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Episode # 574   Jim Self - How to Find the Real You

About The Episode:

Do you ever feel like you’re just passing time, and not really living? The thing is, the world is full of abundant opportunities, but sometimes it can be too easy to get caught up in the same thought patterns and ways of doing things. If you feel a little stuck right now and would like to hear how you can shift your whole life’s perspective to create the reality you desire, then watch this otherworldly episode of The Inspiration Show with my special guest, Jim Self, author of “A Course in Mastering Alchemy.” If you’re ready to begin the journey back to recognizing your true essence of kindness and magnificence, then this episode is for you.

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Episode # 574 Jim Self - How to Find the Real You

NL: Hi everyone. My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is The Inspiration Show. Today on the show I have a very special guest who’s going to be talking to us about alchemy and what that means and how that actually can influence the way that we think, to create different outcomes and results in our life and actually change the trajectory of our lives. So it’s going to be a very interesting conversation today. But before we get into our conversation and I introduce my guest, I just want to make sure that once the show is over, don’t forget to click the link below this video to download the free ebook version of my bestselling book Never In Your Wildest Dreams. So please let me introduce my special guest, Jim Self. How are you Jim?

JS: Hi Natalie. Thanks. Nice to be here with you.

NL: It’s a pleasure to talk to you today. Alchemy is one of those subjects that, you know, I don’t think many people know much about. They may have read a Paulo Coelho book about the Alchemist. But still very, you know, up in the air about what that is. So I’m looking forward to getting in to our conversation today but why don’t we start with your background and your story and how you got in to moving in this kind of a world.

JS: Well, actually I was kind of born in to it. Like everybody, we all come in to this body, whether we believe it or not, with the spiritual abilities, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathies, it’s our natural state of being. And then the mom dad teacher minister of life, begin to say, no I have a better idea. We do this, we go to these schools, we don’t talk to these people, we eat these foods, in so in a real way, you are created in the image of mom, dad, teacher, minister. As well as the society says this is the way to go. And so often that’s very contrary to the individual. The individual that grows up, you look at the little baby’s eyes at one year old, and they’re full of life and come back a little later and they’re a little duller and little duller as we move away from that own internal guiding system of the heart. And so when you begin to look at this world that we’re in right now, in my case, I came in to it and even though I stumbled through the mom, dad, teacher, minister stuff, I didn’t forget who I was and in the context of that, there was always a voice in my head and that’s that internal guiding system that says this is appropriate, that’s not appropriate. That voice over many years turned in to multiple voices and in about 2003, to give you the short version, Metatron, one of the great archangelic lords of light, basically said, there is a pathway that is never ever been walked and it is about your own evolution, your own ascension, and the ability to raise the earth back to it’s fully 12th dimensional christ state of being as well as hold the doorway open for all of humanity and many others to step in to a fifth dimensional state of well being. And he said, would you like to play? That’s kind of hard to say, well I’ll get back to you.

NL: (Laughter) How do you say no to that.

JS: Exactly. So from that stand point much of where I had been, teaching and experiencing evolved in to what’s called the the person mastering alchemy. And Alchemy is a way of life. It’s not so much about changing lead to gold, that’s so difficult in itself but it’s really not about that, but it is very much about changing fear in to love. And that’s a mechanical process in spirituality. It’s not a hope or a wish or a maybe or a someday. And so when you begin to look at alchemy as the altering the frequencies of thought, the changing of the harmonics of matter and the application of the elements of love which are a many. You begin to have a desired result on your terms, not on the basis of what you should or they said. And so when you begin to play there, you begin to have a choice that you really don’t have an awareness in your kind of walking around, worrying about the future, hoping the past doesn’t bite you in the butt again.

NL: So, I mean, like you said, my only reference to alchemy is working with metals or you know, changing lead in to gold, but what you’re talking about is actually changing the way that we think. Now I know that you do a course in alchemy which has been compared to a course in miracles. And it’s quite a lengthy program, right, it goes for a couple of years?

JS: It does, it takes a couple of years. This is not a come 2 weeks, get a certificate, and put it on your wall, this is about you changing your whole perspective and then being able to create the reality that you desire, relatively effortlessly.

NL: Right. And what you are telling me is that everyone has the ability to do this?

JS: Absolutely. However, we have a backpack that’s full of a whole lot of I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve, I don’t, I’m not a nice person, I’m not attractive. And everyone of those beliefs that we hold, which turn in to habits that we live, are somebody’s elses statement that they handed to you. In a way, it’s like a gift. I’m having a bad day and I don’t like you today and therefore, I simply say, you’re not okay. And to a little kid, we accepted that because we don’t know any different but then we get very stuck, we ask the worst possible question we can ask, which is what did I do wrong. And the answer is never found because you did nothing wrong. It’s simply somebody else’s bad day being placed in to your energy field. And so, but what we do in therapy is we think we have to go back through the emotions of the whole experience and then begin to relive it and that’s a choice, but actually it’s only a choice. But if you could basically recognize that you’re okay, you can’t be not okay and then work from that point.

