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Episode # 108   Inspiring Women Michelle Patterson

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell speaks with CEO Michelle Patterson, the owner of the Event Complete and the organizer of the all-encompassing California Women's Conference. A mom of two, Michelle's mission is to connect women (and men) around the world and show them they really are good enough to achieve their dreams. She explains how success follows passion, and tells the story of how she made a huge change to start living her own life with passion.

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Episode # 108 Inspiring Women Michelle Patterson

Natalie: Today on the show I?m speaking with Michelle Patterson, organizer of the California women?s conference now she?s talking about connecting women, following your passion and to have an fantastic tips in overcoming procrastination, so enjoy.

Hi, I?m Natalie Ledwell and this is the inspiration show and today I had with me the lovely Michelle Patterson who is the CEO of complete, complete. How are you Michelle?

Michelle: I?m doing wonderful, thank you for having me and I told you that first I love that accent of yours.

Natalie: Thank you, now the reason I have you on the show because you are involved on a very inspiring project that we?ll gonna talk later on in the video but the one I do is start on who are you what is your background what is your story.

Michelle: Well I?m a mom for two a bet of 12 year old and 14 year old so that?s my number one priority. I?m also the executive director for the California women conference which is an amazing project, I felt a very fortunate tour and I have the company called the Beckham Pletes which I?m trying to become the COO and we feel events all over the world.

Natalie: So at the main moment the California project is the only you are attached on the women?s conference. Is that like the main project you are doing during the year?

Michelle: Yes. It is in fact it is all you can imagine it?s all in magazine it?s obvious morning day night you know it?s something you truly have to love on what you do because all in the scene. I feel so bless because of having in the time of my life I?ve got meet extraordinary people every single day just like yourself some people that fall in love everyday and the things people are doing around the world I get 2 teacher those individuals and let the world know about them because this extraordinary woman like a man that do courageous things.

Natalie: I mean it?s very obvious that this is a passion of yours, so when did you first discover, did you do like did you or by accident how did fall into this you know living your passion.

Michelle: you know I always had that personality when I was a kid I was present on my high school I was just in San Diego and on high school was soon about the president wearing all out I ended up getting involve with the local city. So, I council my community and always been a type of person that event to plan I was one in Canada and say I can take that on and my husband says you love doing that and it?s absolutely pulling people together and really be that connector and really make my heart sing whenever those introductions.

Natalie: So, if someone else seeks trying to discover what passion is do you have advice and how to identify what that is.

Michelle: I always tell people when comes to what their passion is, is do what you love because for me do what you love you fall in love everyday and so I get involve with different things over my career one of it was on the accounting and it wasn?t something I actually love it wasn?t because my husband is a CPA and for me what is my passion, my passion is really being that individual had and connects the dots and connect things definitely that crater type and so once I started down doing that path it became very natural and easy and that?s I can?t spend the hours and really enjoy it.

Natalie: So that?s really the thing is if you really recognize would at and what it is you enjoy suppose with your organizational group and manifested into anything now event planning is to get you to amazing people which is awesome. Where there are limiting beliefs that come up for you along the way.

Michelle: you know what I think and absolutely and always thought some people of this because they tell oh Michelle you get out to patrol, you?ve got this great situation and why it seems to be easy and I always told them that and I always say to people that you work for it because there are times is like which I think a lot of woman do this, am I good enough to solve and do this and everybody has you know, you know a little bug that sneaks in and says that and again I always tell people to pay attention to that, organize it but move away from that because a negative becomes a negative and if it continues need to roll and the positive comes in and that?s where you run obviously freely.

Natalie: yeah that?s what you wanna focus as well.

Michelle: absolutely, absolutely but we all have that and I just tell myself to recognize it, look at it and again it?s just the totality of that one day at a time and that brings it together.

Natalie: So, I have to ask if you someone who summons procrastination, are you use to be a very busy woman, how can people become procrastination, do you have advice for people in that situation?

