both place to beat that so we felt no problem and done with our house as much as possible and so we think we would rent a house somewhere for 6 months and we get ourselves on the move would be easy and no problem in that. Now, we trained all our intellectual agents and it the same start everywhere no, no we only go into relax and we got how many cats, 4 cats, no don't pets, so what are we gonna do about this and so again it's a tiny this that guide us here what are we supposed to do and a few years we stumble into this and it's completely. So, we explain to her our requirements and she's just swift it on spine and month today and yesterday and on into how months and say you'll be okay it's 12 months and she said it's fine with animals in other words because I don't know what her words are I'm not sure exactly what her job is but he was moving and said he's fine invest and in fact I have 300 houses on my books and this is the only one with a cat flock. Yeah. Sort of that charming and love this and working that everything was fine and all of that are arrange in being well and moving that and there is just one fly in that and that was camps full camps they help them with all procrastinations with this with procrastinations they have pot holes cases and they have very all but the only thing that was troubling us was logistics the transversing cats was just the logistical nightmares and we didn't and saying flying to zeus. So, how are we gonna measure trouble and cases we sold all them each and if they come on the same flight how did that work. So, this one was actually a very scary one and it took, it's still along the time and realize looking back is not an easy way you'll panic and friends are saying just find your cat a good home and even often to take but that was just our vision in our dream that we'll look like cat and like pets and they have being able to come we would've come and that's away from the deal and so we were both getting anxious about this and then one day there was a program on the television and called animal emperors and I said this is the universe in the premiere and I watch this and it will give me all the guidance that I need and so I start to watch this program and it's particular and totally rude with the task once she speak the cat in the airport she wasn't allowed to connect because she got the wrong paperwork and so she was in tears and I was in tears and in the exact moment the landlord of our house that we never met with evenly never tells with collecting agents but you once before it was collecting needs come in the house and convince her to go out in the outside of the house. So, when I think it's already dinner said how can I go in and make myself known and so I went and he was over aged and when we ran back he has a huge green in his face and he set up and his been explaining really over the house about the problem with the cats and I think he maybe a help when he pass me and a business cat and it turned out that the owner of our house was the managing director of the company called Jets for Pets and I actually transept and my runny nose trend the arms of the frog, so the most requesting and wondering where our help was one sit we were requesting is safe and effortless and think of that possible journey of that cats are dolls and so we ?

Natalie: So, sorry Jinny I just want to say that, that kind of leave is leading to what you are doing now coz you work in genetically with pets right?

Jinny: that's right. And supposed that was the thing that set me up because I mean you shouldn't make people fall like I did in making mask of it because I love animals so much and I'm specialized in healing animals now and it's so wonderful thing to do because my word now here is I have a website and it's quite an intellective mix, the call in every tears that I you might job like yourself and, inspiring people, lifting people and just opening people much to the universe. So, long this side I do animal welfare which I can do obviously I can and do where animals hear first and Vicky can also heal and all in this things is more effective for animals as a distinct healing and because he can't say it to a cats of guinea pig and feed in that map size chair and don't move for an hour it's not it living it's on February to and a healing and so I'm delighted to be able to do that?

Natalie: That's awesome.

Jinny: and on the other side I do oracle reading, oracle cast and this energetic work and it's not a fortune telling and the reason that I do the oracles is it's such a powerful and helpful tool for focusing and connecting to the universe because the universe is really communicating with all, all day, every day but we're just very busy in this world and we don't go quiet after quiet people are meditating would know about this. it's very difficult to do this out. So, it's really here to say the universe is trying to say that's the articles going very accurate and very powerful way of communicating with the universe.

Natalie: Awesome. So, where can people find out more about that?

Jinny: the website is called and that's

Natalie: Well Jinny thank you for joining me today and for sharing your law of attraction, your many law of attraction incidence with us and I know you have many more but. Yeah, it's amazing once you let go and eradicate what this is the law of attraction does exist and this is how we can use it and you like you said it's just getting a way is all you need to do. well, thank again Jinny for joining us and I hope you're enjoying sunny bathe right now and I know it's the crazy season.

Jinny: and thank you so much for having me today and that speaks being joyful into you. Now guys I encourage you to share this video and it's information in it by clicking facebook and twitter buttons above and if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your email on the box above there, we'll send you 6 pre-made mind movies actually we won't let me do it again, and if you haven't done so already make sure that you put your email on the box above there I would love to send you my manifesting with the masters videos it include masters like Bob Proctor, John Asaraf, Mashi shine and John Vaitali off and it's 87$ and I would like to give it to you for free so make sure your email is above there to do that. So, until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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