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Episode # 291   Jim Alvino LIVE

About The Episode:

Today on the show Natalie speaks with international speaker, business success coach and certified LOA trainer, James Alvino. James joins Natalie on the show to discuss his signature presentation called 'Here’s Living Proof', which is system designed to challenge, motivate, entertain and inspire people to take charge of their lives with the right mindset and action steps for creating the life they envision. During the show, Jim explains the scientific background of his successful system and gives amazing insights of how to use the LOA in our daily lives. Plus, he reveals his secret formula to altering the physical reality simply with our minds.

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Episode # 291 Jim Alvino LIVE

Natalie: Hello, everyone. This is Natalie Ledwell, and this is the Inspiration Show. This is one of the live versions of the Inspiration Show. I have a very special guest today, who is very well-versed in the Law of Attraction and other universal laws and is definitely going to share with us a specific and very effective formula on how we can manifest things that we want in our life on a very consistent basis. Now guys, since this is a live show, you have the ability to ask questions. So make sure that if you do have questions as we are going through that you put them in the chat box down below, and we'll do our best to answer them as we go through. So without further adieu, I'm pleased to introduce my guest, my friend Mr. Jim Alvino. Hi Jim. Jim: Hi Natalie. I am wonderful, thank you so much for having me on the show. How are you doing today?

N: I'm doing fabulous. As you can see, I'm not in my usual office. I'm travelling at the moment. I'm at a hotel in Delmar (filler). On location but all very good.

J: That's right.

N: (laughing) Now in the tradition of the show, I normally ask my guests what their story is or what their background is. What led them to doing the work that they're doing currently, why don't you start with your story first.

J: Absolutely, I appreciate that. What got me to this point, what got me interested in the Law of Attraction and the book that I've written explores the Law of Attraction has been an enduring interest in the study of philosophy in my life. I have a degree in philosophy and the kinds of things that are synergistic to law of attraction which I've been studying for many, many years. I don't know if, it's something called a philosophical idealism and that is consciousness creates everything. Mind creates everything. We are that consciousness. We are that mind. We create our life, our future, our destiny. That message resonated with me. I don't know if I chose it or it chose me, but after many, many, many years of study, and then gaining an interest in what's called Law of Attraction, I came to write the book and I'm doing a lot of coaching and teaching on my version of Law of Attraction.

N: Right.

J: That's the short story.

N: Right (laughing). So I suppose since you've been doing so much work on this, what do you think is the common thing that people do to actually cut the law of attraction from working in their favour?

J: Well, there are fundamentally three or four things and I call this the Law of Attraction Perfect Storm. And the number one magnetic disturbance if you will, is using language that attracts to us what we don't want. Words such as don't, not, no, so we attract what we really don't want unwittingly thinking that we are bringing into our existence what we really want. But it's not the case. So we need to be more visual about the words we use. So we are not attracting what we don't want and we can attract more what we do want. Second thing is limiting beliefs. People typically think they're small. They think the game is bigger than they are, when in fact, from my vantage point, we create the game. We are the game or the only the game in town, so to speak and we are entirely responsible to play it at level 10 if we choose. So, thinking you're small, you'll shrink to that vision, thinking you're big, you'll grow into that vision. So limiting beliefs would be the number two magnetic disturbance. Number three would be emotional addictions. Emotional addiction are in some ways they are inherent to us because our brain, a little organ in the brain called hypothalamus produces neo-peptides with every thought and every emotion that attach to every cell of our brain. What can happen is, we can become addicted to our own bio-chemicals and then the brain starts figuring a reality to give us more of the same, more of the same. An extreme example is if you know someone who is angry all the time. That person is probably addicted to the neuro-peptides associated with anger. And so the brain starts to say, okay, let's feed your addiction, let's find something that you can get angry about or someone you can fight with to feed your emotional addiction, your bio-chemical addiction. And the fourth thing is what I call open cycles, as a start, stop, change cycles. The little things in life that we neglect, the bills that we don't pay, the room that we don't clean up, the office that we don't organize, all of us can relate to these things, I certainly can. And they drain us, they drain us psychicly, emotionally, spiritually and they distract us, they diffuse our energy when in fact all formulas of Law of Attraction begins with focus, deciding what you want, clarity and then you can go about the steps in breaking that reality to manifestation.

N: Right. It's very interesting that you referred to energy and emotion. How important a role does that play when it comes to applying the law of attraction?

