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Episode # 77   Inspirational Success Stories - Dr.Bob Uslander

About The Episode:

Natalie Ledwell chats with Dr. Bob Uslander, an doctor who worked in the ER for twenty years before he realized he was completely unhappy in his life. He made a brave choice and now lives a life full of passion as he helps other doctors and medical professionals find their own purpose.

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Episode # 77 Inspirational Success Stories - Dr.Bob Uslander

Natalie: Today on the show I'm chatting with Dr. Bob Uslander. He's an ER doctor who realizes?that he is completely unhappy in his life. He is now living his passion by hoping other doctors?and other people from other works of life to number 1 find their passion and to live the life on?purpose. So, enjoy this inspiring story.

Hi I am Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show. And today I have with me Dr. Bob?Uslander. Hi How are you?

Bob: I'm great. How are you?

Natalie: Fine. Thank you. The reason I have ask Dr Bob to come here today. Its because he is now living in a life that is full of passion. I know that this is year 2012 and for the last couple of?years I find that the big hot button where everyone is really trying to teach people and trying to?tell people is you know. If you are in a life that your not very happy with is really time to not stop,?to take stalk and follow your passion. Tell us about what you are doing before and what you are?doing now. Follow your passion.

Bob: what was I doing before? It's a low interesting question. Well I've been an ER physician?for 20 years. And I think half of that time I've been also out of the journey exploring other ways?of contributing another ways in building fulfilling my life. And it started in this kinda path this?different, alternative I guess path. Started about 10 years ago after practicing medicine for 10?years. And that point recognized that I just really felt to run doing things differently and I guess?on different scale impacted and people differently that I could just one on one on the emergency?room. In part of it was working in a system that was becoming more and more dysfunctional?around people who become more and more frustrated and unhappy and I got to a place where?I knew that I need to shift things in my own life and there were couple of answer where I can?touch on. But before I was working as a physician and building some businesses and engaging?in activities that might thought helping me to grow and now I'm really fully throwing myself into?being who helps other people to follow their passions and find out their very very deep level and?we introduce to themselves to that really pure beautiful passionate person its in them and create?a vision for what their life could be.

Natalie: so, do you work people individually to help in doing this? So, who are the types of?people who you work with?

Bob: I work with individuals, I work with professionals. I started out really putting out myself out?there to serve doctors and other people in health care. Thinking that I'm one of them and I went?from there to here. And I consider myself as the happiest doctor right now. And I, I don't say?that to growth. I feel a deep sense of contentment and peace. I feel like I can share what allow?me to get into that place. And I want that so badly to other people and the reason I wanna help?with the health providers its because they have such impact and influence on other people's life. And they have worked so hard, they have volunteered themselves, committed themselves from?being on service. And they a very special relationship with their patients who they can impact?but also on the people they can also work with, with the hospitals their working, the community?their incredible resource. So, I really wanted to focus on helping them but other people come?to me, have found me. I'm working professors, I'm working with a entrepreneurs. I find that?the people who I'm working with are people who have success. And there a point in their lives?where they're not quite sure what to do now. It's not quite what it's gonna be, they're not?fulfill,?they're looking for other meaning transition.

Natalie: So, what is it feeling like, is it frustration? Is it confusion? Just have enough of what they?are doing now. They fun to make those changes.

Bob: it's a little bit of all I know. As far as physicians and I think other people with professions?will put a lot into it spent of years of study and money. And frequently when they look back,?they're not even sure why they did it. it was just they were following a path that set emotions?when it start then, going down that path. It's hard to change. There are not a lot of exit points?you just have kinda continue along and it's pretty safe. Somebody gets into the medical school?it's pretty safe back there they finish, get training and get a job. So, they don't really, and they?don't have time to search for alternatives they're thought not to complain that's good for a doctor?the touches, they'll suck it up, yes they work 36hours straight. We don't want hurting a patient.?So, that's carry on unto other aspects in your life and it has an impact. And I think it's the similar?thing with other professionals. I know that, I work with professors, who on this path, they didn't,?they're not quite passionate, and they're not quite sure how to find something to give them?more satisfaction. There is a feeling of trap, a feeling of I want it something meaningful and just?not knowing where to go how to make a change or a transition how to evaluate what might be?more aligned, I heard conversations with the people and they write about it. and that's all, the?interesting conversations at home.

