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Episode # 105   Jake Ducey

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell interviews inspirational kid Jake Ducey, who is on a mission to awaken the younger generation to step into their power and change the world. At only 20 years old, Jake has already lived an interesting journey that has taken him around the globe, but it wasn,t always that way. At 18 in college, Jake felt passionless, depressed, and lost. Around the same time, he started becomming aware of the incredible poverty and suffering in many parts of the world. Unlike many others his age who are exposed to such injustice, Jake decided to go and actually do something about it.

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Episode # 105 Jake Ducey

Natalie: Today on the show, Jake Ducey talks about his vision to awaken the younger generation to truly make a difference in the world. He has been on an incredible world journey already and he is only 20 years old. Enjoy.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today my guest is Jake Ducey. Hi Jake.

Jake: Thank you for having me.

Natalie: Thank you for coming. The reason that I have you here is because you live an amazingly inspiring life and you've had a very interesting journey up until this point. And I understand that you are still 20 years old at the moment.

Jake: Yes!

Natalie: Excellent. So can you tell the people a little bit about your travels and your journey, and what's happening with you?

Jake: Yes! Well, I was 19 years in old. I was in college, I was just playing basketball and I was no longer passionate about what I was doing. I was aware that there are many socio and economic problems in the world, there are a lot of imbalances. When a child is dying every 22 seconds, I was becoming aware of this and I had no passion so I wanted to figure out a way to help, and I was down, and I was using prescription drugs. I had even experimented with cocaine. I didn't have anything that I felt was going for me in my life. I was the power that we have in order to live our dreams and the book I was actually reading was Wayne Dyer's, Manifest Your Destiny, where he said that you can do anything thru your own thoughts and beliefs. So I left school, but that's not my message, I don't advocate that and afterwards when I look back that I travelled around the world to find everything I was looking was inside of me. But, anyways I took all my savings and went around the world without a map to prove our thoughts and beliefs were creating our lives. I began in Guatemala where I met a Shaman, and I had an intention of meeting one. I didn't know specifically I was going to meet this man, and within 5 minutes of meeting him, he told me everything about my life that I was to travel around the world and to write this book to awaken my generation to change the world and become into their power to live their dreams. And he told me I had a car accident where I flip my car 4 times, 400 feet down when I was drunk a few years before and he told me that my body was shaking rapidly. I didn't know anything like that was possible and he said you can do anything, you literally can do anything, and specially now. Especially in 2012 where there's never been such an abundance of opportunities for anyone that's seeking to serve rather than gain.

Natalie: Yeah.

Jake: And from Guatemala, after I stayed with the Shaman, I board on a plane to Australia where I went up and down the coast looking to meet like-minded people. And time and time again that's what happened. I met people up through their 60s and 70s than into the 25-year old range. And something that stuck with me through the whole trip was something that a musician said to me. He said; "Find something you're good at, make your, make that your obsession, make your obsession your profession and you'll never work a day in your whole life."

Natalie: That is awesome. So in Australia you were, where were you? Between Go Coast and Baron Bay?

Jake: Yeah between Go Coast and Baron Bay, back and forth. I hitch hiked those, picked up by a very wealthy entrepreneur. Wow, I was hitch-hiking one morning and he laid a lot of wisdom on me for his own life. And many, many people liked that. That inspired me to continue on my journey.

Natalie: Wow. So the people that you were meeting there were all on a similar journey.

Jake: They were all on a similar journey, yeah.

Natalie: And with different ages, were they with kids? What was this? Tell us some of the chop of info of the people you've bumped into.

Jake: So, I bumped into a man who was about 65 and he said, I'm a preacher at the half carrying about religious stuff, full carrying about love. And, and then I was interested, that was one more thing. And I met a wealthy entrepreneur who is about 40 or 45, who picked me up on his BMW, I was so into that. I met a musician in his 40s. Most of the people that really impacted my life were about 30 and up. I went through a camp with 3 Australians that fresh out of the army in their late 20s or 30s, who are also on a very similar journey as myself to find out what their passion was to pursue their dreams.

Natalie: Wow.