J: It's absolutely critical. Well, law of attraction is rooted in a vibrational world, a quantum world. It's all about vibrations. It's all about emotions. So we have in life, exactly everything in life is frequency specific to who we are, to what we emote, to the vibrations that we send out. It is a perfect match. So I say to people, if you want to know what you're vibrating financially, look in your wallet, if you want to know what you're vibrating regarding relationships, look at your relationships. As a business culture, I would say to people, if you want to see what you're vibrating relative to business, look at your numbers, look at your business. It's a perfect match. So if we put out negative vibes, we're going to get negative things back. If we put out positive vibrations, positive energy, it will configure the energy in the universe to bring us, bring us back what we desire, bring us back a wonderful reality.

N: Yeah, cool. So with all these, (6:07) things. So, if we look at the equations of the law of attraction, for me it's (6:12) thoughts out, with this new reality that we've been visualizing with emotion on a daily basis, we then resonate a certain frequency in the universe.

J: Yeah.

N: By law, what is a match, a vibrational match, the vibration that we're sending out then comes back to us. We know our thoughts can create those things, that's beginning of the process. So if we have negative thoughts that comes to us all the time, that negative voice that keeps telling us why we can't do something, how can we counteract that? How can we, is there some kind of a system that we can use to replace them with more positive thoughts?

J: Absolutely. I have a formula, I have a process in my book called the emotional circuit breaker for starters. And the very first thing is, we need to, we need to become aware, much of what was driving the ship, much of what dictates our beliefs, our habits, our behaviours is beneath the surface. We really don't know. We often are on auto pilot. The first thing is we have to become aware. We have to become aware of what's going on and we have to understand the dynamics. We really have to understand, oh I'm doing this again, oh I'm thinking that again, wow I just became aware of it and you recognize that it was your predominant thought pattern, your predominant behaviours. That's the beginning. So we understand, we become aware, we understand the dynamics, what's involved, and then, we simply, in some cases, through sheer will, do the opposite. We need to really get a grip and do the opposite of what we have been doing and yet own, own that emotion of, I think it was Dr. Joe Dispenza that talks about retiring an emotion to wisdom. I really like that phrase. When we own it, when we own that habit, when we own the limiting belief or emotional addiction, then we retire it to wisdom. Then there are two buttons that I recommend. One is the reset button, which says, okay I'm aware of that, I understand the dynamics, I own it so now the reset button is, alright what do I want yet really clear I just discovered what I don't want, what do I want. The reactivate button, what I call the reactivate button is and what am I doing about it. For me, attraction is always endorsed by action. We're not just sitting back and chanting ohm, I do that by the way, and things just don't fall on our laps. In fact, they rarely do. Sometimes they do, but I think that's what's giving law of attraction a bad name somewhat. The invitation that we simply set our intention, we chant and things fall into our lap. So we take appropriate action and then we replace. We deliberately replace our limiting belief with an empowered belief, we're limiting self-talk with empowering self-talk and that's the formula, that's what I call the emotional circuit breaker. And that's where people start.

N: Yeah.

J: That's the beginning.

N: I love that as well, cause I also recommend the same thing. I also recommend writing it down, when you're aware of these negative thoughts, even if you have the notes on your phone or just a piece of paper with you cause when you can name, acknowledge and see what these thoughts and especially when you credit a list of them, at the end of the day, wow, okay, these thoughts are not serving me more or one of these are not serving me. And then, when you do your visualization of it in the day, visualize yourself acting from this new thought paradigm, you know, how does that change your behaviour? How does that change who you are when you're running from this more positive parallel thought paradigm.

J: Precisely. Great and I love the fact that you're making that list and I would just add to it and you probably do this, you've got the list, I would go delete, delete, delete, delete at the end of each day, literally, physically to delete that limiting belief that you caught yourself believing.

N: Yup, I love that. Absolutely. Now, you have a specific formula for manifestation.

J: I do.

N: I love, can you share that with our listeners today?

