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Episode # 69   Inspirational Success Stories - Vanessa Hamilton

About The Episode:

Vanessa Hamilton is a singer/songwriter who suffered from Vertigo for several years, a debilitating condition which prevented her from even being able to get up and move. Medical doctors told her there was no cure, and unfortunately, she couldn't afford the few alternative treatment options that were available. After starting Natalie Ledwell's 7-week course, "7 Secrets to Happiness," Vanessa was able to miraculously heal herself through Natalie's program. Vanessa shares her favorite habit of success from 7 Secrets and urges people to always believe in themselves, even when everyone else gives up on you.

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Episode # 69 Inspirational Success Stories - Vanessa Hamilton

Natalie : Today on the show, I'm interviewing Vanessa Hamilton. Now Vanessa after just doing one module of the 7 secret to happiness cause set her intention and cured herself vertigo. It's an amazing story; stay tuned, and watch the video.

Oh Hi everyone, I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And I have a very different and unusual show for you today, now today I wanna introduce to you an amazing lady by the name of Vanessa Hamilton. Hi Vanessa!

Vanessa : Hi from Montreal.

Natalie : Hi from Montreal. Exactly, now Vanessa, she sent me an e-mail was telling me about the successes she have had, with the law of attraction and specifically with some of the habits and things that she implemented when she went to the seven secrets to happiness cause. So Vanessa can we just start with a little bit of story about who you are and what your story is?

Vanessa : Sure Natalie. I just want to say thank you Natalie for being on the show, and my name is Vanessa, hello! And I'm a singer and songwriter who a contracted and suffered from vertigo for five years now. So I can tell you any background, I couldn't walk straight it all, I'm suffering very very badly and I couldn't go anywhere to anything, it was very awful. So I actually want every single ENT and I laughed now coz it's funny to give me such a hard time. And ENT is ears, nose and throat doc there. And then they said, well lady you're lucky you've got vertigo. And they rest me in and they rest me out and there was no compassion, nothing. And you know HAHAHA, I said you really think so? And I said there's no I'm gonna take vertigo a good one. You are really not being compassionate, and there's a track for everything in my belief and in my strength as a warrior, or whatever you wanna call it. So I came home, and I said okay let's start looking. And I was hopping cure cure cure to vertigo. I found one documentary of Dr. Jackson and in my scooted it was very compassionate documentary actually car factor, and I wasn't able to go see him because this was my very best story of not having not only in health but in wealth. So how about I decide can I even vetch and see the doctor that could probably cure me. Anyway, I went on, I tried to work, I tried everything, nothing worked and if I can just go out and tell you something very serrated, very seriously for a moment is that I would like to couch every night and I couldn't move and pretty course Natalie, I thought I wasn't gonna make 'til next day. And this is serious coz I've known a lot of people that could follow some good health you know and what happened was I heard whisper, talking to me all the time, and funny enough they came and the word was the great secret of the tonic, Vanessa just laugh it's gonna go away. Well Vanessa come on its not even go there, come on use the great secret, come on, come on, come on. And I was like woah that's pretty awesome. Never want that I complain to anybody that I suffered, and if I could tell you anything about being graceful and the power of country-ness Natalie she said, if you'll not complain, get a break, use your will, use your heart, your mind, your body, your soul to win. No matter what it is, catch 'em, no matter what it is, no matter if it's in health, in wealth, keep your boy friend, no matter what, get off the risk. Thank God I have a strong spirit and if I could pass anything over you, you will never leave your strength, go go go. Use it far!

Natalie : And I'd say when you started the 7 secrets, the first thing that we get you to do is actually to set your intention, so what happened? What was your intention that you set when you started the cause?

Vanessa : Okay. So basically what happened was that I set a very I found the 7 secrets to happiness online and I set look 7 very very very strong intention. And you know, I was like okay well I tried that but it didn't seems to work. So I said never mind, let's go again. So by January 31st I declare to be very out free. And you know that was the intention I set.

Natalie : Right and how it then so, do you still suffered vertigo?

Vanessa : I'm almost completely over it. Really, really really. So stayed in I'm still a little light headed but it's so much better that I can get out, I went out to party to have a couple of martinis, you know I spent the night with my friends, and there's the guard. I really have fun. So thank you.

Natalie : So and that's the thing, it's like just making the decision that this is what's going to be your new reality. You know, and of course you did everything you could, you went all of the different doctors but it's really having that full strong intentions that really you know half the time we just need to make a decision, you know, I don't know how many times to get e-mail to people going and so was making my mind movie because you've already made a decision, that's what you want. Things started to come to fission follow even finished. So do you do like go to the habits of the seven secrets?

Vanessa : It's like cure. Especially the gratitude at night, if I have difficult day or in a start point of my way, I sit down and I write at least five things, you know, that I'm gonna do, and that I'm very grateful for it and it's a wonderful way to finish your day and telling you Natalie on the previous phone call, if you're constantly grateful, you know, you're grateful and you wake up you're still very happy. It's wonderful.

Natalie : That's awesome. So other than the vertigo, is there other goals or things that you've achieved?

Vanessa : Yeah. A couple of years ago, I was living in Highland and this is when I started my singing career and I was really in to the universe and the secret and also law of attraction. What happened was, I met a man, a man named Matthew Philipment, who's the bass of the band, and when I met him I was like boom, you're probably so cool and I said I'm going to make a record with him. And next day, Vanessa flying to London get back to Canada, and save my music to London, a recording studio, yeah it's amazing you know. That was really a miracle and I would say it's great, great music, great minds, Matthew thank you, and really the secret worked, I mean the universe worked, the 7 secret to happiness it just worked.

Natalie : And you know there was one thing that we talked on the phone the other day, we were talking about the, you know, a message that you wanted to give everyone about not giving up.

Vanessa : Yeah. I may not make a hook in there. How amazing the universe is, how amazing the person is, and how amazing you can be. And that the fact alone that, Natalie, I'm just a Vanessa. Let's face it. I meant for you an amazing in many ways and everybody it. At the end of the day, I'll be just a Vanessa. I'm just a Vanessa Hamilton and you're just a Natalie. However, Natalie called me just when how wonderful is that, I'm a singer songwriter, secret homely to send story by Natalie, Natalie know the joint by tally. I don't know by any means I could get that, but that doesn't matter, thank you. Don't give up, use the secret, believe in yourself, don't give in. I couldn't walk for five years never did I gave up. My dog is coming to say Hi. My dog walk me through this, without her you know I wouldn't be here, I don't think. He's so strong to do it, especially people around gave up on you, and that could happened to so many people, you're great. You are universe. You are amazing. Thank you.

Natalie : Vanessa, you are amazing. And you know what, you are Vanessa Hamilton. And that's something very special. Thank you so much for sharing your story today, you are far a legend. Thank you so much. So guys for those of you were watching, please share this video, share this message by clicking the Facebook and Twitter share buttons above. Now we also doing a little special, a little package, with including the seven secrets and the mind movies. So if you click on that 7 secrets banner to the side of the video there, you can go to the page and find out about, with actually Valentine's Day Special, or you could go to, you could also get to that page as well. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you leave you e-mail on the box above ?coz we'll give you the six pre made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date with all of our upcoming shows. So thanks again Vanessa.

Vanessa : Thank you very much Natalie.

Natalie : And guys remember until next time, live large, choose courageously, and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

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