Jake: So it was a very broad range, but however, everyone was... I was 19 at that time so I didn't actually meet anyone that was really in my age range so much.

Natalie: Well okay. And so I, so stray you've been to amazing people, what did you get from them?

Jake: From Australia, I boarded a plane to Indonesia, and I actually boarded the plane... I decided to go to Indonesia because I had the dream that I was in Indonesia. So I knew I was supposed to get on, went on. Next day at the computer and I bought ticket. When I got to the airport, I realized I lost all my bank cards and I had about 19 dollars after I purchased VISA. However, I knew I was supposed to be on the plane and I was putting love attraction and the ultimate test, well I'll be ok. So, what ended up happening was, a family took me in a Cuncry ToTops, they bought me a phone, they took a call in America, they transported me, they bought me food, they got me a hotel to ultimately stay at where I wasn't going to have to pay for its one of their friends. Afterwards, once I received the wire transferor, I offered to give them money and they wouldn't take any of it, and it was incredible. So I travelled through remote villages where there is no outsiders, and ultimately I... in the rain, in a rainforest in Lumbak, I was climbing up rocks with waterfall, with some of the people I have met. And I fell of the rocks, of the cliff about ten feet. I thought I was gonna die. Some of my life flashed before my eyes and next thing I knew, I hit the ground, I hit the rocks and I opened my eyes after a few minutes. And they were jumping off after me and I sort of crying. And that was the most incredible thing anyone's ever done for me in my whole life. So it ended up being one of the inspirations to write my book into the wind and surely after that I realized, there wasn't much else I was looking for in the world. So I ended up 14 days of silent meditation in Thailand and there sound like my book had already completed, and from that point I flew home and wrote the book into the wind.

Natalie: Wow awesome. So that's really interesting. So you wrote the book pretty quickly after that. When you were doing your meditation, do you feel like the book came from a high source? You know the idea for the book and how it was laid down?

Jake: It totally did and I think the... I'm just a steward for the work. It's really, really its wrong for me to even say it's my book. It's something that came through during this time of great transformation individually, effectively on the planet. About the 2nd day of the meditation, I had a huge download of information that came through me, and that's my whole future. And since that time, many things have transpired, on Friday I was just accepted by the publishing company that I've dream of being accepted by, and I had told my friend before I left to travel, Inner Traditions is going to take my book and Friday, I just received email that they did. Things like that, I saw things like that in the meditation in Thailand. So it was totally something that came through me.

Natalie: Awesome. Yeah wonderful. I said the same thing, all the work that we do with mind movies and the show in this kind of thing. It's not like, I feel like I'm some superior guru that's filling on this information. It's just like I'm conduit for the message and I always make sure that they take time and meditate and have quiet time during the day, so that I can actually make that connection. You know, so that I can be inspired in what might happen next. So, tell me about the book. Is the book specifically for children or can be for anybody?

Jake: It's for anybody. I found lot of success has actually happened in the 30, 40, 50-year old range. It's a book for anyone, however publishers the way they work is well what your target audience is. And originally I felt that was very limiting to say that. Well it's for this age range but I'm a human being so it's really for everyone. So, ultimately it's for everyone. And my dream is for everyone to be able to find inspiration from it, to pursue their own dreams. However, being in the age that I am, it's something I know young person can specially eradicate to. It's also something the older person can really be inspired from because, if at 20-year old, 20 years old, I've been able to do what has come through then that means you can do it.

Natalie: But you have a lot of concepts in your story and maybe younger people can relate to that. Cause you know, my challenges, you know I think I've mentioned to you before, how a lot of my age community are old out because I'm old out. And I think that's because you know, because we can relate to each other. But having younger people who find this message and they can achieve anything that they want in life if they put their mind to it. I think that you are a great example of that. And I think that you have won to that which is great. So tell us more about some of the other work that you are doing, other than the books.

