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Episode # 282   Jewels Johnson - LOA Event

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Today on the show Natalie speaks with creator of 'The Law of Attraction Radio Network', Jewels Johnson. Jewels joins Natalie to discuss her upcoming LIVE event called 'Ignite your power of creation through the Law of Attraction', happening April 11-13 in Palm Springs, California. Her event aims to remind people that they have the power to create anything they desire through positive thinking and energy. During the show, Jewels explains that our thoughts hold much more power than we really think and if we put the right amount of energy into them, we can create the reality we desire.

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Episode # 282 Jewels Johnson - LOA Event

Natalie: Today on the show, my special guest is Jewels Johnson, CEO of Law of Attraction Radio. We're talking about some of the amazing guests that she's had on her radio show, as well as an amazing event that I would love you to join me at in April. So make sure that you stay tuned in to find out all the details. Hi, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today my special gues it Jewels Johnson. How Are you Jewels? J: Fine. How Are you? N: Great, thank you. I'm very excited to have you on the show because we're going to be talking about something that's very exciting, that's coming up very soon, that I want to invite all of our community and viewers to come along to. Before we do that, why don't we find out who you are. What's your story? What's your background? What are you doing these days? J: (Laughs) What's my story. I have a lot of them through my long life. I am actually the CEO and founder of Law of Attraction Radio Network. I started my own show about 8 years ago, and the demand was so high. Really I didn't know what I was doing, but I thought that I should bring other people on to my network because people wanted to hear about the law of attraction 24/7. So that's what I did and we brought on all of these Law of Attraction experts, and it's worked out so well. We have so many listeners around the world. Emails are coming in constantly. I just love it. I created the most magnificent job in the world and I'm loving every second of it. N: You not only have guests all over the world, but a lot of your hosts are from all over the world as well. J: Exactly. From Ireland, from London, we have people and listeners in Pakistan. The 3rd world countries and they listen through their smartphones. Isn't that fabulous? N: Yes, it is. J: So we've got them from all parts of the world. That's what makes it so exciting. To get an email from Israel, or from Russia, or from oh my goodness, it's just like, wow. This goes beyond anything I could have ever comprehended. N: Right, awesome. So law of attraction... It's still obviously a very hot topic. I mean obviously it's what I talk about as well. Tell me about some of the guests you've had on the show. J: Ho, some of my favorites are Dr. Bruce Lipton. Love this guy. His scientific information about cellular biology and epigenetics. I love to bring science into the practice. It's very spiritual but at the same time scientific and spirituality has merged so much that everything is verifying each other. It's so exciting! I like Greg Braden, he is wonderful. Of course Howard Martin from Heart Map Institute. He does phenomenal work all over the world. I mean, just spectacular. There's just so many. You know, I started my show because I wanted to be the first one to ask the questions of the experts. Oh my goodness, I still am that way. (Laughs) What can I say. Every guest that comes on I love. It's like, tell me more, tell me more. Share with me all of your knowledge. It's just fabulous. And the law of attraction and I think you'll agree with this, it keeps on expanding. N: Yes J: It's like, it wasn't like it was 6 or 8 years ago and there's just new, incredible information about it, and it's like everyday. I am continuing to learn something new. Something that I just feel like everybody really needs to know. I'm at the perfect point in my life. I'm just loving this. N: I know I also love the whole science behind the law of attraction as well. I think the great part about that is that people can listen to the science and go, well okay, now we have scientific evidence that this is the way that the universe works, or the way that quantum fields work, or whatever you want to call that, so that we can actually apply that knowledge, and apply it to our belief that the law of attraction actually is an action. J: Right N: So tell me, what's your definition of the law of attraction? Tell me what you think the basic premise is and how people can apply it in their life. J: Well, I was talking to Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement and he's a scientist that really put in the energy field of the law of attraction into focus. So he explained the taurus as being this energy field that you can actually imprint your desires into it. I think that's a really important concept. Yes our thoughts are prayers, but now it's going beyond because we can actually with the intensity of our thought actually create and push our desires into this energy field called the taurus, that surrounds every living thing on this planet. That's what's so exciting. So, that's my mission is so actually to tell people that they have the power to create anything that they desire. We do not need to live in poverty. We don't need to live in misery. We simply have the power, but we forgot about it. So that's what we're trying to do is, hey listen, create what you want. It's there. It's powerful. I know that Natalie, you're doing the exact same thing as I am, getting the message out to that, because you are very much into the science behind the power of the mind. So I love it, I love it. We have so much in common. N: Yeah, we do (laughs). I know, I've actually been doing some work with Dr. Joe Dispenza. Which has been amazing. I'm going to be sharing this with everyone very soon, and I'm actually going to be sharing it at the event that we're going to be talking about in a minute. I took a team of 5 to his advanced