Michelle: So, it?s interesting because I think the things that deals this project is the ones that seems overwhelming, the way that I overcome procrastination is, I was able to take a bite in the elevated and keep that saying but it?s once you start it?s taking it to the first step but when you start all the city is like well it?s difficult on the California women?s conference, the largest conference in the US and it was like wow it is very, very big and I can remember when I was in the arena, on a beach convention that holds 30,000 and I just turn around and wow where do we start that feeling, so for me I go in with the end in mind, meaning I will look at what the final product is, what is it the final outcome, attendees that lead the event, I was on the door thanking them for coming what do I want them to be taking from the event and start with that I really built up this picture and I go in and think of all the different ways and different pieces into creating that vision and it?s so amazing, my events up to 30,000 people and there are thousands of people pump in to putting that event together and so many movie parts and I go back to as my job is really finding people that has amazing skills in their particular area they completely impress me when they come back with, with the folks in our committee you know there are 65 of them in the curtain and then we touch 40 plus charities and you know all this media partners and so again it?s a thousand of people to really see it. So, it?s important for me when I start what my vision is look like, so that way I can head and share my vision and make sure that we?re all in the same page and the vision is clear, so?

Natalie: yeah so important isn?t it. I mean I think procrastination for me is not just knowing what the end result is but why I?m getting, why I?m doing it.

Michelle: Why I?m doing it and I think about it too is it?s simple it down, I wanna go head and who is that 10 pound and then on the start of the day you?ll gonna cheat to afternoon and I?ll start tomorrow and what is that, and I think to your point Natalie is understanding what is the vision, what is the outcome, what is the purpose, what is your goal because if you have those small points of weakness, you know it?s easy to stay on track if you know what is the results is and where you?re going.

Natalie: Absolutely. Now, I have a hypothetical question for you a genie is about to appear in front of you and he will grant you a wish and that wish is to have dinner with one person of your choice including can be anyone from past to present. So, who do you choose to have dinner with them and why?

Michelle: I love that question, that?s a great question, it?s really interesting, I actually had that experience and have that genie show and I have actually meet somebody last night and I?ll share with you, it?s a phenomenal story but I have the situation 15 years ago my father set up an interview with the newly set governor George Technajan, a phenomenal man lives in moon beach and he actually started the California Women?s Conference and when I?m 13 years old my father works in the department of justice and here I am having an opportunity to interview the governor and so he is asking me and asking him questions like a 13 year old would ask, you know what is your favorite color, what?s your pet?s name, do you have children and going there is see girls, so I?m asking those questions and he looks at me Natalie and again 13 year old questionable and meeting with the governor, it?s a huge opportunity and he looks at me and said Michelle that was the best interview I have ever had, so my face lit up and we talk about a breeze of confidence and again it?s those people that come along in your life and give you the confidence and tell you, you can do this, you absolutely had and so I left that and continue on doing things and this big project and so I shared with my nasty foster who is the first lady of loan beach then she told me Michelle, I know that George took my in gym cover and I can introduce you and last night she did and the interesting a couple of weeks ago my father said to me that you won?t live what I got but the pictures of you, now here?s my 13 year old kid and I?m looking at him and I was able to show him those pictures and so we?re comparing and taking pictures last night, same set up with me interview with him and talking about life coming in circles and I literally got a teary eye and I?m thanking him for being so, I got a teary eye right now actually and just being so gracious that and I think it?s part of when we come together as community and being able to be ahead and hear and so busy to take her time to stay what they did because but then again I think being such an adult have an impact on our teens and our kids and he did that for me and I think oh my gosh I can take anything. So, it was neat for me to be able to share it with him and the irony is, the fact that 27 years later I?m the executive director of the conference he started 27 years ago and the reason why he started it, he started it to provide resources for women and what is happening in the time exactly now is that women we?re starting companies failure around the riffs and then he wanna give in and the resources and I was joking that and he started it that Gloria is not going in amazing and really brought it to a whole new level and it was just and I don?t know in the loan beach last night and it was just like wow, somebody that I want to meet for a very, very long time.

