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Episode # 70   Inspirational Success Stories - Glen Ledwell

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell introduces a special guest on the show today, her husband Glen! They also introduce the newest addition to their family... Glen shares the story of how he started his first "real" business at age 17 (after dropping out of school at 16). Glen's passion is marketing, which he didn't discover until after several years of owning small businesses. He shares some of his biggest successes as well as a story about a huge fear of public speaking which he overcame. Glen's advice is this: if you find yourself wearing many hats, then it's important to look at the hat that you actually enjoy and find a way to expand that in your life.

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Episode # 70 Inspirational Success Stories - Glen Ledwell

Natalie: Today on the I introduce you to my husband Glen Ledwell and we discuss how he overcome a massive fear had and the he realize his passion was right in front of him for years before he even know him. So, please enjoy this inspiring story.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. Today I have a very very special guest I'm introducing you to my husband Glen and a new addition to our family Bella, Bella we picked up from the shelter a couple of weeks ago and she's our new addition. We're getting use to her; she's getting use to us. Now, Glen is actually the most influential person in my life. I receive more love and encouragement and fun and excitement and respect from this person than any other person in my life. The reason that I wanna introduce you to Glen today is because he too had a very inspirational story. The thing that is in the video I'm doing this about is finding and following your passion. With Glen's story his passion was in front of him for quite a few years before he realize. We'll gonna talk about that today and how he overcomes or absolutely paralyzing fear in public speaking.

Glen: Yes, pretty amazing.

Natalie: So, I know you probably a little bit about because we have been entrepreneurs since we got together which I've been married for 15 years. So, we known each other for 17 years but your entrepreneur style really alright.

Glen: Oh, when i first look back it was actually I started, I don't know when you start your business but I started mine when I was 17 actual real business. My life school when I was 15 or 16 better year liar I was in the building industry, I was in the plumbing industry. It's very different in the straight in the US a lot of people just finished it in the year 10, the hospital got a cold on it and got it on a trade or a career in some sort because I'm chanting at the beat, gotta get out there and make some money stop my entrepreneurial career probably not know by men back there but actually before that one I looked back or a couple of little businesses was I was in school but it was different. When I was 5 or 6 years old I had like a, not a racket, let us call it a business with marbles, I mean I don't care about money when I was 5 you know. So, I use to build this contraption and kids keep to shoot marbles trying to win the big glassy that's actually where I started my entrepreneurship.

Natalie: Because when we first got together you have the direct mile house.

Glen: A direct marketing mile house, yes.

Natalie: Which a you know, whose whatever.

Glen: With no clue.

Natalie: The first business that we have together was a night club.

Glen: It was a night club. That's the thing like forming your passion, my passion; my absolute knowing passion is marketing I mean I love, love, love the industry wherein the person I'm going to because that is a passion as well. But my burning passion, I don't even realize to, really few years ago we're different in this business anyway. That my absolute passion is marketing that's is always where I'm good at, where I always love but for all those businesses I didn't realize, you know I didn't realize small businesses, we have the mile house that we have, alcohol companies that we had, the night clubs and promotional companies that we had, I mean everything was focused on the marketing but we were called up in the running of this small businesses and then I didn't even realize, I didn't even love any of it's just like doing what you have to do to make the business work. But of course a few years ago, when I was able to step out at it a little bit and go I really love this and shifted from one day we'll make enough money and then just retire. That was always my mentality. And then I shift, I think it was a year or two in this business and I just woke up my day and I just went, you know I can't imagine not even doing this. And I come to analyze that oh my god I love it, I absolutely love, love, love this business and that's when I realize all this years, my strength and my passion. Where I was good at it was right there but I wasn't even recognize it.

Natalie: You know that's the thing, even looking back at the businesses that we had especially the night club, it's a very volatile business and this the flavor of the month, the flavor of the year, we share the club for 5 years and it was because of your intuit when it come to marketing that actually help it to be popular for that entire 5 year period.

Glen: and you knew that I kinda knew that at that time, I knew we were doing cool things, my neighbors was around and how do you keep this nuts pack for all this time, I mean the time no one was filling the club every night it wasn't every night, you know every night there open and I kinda dig but I think it is kind to winging it you just kind of kicking but you save your pants. I guess I was aware but again like I said before that business was so stressful, there so many outside influences going on, I don't really have time to think that this it was just keep making some money like you said it was very volatile, the expenditure responsible is so high, you could lose a ton as well as make a ton. So, with the focused is on that and dealing with the stress rob and then hey I think I'm good at this you know.

Natalie: coz' that's the other thing to I think especially in a small business like all the businesses that we've run. You have to win a many different hats and because of that it takes you focus. Maybe if you have a business or a career that you are running at the moment. Look what it is in your career that you loved to do. You know out all the hats that you win maybe there's one thing that sticks out to you. You know, we may be very fortunate, now you know, I honestly truly believe that the success of my movies has a lot to do with your contribution because if people couldn't find us on the internet. We couldn't get the message out there. We're very lucky that we get what we feel; we're passionate about different things but we're able find that in this system.