Natalie: so, let's say someone is watching this video now. I think I could relate to that. That's?me, I want to court my job, I want my modified or whatever it is, and I don't know what to do?next. What advice do you have to pay for in that position?

Bob: well, it might sound self serving my advice is find someone to help you that's a big pee, I?didn't do that for one time I try to figure this out, out of my own I started this business and then?invested in that thing and read that book and I ended up learning quite a bit though I didn't find?the magic, I didn't really get what I needed I actually find a mentor and a coach. And it's not?even with so much mentor and coach, on what they do, it's the somebody now is holding your?accountable, asking some questions allowing you to know the deep inside. Which is hardly to?do sometimes whether you do on your own or find someone to help you? I think the key is know?who you are. And I really going to a process of exploring the very deeper of what is it you really?truly value in your life. you gotta go back and find that five year old of you. The one that is so?passionate about life and wasn't afraid and didn't think that things are blocking them but just?living their passion and you need to find out what is this person who I am now. Really what do?hold most near to me. What am I really gifted at. What are the things that I came into this world?in possession of to allow to have a sense of flow in my life and then really knowing what your life?purpose is.

Natalie: Life purpose can be very overwhelming like. Oh my god why am I here on this planet it?a tramajic question.

Bob: and it doesn't have to be what the work am I to do, what's the impact on what to do.

Natalie: what the contribution be to make.

Bob: and if you can get to that proceed identifying your life purpose then it gives you the whole?thing the values, the gifts, the purposes and the navigation system and decisions are a lot?easier.

Natalie: So, can you give us some examples of some people had breakthroughs been working?with you.

Bob: Sure. One of my great successors is actually I knew a long time ago when I was doing my?training on emergency medicine. He was a year behind me and it is a really nice guy I didn't see?him in that engage, he was one of those guys who obviously going to be, running the hospital,?the top of corporation/organization but we connected not long ago and this time his incredibly?well. He was very hard working, very diligent and he have possessions of great responsibility?that the hospital he was at it. he was the chief of staff of the hospital director of the emergency?department he grew for regional director position and the whole hospital is looking at him, vice?rebirth he was a very talented up in the marble physician who couldn't believe what is actually?happened to him. And partly because he didn't feel he deserves, he earned, he has a very?negative self image despite of all the success and every opportunities came in his way he say?yes sir. Yes of course I need to take that, you offered me this opportunities, I need to do that?and he was making choices that letting him away from his family he just increasing his busy-ness and deep inside there is an effect in his satisfaction. So, we went into this process a deep?initial session, coaching sessions where help them to get the other stuff that doesn't matter, who?are you, what's important is you, what do you want, so he want a little vineyard and a lots of?time to be with his children and I helped him come to the realization that I don't need to say yes?to this, I don't to do that, my career is important and but it's not more important in my life and?that's not more important for my family.

Natalie: and that's just the blessed lesson here. That's the thing that I think on mess the people?starting to become aware of, it's not about the money anymore. I think it would be on the?economic climate a lot of people were force into a situation whether it had to take to okay. I?definitely doing it next time I'm starting again, what you are doing is just incredible. If people?have to find out more about you and contact with you. Where can we send them?

Bob: my website is? the programs that?I'm doing is just on? program tells about?living on purpose. Knowing who you are. What your going for and making everyday count.

Natalie: thanks. Thank you so much for coming here today.

Bob: We're done?

Natalie: yah. We're done.

Bob: That was fast.

Natalie: So, guys please share the information in this video and share the information in it. You?can do that by clicking the Twitter, Facebook share buttons above. If you haven't done so already?actually put your e-mail above there coz' we'll send you the six pre-made mind movies and we'll?keep you up to date to all the upcoming shows. So, tune next time remember to live large, choose?courageously and live without limits. We'll see you soon.

Dr.Bob Uslander



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