NL: Right. So does that mean that we have a predetermined path in life or predetermined target or place where we supposed to end up in life? Is that what you think?

JS: Well, no not necessarily and yes. You know, you come in as a spiritual being, as a creator being, coming here to experience yourself. And if we keep it kind of that narrow, one of the things we do is we begin to have experiences but when we’re told we’re not okay and you didn’t do it right and you didn’t get a hundred on your test and you’re never going to succeed. Those gifts that others bestow on you begin to be your markers that you start to view the world through.

NL: Right.

JS: But when you step back as you know, and you are in a good space and you’re enjoying yourself, you could make mistakes all day long and they don’t turn to failures, they turn in to “oopses”. It’s like oops, that didn’t work, let me try it this way. But when there are failures, we don’t go back in to trying it a second time. So what mastering alchemy is really all about is when a person can begin to have a distinction between the rational mind, what we think with, and the heart, very 2 different things. The rational mind’s job is to keep you safe and have you fit in, because you don’t want to upset them out there because they may not like you. And so you do things in a very controlled manner to not upset the upper card, but so often that feels uncomfortable in the heart, but when you have the freedom or when you have the room to simply say yes I’m enjoying myself, there are certain vibrations that you have. When you’re playing at something you’re enjoying, there’s a certainty, there’s a sense of capableness, there’s a seniority, this is who I am. There’s a feeling of enjoyment. Those are your natural states of being. So if you could create a platform of vibrations were you in the body had a sense (inaudible) seniority and capable and graciousness and happy, and you wove those vibrations together as we were, we’ve, are not okay together, all of the sudden your ability to begin to move in to present time rather than worrying about the past and the future, driving your reality. Changes the whole make up of how you begin to both view the world and engage with the world on your terms without the baggage.

NL: Hmm, and so when you teach people to do that, are they tapping to something inside of themselves? Or are they tapping in to something greater than themselves?

JS: They’re beginning to remember themselves. So you can’t be not okay. But we wear a shirt that’s too small and shoes that don’t fit and then we wobble around and what’s wrong with me. And the reality is, when you basically can reframe yourself into well-being, the ability to start to view yourself as capable and creative as well as gracious, it starts to allow you to reframe how you begin to live your life.

NL: Right. So I mean, knowing this information and being able to embody this information and this new way of thinking and being, sounds like it would have incredible effects on like our relationships and wealth and the health of our lives, right?

JS: Absolutely, absolutely. Well, let me give you an example, this is one of the very fundamental tools that we teach, we teach a lot of tools, so you are aware of when somebody steps into what’s called your space, you’re aware of that presence. And so a person steps back or has to look sideways, figure what’s going on. But what if you were able to define that space. So in real terms what it is is that living organic energetic field that we call an aura, is you. And if you were to stick your arms straight out in front of you and turn the palm of your hand towards you, approximately there is the edge of your aura and if you were to create that as a circle all the way around you and over and below you, that would be the definition of where you start and stop. That’s not purely true but just for definition. One of the things, if I said to you, you know what a rose looks like? Can you remember a rose? Can you create a mental image picture of a red rose? It’s all that is required. If you were to take that mental image picture and put it right at the edge of your aura, and simply make a decision that from the rose to my heart is me and everything on the other side of the rose is Shakespeare’s theater to entertain me. And you created the rose as a point of delineation. Not a wall, not a barrier, not a keep out, simply a point of definition. As soon as you begin to do that and play with it, it begins to be a very conscious awareness because it’s the natural definition of that space. As you basically do that, it’s much easier to watch all the movement in the world, the noise, the dramas, and you begin to recognize very quickly that has nothing to do with me. But without the rose, people’s angers, resentments, frustrations, even joys, they’re constantly passing through you and until you stop and assess, is this mine? Or is this the collective consciousness simply passing through determining how I think, how I feel, and how I view the world around me to create what I want. Two very different concepts. Does that make any sense?

NL: It does make sense. It does make sense.

JS: Even if you had grounding. If you begin to look from behind your eyes from the center of your head, you begin to observe from that place, the thing you find is I’m here, here I am, present time where everything is created.

NL: Now, you are saying present time and living in the moment, but earlier you’re also mentioned something about fifth dimension. What’s your definition of what that fifth dimension is and why do we want to reach that?

