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Episode # 309   Janice Davies

About The Episode:

Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with motivational speaker, author and creator of National ?Self Esteem Day?, Janice Davies. Janice joins Natalie to discuss the outstanding work she?s doing to help people all over the world build confidence and self-esteem, through her yearly event that begun on June 25th. During the show, Janice opens up about how she overcame her own self esteem issues through specific principles that she now uses to help others achieve confidence and self-love.

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Episode # 309 Janice Davies

Natalie: Hello, everyone! My name is Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today we

have an awesome show because we are talking about self-esteem day and what self-esteem means in

our lives. And I have the self-esteem expert on the line, coming all the way from New Zealand

is Ms. Janice Davies. How are you Janice?

Janice: I’m fine, thank you. Fine, thank you.

N: Wonderful. So, first of all, why don’t we start with your background? Your story and how you

got to organize something monumental as self-esteem day?

J: Well, I realized, I discovered that I’ve been bullied at high school and so self-esteem had

been something that I discovered that I had low self-esteem when I was in my early 30s. So, I

went on every day just to make sure that, you know, that I started to believe in myself. And in

the year 2000, I was out walking one day and a voice just boomed around me, and just told me to

start the self-esteem day. And I thought, I could not do that, I’m not good enough, everyone

will think I’m nuts and so it took me 4 years to have the courage to do it. It was a poem from

Marianne Williamson and made famous by Nelson Mandela that says, if your pain does not serve

the world, and that’s when I decided to give it a go and so it’s just something that caught

(1:23) every year.

N: Excellent. So, tell us, I know it’s an international day, so tell us what it’s all about and

how people can get involved?

J: Well, what I do is promote it via the internet. People can get involved by sharing the thing

that I ask them to do, which is really just to include five activities to boost your own

self-esteem for the day and five activities to boost another person’s self-esteem and one

community activity. So, I provide lots of tips on the website which is the and just as people realize that self-esteem is actually really,

really important as one of the tools that you need so you can kick yourself at the butt and get

out there and do what you want to do in life.

N: Right. So, give me some examples of some of the things that you recommend that people can do

for themselves, for others and for the community?

J: Okay. First of all for themselves and one thing, I know it sounds weird, and I know some

people don’t do it, always make sure you’ve got matching underwear on. Nobody else can see it

but it makes myself feel good that I can do that or that I’ve got lipstick on or I’ve got, look

after myself and those things, if people can do that, you know, that makes you feel really

great. So, that’s one thing, anything you can do to boost your self-esteem – paint your

fingernails – just anything at all. And then for somebody else to be able to give them a

complement, to help them across the street or help anybody is also helping them making feel

good, so, it’s a really lovely thing to do as well.

N: Great. So, we’re talking about doing something that would make you feel good, and you know

last week, actually, may be a couple of weeks now, I had on Julie, who is a friend of mine and

an image therapist. She was saying that you could wear whatever on the outside, but if you’re

wearing sexy underwear underneath, you knowing you’re wearing sexy underwear it really does

help you to make, it helps to make you feel good, which is great.

J: Absolutely.

N: Absolutely. So, what is something for the community? We’re talking about people bonding

together as a way, is there a way that they can actually communicate in their community?

J: Well, one of the things that they can do, what I suggest well because I do it via the

internet, for this I’ve got a database or anything like that, that they can sort of send an

invite out to, you know, invite people to do 5 activities for themselves, 5 for other people

and the community. And, my mentors passed on one of the things that I put up on Facebook a

couple of days ago was, when you leave somebody, leave the hat print. So, I mean if somebody

could do something that makes another person feel good, whether it’s a physical thing, a

complement or a community, if it’s just walking past and picking up a piece of rubbish, you

know, anything that can actually make the world, improve the world for that day is really great.

N: Well, I’m very sorry to hear about your mum.

J: Thank you. She’s really an inspiration.

N: I bet she was. So, is there some way people can share what it is they do and their ideas of

what they do to help, you know, their self-esteem?

J: Well, they can go on to my Facebook page. I have got a self-esteem Facebook page or I’ve got

Janice Davies Facebook page. So, any of those pages if they want to share on it, there’s also

an international self-esteem council self-esteem website. They can put ideas up there as well,

because it’s all about getting out there and helping others.

N: Yeah. And we are talking truly about a worldwide international day and a worldwide movement

for people to have one day where they focus on positive activities like this. Right?

J: Absolutely and you know, the idea is to spread the word. It’s kind of what I’ve been doing

every year and my big goal is so I can get a movie made (5:23), second, how can we get this

message out to the world that self-esteem is really, really important, you know, self-love,

self-confidence. It’s overcoming self-doubt, all those sorts of things. Every little bit about

realizing how fantastic you are and chipping away rapid and smoothing them out is going to be

beneficial for yourself and for whoever you are in contact with.

N: Absolutely. So, why don’t we tell them more about your personal story because I know you

went through a period where you realized you had very low self-esteem. so, what did you do when

you came to that realization and how did you get into this kind of work where you’re helping

other people build their own?

J: When I did realize I was a young mom with two children, I decided (6:11) would become a

single mother. So, I chose to be that. And from then on, decide that I have to help them to be

positive as well, and be a role model for them. (echo) (6:33) successful.

N: Thanks so much. Excellent. So where can people go if they want to find out more about, you

know, self-esteem day and how they can get involved and how they can get the word out? Where is

the best place that we can send them to do that?

J: The website is called has lots of information and I’m getting feedback on

(6:58) (echo). This is my mother’s free book, e-books on bullying and lots more about of course

self-esteem. So that webpage has got more information for them.

N: Excellent. And guys, when you click on the banner, you’ll go straight through that website

so you can find out more information and you can really get involved. So what day are we

talking about? What day is self-esteem day?

J: What I do (echo), and so, Wednesday here but a lot of times, it’s not quite the same day.

(bad audio) (7:47)

N: Wonderful. So, guys you may just click on the banner on the side there if you want to find

out some more. So, thanks again Janice for joining me. Now, guys, I encourage you to share this

video and all the information in it. You can do that by clicking on the Facebook and the

Twitter share buttons on this page. And please make sure that you do share this video and get

the word out there to help people or joining in, in collectively raising the self-esteem of the

planet on that day. Now, also, make sure you download the app, if you haven’t done so already

so you can watch the shows on the go. Make sure that you leave your email on the box on this

page so that I can send you the manifesting with the masters video e-course. It’s actually

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live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We’ll see you soon.
Janice Davies



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