Natalie: yea wonderful. Now let?s talk about the conference, it?s really good that you talk about women are starting their business, I know we?re in this environment where people are losing their jobs and we?re now looking for different ways to be able to create income and willing to have control over that, so, I mean do you have stats on how many women get into businesses the moment?

Michelle: Well it?s interesting at the moment that is part of our advisory board and he wrote a book Job Anomix John Former, his out of this since his brilliant and he even the cover is book and he shows kids and his pink and he look at me and said Michelle that?s you because women is the process of really starting jobs and he look the statistics so amazing and breath the one in breath oh and that?s what happening women starting jobs on their home an interesting dynamics I have 6 children in the house and along with the contractors all over the states in California with this report but that?s what happening right now, we got women that is going in to different fields and make things happen, that?s pretty interesting.

Natalie: Now, the conference I?d like you to mention before?

Michelle: It?s my daughter.

Natalie: Hi

Michelle?s daughter: I will shake your hand.

Michelle: my 14 year old.

Natalie: Nice to meet you.

Michelle: I?m on a video right now she?s actively involved with the conference.

Natalie: right, excellent.

Michelle: now she?s moving away quickly.

Natalie: So, 30,000 women will be attending this conference.

Michelle: yes, we?re anticipating 25,000 and many more, it?s pretty exciting it?s one of those, it doesn?t makes a different and in the past we actually bought tickets were the different cherry organization and partner with us and the organization as the official one, we got good will that?s involve and we got a link and you know you?ve been hearing all this, the cherries on this as great fund racer on them and a particular and very, very quickly I encourage you all to go to website they go fast.

Natalie: and the clever us speak that you have in this event is just mind blowing, can you tell some of the people women and men that will be speaking.

Michelle: Absolutely, and I?m getting a mini segment tomorrow at LA and Oprah Oprah?s significant and we?re having dialogue about so many different things and it?s really the thought layers and subject matter experts that are in you know in their particular area, so we are pulling experts from all works of life and we definitely an entertainment and we functioned all and that and the thing from you look at all red to marshal cross to patricia ortez to Donald curtain, the list just continues and you know I?m amaze and there are good speakers when you start going through Kathney Wallthren, John Lesp and so with that individual with unique what I feel like doing it?s revolutionizing what?s these conferences are all about and actually started our dialogue conferences now, if you go to interact with the speakers and you can talk as an audience member, as attendee or just something looking on the conference and without this panels with just are happening now we?re working with the company called swore and they called in the discussion boards for us it?s about what is in the conference there are a lot of times or ten times through the intros and who they are and what they do so let?s talk about the issues and son insides about this is speakers can do this and interact and we actually have some stitches that we are leaving open and we have some panels and additional panels in the future on our website or blog that is called but those panels have got a lot of excitements and social media and action and we?re actually held them in the future on stage and so we?re really talking about the important to the audience.

Natalie: that?s wonderful and I know and very graciously accepted the invitation and speak as well and I?m looking forward when I?m in. So for women that attend these events what would be the benefit I would get from being an amazing environment?