Glen: and you know it wasn't like that in the beginning, I mean I'm sure you can be like. Particularly if you're in this unlimited world or starting a business like it was certainly unlike that for the first, well like I said I think it was 2 years before I really recognize this, the first is, what are we now, when your nothing. And it was really looking back that realization when you've done everything you can I mean how many cups you are wearing then. I was doing this marketing because I couldn't do anything else, I couldn't type and knew nothing about computers, I couldn't you know videos, I couldn't like it's like okay I guess I can help with scripting, I've done writing some ads before. I kinda know how to deal with people. So, it kinda like it just become the marketing relationship talk person in the business but it wasn't like, hey! That's what I wanna do. It's all I could do. You know, like you said you gotta be, you gotta keep your eyes open sometimes and that go, what am I really doing in lucky and that's ahh, when you're doing everything you cannot do that.

Natalie: exactly. Even with that journey has so many different businesses, but the experiences and lessons that we learn from each of this, not just to do with running a business but relationship with all the people and you know business policy and all of top of thing has all culminated and so now we have to use all the skills we have to pick up along the way to this business now. Now, you, and I'm very proud of you because you have overcome a massive fear that you have in public speaking.

Glen: Well actually, what I do I actually make a decision and you guys would know this. We massively advocate and teach being authentic, really believe in the industry. People should be a lot more authentic in all industry actually. So, with for my sort of this I'm always telling people that you know get out there, take charge, take action, don't be a pussy about it and here I am in this, I mean burning, burning fear of not being crowd. So, not a bit year ago, I decided it was actually what we did in the first event, I've never been in a stage before and I said you know what I made a pack to myself, for me to be authentic and for us to preach to be authentic I have to get over this fear. So, I made a pack and I will never say no to anyone ever ask me. Like I would absolutely packet if I had to get up in a stage in an event and being on a panel like in a mastermind of 20 people standing up and talking. I may not be really, really nervous. It's sick in the stomach. So, I realize last year, a tiny little made myself little things which we spoke few months ago, with awesomeness feast together. So, I wasn't that scared but I know to drink that much vodka for one on stage was that nervous. It wasn't a big deal. I've actually got a couple of events coming up very soon, you know, big events. Somewhat, what I'm gonna do here. I heard of this guys, Michael Burnoff. I don't know of people wanna find about him. They can make contact you.

Natalie: if you wanna find about Michael, he's and upstart legend by the way. Just send an email to the [email protected].

Glen: but this guy, I think he is originally trained by tiger. He's an absolute genius. He could cure from and phobia like any phobia and basically helps people take everything to the next level. I don't think he does belly one on one's stuff but he does do some cool stuff. Anyway, we went out, just a few days ago. I'm on the sports dial we spent a day and a half, it not really a full day probably a very couple of day would be. And within half an hour he was completely recovered from his phobia. Like it's kinda a free stuff but he doesn't call without a pay because he thinks, people is a bit woowoo video, video or whatever. But it was amazing, through the process he could make me feel this feeling that come up to here. And he just completely get rid of it. and I'm still blown away.

Natalie: let's go back a little bit, because it wasn't but before you went to Michael first thing you did is made the intention that you wanted to.

Glen: I did. Yeah.

Natalie: you made the intention. Second thing you do was to change your language.

Glen: yeah I did. I stop saying I'm not a speaker, I'm nervous and I say well I'm the speaker like in the jerk, yeah I am the speaker. I did change my language, I did change the intentions that's exactly right. Leading up to that I may talk about lure the attraction. Well you know we're talking 2 weeks away from when I'm gonna speaking like big event. And a friend, a very good friend, oh yeah, I said. I'm a bit of nervous but not now that I'm the speaker. You know what he said, woah, I got the god. And this guy, he use known of about us, we've actually met his parent in lucky 2 and a year half ago. But we've never connected to right now. So, it was luck, it was meant to come right now. This is what I needed. This is what I put it out there. So, yes, so we were at solemn cut with the fear and basically he react.

Natalie: So, I'm really excited about this, I'm really gonna see Glen's speak, it would be the second time actually at an awesome event called underground.

Glen: Underground yeah. You know, it's in a couple of weeks I think.

Natalie: 28 of a..

Glen: No. No. First, second and third march.

Natalie: This is like a marketing event. So, if you are an online marketer and wanna know how to become how to be an online marketer this is the event for you to go.

Glen: There's a couple of events in a year. That is absolute march to trafficking the version which is run a few months ago in Houston and underground. Underground has been gone for a years and we've never blame, there is always been a reason we haven't blame to be honest this is why, this was the big nervous. Once we spoke with the little event in awesomeness feast in Hawaii I will make you an excel in this event. A you gotta speak in underground, that's big, it would be cruel it would be cruel. Why this is really like because as we talk about the van, the calibre of people, I think this was an event the same as the high calibre marketers and people in networker of this, of course that might be more nervous but getting to the point here, if you wanna come and see me mash this feet maybe get to meet us which we'd love to meet you. And if you are interested from learning more about the online marketing it's definitely to go.

Natalie: So, what you need to do is just click on the banner to the side and make it through the website. So you could find more about the event and come and see Glen speak live. And then as you know I just get my first speaking gig as well. It's something a challenge we face together this year which is fantastic. So, thanks honey for being here.

Glen: it's my pleasure.

Natalie: coming all this way for this interview.

Glen: nice to meet you. I couldn't say no. I couldn't.

Natalie: So, guys please share this video and you can make information in it. You can do that by clicking the Facebook, twitter share buttons above. If you haven't done so already actually put your e-mail above there coz' we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll keep you up to date to all the upcoming shows. So, tune next time remember to live large, choose courageously and live without limits. We'll see you soon.

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