Jake: Well, other than I'm co-authoring a book with Gregory from the Hill Foundation, I started my 3rd book, it's called; Inspire, Expire... my huge passion ultimately is working with all beings but specially today's youth and tomorrow's leaders. And I'm working with a company called, Timeless Solutions which is creating self-sustaining communities that will be plat forms for new curriculum education, for a new style of education and creating models where there were also be examples for the most innovative solutions for renewal of energy as well. I also, what I do is host for tops, and originally, the target was 15-25 year old. It was the first; the first I ever did was 15-25 year old. And 60 year olds were coming without kids. That was interesting. I specially desired to work with people one on one, whether they're older or they're younger, to help remove any negative thoughts and beliefs about what they are capable of, or whatever maybe anything that's coming through my own life that I can share back to inspire somebody else's, my work.

Natalie: Awesome. So I'm, I mean, for you to live such an inspiring life, so early in life, it makes me wonder what your childhood was like. You know, did you have sort of regular childhood, or you know, describe what that life was for you.

Jake: Well, in North County, San Diego terms I had a normal childhood in the sense that I always had food on my table, I always had a home, and I always had the basic essentials provided for me. That being so I always knew there were something more, however I didn't know what that was. So I often reach for the instinct clarification, and that came in terms for seeming drink alcohol when I was in 8th grade. I use substances to find a high, and I knew at the early age there was a higher level wicked reach because I used to do a lot of fund raising for Africa and aspects other than areas of encouraged people like that. And I would be on this huge high and everything would be going great. And it would wear-off and would do that so that I would reach on for something. So I think that in the area that I grew up it was kind of the norm; this is what you do, you go out and you drink. For me it was 2, 3, 4 nights a week you know. But on the other side, everything was great I had good grades and I was a quote and quote a "start athlete." I had college scholarships, so it was a wall that I kept repeatedly hitting and ultimately, I hit it last time and it was too far.

Natalie: Yeah. Right.

Jake: And I have been instilled my whole life with the belief that I really could do anything. I had parents that were very supportive and very open to... you can figure your life out on your own, I'm not going to tell you what you should and you shouldn't do, but you are capable of anything, so that was the belief that I had that I could take with me everywhere I went. So, that was I really am thankful that I had the parents that I had that didn't, whether I was struggling or everything was going really great, they said: "You're here to learn on your own."

Natalie: Yeah, that's awesome. Do you have brothers and sisters? Any siblings?

Jake: Yeah I have a brother who's 23 and he is actually going to leave to travel in 2 weeks. He saw the benefit that I received and it's not so much traveling you have to go around the world to find what it is. However, he is looking for a time where he can remove any of the beliefs that he has in himself that no longer serve him.

Natalie: Now and it's interesting. Once you travel and you've lived in different cultures you know it's amazing. And you know, in a stray or its quite noble for us to you know lot of us are you know trying to college or university. We actually, we live in school, we got to trade, we got a job so we can own money so that we can travel, cause we are so far away from everything done so we want to get out there and travel. Crossing the nations are a big, populace for strains. But you know we travel the world so we can learn more about the world and everything in it. And it's amazing you do the first travel, you come back and you're a different person. It's like you come back and nothing is the same because you've actually grown as a person and know more about yourself because you can now pay, you get to see what other cultures are like. It's very eye-opening.

Jake: Yeah, it totally is.

Natalie: So Jake, thank you so much for coming and enjoying with me today. You are such an inspiration. Now if people wanna find out more about you or the book or the projects that you are working on, where can we send them?

Jake: Thank you Natalie and it was awesome to hear. If you would like to further contact me or research any of the projects that I'm working with, my website is and there is the email on my side and I will answer any email if you would like to work individually or workshops or you want to hear more about the book, there is videos and you can also learn more about the companies that I am working with on my site and thru email as well.

Natalie: Yeah. You know in the Inspiration Show, we categorize you know the different shows. And it's like this you come and of course... if you different categorize, you're talking about 2012, you're sort of like and inspirational kid but you are also one of these inspirational stories and it just proves that when you apply love attraction and when you really trust in the fact that love attraction does exist and it does work in your life, that amazing things are gonna happen. So no more dazzling fable, it actually does work. So thanks again Jake, for coming in. And plus please I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking the Facebook and twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there cause we'll send you 6 pre-made Mind Movies and we'll keep you up to date with all the upcoming shows. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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