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Episode # 135   Inspiring Stories Sam Riggio

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell invites medical miracle Sam Riggio on the Inspiration Show to share his remarkable story of being wheelchair bound for 8 years after a tragic car accident. Riggio was told he would never walk again but after altering his medical approach and creating his own system filled with meditation, visualizations, and mind movies, Riggio began to walk again. Riggio now travels the world to speak at seminars and has published a book that aims to encourage and motivate others to overcome any obstacle.

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Episode # 135 Inspiring Stories Sam Riggio

Natalie : Today on the show I'm speaking with Sam Riggio he shares his story how he went from being told he would never get ever to walk again, to be able to walk and how Mind Movies changed his life. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show and today my special guest is Sam Riggio from Australia, hi Sam. How are you?

Sam : I'm alright.

Natalie : Pretty good, now I actually found Sam through a blog post that he put up talking about how Mind Movies changed his life, so I'm thinking okay I've got to contact this guy. And when I did, I actually found that Sam has got an incredible incredible inspiring story. So what we might start, we first Sam is your story and how old--everything that you've been through.

Sam : Yeah sure. I was young and this is my story why in business. At first I was having a great time and after long weekends, I've got some more and more girlfriends, as a truck merge into my mind next to more caring they save me. They put more Karen and I without ripped around the bell pro. And after that it's very hard so why don't you putting here many? Balance, shy, and many internal injuries, that's what the doctors told my parents and myself that I would never walk again, and I've been paralyzed for the rest of my life. And things are pretty black there...

Natalie : So okay, you've had this terrible accident, and you've been told that you can't walk, so what's the process? What's going into your head at that time?

Sam : Well unusually it was just shocked, I didn't really realized that I've suffered such trauma, I just thought I have a couple of bruises in the legs, and that be I'd carry that I'd be like getting again and all of those things but when the nurse told me and looked me in the eyes, "you really can't walk again", it was shuttering for me, but when my mom came in, she look strange to me, she held my hand and I said "mom I think I'm gonna walk again" and she said "if it's going to do you will walk again, and that really or so in help to me at that time and it was a determination and it was more on mindset that that help is going to be--I was going to walk again, I was just going to talk about. And we are as much higher as simplify that I was going to walk again and it was you know and incredible challenge but I didn't realize at that time when I actually started visualizing in my hospital bed, I didn't understand visualization, I have no gear, apparel. And look out to meet your mindset right? And I started visualizing walking beside my girlfriend, and that was really my first experience with visualization and I have no doubt at all, that how kept my nerve half-wise open to my muscles and that actually lead me to the regain some feeling of movement which are in real top.

Natalie : Right. So how long does it take before you were able to walk again?

Sam : My first steps of working of Pario-fast to 8 months. And I have a major sit backs I was still in a wheelchair and I found myself nearly--it was nearly 8 years that I was in a wheelchair, about unable to have any sort of functional walk and my body was nearly, slowly shutting down and I was also quite see.

Natalie : Right. Okay, so 8 years in a wheelchair, then and what was the turning point? What actually finally got you out of that chair?

Sam : I've been in a rest for a medical system for long long time and instead of standing in a flat level floor I was going being held so I started to question everything that was being done and that's when I start studying myself to starting to get therapy, leg training, visualization, and I took of my own care and I started to distance myself from all of the special... that I was staying in and I've got a new tamed, pull out a great car, right connection path, I get seemed rekey, and meditation and local pub here. And I started watching Mind Movies and that is really really helpful for me to get me focused on what more go was and what dreams were. And it was a long, it was a long call 12 months of really hard trying and really meticulous nutrition and vitamins and keratin and potassium and coastal water and then I got to the point where I was walking, things are going great but I gave it to A Road Block, "A Road Block" my book and spent 8 years writing my book, and the fall of 12 months to get it published, was a real challenge. I have a lot of legal things to go through, I was just felt like I was stuck, and that's where I really religiously started watching Mind Movies and within 3 months, I was sitting at a coffee table from a businessman, who agreed to partner up with me, and published the book, and you know there was a police markers right coming up for our sentry and in spite of that 6 months when we published the book for once in Australia, we have books that tripped in Las Vegas, we had started dating a girl, there's so much in my life to challenge and I should say, we're done with the opening and this sets of new songs, and he said to me you know "what's wrong?" and I'm just at confusion you know I just have getting my mind on. And he said "what are you talking about?" I said "well about these videos in Mind Movies, that I have watching and you know, once that talking a woman once that you know business and being at a... and exercise", and I said "I'd be like this woman", you know. But some games that without being utilizing through Mind Movies and 6 minutes later, it's been a great ride and the blog simply went out to sinister and public paper that to benefit the Mind Movies and benefit from the organization you know. I have the rest of my life, when I lost all hope ...relationships or friendships or anything, I thought I lost everything. To me it's at it again and cool. I went out to paper to get the most day of life because as I said life could not people sees, I mean people experience the struggle and then unable to regain it back from that. And you're talking how people maximize what they've got and making realized what they've got and that's fantastic.