J: Absolutely. I'll give you the overview first, then I'll try to briefly draw down a little bit. Now, my formula for manifestation is focus, that's F plus action, which is A, plus surrender which is S, plus T which is transcendence. So it's FAST, F A S T, focus, action, surrender, transcendence equals manifestation. So the focus part of it is, we absolutely must be clear about what we want. And law of attraction is really rooted in a quantum world and in the quantum world, nothing exists until it is observed. Nothing exists until it is observed. They come into, objects for example, are sub-atomic particles coming to existence when they're observed. Now if you scale all of these up to the universe we live in, 'cause we want to know how do this relate to me, then we focus, we get to bring in the manifestation, what we observe. I have called, Natalie, I have called this actually the law of observation, which is underneath the law of attraction. And it's rooted in the understatement of quantum mechanics, I'm not a physicist but I have enough knowledge to be dangerous. At the root of law of attraction is something that you can call law of observation, that's focus. Then action, very action-oriented as a success coach, as a business coach, I counsel people that they must take action, step through the door and things open up to you. Focus, so what do I want but action, what am I doing about it. And then surrender, there is this element of what's called allowing in law of attraction circles, that we do have to surrender over to a higher power, if you will. We have to allow, we have to stop controlling. We have to let go a little bit and let the universe do its work. Let the quantum field or what I call the quantum heart do its work and unfold for us exactly what the desire we have put out there. So that's the surrender part, and I use the word surrender in place of allowing, it's fundamentally the same thing but the notion of surrender brings in a spiritual dimension that the word allowing doesn't necessarily bring in. So, I'm all about digging beneath the law of attraction to that spiritual foundation and that's what transcendence is. Transcendence is acknowledging that it is behind everything. Moving us forward is a higher consciousness. So it's acknowledging the higher consciousness. So you're surrendering but what are you surrendering to, surrendering the higher, to the higher consciousness, to a higher wisdom to unfold the universe as it is meant to unfold for you, given your mission, given your calling and given your person. That is manifestation. That is how, that's my formula for manifestation, in a nutshell.

N: I absolutely love that because that's what we're doing with the law of attraction. We are eliciting the help of the, credit consciousness, of God, of the quantum field or source, whatever you want to call that, but that's what we are doing when we apply the law of attraction because by becoming these vibrational match, we are having these things come back to us, these gifts that's being sent to us from that entity, we are helping to create the opportunity for the universe to send us this great (14:07), these opportunities, these chance meetings that we could have never planned for in a million years.

J: Exactly. We cannot control it.

N: Exactly. So that's what we're doing with law of attraction and I love how you say that word, acknowledging that we are surrendering to it and we're acknowledging it and we realize that is exactly what the process is. And I love that because it's a part of law of attraction that most people don't realize and don't acknowledge.

J: That's right. That's right. In fact, I take it one step further because my message is essentially consciousness creates everything and we are that consciousness. We are the creators actually. We are the creators of our lives, our future, our destiny and we're empowered not only empowered but responsible to do it. So, the fact the reason why law of attraction can work in that way is because we're in fact are consciousness. We are it. Yes.

N: (laughing) Awesome Jim. We are running out of time. So before we go, I would really like if you can for you to share with the viewers a way where we can find more about you. I know you have gifts for us as well. So can you tell us more about that?

J: Absolutely. I would love to. You can find me at and once you go there you can pick up a free report called six fundamental truths for making the law of attraction work for you. And Natalie, I have a special offer for your viewers and that is if they choose to join any level of my membership community, I have three different levels, entry, intermediate and advance, then it's going to be 50% off for your viewers. So that's a really terrific deal for them. They do have to plug in a code, do I share that code or is that supposed to be something...

N: Yeah, if you can, that would be great.

J: Okay, if some of your viewers feel that they are entry level, are just beginning to learn the law of attraction then they should, the code that they should plug in is I for inspiration, ishow E, for entry level. Ishow the letter E. If you're intermediate, using law of attraction for awhile but it's manifesting sometimes, not all the times and you want to do better, it's ishow I, ishow intermediate level. And if you really crank it it up, you're a master at this, you're an expert but you want to learn more about the underlying neuro science, quantum physics, spirituality of law of attraction then it's ishow A, for the advance level.

N: Perfect. And what about your radio show of which I was in honour be a guest recently.

J: Yes. Yes, recently interviewed you for my radio show. It was a terrific interview and I also, before I tell my radio show, I want to say that I love what you're doing for children. I love the new generation of mind movies for kids. It's absolutely brilliant. And I'm loving it, we should talk more about that on my show again. My radio show is tap on the quantum heart on, tap into this week, I have an interview with Dr. Amit Gathswami (17:18), for major theoretical quantum physicist. We had a good time.

N: Awesome.

J: Yes.

N: Well, thanks again Jim. It's such a pleasure having you here and I know that we will be spending a whole lot of time together as well. Thank you so much.

J: Thank you so much, Natalie. I really enjoyed it. It's an honour.

N: Awesome. So guys, I encourage you to share this video. You can do that by clicking the facebook and tweeter share buttons on this page. I also encourage you to download our inspiration show app. It's a free app, so you can watch the show on the go, you don't have to be in front of your computer. And make sure you put in your email in the box on this page, I would love to send you the manifesting with masters e-course. Estimated value at $87, and I would love to send it to you for free. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Jim Alvino



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