JS: Well, the world that we have lived in is in a transition right now. And it has been that way since about 2012, another big story. But let’s call the world we’ve lived in 3D. And 3D is like a box that has rules and structures as well as fourth and fifth dimensions have structures. But in 3D, the structure is, one of the primary structures is time and we believe time only exists as past, present, future, and then you die. And if you think about how many people, maybe yourself, create a perspective of time, two things happen, they told me in my past if I did X, I would be successful in my future. Or I hope the thing I did back then never comes back to bite me in the butt again. So you’re constantly looking between past and future, you’re worrying about what your future is going to be in the future but the only place you create anything is in present time. The other thing, the third dimension is conditional. It is structure in a way that’s built on good and bad and right and wrong and should and shouldn’t. None of which are your words, they’re kind of human words. When you step out of that third dimensional box into a fourth dimensional space, I’ll keep this real simple, you start to find that present time is the only time. It’s right now. It’s right where were talking right now, we’re not thinking of breakfast or dinner. In present time something happens differently than in third dimension. In third dimension present time is reactionary. Meaning Oh my God, this wasn’t suppose to happen, present time. In fourth dimension, where we’re sitting in this moment, where you could say what would you like for dinner and we could run out of list of choices. You also have something in when you step in the fifth dimension, it’s present time but it’s structured in well-being. And present time and well-being is dignity, respect, appreciation, gratitude, kindness, co-creation, cooperation, failure, fear, control, domination, imposition, slavery, does not exist in a fifth dimensional reality. So unless you begin to put your attention on she’s bad, he’s not good, this is not right, you just never get kicked out of fifth dimension but you fall back into that third dimensional mind vibrational field. So building a platform of words, a sense of certainty and capable, kindness, graciousness, and then beginning to recognize in present time that’s who you are. You create a very different reality than the reality that you’ve known to date.

NL: Wow. And we access fifth dimension just by embodying and being and operating and thinking from this new alchemy paradigm.

JS: Well, yes and it’s simple but it’s not easy. Because we are very much like a freight train at 90 miles an hour and I’m standing here saying just turn right. And it’s like, no you don’t understand, this is my life. It’s all these things. No just turn right. And eventually you do just turn right and there is just ease and well-being. It’s very quiet and your ability to create from the tools that you’re given in terms of sound tones and color codes and beginning to recognize the vibrational fields to change the direction of thought. You’re playing in a very different reality. That’s the reality that’s now being presented to people who are waking up.

NL: Wow. And it also sounds like if someone’s watching the show and they had a, let’s call them gifts or abilities as a child, but for some reason we shut them down because you know, they were told they shouldn’t or it wasn’t right or something’s weird with you or you’re not normal, something like of course in alchemy could really help to open and heighten that again for them.

JS: It does. Absolutely. That’s the whole purpose. See, the real piece here is you can’t take your baggage with you on this journey. And so you can’t take “I’m not okay with you” and one of the things that is happening right now in the world is a lot of the internal baggage is exactly what you’re seeing in the external world playing out in all kinds of different directions. But if a person can find that platform of balance and basically understood this is who I am, then what does happen is a lot of the noise, the I’m embarrassed, I was humiliated, I’m not good, it actually comes to the surface but it’s not coming to the surface as an emotion, it’s simply an awareness that you begin to realize relatively quickly, it’s leaving. It’s like air bubbles under the water that are now popping and leaving, you cannot take your baggage with you on this journey. And this is just one of the ways you begin to structure the possibilities of the future opportunity right now.

NL: Jim, we can talk for hours, seriously. I’m so fascinated with you and with this subject. But of course, we are running out of time so if people want to connect with you, find out about the course in alchemy, they do have a website, where can they get their hands, connect with you and where can they get their hands on the book?

JS: Sure. And our business model is to give away more free substantive stuff than in a way what we treat as course work. So the purpose is make a decision from an intelligent well thought out place as to what you are stepping in to. There’s free lectures, there’s archives of all kinds of things, there’s tools that are taught for free to give people a perspective of what this is all about. And then there’s the book course in mastering alchemy which we’ve been absolutely flattered to be considered in the same category as the Course in Miracles. And that can be purchased on Amazon or

NL: That’s wonderful. Jim, thank you so much for your time today. I really appreciate you being here and have a conversation.

JS: Natalie, thank you very much. Blessings to you.

NL: So guys, I encourage you, please share this video. Let’s get the word out there, I mean, this is such an amazing subject to be talking about and to be involved with. And you can do that by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons on this page. And don’t forget, you can click either on the banner to the side or the link underneath the video so you can go directly through to Jim’s website and to get your hands on some of the free goodies that he’s giving away there and really find out more about this. Especially if you watched the show today and it sparked some kind of excitement or a light went off inside of you, I encourage you to find out more. And don’t forget, after all of that, click the link below that is a link to the free ebook version of my book Never In Your Wildest Dreams so that you can download that as well. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.

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