Michelle: what happened to many women would reach out and say thank you so much and your conference is continuing on and there with my daughter and I left there and this is inspirational and I had more people to come up to me and say this is something that is very clear to us we don?t wanna miss it we wanna make sure we?re there. I really feel like there are different traps when we look at our programming, you know it implies our inner vision that are focus on building up there with corporate world because it is very, very important and making that 20 dollar image and all the things are with that and corporate the America for just16 years before my conference starts my own company that?s really important on how that works and then you also have the entrepreneur now I?m starting my business where I go to and one example of one of the panels it?s a phenomenal organization called spring board, they?re not for profit and they do plenty inform in woman in businesses the greatest in the system 5billion funding and this organization we?re done and created the actual panel and it?s called Dolphin thing and right now you can go and take a 2 minute video clip, have it posted and actually register and be one of the applicants applying for a spot in the stage and it?s a 5 individuals that will gonna be selecting and gonna showcase new during your business and stage and we got individuals over there in easy groups and tapes coming in to be able to that they really want invested including they wanna be part of. So, that?s to be super exciting in one aspect with, we also have this individual that would like to go ahead and get involve somewhere you know Maria Belo is one of our speakers and she has done a phenomenal in the organization called we and it?s really helping Haiti and it?s a turn of event with her and that?s it you?re having individual that there are skill that you know that she?s a phenomenal actress be able to use that platform to be able to message in and out to the masses and so to be able to go in and what we?ve done is but when you go to the exhibit there is 300 attendees and what we?ve done is we?ve created within wholes on the hole and we got in the situation where you fix your stage and coming up in and a book signing and the very centre because it?s a community literally set up the streets, street lights and little park benches and sponsors and got for him but what?s happening is we got one of the centre free and oak tree and so if individuals come they are given a ribbon and put there closes and wanna be with everyone and that?s actually gonna get the similar on the tree and so Nathaniel is a phenomenal designer whose coming from New York and tend the events and just very phenomenal, she really created the streets and created the avatar and it?s for them and we got the streets, so you got one streets that represents in every pour in organization and in fact there?s different community from helping this for fashion and fitting them that?s on board, the fashions in the marketing and so you start working through and green street and you know everything in this 13 different communities and a high directly to than the streets and hide into our website and so that communication then continues for 365 days of a year so clearly I?m so excited about it.

Natalie: I kinda advice given to people watching this video especially woman, how important one of this to be in this environment the pause and of collaboration I think that women are doing that better than men at the moment and I even was approach by the angle who lives in London to interview me because he?s like you know what do you think women starting businesses do you think there is a support out there and I think with events like this it?s really important first to be able to connect with each other to be able to get that support and to exchange those ideas and you know this events is the perfect place to be able to do that and it?s not just the event like you said on the ongoing connection that you have online and a threat the whole year. So, when is the event, what are the dates?

Michelle: So, it?s on September 23rd and 24th on the loan beach convention centre, so prepare for the speech there the convention centre on the evening and it?s just really phenomenal and coming in with open arms to make sure that we have everything that we need there and really have a great, great success and I love your comment because I think that what I?m finding is especially for women as they are just coming out with every part which way is possible to be able to help to access and they do they recognize that this is, it?s a movement this is our time to really be able to go ahead collectively join efforts and I just recently ask about the was a building that did not get pass and really starting to call me paper women where women are paid 20cents per dollar and the feedback is not we?ll gonna do it now it?s been affecting the economy and adjust that and the way 85cents per dollar that?s gonna wipe women it start dropping drastically when you?re starting to you know literally I thought it was, when I read I thought it is really this is happening and I really did this in awareness at least that I found out there in other countries that have that equal pay and what happens is money go back in school systems exactly back in and actually case that they?ve been studied they?ve been watch and so I just look at it and it?s really, really look at those things and make sure to cross the word and you know that women is the 78% of the consumer their 85% of the decision maker in the household and so you got so many women that handle the household independently and so again let?s get back up into our homes in this households that?s the message in coming together and my hopes again people will leave the conference that they?re living with this whole nuggets and they got this individuals and networking and schools where they can have the success.

Natalie: Yes, yes, absolutely. So what?s the URL that where wanna send people to.

Michelle: thank you, it?s and let?s all spelled out California womens W-O-M-E-N-S

Natalie: Right, wonderful. So, guys remember when you click on the banner at the side it will take you straight to that website so you can find out all information, check out who are the speakers are you know connect with other women, it?s gonna be fantastic, so thank you so much.

Michelle: I would glad to have you on the stage, thank you for coming and thank you for all the work your doing totally get the message out there leading up to the conference.

Natalie: Thank you, thank you so much. So guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking the facebook and twitter share buttons above and if you haven?t done so already make sure to you put your email on the box above there we?ll send you 6 pre-made mind movies and we?ll keep you up to date with all the upcoming shows and make sure you click on that banner and go through on that website and get all details about the California women?s conference. So, guys until next time remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We?ll see you soon.

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