Natalie : Yup, you know what you've just touched on is actually a really amazing point to make and it was my experience as well. Because once I've got to realize you know law of attraction, how it works? I have a couple of epiphanies like mine was you know when I visualize I have to feel the emotion as well which is really important because the emotion is kind of like when you touch emotion to your visualization, you know you're raising your vibration and the law of attractions is all about becoming a vibrational match those things that you want to attract. So it's really by attaching that emotion you're speaking on the language of the universe, and speaking on the language of the universe understands so that they can send everything that you need to you know to make it happen. And the other thing is once you understand in using law of attraction, and it starts working, it's like an avalanche, it's like things started happen so quickly that you just you suddenly know that is crashing your head going well, like everything is just working out for me right now, it's hard to understand but it's like once you had the key and you open the door, and that's it. And you just keep plotting through, so what are you doing now Sam? What's life like now for you?

Sam : Well I still trying to put some weight, I still have physical goals that I'm working towards and still going stronger and fitting energy, I personally live of more challenge now is to live every aspects of my life, you know keep tracking to into work and rebuild more business life and stand into speaking at the moment. More business partner and we share our story, we inspire business and young kids and to decorate in ourselves and it's really towards giving their selves beliefs, and to believe in their selves. And that is some warnings from me and I started writing a lot of books again that's "Happiness, Success, and the Steps to overcoming problems", people makes you to be successful in navigating ways to north. I am really really excited about the future, I'm really excited about the opportunities that on no reason. And I'm interested in getting into law of attraction as well. I'm working with the same type of wisdom on personal level... Something I'm planning to study misty so I'm looking forward to a new chapter and I'm looking forward to tell my story to the world. I want to travel the world as a guest speaker, share my story and I'm determined to get there, I'm determined to keep pushing as hard as I can and then sometimes if I'm not busy, I just want to keep downing my mentor, so I keep that in my mind as well.

Natalie : Excellent. That's so wonderful. You know and the other thing that when we spoke before, that I can really relate to you on is like when I studied the use of law of attraction I was getting all these amazing things happen it's like "oh my god I have to tell everyone about this, I have to get this message out there" because there's absolutely no reason why anyone on the planet can't use law of attraction, visualization, and all these basic things to be able to create the life that they want. And I really recommend you to going at extra mile and especially you know influencing children and other people to be able to use law of attraction and these other things as well. So Sam thanks for joining me today, I know it's hard earlier over there in Straham at the moment so I appreciate your time. But if people want to find out more about you and your book, where can we send them?

Sam : People can go to, they can find my book and my information on my store and to be guest they can go and we're all on Facebook and Twitter and all that. We share a lot of free information and answer questions if you have a lot of questions then follow us on Facebook and Twitter and our websites. And I just want to thank everyone for the support around the world, the great message and feedbacks and support. So thank you and thank you to Mind Movies you changed our life and thank you for what you guys do.

Natalie : Awesome. Now this spend spells name Sam for you so thanks again Sam. Now guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking the Facebook and the Twitter share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your e-mail on the box above here, I would love to send you my Manifesting with the Masters Video E-course, it's valued 87 dollars and has masters like Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and Joe Vitale, I'd like to give it to you for free. So for me to do that, you just need to put your e-mail on the box above there. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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