workshop from the Mind Movies team. We had 300 people create a mind movie at that event. So some of them had it done before hand. We actually did workshops there so people could create their mind movie while we were at the workshop, and then Joe started to use these throughout the weekend. So, watching our mind movies, going into trance, watching our mind movie, doing visualizations. So not just regular visualizations with emotion, but dimensional visualizations. So we're watching our mind movie then we are actually visualizing and sensing different objects. I could hear the crunching of the gravel under my feet as I was walking into a school in Africa, and all the kids rushing up, and all screaming and laughing, and really having that whole visual. Then also doing other meditations, and we were brain mapping people while this was happening. J: Oh good! N: So, we actually now have, we are actually getting some scientific evidence put together to show the difference between our brains in regular thought, meditation, and watching mind movies and visualizing. I'm going to be sharing all of those results at the event in Palm Springs. J: I love it! N: Dr. Joe Dispenza is the same. It's like, you know, if you can go into meditation and connect with the quantum field, whatever you can visualize and conceptualize while you're connected to the quantum field, it has to materialize in this reality. J: Exactly, I agree. Greg Braden says the same thing. N: Yeah J: Exactly. So, actually, isn't it wonderful because a lot of people are saying the same thing, but they're saying different so that everybody has the way to pick up, because not everybody hears, or gets the same "ah ha" moment with the same person. There's always somebody different. You know, that's another reason why I want to have this law of attraction event, is because we have 15 speakers. You're going to have so many "ah ha" moments. I am so anxious to hear what you have to say because I have to understand the brain mapping. I'm so excited to hear that. I know it's going to be spectacular. N: Well, lets talk a little bit about this. So, what are the dates of this event? Now it's a live event of which I am honored and can't wait to be there and to present as well. So, tell us about the event and the dates it is as well. J: Well, It's April 11th, 12th, and 13th. It's Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's in Palm Springs at the Palm Springs convention center. That is incredible. It's beautiful. The scenery with the mountains and the snow on the backgrounds, oh my goodness, it's just great. So, we picked a heavenly place with high energy. We have John Assaraf coming. He's the star of 'The Secret.' We have Steve Whitman presenting. Of course GP Walsh. We have you. We have feng shui expert Karen Rauch Carter from Orange County. She is fantastic. We've got all of these people and we've got all of the talk show hosts of Law of Attraction Network Radio. In order to be considered, well, I'll only put law of attraction experts on my network. We'll just put it that way. Even though I don't really consider myself, I'm just a sponge. That's who we have on the network. They're all going to be there presenting especially GP Walsh who is phenomenal. We've got every person coming, we've got everyone talking about love, money, wealth, sex, how to release the past, how to release the emotions. It's just filled with the information so that everyone can take their power back, and understand that we're not controlled by outside circumstances. We have the power within. That's the message that we want to get out to the world right now and we're doing it in Palm Springs. I would love to invite all your listeners and watchers and everybody from the Inspiration Show to come on out because it's going to be an event that, I'm just so excited about it. I just think it's going to do a world of good for everyone. N: Yeah J: And don't you think we're in a critical time right now, that really we need to get this message out. Not only to the people who already believe in the law of attraction, but especially to the mainstream people so that we can just say, wait a minute, there's an easier way to live. N: Yeah look, the thing is, it's a 3 day event, and by the end of this 3 day event there will not be a shadow of a doubt left in your mind that you are now in control of the reality that you create around you. You know, I was at a meeting on the weekend, ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders), and right at the end of the event we did this little exercise. We walked around the room and faced someone. I faced my friend Mark, and we had to tell each other what we really loved and appreciated about each other. The first thing he said to me, he goes, "You are a master manifestor. I have never known anyone to manifest things in their life as quickly and amazingly as you do." And I figured it out. That's the thing, between all the different speakers that you'll be listening to, we all have a similar message, but maybe there's just that one speaker that says it in just that right way, that's going to go, oh my God, now I completely understand. J: Yes N: That's really going to help you get across the line and completely help you change the course of your life. My life has never been the same after I understood the secret of the law of attraction and applied it to my life. I had a pretty good visualization of what I wanted my life to be. But what I get to live now, I could never have dreamed this up in a million years. It so far exceeds my expectations, it's crazy. This is what I want for you guys as well. To be able to experience that as well. I know that if you come and join us in Palm Springs in April for this event, you will leave knowing exactly what you need to do to create the reality that you want. So where can we send people to find out more about the event? J: They can go to They can go there and see all of the topics, what topic appeals to them. There is a flat rate for everything. They can come for one day, or they can come for all 3 days. I hope that everyone will take it, and then take a whole bunch back to where they live, and share that information
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